PHD 273: Giving Back
Giving Back
Summary: Rian tracks down Matto to give back a medallion that was stolen in the antiquing raid. Matto asks Rian to go on an underwear hunt.
Date: PHD 273 (16/01/10)
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The lights in the Observation Deck are turned down low so that most of the room remains movie theatre darkened. To the left of the hatch, a viewport runs the length and near height of the room, and provides an expansive vista of the space to the fore of the Hestia. The view is always spectacular, particularly when in orbit of a planetary body. Sturdy blast doors close over the viewport when the ship is under alert, providing extra protection to the heavy ballistic glass. Plush blue love seats are arranged facing the view of space, with a few feet of space between, giving each a small sense of privacy.

Front row center, one foot lifted to plant just below the windows, the other knee fallen to the side in a lazy posture as its owner slouches down almost to the point of reclining in the cushy seat. A notepad against his up-turned thigh, the Kissybear seems half-inclined to write, but doesn't, alternating between snoozes and gazing out the window, enjoying the quiet.

Heavy echoes of boots anounce the arrival of the marine far before she steps into the darkness of the obs deck. Strange how it seems other military are drawn to this place when to her it has no real pull. Slowing her pace Rian looks around the dim lit room, dark eyes scanning quickly the couches. Black hair is wet as she looks like she has just come from the showers, wearing only one tank of her off duty garb. Spying Matto something glints in her eyes and she walks to him, untied boots thumping as if to worn him of her coming. "The pilots at the mess said I could find you here, I have something for you." She gets right to it.

Someone's coming. Kissy's eyes drift shut and he smiles serenely as he tries to divine the identity of the person inhabiting those boots. His head tips a little to the side, and then his eyes peek up when she finally speaks. "Oh," he replies mildly, a tender smile touching his features. "Is it my bathrobe, 'cause, wow, I had no idea how tetchy some of my squadmates are about me wandering about with my bits all dangling free."

Pale lips curl up into a soft smile as she looks down at him speaking, then moving to the side of the couch that is empty she flops herself down with little to no grace. "No, it's not that," there a hint of laughter in her voice, "besides, it's the end of the world, people should be allowed to walk around with their dongs out if they so please." Shifting around she shoves one hand into her pocket, pulling out a small silver chain and holding her palm up to his face, perhaps a tad too fast and a tad too close. "Oh and smell me, I used some good soap, you know, in case I die later." There's a small medallion attached to the chain with a sun symbol on it.

"Well, still, if you could work on that for me I'd be fairly grateful," Kissy notes, grunting as he sits up a little straighter, foot falling to the floor from the wall. His head ducks away from the palm as it shoots in, then, blinking blearily, he leans back in to give her hand a sniff. "Huh. What scent is that?" he wonders, then eyes the sun disk. "Uh, is that… the thing?" he also adds.

"Lilac." She states plainly, "won the soap from some young tactical nerd, poor girl's just learning triad." Rian drops her palm and rests it lazily on her thigh, fingers curling over the metal chain. "Anyway, yes this is it. It was in the loot that we plundered from the bird berthings last week, didn't feel right to keep." Picking up her hand she turns it, ready to drop it into Matto's lap least he catches it, "Not sure who it belongs too, not too sure I really want to find out face to face." A slight chuckle at the end, shoulders shaking.

"Nice," Kissy shakes his head, scooping a hand up underneath the thing, "So what about the rest of it?" he wonders, "You're feeling OK on that score?" he questions further with a quirk of a brow in her direction.

Rian chuckles more to herself, her hand rising to her face as she bits at her thumbnail, "the underware, towels and tanks? Well those got divvied up and who knows where they are. You'll have to look for yourself if you're missing your leopard print thong."

Matto draws his brows lower and together, "For serious?" he wonders, "Oh, come on, now. There's a prank and then there's just… meanness," he lets her know. He looks at the pendant. Then at the marine. Sucking at his teeth, he sets the clusterd chain and pendant on her thigh, "You get all that stuff back together, then you come see me, yah?"

Rian shrugs, palms up in the air, "dude, I wasn't even there when the marines dug in, I have no idea where or what they did with that stuff." Arms cross over her chest as she frowns, "the flour was my idea, I don't want anything to do with frakin pilot's underpants."

"You'll figure it out," Kisseus sounds as if his full confidence is in the Marine's scrounging abilities. He tucks his hands behind his head and looks out toward the stars. "Ever wonder what it'd be like out there?"

Rian continues to frown at the man, arms still crossed over her chest as she slumps further in the seat, "I'll try, but if Tombs comes down on me for beating other marines for bath towels my ass is on head duty." Falling silent she glances sidelong to the large window in front of them, "be like out where?" A breathless laugh as dark eye glance out the window, as if just noticing it is there, "cold and dead is what it's like out there."

Matto doesn't seem to mind the frowning that much, dark green gaze still lost somehow in space. The grief of Tereus shifts slightly beneath the man's throat and, "Yah," he agrees on a soft breath, "Sooner or later. It's kida weird, isn't it? Seems so lifeless, but all life grew in that cold soup out there, amid the bands of hot and the gusts of starstuff airing through the void."

Rian leans forward, placing her elbows by her knees and rubbing her hands together, "that kind of thought is out of my league Kisseus." With one fluid motion she stands, turning her body to look down on him, "what I do know, is that whatever out there that was actually able to create life, well… it's magic." She adds a slight shrug before moving away from the couch, doing a back walk towards the corridor, "I gotta get suited up, watch your ass out there."

"Later, dude," Kissy calls back, casual as always, though his eyes are still a little troubled. "Take care," he rejoins, more softly, waiting for her to go before he eases himself up to his feet and shuffles off, himself.

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