Ensign Virgil "Cooter" Gresham
Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk as Virgil C. Gresham
Name: Virgil C. Gresham
Alias: Cooter
Age: 28
Hair & Eyes: Red/Blue
Faction: Navy: Air-Wing
Position: Ensign/ECO
Colony: Libris
Play Times: Night time is the right time
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info

Born into a lower middle class family on the colony of Libris, left many options open to one Virgil C. Gresham. named after his grandfather who was said to have died as a pilot, Virgil's days were spent usually in school or playing with his siblings. He had a fondnous for lizards, puppies and frogs as a kid, but they never materialized into any interesting pets, beyond the family's golden retriever-Rocket. Virgil is said to have done alright through grade school and Highschool, given his own case of diagnosed ADD, it was often thought that he would not amount to anything.

He did manage to go to college on Caprica (Old Caprica U. Home of the fighting goats). Needless to say he found no particular major at first, instead dabbling in all sorts of oddities while indulging heavily in campus life. He joined a fraternity (Kryptir Omega Tau), and won the Caprican University Fight tournament.( Studying Boxing, and dancing for his respective PT credits- it would come that boxing would win out and Virgil would maintain it on an amateur level after college.) Still despite this minor accomplishments it seemed Virgil was still alright with drifting around, an dabbling into what he could. Finally, towards his junior year he majored into Electronic Studies (Computers) with minors in Astronomy and History. Promptly upon graduating Instead of getting a job in some fancy cyber firm or government job he went and joined the Merchant Marines to become a space farer. (The Merchant Marines, being a collection of space farers that are responsible for the movement of cargo and people. Most independently contracted ships are crewed by the Merchant marines. Requirements are a Master license for those wanting to Captain ships, where as pilots have to go through a several week training course, which involves how to call for help, and fire a pistol before their navigation tests to be certified.) It was said he almost joined the Navy in under the impression of becoming a Raptor Bear-but upon hearing what was needed (physicality etc.) he chickened out. He first had to go through basic civilian flightschool, as well as a countermeasure's course inorder to earn his Navigator's license. But, once done he was hired on with the Chimera foundation as a co-pilot and counter measure's officer abboard the Marrietta, a "Mud Dauber" style craft. (Named the Mud dauber given its appearance to the insect prominent on Canceron) the Marietta's job was to simply transport goods, artifacts and people to destinations as set out by the organization. It was a rather nice job.

However during the attacks on the colonies during War Day, the Marietta would find itself over Caprica, moving a few dignitaries and pieces of Art from the Elpis down to the surface, before they were to take back up and head out to Aquaria. However the bombs hit, and taking who they good, they got the frak out of there only to jump into the trade lanes, to see the bloody hunting grounds they had become. After taking a hit previous to their jump out, the Marietta was crippled, and left alone for a few hours, before the Elpis came into view and answered their distress signal. Rescued and on board it would only be a matter of time before Virgil would comprehend, how more screwed-things would become.



  • Socrates Cedric Gresham (Father)
  • Elizabeth Gresham (Mother)
  • Natalie Gresham (sister)
  • Everret Gresham (Brother)


  • K-12 via the Libran ISD in Smyrna
  • BS Computer Sciences from Caprica University (Cum Laude)
  • 12 wk course for Piloting with the Merchant marines

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Nugget Aboard the Bellerophon (bombed)
  • Nugget aboard the Kharon (almost dead)
  • ECO on the Hestia

Distinguishing Features



On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
LT. Castor "Shepherd" Leda. Okay, so normally I give most people the benefit of the doubt. I mean I am friends with CeCe, right? However when I met this guy he came off as invasive and pompous. Apparently he doesn't like it if you miss beds and aren't fond of cots. The weirdo snapped at at me out of the blue. He claims he wants to bring the morale up. Yeah right. I think it done more or less to make himself feel good about himself. Sorry, but I don't play the popular politics these days. That's for schoolchildren.
Professor Timon Stathis. Okay, so there was a time when I was in college that I kinda-floated around majors. One of them I chose was philosophy, because well-chicks dig philosophers. Correction: Chicks with huge…err..tracks of land dig philosophers. Also she was an Arts major. So to get this girl's attention I became a philosophy major and quickly joined an intro class. You know, so you can learn some ethics and spout some words, get into pants. However the class I chose ended up being taught by this guy. Holy Crap was it hard. He busted balls, was pompous and didn't even care if you had a legitimate excuse for an assignment. It was my hardest class that semester. But, the thing was? It was also my favourite. Weird huh?
LT. Willem "Rebound" Price. I just met him the other day. But, he has a few things in his favour. For one, he is a fellow Libran. Two, he is a fellow ginger. Could anything else be more awesomer. I fore see a friendship coming from this.
LT. Freya "Stonewall" Ramses. Okay so she's from Aerelon and sounds rather…southern, but then I am from Smyrna and sound like a nerd. Plus, she's got red hair, and is kinda cute. Very friendly. I hope I get to know her more.
LTJG. Anton "Thorn" Komnenos. Man, this guy used to chafe my hide. Like he really picked on me during my nuggetude. Sometimes he's still a little rough on me, but I guess it is, because in some awkward Aerelonian way..He likes me? Dunno. But, he seems nice, once he stops saying prickly things. I guess I know why they call him Thorn, as opposed to Buttercup.
LTJG. Nadiv "Poet" Roubani. He's a nerd like me, but there's something else about him. He's got a serenity and a calmness that goes well with his whole being. Like awesome aura if you're into that mess. Very quiet and I would say humble. He likes my jokes, and I like his company. So yeah He's on my cool list.
CPT. Karim "Spider" Marek. He scares me. Alright, so a lot of people scare me, but I mean he really does. There's something unsettling about him. Must be those Captain pins. Still, he seems nice enough, just no people skills you know? He did comfort me though after Jules died. So that's saying something.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
The Reckoning (Part II) PH 246 The Second part of the Hussy's Fight Night EVERYONE WAS STILL THERE
The Reckoning PH 246 Hestia's Fight Night EVERYONE WAS THERE
The New Nest PH 240 Gresham and other pilots from the Kharon try to feel at home. Roubani, Gresham, Willem, Marissa, & Kitty
How To Make Friends And Influence CAGs PH 238 Martin and Gresham meet Sito, and a callsign is earned Sito, Martin, & Gresham
Watch yo'self PH 139 Virgil and Castor meet. Needless to say they don't get along. Castor, Gresham.
Of Werewolves And Nerds PH 149 Virgil meets Jules and Selene. An awesome conversation ensues. Gresham, Jules, & Selene.



  • Unicorns
  • Werewolves
  • Nerdy things
  • Piano Music


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