The Fork
The Fork
The Fork as Fork of Justice
Name: Fork of Justice
Alias: Forkinator
Age: 28
Hair & Eyes: Silver metal
Faction: Marines
Position: Fork of Justice
Colony: Gemenon
Play Times: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Timezone: Time Zone

Biographical Info


Smelted in the metal factories of Gemenon, Fork #12245190 of the Geminii Cutlery Service was issued to the Colonial Fleet amongst a collection of other Forks. It was during a tour of duty upon the vessel Victoria that the Fork would transfer in a cargo switch to the space station Charybdis. There, the fork would end up in the general recycling system and develop itself a career of serving many delectable foods and picking at the teeth of some of the most significant individuals in the sector.

It would be only a few short weeks before Warday that Fork #12245190 would meet its destiny and fate.


Fork #12245190 is one of another 12 million service ware pieces issued by the Geminii Cutlery service for Colonial Fleet usage. At this time, nearly 10 million of its sibling forks, spoons, and knives are in service to the Colonial Fleet.


Fork #12245190 has gained most of its education through use.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

During a terrorist attack on the space station Charybdis, Fork #12245190 would find itself in the midst of great conflict and combat. A young Marine Lance Corporal by the name of Ashe Swift would accidentally stumble and Fork would find itself dug into the flesh of the palm of the mans hand. This would be but the beginning of whirlwind adventures for Fork. As the conflict escelated on the station, the Marine would team with Fork to confront not one or two, but three of the attacking terrorists. Disabling two of the trio and intimidating through sheer force the third into submission. Due to the inanimate aspect of Fork, it was unable to be given a field promotion or commendation for service. However, it did earn itself a name amongst the Marine Corp of the Kharon:

The Fork of Justice.

A name Fork has strove to uphold.

Distinguishing Features

A few bite marks on the left prong and a slight dulling on the third right prong due to heavy usage in combat and feasting.




On the Grid

Known Associates

Ashe Swift

Timeline of Events



  • Salads
  • Steak


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