PHD 244: Grass Is Greener
Grass Is Greener
Summary: Levesque and Kellin chat about their days on Sagittaron.
Date: PHD 244 (Dec 18, 2009)
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Marine Berthings

Berthing is really one long hallway with little pods off each side and a communal Head at the end. Each 'pod' holds ten bunks that are inset directly into the bulkhead which gives a modicum of privacy when the grey curtains are closed. A three rung ladder is affixed to the metal casing separating top and bottom bunks, giving access to the former. Every unit has a small shelf at the foot of the bed, as well as individual reading lights. Towels, blankets, sheets, and pillow cases are all in that same drab grey color which makes them indistinguishable from each other when they come back from laundry.

Lockers are between each set of bunks marked by louvered metal doors with combination locks, providing additional storage for the service members. In the central space of each pod, the ten bunks share a long metal table and chairs. All the bunks are merely labelled with a strip of masking tape with the crewman's name written in black marker.

Levesque has just returned from a roaming patrol with his fireteam, and is proceeding to the bunk. He's already stripping off his tac and flak, and the helmet comes next, neatly placed in order of donning by his bed.

Kellin seems to have just returned himself, peeling his gloves off he tosses them onto his bunk and slowly begins removing the varius accurements of the Dress Uniform he has on.

Levesque grabs a clear plastic water bottle out of his locker, gulping back at least half a litre in one go. He burps, then looks over to Kellin with an arched eyebrow. "What's with the dress greys, dude?"

Kellin looks over as he continues to get rid of his Uniform "Drew the low card and had Guard duty at the Memorial today" He grins a bit and shrugs "Why do they always make these things itch?"

"Dunno. Cause they were made by a bunch of frakkin Sagis, probably." Levesque says, smirking somewhat. He looks like he's going to be getting into his off-duties, but before he does so he's carefully laying everything out… just in case they get stood to. Never know.

Kellin snorts "ISA's revenge on the CMC, has to be" He shakes his head and rumamges for his Sweats sliding into them before he sets his Dress Uniform out to be cleaned.

Levesque laughs, slipping into his olive pants, a tank top and his sleeveless shirt. He puts his boots on right quick. "Man, I don't get this stupid frakking system. Why do we have to wear a frakkin undershirt under a tanktop? Why can't I just wear my regular CMC shirt?" He grumbles. "Godsdamned bureaucrat thought this up. I bet they were a frakkin' pilot, too, since they wear this stupid shit under their flight suits."

Kellin grins "Or rather the Beaucrat got a cut from the Company that makes or made the undershirts" He bundles his Dress uniform up for cleaning then he too lays out his ready gear.

Levesque chuckles. "Yup. Probably. That sounds about right. I bet they were Caprican, too." At this point, his frustration's dissipated. Easy to rile, easy to settle, looks like.

Kellin snorts and nods, likely he flops down on his Bunk to take a few moments to relax. "You were on Sag?"

Levesque nods. "Yup."

Kellin leans up "What unit were you with there?"

Levesque grabs a seat at the table, pulling out a pack of smokes. It appears they are handrolled, when he does open the package. Probably not even made fully out of fumarella leaf, due to the lack of. "3rd Battalion, 4th Marines. You?"

Kellin nods "EOD, 2nd of the 12th on TDY from the 75th Marines till I got wounded."

Levesque's eyebrows creep up. He lights a smoke, offering the pack to Kellin. "Shit. 12th's AO was right near ours. When we were in Kangan, we worked with a bunch of 'em. You don't mind me asking, how'd you get hit? Small arms? IED?"

Kellin grimaces "Small arms, had just set some explosives to blow a bunker when we got ambushed, our lookouts missed them" He shrugs "Caught several in the back as we pulled out"

"Sweet revenge at least, eh?" Levesque asks, putting the pack back into a trouser pocket. "I was a lucky one. Never tagged except with a little bit of shrapnel from an RPG this one time. Of course, I come into space, and some frakkin' toaster does what the ISA failed." He taps his shoulder. "In and out though, lucky."

Kellin nods "I spent a lot of time on Scorpia hunting the Tin Cans, got me a few of them there as well"

"Man, you might not believe it… but when we first went down to contact you, that was like frakkin' heaven. Feeling solid ground, breathing real air. Well, now you know what that's like. We're probably never gonna find a planet like that again. Gods, we don't even know what's going on with us, eh?" Levesque asks, somewhat rhetorically.

Kellin chuckles "ANd here I was wishing I had Battlestar to help out down there, that and Raptors"

"Grass is always greener, right?" Levesque adds a chuckle of his own in, blowing a big cloud of smoke out into the air.

Kellin nods slowly "It's always been that way hasn't it" He shrugs "Ahh well we wouldn't be Marines if we didn't want to be somewhere other than where we are…or human as well"

Levesque's chuckle is a bit less full of humour than the last. "Can't disagree with that. Still… sometimes I wish I was back on Sagittaron. I mean, things were easier, even though they weren't. It was clear we would win, eventually. Combat was standup. Even if you didn't see the enemy all the time when he shot at you, or if he blew you guys up… you knew he was lurking, gonna frak up some time soon."

Kellin nods "That and we had places to go for R & R, to get away for a bit, here we don't"

Levesque grins a little bit, eyes shifting upwards until he looks like he's almost daydreaming. His smoke is out at this point, but he makes no effort to put it into the ashtray. "And we had pretty much the whole Colonies cheer us on. Man, I got laid so damned good when I came back to Libran in garrison."

Kellin laughs "better luck than I did, I was sent to a Hospital ship then Rehab then out"

"Frak man, you've got lousy luck. Are you telling me you didn't get even one 'Hero of Sagittaron' lay? Gods, I didn't brag about it or anything, and BAM." Levesque can't help but shake his head, albeit with a big smile on his face.

Kellin laughs "Kinda hard when you are flat on your back swathed in bandages and tubes for weeks on end"

"You didn't get out before the bombs dropped?" Asks Levesque, somewhat surprised.

Kellin nods "About 6 months before, was shipped back to Scorpia"

"From there, by the accent too. I'm from Stony Ridge myself." Levesque grins and gets up, dusting his pants off. "Gonna go go grab a bite. Wanna join?"

Kellin nods "Tinos myself" He shakes his head "Nah I'm do the other thing a Marine does when he gets a chance…sleep"

"Alright, man. See ya round." Levesque heads out, in good spirits.

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