Fs3 Combat Tutorial Npcs

NPCs Overview

Unless your game is big into PVP, most of the time you will be fighting against NPCs. NPCs do not need to be actual character objects (if they were, they would be treated just like a PC). Instead, the combat system supports "virtual" NPCs that exist only within the combat system database.

NPCs can be permanent (like a recurring marine squadmate) or temporary (a faceless henchman). The only difference is in how you name them ("Jane Smith" versus "Henchman27").

Controlling NPCs

Someone must be responsible for posing for the NPC and entering their actions into the combat system. Normally this will be either the organizer or someone whose PC is not involved but wanted to get in on the fun by running a NPC. This player would join the combat as a NPCMaster.

Note: You do not have to be a NPCMaster to control NPCs in combat. Anyone involved in the combat can use the NPC commands. The NPCMaster is just a special type to show that your PC is not actually involved in the combat himself (that way he doesn't get shot.)

Unless you are the organizer, please use the NPCMaster type rather than Observer if you are actually controlling NPCs. The pose tracking feature is not expecting observers to pose, so you may be left out if the organizer doesn't know to wait for you to pose.

NPC Skills

Unlike PCs, NPCs have only a single skill level that is used for all their rolls. This is set when the NPC is created, and can be changed by the owner of the NPC (the person who created him) or a staff member at any time.

Damage and NPCs

The combat system remembers damage done to NPCs, just like PCs. This is good for permanent NPCs, because they will get hurt and heal up the same as the PCs. It's a bit awkward for temporary NPCs, but you can get around this by periodically pruning your temporary NPC list or clearing out their damage. <span style="color:red">I realize this is awkward and needs some work.</span>

NPCs in Combat

The first thing you'll want to do (if you're not already in the combat) is to join it as a NPCMaster.

+combat/join <combat#>/NPCMaster

This will flag you as just being there to run a NPC. Remember, though, if you are already in the combat (as a combatant) you can still run a NPC. NPCMasters just lets the system know that you aren't really fighting.

The next step is to decide whether you want to use a permanent or temporary NPC. If permanent, make sure the NPC already exists in the NPCs database, or create him with the desired skill level. See [Management Commands|NPC Management Commands]. If temporary, you don't have to add the NPC to the database first. Joining him to combat will do it for you, assigning the NPC a random skill level.

+combat/join <name>=<combat#>/<type>[/<vehicle>] - Joins someone else to combat
If the NPC does not already exist, it will be added to the database with a random skill level.

Combat Commands

NPCs and PCs have the same basic options for preparation and actions. Each of the combat commands has a version that allows you to specify a NPC name with '''<name>=''' at the front of the command. For example:

+combat/leave <npcname>
+combat/weapon <npcname>=<weapon>
+combat/attack <npcname>=<target>

NPC Management Commands

The following commands are used to manage the NPC database.

+npcs - Shows NPCs
+npc <name> - Shows a specific NPC
+npc/create <name>=<skill> - Creates a NPC
+npc/delete <name> - Deletes a NPC. Only the creator or staff can do this.
+npc/skill <name>=<skill> - Changes a NPC's skill
+npc/notes <name>=<notes> - Adds notes to a NPC

You can view a NPC's damage the same as a PC's using the +damage command.

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