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Please don't shut down /another/ BSG MUSH. Where will we go?!

Re: Wrapping Up by AmRianAmRian, 05 Feb 2010 14:23

I'll vote for anything that could keep this place going.

Re: Wrapping Up by Castor_LedaCastor_Leda, 05 Feb 2010 08:39

Sandbox. Please, just…sandbox.

We love it here.

Re: Wrapping Up by RoganRogan, 05 Feb 2010 04:08

Count me as a yea vote for sandboxing.

Re: Wrapping Up by ECOKittyECOKitty, 05 Feb 2010 04:06

If by "full-on sandbox" you mean "consensual player-run plots abound," that's one vote For.

Re: Wrapping Up by ValkinatorValkinator, 05 Feb 2010 03:54

Dear Players,

It's been a good run of a year for our game, and we would like to thank everyone who worked on it, either by building, staffing, creating a character, pitching a plot, showing up to be amusing on channels, or just not flipping out and machine gunning sickb — wait. Er. Anyway, we (staff) thank you.

After a year, and some ups and downs, restructuring, experimentation and amusement, we've decided to do what all MUSHs do, and close out the game. Time and interest and RL don't always line up the right way, and all of us on staff have some other pursuits. The grand experiment is coming to a close. We love BSG. We love the characters and the theme, but it's just too time consuming to run a military mush. A lot happens behind the scenes. A lot of energy has gone in on both sides, staff (backstage) and player energy. We need a break, as staff, from the pursuit. As the writers said, "How happy can you get at the end of the world?" Check please, we need some mojitos.

Hestia's staff run plots will come to a close at the end of February. There are sure to be some losses and gains along the way, this month, and we'd like your input on where you would like to see the game go afterward.

Would you be interested in a 'fast forward' type scenario, where we skip ahead 1, 5, or 10 years to where the characters would be then? Would you like to see more space oriented battle RP in the mean time, or are you interested in moving ahead with some posts as to where we were planning to go beyond February, and roll with current time, or do you think it should just go full on sandbox, giving people the option to roll with their own future, current, or past rp?

We're planning to close the game in March. How would you like to wrap up your character threads?

The Staff

Wrapping Up by heyjupiterheyjupiter, 05 Feb 2010 03:44
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