PHD 233: Get It All Out
Get It All Out
Summary: Pilots thrown together in Red berthings slog through the aftermath of death, and the announcement of a wedding.
Date: PHD233 (Dec 8 2009)
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Red Berthings - Kharon

Matto lies flat on his back over near the bulkhead edge of the bunk, knees pointed toward the ceiling with his bare heels tucked up close to his rear. Heels of his hands rest in the divots of his eyes as he at once tries to wake up and tries not to wake up.

Roubani is still in flightsuit from CAP, fingers tugging the collar zipper open as he slips through the hatchway. His fingers scratch through his matted hair, top of his head passing by bunk after bunk until he reaches his own, and his chin tilts up to raise his eyes above the mattress line. Signs of life in there?

Matto is alive. A living bundle of elbows and knees, a far sight from the dormant Kissybear Nadiv left in his bunk. He finally turns his head, hands now on the side of his head as he peeks out toward the berthings. "Hey," he begins. "How was work?"

"Uneventful." Roubani doesn't say that like it's a bad thing. The headscratching continues to the back of his neck, dislodging the smushed bowl his hair's been forced into. "Did I wake you?"

Matto stretches both arms toward the ceiling and then lets them flop to his sides, closing his eyes a moment and shaking his head. "No, I've been up. Just… hanging here. Did you need, um," Kissy looks up overhead and then reaches up to grab a towel, showing it to Nadiv as if he can't quite remember the word. It's not a hint; Kissy just knows Nadiv likes to shower after CAP.

Roubani holds a hand up for it. "Yes, thank you. And you ought to get out of bed. We can't mope." His voice is quiet, of course, and as he takes the towel his hand gently squeezes Kissy's shoulder. "Would you make some tea? I have some crackers, let's sit at the table, hmm?"

Home sweet home. Thorn's finally getting used to coming back to Red berthings every day instead of across the hall to Black, but looking at the state of the ship, who knows how long he'll still be living here? After two days of being on CAP, he at least got a break from flying today; he's wearing offduty togs instead of his flightsuit, and they're streaked with sweat and grime as though he's been under the hood. Well, all damaged birds aren't going to fix themselves, right?

Matto has indeed been derelict in his tea-making duties, having grown accustomed to having it ready for Nadiv when he gets home. He straightens out his legs and then swings one out of the bunk, then the other, nodding with a quiet upward press of lips. "Yah, Nadiv. I'll make some," he assures him. But for the time being he just sits there on the edge of the bunk, tossing Toes a glance when he comes in.

"Thank you." Roubani taps his fingers against Kissy's foot, and then turns around to give the other pilot his space. Which puts him into a cross-path with Thorn, on the way to the head with his towel. "Evening, Anton."

The other two get a brisk but tired nod. "Evenin', gents." Thorn crosses over to the locker he shares with Samantha these days and begins peeling off his dirty clothes, skivvies and all. "How's tricks?" He gives a short sigh of contentment as the last of his work clothes is gone, and he pulls a fresh pair of underwear on before shoving the dirties into his laundry bag. It's probably a good thing for all concerned modesty is one of the first things that gets drilled out of people at OTS.

Matto twists his hips, turns and drops down from the bunk, hands left on the edge to keep him from toppling backward if he didn't stick the landing, head still a little woozy as it is. He looks over his shoulder at the question, not particularly sure what to say on that score. He looks back to Nadiv, again, then to Toes, "We're okay," he finally answers. "Would you like some tea?" he asks. Tea. Make tea. One foot in front of the other.

Roubani answers, though the sound turns out to be unintelligeable. The shower comes on in the head, stays on, turns off. Comes on again. Turns off. One more repetition and then it stays off, probably signaling the end of the cleansing cycle.

Thorn's laundry bag is getting lumpy again, he notes with a sigh; it'll be time for a laundry run soon. For the moment, he pulls on a pair of sweatpants, scratching his chest with an idle yawn. "Yeah… please," he says to Matto at the offer of tea. A bedraggled pack of cigarettes is pulled out of the pocket of his work pants; the last cigarette in the pack is bent a bit, but smokeable. Thorn lights it and tosses the empty pack away.

Matto gives a quiet nod, turning and wandering barefooted to the tea station, taking a while to scope out three clean mugs, then clean them again anyhow. He makes Toes', first, going around to deliver it, then his own and Nadiv's closer to the end of the showering cycle, lest it get cold before Nadiv can get dressed again. He takes the cues as well and effortlessly as though they'd been living together for years.

Roubani of course gets completely dressed in the head, from long-sleeved NAVY T-shirt right down to his socks. He stops by his locker, hanging up towel and retrieving a plastic bag full of the aforementioned crackers. By the time he gets to the table, the bags's open and set down. "Here, Kisseus." A glance over his shoulder. "Are you doing alright, Thorn?"

She really only laid down to sleep about 3-4 hours ago… still jogging around this weird schedule when they're opposite shifts more than the same… but she wanted to be up to see him so she laid down early and now, a few hours nap under her belt, the mingled voices from the room beyond stirs the blonde haired monster behind the curtain of her bunk. Sam's muttering voice can be heard and this time a foot flaps out of the curtain, not an arm. Somehow, she takes up more space sleeping alone than she does with Thorn.

Thorn sees Samantha's foot drop with an amused expression, but he doesn't risk disturbing the blonde haired monster just yet. He pulls on a Colonial Fleet t-shirt, shaking his hair free as it passes over his head. Then, his cigarette is retrieved and he takes a seat at the oaken table, sipping at his tea. "I'm doing just fine, Nadiv," he says with a wry smile. "Any reason I shouldn't be?"

Matto sets out the steaming mugs and then stands, hands on the back of a chair while Nadiv brings the crackers. He looks up once at Toes, then again, the words not quite processing for a moment. His brain sluggishly endeavors to find something to say, treading a fragile threshold between keeping silence and speaking out before he finally manages, "You… didn't hear about Grace and Lifer?" The words cast in a timid hue.

Roubani is subtly more reserved today, but just to look at him one would probably not guess that anything was very wrong. He glances back at Matto, then at the bag. "Eat." Not joking, here. Nothing said to Thorn immediately.

The conversation… one she knew was possibly coming since -she- heard about things, is enough to fully wake Samantha without any silliness, flirting, or anything. Rustling can be heard behind the curtain, pulling on tanks probably, and a tanks and shorts clad Samanatha slips, drowsy eyed and limbed, out of the upper bunk a few moments later… She nods a quiet good morning to the somber group, slipping down the ladder to stand near Thorn.

Matto gets a hard look. "Of course I had, Kiss, but I'd managed t' go th' day without thinking about it. Thanks for that." Komnenos sighs, assaulting his cigarette with a deep drag. "What, y' expect me t' fall apart every time someone on this frakkin' ship dies? Wouldn't be able t' get much done, then, eh?" He shakes his head, scowling. "They're dead, and that's sad. But I'm still alive. Y' expect me t' be guilty and miserable about that, do you?" Thorn's eyes meet Kissy's, a confrontational glint in those steely blues.

Matto looks aside as Toes goes off on the rant, as if this were the very reason he'd been hesitant to ask in the first place. He seems to just tune out somewhere in the middle of it, sitting down and taking a little too eager a sip of the still-hot tea, leaving his tongue and upper lip a numb shade of scalded. A few moments pass after the question's asked, and when it finally processes that Toes is finished, "Nevermind," he murmurs.

"Anton." Roubani starts to say…then he raises an eyebrow at Matto. Back to Thorn, and he /almost/ rolls his eyes. "Oh just stop it, both of you. Last thing anyone needs is being aggressive at each other, situation being as it is or not." And yes, that goes as much towards Matto as it does to Thorn.

Samantha listens to this entire strange mess of a conversation, grief working in some very weird ways, and she quietly reaches one hand out to rest against the base of Thorn's spine…"Anton… I don't think he expects you to go to pieces…but they were your comrades… you… we're all allowed to mourn…" She does her best to chime in with Roubani, be some sort of voice of reason, remaining standing still there otherwise. It's bad when she doesn't go for her usual coffee or cigarette to wake up. She looks over to Matto, frowning quietly still…"How…how are you doing, Kissy?"

"Death is a fact of life on this bloody ship," Thorn sneers, unable to resist muttering a parting shot. "Ought t' be frakkin' obvious, that." He looks over to Samantha crossly. "Don't need you, or anyone else, telling me when or how t' mourn." He finally leaves it at that, though, slumping back in the chair with obvious stormclouds forming on his brow. For the moment, he stays quiet, puffing madly on that cigarette.

Everyone deals with loss differently. As it stands, Komnenos and Eddie seem on the same wavelength. Mooner's been in a piss poor mood ever since yesterday, often taking out her aggression on stationary objects and lesser officers. Now she rips open her curtain, casts a dark look around, pokes out her feet only to slam them into her waiting boots.

Matto slouches back, holding the tea mug up close to his chest, looking to Nadiv's knees with a quiet nod. He's in no particular mood for confrontation, himself — seldom is, really — so he retreats from it, emotionally, and even physically, to a degree, body language disengaging the bunny from the conversation. "Okay," he tells Sam quietly, continuing to sip the tea, mouth too numb to mind the heat too much.

Mimi's no stranger to loss, but she deals with it in her own way. She's been slow in word and deed the last couple days, taking sanctuary in sleep when she's not on duty. But she's also no stranger to being a small, easy target. So even as she's waking up, as she hears a particular curtain being yanked back a particular way, she hesitates with her hand on the bunk curtain, not in a hurry to pull it back. One dark eye appears at the edge of the curtain, just to make sure…

Roubani remains standing, arms folded, as Komnenos finishes his outburst. The slightly arched brow isn't fooled by the nonchalance, but if there's some emotion in the viper JG, it's not on his sleeve. Picking up his tea, he blows lightly across the surface.

Well, all things considered, Thorn WAS in a decent enough mood. That's gone now, though, and his more familiar distemper is beginning to reassert itself as everyone and their sister sees fit to remind him that two of their own just died. THANKS GUYS, gosh. Glares pass all around, then Thorn's back to his tea and his smoke, his mouth a thin slash against his face. Eddie's emergence draws a glance, though. He knows the expression on her face well, having seen it in the mirror enough times himself. For half a second, he meets her eyes with a knowing look. She gets it, anyway.

Samantha stares at Thorn as he tells her she can't tell him how to mourn. "Frak you. We're in this shit together or we're not. You can tell others to piss off but you can't tell me." She snaps right back, possibly purposefully giving him somewhere to release his anger…or maybe just that volitile herself. Still, she's said it and it's done… a worried look being turned back towards Matto and Roubani…

Matto eases up a knee against the edge of the table. Hideous table manners, but he seems to be relaxing from that first jolt of Thornwrath. At least he's not making any noise to irritate Moonshine. Though if she's taking out her anger on stationary objects, he may well begin to qualify soon. Sip.

Eddie? Actually snickers at this entire situation she's apparently just woken up to. And not even a sly snicker, either. She's one step away from a full on laugh, as she walks to the head, scratching at the back of her neck muttering something beneath her breath how they're all frakked.

Seeing Eddie's on her way out the door, Marissa silently eases the curtain back enough to reach the ladder, and joins the other pilots at deck level, her sweatjacket draped over one shoulder. "Hey…" It's noncommittal, not directed at anyone, just something to say.

Roubani is just watching the room with a brow still raised, not unlike a teacher watching a bunch of unruly students. A slight shake of his head. "As though we weren't going to die one day before all this happened." Another breath across his tea and he steps away, towards his locker.

If looks could kill, poor Samantha would be a stain on the deck plating. Whatever blistering retort Anton's obviously considering, though, he doesn't give it voice; he merely sits hunched in the chair, arms folded as he mutters to himself in rapid-fire Mierce.

Samantha folds her arms across her chest, smirking deeply as she takes that look and just stares -right- back. "You can hate me for it, but you know I'm right." She then leans over, kissing into Anton's blonde curls gently, despite the angered mutterings, before she walks away towards the coffee maker and begins to run some hot water through to make a cup of tea. Most certainly not for her. She doesn't drink tea. She frowns after the almost laughing Eddie, but shakes it off and half nods towards Mimi instead…"Mornin'… there's some coffee already brewed, I think." She gazes to Roubani and Matto…wanting to say something more, but the words don't make it to her lips. She just sighs… clearly worried, as much for them as she is Thorn.

Castor arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Castor has arrived.

Matto lets his stare slip into the tea, lingering there for a while before he takes another sip, the porcelain rim of the cup seeming to rub a hint of a smile onto his face, his eyes waking slightly from their retreat mode.

That kiss explains a lot. Mimi half-smiles. "Thanks, I'm good. I just didn't want to walk through a free-fire zone without permission," she replies, moving to take a seat at the table. "Morning, Kissy, Poet."

Roubani finally stashes the flightsuit he'd had hanging rumpled over his arm, brushing out CAP-wrought wrinkles once it's on its hanger. Glancing over his shoulder towards Marissa, he nods and answers quietly, "Good morning, Delann. Or have they named you yet?"

Komnenos stiffens as he feels Sam's lips on his head; he's not much in a mood to be kissed, it seems. For a moment he simply sits and smolders, but then he's able to exert some modicum of control, smoothing his features into a stonelike mask. "Can't very well hate you if I'm going t' marry you, can I?" he asks Samantha grudgingly. His sometimes-CAPmate gets a terse nod of greeting. "Delann," he says curtly.

There is a sudden sound of breath from the bunk of Castor Leda and a curtain slides open slightly to reveal that the pilot has his face in his pillow and he suddenly perks up, "Marry swha?" Mrphle, mrphle, mrphle as other words are spoken but mostly they are Sleepenese and therefor impossible to understand. A moment later there is another breath and Castor sits up, "You people are way to loud. Waking me up." He then spots Marissa and he stops to smile warmly, "Hey you…" He says as he begins to suddenly push his bedhead down self conciously.

Samantha smirks sideways to Thorn, as she brings back that mug of tea she was brewing and hands it in his direction straight out. "You can, but it's gonna make the vows really awkward. The sex might be dirtier, though." She dead pans, trying to pull a bit of a smile out of the angry man… She looks up to Delann…"Nah…You won't take friendly fire. Dun worry."

"Sure you can." Eddie supplies to Komnenos oh-so-helpfully as she emerges from the head, still fiddling with her belt to get it rebuckled after apparently taking her morning piss. "In fact, I hear that's why most marriages work in post apocolyptic situations. Lack of options."

"Ah, is that what Thorn was refusing to tell everyone yesterday," Roubani's voice floats from his locker, the door mostly blocking his face.

"Cat was thinking about 'Mouse'," Mimi replies, shrugging her sweatjacket on. "But it doesn't sound like she's said much about it. Delann and Mimi both still work." Castor's usual wake-up draws another half-smile and a look his way. "Hey, you. Got comb?" she teases.
Mooner's reentry makes the former nugget glance up sharply, but she makes no move to leave. Or otherwise draw attention to herself.

Matto turns his head as his name's called, lifting his chin, "Hey, Warden," he tells her evenly, finishing up the tea and taking a cracker for Nadiv's sake, tucking it between his teeth without appetite and going to the sink to rinse out his mug and hang it upside-down to dry.

"Well, I'd prefer t' be married a bit first before I start t' hate her," Thorn replies to Eddie in a perfect deadpan. That's all Sam's getting for now, though; no smiles, huh-uh. Not this time. Roubani gets a look that's more than a little guilty. "Didn't want t' make a huge deal of it, is all," he mutters. "You were next on th' list t' tell, believe me."

Samantha makes no comment about the marriage thing, though Eddie is given a bit of a look. She bites her tongue on any words ther and goes back for her own coffee, having dropped off the tea with Thorn, whether he's going to drink it or not. She pours out a good mug of the weak joe, the rations just getting pitiful these days.

Leda looks at Mimi, "At the moment no…how bad is it, Mimi? And seriously, Mouse?" Leda may be waking up but he comes up to speed quickly and he moves to his locker first sans coffee mug since Marissa is in the room and he goes to comb his hair first and as he spots himself in the mirror he winces, "Yup, Medusa called and said she wants her hair back." He then begins working on his hair and when he is done he skips the coffee entirely as he makes his way over to Marissa so he can take a hold of her hand, kissing, out of the question, since the first rule of waking up is never kiss someone until after you have brushed your teeth.

Eddie's used to getting looks, probably a good reason why she doesn't have any female friends. When you refer to guy's girlfriends as 'mattress holes' you don't win a lot of points in the dame department. "Everyone's engaged, now a days. Like lemmings or rats on a sinking ship. Soon, I'm going to be the last lone figher pilot. It's kinda poetic when you think about it." To Mooner's credit, she's not barking at Marissa. Yet.

"Congratties, you two! Got a date set yet?" Local bad moods aren't going to rain on Mimi's parade, especially with an excuse to throw confetti just around the corner. Cas's question gets a chuckle and a shake of her head. "Hey, don't ask questions you don't want answers to. Especially when you know I'll give 'em." She lets the mirror do the talking, and tries to ignore Mooner's sentiment. There's enough gloom to go around without more being added.

"Well." Roubani folds an arm across the top of the locker door, as he's tall enough to look over it at Thorn and Samantha. "Congratulations. I still think someone ought to get married in EVA suits on the hull." It's just mild enough that he's probably serious. He slides his pencil from behind his ear and reaches over, poking Eddie in the side of the ribs with it.

Thorn's already got a half-empty cup of tea in front of him, which is probably why he doesn't look terribly interested in the one Sam provided just yet. Eddie's pronouncement is met with a blase shrug, then he looks at Marissa with a shake of the head. "Not yet… hadn't quite gotten that far." Samantha gets a questioning look. "Might as well be sooner rather than later." Roubani's statement is almost enough to draw a chuckle out of the man. Almost. "Well, Poet…" he says, stroking his chin, "I wouldn't be against it, anyway."

Matto smiles a little at the Poet's notion. Grabbing the cracker between his teeth, he snaps off the bit that had been between his teeth, chewing on it. "On the hull?" he wonders, "What about clipped tether from a Raptor?" he asks.

Eddie swats at the pencil, but at least it garners a bit of a smirk out of old Moonbeam. "Careful where you poke, boy, or I'll poke back." The warning is only half-assed, and lacking her usual venom. As perhaps a favor to the room, Eddie heads in the direction of the hatch.

"That'd be one interesting ceremony, that's for sure," Mimi murmurs, closing her eyes and trying to picture it. "Do we have any priests who can use a suit? Or would it be the CO handling the vows? I guess the rings would have to come later…"

"I suppose that would be more a rodeo," Roubani replies to Matto. "Oh, but perhaps for the honeymoon?" Now that can't be serious. Can it? He swats right back at Eddie, with no rancor in the gesture. "Would that make me hole-ier than thou, Mooner?" Hurr hurr. He scratches his damp hair and closes his locker, slipping away a few steps to murmur to Eddie before she can slip out.

Leda looks over at Eddie for a moment and then back over to Marissa, "Yeah, sorry about that. My hair is funny sometimes and by funny I mean funny looking." He gives Mimi a smile as he says, "That is why I like you…you keep me honest." He then watches Mimi as her eyes close and he smiles, well, not so much a smile, as he beams…with his mouth closed, seriously the funk of nights rest is in his mouth and he knows it, so much so in fact that he backs away to disappear into the head for a moment so he can brush his teeth.

Samantha is doing her best not to blush but,'s always Roubani's comments that somehow get her. Probably because she expects them from EVERYONE but him. She grumbles over her coffee, taking another sip of the weak stuff as she comes back to settle on the edge of the bunk that is below her's, listening to the banter now quietly… watching.

"No frakkin' priests." Thorn's tone would seem to brook no arguments on that account. "I'm not getting married by a bloody priest when a perfectly honest military officer would do just as well." Roubani gets a browraise; Thorn needles the younger man often enough that he sometimes forgets Roubani is capable of giving it right back. He just shakes his head slowly. Mooner gets a glance on the way out of the hatch. "Oi, Mooner… I'm heading t' the gym later, if you feel like beating th' frak out of a superior officer in th' ring," he calls out to his partner-in-ill-temper. They both seem as though they could use it, just a bit.

Roubani could have meant that innocently, you know.

"S'my job, keeping people honest. Though I don't think it's on the form I signed coming in." Mimi's still got her eyes closed, thinking about the ceremony. "Definitely the CO, then. Or the CAG. Maybe. You'd have to watch him all the time to make sure he was really saying what was coming out of his mouth…" This whole situation demands a lot of thought.

Eddie pauses to whatever Roubani has to say, turning to face him fully half way through it. Whatever is said, has Mooner cuffing him by the back of the neck and placing a thick kiss to his forehead. Lips are replaced by her own forehead as she leans into him and that awkward embrace. She says something quietly in response, ghosting a smile, and at the tail end she's glancing aside to Thorn. "Who's the frakker who let you believe you're superior?" And then she's flashing him a wink that says she just might take him up on that later.

Roubani probably doesn't notice the reactions behind him, focused on Eddie as she kisses his forehead. He murmurs back and nods to her, and steps back to let her on her way. Only then does he look back at Samantha and note the blushing. The self-satisfied look on his face is so brief it almost isn't there.

Matto watches Moonshine and N with a soft smile before he turns back to the sink, tucks the rest of the cracker into his mouth, and washes his hands.

Thorn gives Eddie a shake of the head, uttering a sound that's half snort and half snicker. "Longevity," he says with a mirthlessly thin smile. "Age before beauty, Mooner." The departing pilot gets a final nod, and then he returns to his locker to fish for a new pack of cigarettes.

Eddie gives a little nod to Roubani, then heads once more for the hatch. "Well then I'm just frakked, aren't I?" Are her parting words to Komnenos, before she's slipping out into the corridor.

Eddie heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Eddie has left.

Samantha nods in immediate agreement to Thorn's words…"No frakking priests indeed… this ain't about the gods…it's about a man and woman and that's it. We'll get a nice somethin' civil down the line, end of story." yes, she's still a bit blushed, but the comment of religion has brought a bit of a grumpy attitude back to her. She's never good about the religion issue.

Who has two thumbs and a clean mouth, Leda does as he gives the rare double thumbs up and he walks over to Marissa, "So, why seriously, Mouse? Why Mouse, you don't look very Mouse-ish to me. You look more like a Marissa. I still say Lifeline is a good callsign for you." His tones are calm and then he turns and looks at Samantha since he already knows what she is thinking, well, not really but he knows why the blush is there.

Roubani says not a word about religion, even with the prayer beads around his wrist in pretty plain sight with his offduties on like this. He settles onto the edge of the chair by the one Matto had abandoned, taking a sip of tea.

Not big on religion herself, Mimi simply nods and keeps thinking. "Who'd be the officiating officer? Any thoughts?" It's a lot more fun thinking about an impending wedding than the upcoming memorials. She has to open her eyes as Leda comes back in. "I don't know. But it was Cat's suggestion, so I figured I should take it seriously. Not that I'd mind Lifeline, honestly. But you know what they say about choosing callsigns."

Matto looks back toward Sam for not more than a split second, and he returns to the chair he'd been sitting in, but he doesn't sit again, yet. Keeping quiet.

Thorn nods emphatically in agreement with Samantha. Castor gets a glance. "And that's why you don't pick th' callsigns, Leda. Lifeline? Not insulting enough by far." At that, Marissa gets a twitch that could be charitably described as a smile. "Cortez, I'd think," he answers the woman's question. "Or perhaps Demitros. Given th' chance, I'd take th' XO… I've seen even less of Cortez than I ever saw of Sheridan. I've at least talked t' Captain Demitros here and there. Ex-ECO, y' know. Solid sort."

Castor looks over at Samantha, "I'd say having Kai set it all would be the best way. It seems more like the family way of doing things." He then looks over at Marissa, "Let me talk to Mamacat and I'll see what I can do, Mimi. I make no promises but you know." He says with a shrug, "So, the question is do you want a dress or are you going to do this in uniform?" He asks Samantha, "I mean I've found one for Doc Locke." He then looks back at Thorn, "Thorn, no comments on callsigns please, since you never had the callsign Bubbles…seriously, worst callsign ever."

Samantha looks momentarily up towards Roubani… and for a moment their might be a trace of guilt on her face. Hesitation. She bites her lower lip and drowns back thoughts with a deep gulp of her coffee, even if her eyes catch Matto's look. She doesn't quite know how to respond but, dammit…those two did guilt better than a Gemense mother! Finally to Thorn and company…"I dunno…Kai seems as good as anyone to me…but hold…hold horses here… we… we ain't doin' this tomorrow, are we? I mean… this… we got… Time…" Not really, but there's that trace of cold feet panic in her voice. It took a lot of alcohol just to get the ring on her!

Roubani wasn't looking at Sam at all during the whole religion thing. His attention had wandered somewhere near the wall, but there's really no discernible expression on his face. The guilt's either missed or ignored, some random comment later drawing his eyes back. "Of course you have time, Passi," he remarks, mildly. "Thorn hasn't had one of those hooligan parties yet." For the choice of word, it sounds quite fond.

Thorn shrugs. "Got no sympathy for you on that one, Lieutenant. You'd not have picked it up if someone hadn't thought y'd earned it." He looks back to Samantha with a raised eyebrow. "If Marek has the authority t' do it, I'd have no objections. And calm th' frak down… nobody's rushing anything." A searching gaze passes over the woman's face. "It'll keep." Roubani gets a slightly wide-eyed look. "Gods," he groans. "I'd forgotten all about that."

"I have to admit, he has a point, Cas. Mouse does at least make you wonder." Mimi doesn't look too disappointed or bothered, though. The idea of presiding officers regains her full attention, save for a concerned look at Sam. "I've never met either of 'em, personally. If I had to vote for anybody, it'd be Thea. But it's not my ceremony, so the voting's up to the lucky couple."

Matto is a little surprised, himself, as the Poet brings up the point. "… Did you just volunteer to organize the thing, N?" he brings himself to wonder, leaning forward onto the back of the chair, bent at the waist and crossing one ankle in front of the other.

"Please, I've paid my dues," Roubani informs Matto, wryly. Before pointing out. Pointedly. "You, however, have not."

Samantha doesn't protest about time any more, and while the debate about Mimi's callsign definitely makes her smile…the thought of Roubani planning a bachelor party makes her GRIN. She looks over between Poet, Thorn and Madman…"Oh…Oh…I think I sense a joint venture coming…"

"Gods," Thorn says again, rolling his eyes. "Could be worse, I suppose… could be Stathis trying t' plan it." He sighs as he finally gets around to packing down that pack of smokes he'd retrieved.

Castor looks over Komnenos first, "Yeah, yeah…we all earn our callsigns." He looks over at Marissa and he whispers something to her before he looks at Samantha, "Sam, this may be the first time I've seen you like this…it is different." He then looks over Roubani and a smile crosses his face, "Seriously?" He then looks over at Marissa, "Remind me to introduce you to the XO, he is a hell of a man and I trust him with my life. Frak, I'd follow him into hell if I had too." He then looks back over at Thorn and he smirks again.

Roubani eyes Thorn, and makes an indignant hmpf as he crosses his legs. "Stathis and I put together Price's, you know. You just showed up on time."

[Intercom] Praxis says, "All personnel, this is the XO. Under the Admiral's order, we are going to commence final operations and subsequently make our egress from the Solon system. In the meantime, I would like to draw your attention to the future of the CEC Kharon. In light of recent events as well as extensive damage to the vessel, Command has decided it prudent to reduce the escort carrier to a skeleton crew which will subsequently warrant a merger between the personnel of the Kharon and the personnel of the BS Hestia. I imagine that this news will raise many concerns and issues with most if not all of us stationed onboard this vessel but I assure you, you /will/ be treated /fairly/. It is important to understand that 'fairly' is not synonymous with 'favorably'. In the meantime, I ask that all of your questions and concerns be directed to your department head so that they will be given a voice during the next meeting where final decisions and motions will be made. That will be all."

"I'd better not ask," Mimi decides, standing and stretching. And just then the announcement comes over the speakers. The southern Aquarian ensign sighs softly. "I guess that's the other shoe finally dropping. A merger. I wonder what they're looking for in potential transfers?" Another thing to think about.

"What, me? Toes shouldn't like that, I'll just jinx the entire thing," Kisseus tries to wave off the duties. "The last wedding I tried to organize something for—" Eh? Well, whatever he was about to say gets cleared straight out of his mouth as the Deus gets cranked down on the Machina to address the players on stage. Huh.

Thorn's about to retort when he hears Praxis' voice come over the loudspeaker. He stares at the ceiling for a long moment before giving a tiny nod. "Well… figured it was bound t' happen sooner or later," he says softly, his expression sober. Kissy's hasty retreat from the post of bachelor party MC is met with a tiny smile and nod. "They'll probably be taking mostly th' cream of th' crop, I'd imagine," he says after a moment to Marissa. "I doubt the admiral wants t' take too many malcontents and incompetents into her air wing." He shrugs. "Where that leaves me, frak if I know." He stands, taking out a cigarette for the road. "Showertime, ladies and gents," he says, stifling a yawn as he goes to grab a pair of towels before heading to the hatch. Looks like he's going to brave the general crew head for this one.

Komnenos heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Komnenos has left.

Roubani glances up as the PA booms. It's force of habit, since there's no speaker in his line of sight. Once the XO is done talking, his eyes shift to Thorn for some reason, then he finishes off his tea. "I would expect most would move," he remarks, as to who's going. "It isn't as though they can afford to be /terribly/ picky these days."

Samantha looks up as she hears that announcement, listening for a long few moments. so much for killing the bit of good mood that had been brought about with other discussions. She sighs, waving after Thorn since he finally decides to de-stinkify, before she climbs back up into her own bunk. She still has hours to sleep, technically, but she leaves her curtain drawn…"I hope they leave me over here. IT's like home…that other place is gonna be way too frakking big."

Leda looks at the intercom and he looks less than pleased. He looks over at Mimi, "Ready to be the new kids on the block together?" He asks Marissa with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. "I mean at least this way we know at least a small number of the crew on that Battlestar. The last time I was on a Battlestar it was HUGE. The Orpheus ran fifteen decks and she had all sorts of crazy things. So, maybe it isn't all bad. Still though the Kharon has been home for a while now."

"Later, Thorn!" Marissa calls as Thorn departs for the de-stinking apparatus. And back to the subject she goes. "I'd wondered. I love this old tub, but we're almost down to more hole than hull. I guess a merger only makes sense." Mimi stretches again, to get the taste of the announcement out of her brain. "I've never even /seen/ a Battlestar from the inside. I'm not sure I want to, after seeing their CAG."

Matto takes a deep breath, finally stepping to the side and kneeing into the chair. "Talk to the Marek," Kissy tells Sam. "Though we'll miss you over there, yah?" he adds, a hint of fondness in his voice, obviously assuming something along the lines of what Nadiv has in mind.

Roubani sets the empty cup on the table. He half-smiles at nothing in particular, then starts to stand. Something said quietly to Matto as he does.

Matto dips his chin shortly to Nadiv, moving his hand to the Poet's back, fingers arrayed along the backs of his ribs in a fleeting gesture like a vestigial hug.

Samantha considers that a few moments, tucking her pillow beneath her head as she looks down and over at them. "I…I might ask Kai. Suppose I should be a good woman and see where Anton is goin' too…I ain't -that- much of a bitch. Though close." She admits with a half smirk, stifling a yawn then… her brain is so ready to go back to bed.

Roubani sets his hand briefly on Matto's shoulder and nods to the room. "Excuse me for just a bit, please." Polite, one should always be polite.

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