Specialist Michael "Glitch" Zane
Tom Welling
Tom Welling as Michael Zane
Name: Michael Zane
Alias: Glitch
Age: 24
Hair & Eyes: Black hair, blue eyes
Faction: Navy
Position: Specialist; Deck Crew
Colony: Tauron
Play Times: Play Times
Timezone: Time Zone

Biographical Info


The Zane family had long prospered on the Tauron colony, earning a healthy living off of the aggrocultural supplies provided by the planet. The Zane's owned a shipping company on Tauron, shipping farm goods off world to the other colonies for a hefty fee. This was how they made their profits. Michael Zane was the youngest son born to Giocomo and Rosalyn Zane. He was a smart boy, with a healthy thirst for knowledge. His father would often buy him small gadgets that he could tinker with when he was a boy, allowing him to experiment to his heart's content. By the age of seven, Michael learned to repair his first fuel injector, and by ten he could install an entire shipboard computer array from scratch. What he lacked in school age friends, he made up for in toys. He spent most of his afterschool hours at the repair bay in his father's main hangar, working with the mechanics. Certainly his father saw this as a good thing, he hoped this would lead Michael to wanting to run the company some day in the future.

In School, Michael earned himself a reputation as being geekishly cool. While the jocks saw him as someone to try and pick on, most found him to be smart, clever and funny, which would work in his favor when those jocks came looking. He did well in his classes, primarily in math and science based courses, and was particularly good with computers. He joined the chess club during his teen years, showing some aptitude for the game. During his teenage years, he also learned the basics of piloting, his father teaching him on his own, in hopes that the bonding time would help to ensure Michael would take over the company. The trend was most evident to Michael. During these years, Michael earned himself a nickname from the pilots and mechanics that worked for his father, "Glitch". Whether finding and fixing them, or creating them as a practical joke, Michael had a knack for understanding glitches in the system. The name stuck with him throughout the rest of his high school years, and unfortunately into his time at University. He majored in engineering, and would constantly attempt dangerous experiments during his first two years. The last of these nearly killed five students, and Michael was charged with being criminally negligent for his actions. It took nearly all of his father's resources to keep him out of prison.

When it was all over, Michael couldn't bear to face his father, and so he left Tauron for Scorpio, where he went to work in the shipyards as a mechanic. Soon they realized his abilities were beyond simply degreasing engines, and Michael was moved into their Research and Design department, though his past barred him from any direct interaction with the warheads he was helping to redesign, he did learn a lot about explosives, the chemical processes involved, and the appropriate ways of setting and detonating them. While working at the Shipyards, his bosses did have him finish off his University education earning his degree in engineering, though he seemed more than happy to go back to work in the trenches of the shipyard even after he became fully degreed. Warday threw his entire world upside down, and he managed to survive it only by virtue of being on leave at Tinos when the shipyard was nuked. He met up with a larger group of survivors and together they managed to wait it out until the Kharon came and rescued them. Upon entering the fleet, Michael immediately signed up to work as a deckhand to help keep the fleet moving. This came as something of a shock to his superiors who felt his Engineering degree would make him a better officer and engineer than anything. Glitch stated that he wasn't mature enough to be an officer yet, and his degree and experience gave him the necessary credentials to start off as a Specialist with the deck crew. "Glitch" never really looked back after this point, while the Cylons had killed his family, he felt he'd killed his relationship with them before that ever happened. All he could do now was sit back and help as best he could. Let the killers do the killing.


Name Relationship Status
Giocomo Zane Father Presumed Deceased
Rosalyn Zane Mother Presumed Deceased


Degree in Engineering
Formal Training in Computer Programming

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Distinguishing Features



Good on overall Mechanical Repairs, better with Raptor electrical systems though
Skilled computer programmer…for as often as that is useful.
Decent chess player as well.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Sergeant Hippolyta 'Polly' Kore. First time I met her was in the head. Nice enough, but scary. I was definitely off meds that day, couldn't think straight. She was nice enough I guess.
Corporal Daliah 'Patch' Erasmus. Why are all these marine women so damned brazen and scary? More importantly, why do they always catch me on my bad days? I could be more charming if my meds would even out. Anyway, things with her are starting to get complicated. I dunno what to think right now.
PO 1st Class Thomas Alexander Dane. One of the Deck Gang, don't really know the Hestia side crew that well though. Decent enough sort, I guess.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Log Title PH# What happened in this log. person1, person2 & person3.



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