PHD 229: Guns Don't Kill People
Guns don't kill people
Summary: Epi and Dell meet at the firing range while Matto teaches Marines that the Navy isn't savvy with guns.
Date: PHD 229
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The Kharon is full of marines, some are small, some are kind, some are tough, some are mean, some are whatever they are but a surly marine with a grudge on his shoulder makes his way through the hallways as he waits to get to the firing range. He continues walking with a perpetual grimace on his face since he isn't actively killing toasters right now. He stops in front of the security hub and he doesn't smile but the grimace stops for a moment since he is about to practice shooting targets and he has had a special target worked up as he is holding it in his hand which can be seen in the form of a rolled up piece of paper.

In the hallway just outside the SecHub is Epi, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she looks around, apparently waiting for something - or someone. She's smiling. That smile's been missing for awhile, truth be told, but it's back, a little more shadowed than it used to be. She spots the new Marine and blinks, head cocked to the side.

Dell stops as he spots Epi and it takes him a moment but he stands as he gives a salute, "Sir." He throws the salute a little better this time as he is starting to get used to saluting. "I was planning on putting time in on the firing range." However the rifleman stops since he isn't sure of what to do in this situation and he is still getting used to military life. His voice is a low as he says, "Unless there are alternate orders, sir?" The last question seems more like he would rather shoot something than to take other orders.

Epi stops bouncing and salutes him back, giving the man an utterly baffled look. Her brows pull together in the center like two little caterpillars meeting. First she looks over one shouler, then the other, before looking back to Dell. "Who're you calling Sir," she asks. "The Major or Ensign are nowhere were to found." She checks again, just to be safe.

Dell looks baffled for a moment and he grunts, "You're the coporal I'm the private." He shrugs and says in lower tones that are not disrepectful but they aren't full of shiny happiness, "Then again if you think you don't deserve a salute, fair enough, sir." He drops his salute, "Private Dell Triptolemus, Rifleman." He doesn't say much else since he isn't a man of words but he remains there as Jarot is a superior officer and he doesn't want to piss off command to much since he is focused on killing cylons, so much so in fact that the piece of paper drops and as it rolls out it is the head and torso of a centurion. He looks down at the paper, "Son of a bitch." He says darkly and with a hint of anger as he scoops to pick up the paper so he can roll it back up.

Ooooh. Understanding dawns in Epi's eyes and she brightens, considerably, bouncing on the balls of her feet again. "First rule of the Marines, Private - you never call another enlisted 'sir,' even if they're higher ranked. Not unless they give you an order. And you don't salute, either. Officers, yes. Other enlisted, no." Pause. Blink. "You're a son of a bitch? Private, second rule of Marines, don't -ever- let the others hear you talk of your mother that way," she scolds. "Too many people have lost too much. Now get your ass in there on the range and I'll supervise. You're good with rubber?"

Dall looks at Epi and his face is expressionless as he listens to the woman speak but when she is done he says, "Thanks for the lesson. I'm new at all of this." He begins moving towards the security hub so he can get to the range as he says, "I am not a son of a bitch. I meant my target hit the ground. I use that expression a lot." For all intensive purposes he sounds like some one from Scorpia and yet his demeanor is that of someone from Areleon. "Rubber is fine for practice but metal is good for the real thing since I want to be a sniper someday." As he is moving he says, "You got a name, Corporal?" Well, someone isn't mincing his words.

She falls into step behind him, bouncing up a little to look over his shoulder. "The latch sticks," she advises quietly. "Corporal Epiphany Jarot, EOD expert, CEC Kharon. I'm also the S2's coffeebitch when she needs one and someone else hasn't pissed her off completely." Well, apparently he's moving too slow for her, because she bounds around him and slaps the side of the hatch until it pops open. "You want to be a sniper when you grow up? How are you at shooting?"
Dell enters the small arms range and after he signs off for his pistol he looks over his shoulder at Epi, "I used to take the heads off turkeys from a distance most soldiers can't hit shit at." His tones aren't full of pride but he sounds confident enough as he checks his magazine and loads it. For a new marine he is no stranger to a gun, "Point is, I used to be a farmer and a hunter. So, I can't farm, now I hunt, and my target is the toasters." He places the pistol down as his safety is firmly on and he calls his target forward so he can replace it with his custom made target. "So, you blow shit up, huh? What is the biggest thing you have ever destroyed?"

Epi considers him for a moment, watching him, then orders quietly, "Put the gun down and don't touch it." Gone is the bouncy girl from earlier, replaced by a soldier. "First thing you do before you even THINK about touching your weapon is get the proper gear." Over she goes to get it, bringing it back to him and dropping it on the shelf. "Proper gear is to be worn at ALL times. Period, end of statement." She's got a set for herself. "Gear on. Change your target if you're going to change it. Check your weapon only AFTER you do that. Check, load, safety." Using her own pistol, she demonstrates, hands moving quickly and lovingly over the tool. "Took down a missile silo once."

Dell watches Epi as she moves now and he listens to the order but he doesn't look happy about it as his eyes flicker for a moment as if to say 'what the frak do you know about guns' but he remains silent as he hears to Epi's orders however hearing does not equal listening and Dell is full of stubborn energy. He does however put on the gear offered to him and he has already changed his target as a paper cylon now stands at a distance waiting to be shot at. He picks up the pistol drops the clip which he catches and checks, full cilp of rubber bullets, he then loads the clip and double checks that the safety is engaged. He then puts the pistol down and looks over at Epi as the weapon is clearly ready to go and so is Dell. "Silo, huh, musta been a big boom." He says as he waits for permission to shoot.

She watches him with an intensity that one might not expect. "Good," she tells him, favoring the man with a bright smile. "Well done. Make sure to call 'Lane' when you're ready to shoot, and then 'Lane Clear' when you're finished. That lets everyone around you know that you're finished." Her nod is enough to tell him to shoot. "Actually, no. Exploding something loudly? Any moron can do that. It takes art to simply make the building fall in on itself."

Dell hardly hesitates as he calls, "LANE" The pistol is picked up and the safety is taken off faster than your average private could pull off. He begins to breath and his breaths coincide with the three shots that he makes which are in rapid succession. A breath in and then a breath out and a shot hits the head of the paper centurion target. Another breath in and another breath out but this time the bullet misses the head by a long shot which makes Dell's face twist in anger as he takes a breath in and out and a third shot is fired this one hitting the head again. Dell then calls out, "LANE CLEAR!" The safety on his pistol is quickly engaged and the pistol is placed respectfully on the firing range table as he turns to look at Epi and he remains wordless as he waits to see what she will say.

While he's shooting, Epi watches his form with one eye and prepares her weapon with the other. Fingers work quickly - she's no strange to this. Once his gun is down, she calls Lane and takes her shots, three right in a row without hesitation. "Lane clear," she calls, gun going down. Her attention goes from one paper to the other before she looks up at the man next to her, brow quirked. "What do you see," she asks him, voice quiet.

"You got three solid hits." Dell grunts as he looks at Epi's target and his face is slightly tense not because Epi managed to make every bullet hit but because he missed and he then adds, "And I got two kill shots and one miss. That miss could have cost fellow marines their lives." He looks back at Epi's target, "So, I need to practice more, but I can make a sniper. I'm know I can. I'm not just a dumb farmboy." He then looks at the miss on his target and he looks at the pistol as if he were calculating why that shot missed.

"Never said you were a dumb farm boy," Epi says, nodding back to the targets. "And if someone did, they're an idiot and not worth your time. You're right, three hits for me, two kills and a miss for you. The kills are good, but consistency is the key. Those kills? They tell me you're good. The miss tells me you got nervous for some reason. Now do it again." Yep, she's ordering him around. Like a kitten ordering a St. Bernard.

Dell might have listened to Epi but he did hear her and he doesn't say a word as he raises his pistol again, "LANE!" he barks and three shots fired each shot comes quickly but it is followed by a breath coming out. Maybe he was trying to impress Epi the first time through but this time the first bullet sings through the air and hits the paper cylon target in the head again. The second shot flies and as it screams through the air it hits the cylon in the chest, hardly a kill but a solid hit none the less. Dell raises his pistol again and as the trigger is pulled the bullet effortlessly flies through the air to hit the target in the head. "LANE CLEAR!" Dell barks again and he looks at Epi with as kind a look as he can which means he doesn't look angry, for once.

Epi's got a smile from ear to ear on her face as she looks down the lane at Dell's target. It's something that might even be considered pride. "There you go. You've got it! I figured that miss was a dud. Good shooting, Private. Keep that up and we'll have you taking out toasters in no time at all." There's warmth in her voice. She doesn't pick up her own gun, but watches Dell, watches his reactions. "How did that feel?" Oh, God. She used the 'f' word.

Dell face doesn't change but his tone does, "It felt like I was shooting paper, I'd rather see every single one of those sons of bitches dead. So practice on a live target would be better." He looks back at the target and after giving it a second glance he turns and looks at Epi, "Still though how do you get to Caprica Hall, practice, practice, practice." He then looks back at Epi and he says, "So, it isn't about making the biggest explosion possible? How did you bring it down?" Funny thing that someone who wants to be a sniper and is all about precision can't understand the importance of the right explosive in the right place.

There's at least one person not quite as pleased as punch to be down here this evening. But even Raptor pilots have to put in their hours on the range. Just… a very, very small number of hours. And since Kissy's run out of ways to procrastinate, the great hunt for the fiendish thingie called for the evening, he's down here bundling up in protetive gear only too gladly. He'll probably take a vest if they've got one for him. JUST in case he manages to shoot himself. Finally he grudgingly accepts the weapon they've got set up for him with the practice rounds, and, holding it as if it were poisonous, he looks across and makes sure the way is clear before he heads toward a lane to get this nightmare over with. Err. Get better at shooting guns.

Epi glances over as she spots Matto and her face lights up in another smile. Dell, however, gets the most of her attention. "You have to be careful with the revenge," she counsels the larger man quietly. "It can blind you to everything else. You just have to do your job. Not let emotion get in the way." Then her lips quirk upward. "A little G-4 on the supports for the building works just as well. Weaken those and the whole thing comes down." Then she looks back to Matto, sliding off her lane to clear the way for the Raptor. "It's Lieutenant Owes Me," she announces brightly.

Dell's face remains stoic as she talks about revenge and emotion and whatever is going on in his brain is impossible to read as he takes a breath before saying, "I'll take that into consideration." And as she talks about blowing up the silo he paraphrases as he repeats, "A little G-4 and everything falls down." He then nods his head to Epi and then an officer enters into the room and he looks up and he throws a salute as he goes rigid, "Sir." Though after he notices that Epi hasn't gone rigid he drops the salute and mutters, "Son of a bitch."

Matto doesn't give any indication that he'd like to be saluted or attentionified or anything of the sort. He does spot the midget, though, and as she says something to him he tilts his head to the side. "WHAT?" he asks her. Yeah, he may have put in both the earplugs AND the noise reducing earphones over top of them.

Epi wheels on Dell as he spouts his usual phrase and she gives him a fierce look, brows pulled together. It looks almost like she's about to chastise him - but she doesn't. Not in front of a pilot. Then she turns back to Kissy and enunciates clearly and loudly. "Lieutenant Owes Me," she shouts. "Lieutenant Morales said you didn't go down south. But I don't WANT you going south. That's not what you were supposed to kiss for the poll ANYWAY. Barghest had to explain what she meant. I know you don't like tacos. But this is for pilot glory!"

As Epi looks at Dell he doesn't show the least bit of fear since he is a stubborn sort and as he looks at Matto to try to match a name to a face his eyes fall back on Epi as she speaks. His face remains slightly angry but he is always slightly angry however that anger disappears for a fraction of a second and a slightly confused look crosses his face as eyes flick back to Epi and as soon as the confusion enters his face it leaves and the slightly angry look returns since Dell doesn't care enough to ask.

Matto stands in his lane looking sort of lost as the midget marine shouts all about his personal preferences in the heart of marine territory. But for all of that, now she's got him thinking about tacos. Man, a taco would be kind of awesome right now. A real taco, not a metaphorical one. "OH," he tells her, "WHO'S WINNING?" he asks. Then, "ONE SECOND I HAVE TO PUT THESE BULLETS AWAY SOMEWHERE OR THEY WON'T LET ME LEAVE." He might even have tossed her a wink behind those safety goggles.

Epi heaves a sigh and shakes her head, giving poor Matto a laughingly baleful look. Then she turns her attention to Dell. Poor Dell. For a moment, the woman just watches him. Then she takes the steps necessary to bring her toe to toe with the man. "Private," she says quietly, low enough that Matto can't hear. "You either get that godsdamned chip off your shoulder or I'm going to blow it off, and I don't mean in a way you'd like. I understand pissed off. I understand mad. I understand revenge. Those bastards took everything from me. But you're not the only one who's lost shit. So you'd better knock that bullshit off by the next time I see you, or I will make your life a living godsdamned hell, until you're begging to go live with the toasters. Do you understand me?" She's either manic depressive or raised a Marine. Those mood swings belong on the PMS playground.

Dell looks over at Matto first and then he looks back at Epi and he says with a bit of surly and stubborn, "Yes, sir." He then looks at Epi, "I'll work on my anger but you didn't see how bad it was planetside." This is said in honest tones since Dell knows people don't like the angry marine too much but then again he might not care much. He then asks, "Corporal, what contest is this?" He then looks back at Matto and his voice dips, "Why don't you like tacos, sir?"

Matto can't hear a damned thing, and is busy making sure nobody's crept past him and into his lane— something that, while actually more or less impossible, he still seems worried about, from the way he peers about. Safety first. And second. And third. And fourth. And fifth. Guns come last at the end of a very long list along these lines. But eventually he stops stalling and actually lifts the gun into position, half-wincing away as he actually takes off the safety, as if afraid someone's going to jump in front of his gun at the last minute. But nobody does, and so he fires the thing in the general direction of the target as many times as he can in a row without losing his nerve.

Epi leans toward Dell slightly. "I was there," she tells him quietly. "Don't you ever assume about anyone on this frakking ship. We Marines? We were down there and we lost a lot of good men down there." But then the anger fades away as quickly as it came and she grins over at Matto as he prepares. "He doesn't like the pink tacos, Private. Everything but the pink ones. And I started a poll months ago, after my asshole ex dumped me to chase pilot ass, to see which department's men kiss the be…SHIT!" As Matto's rubber bullets starts bouncing off walls rather than paper, she throws herself against Dell, clearly attempting to knock him down and out of the way.

Dell falls down as he is caught by suprise and as a rubber bullet ricochets past Epi and Dell as they fall and Dell. Dell lies there with Epi for a moment as he says, "I thought officers could shoot." He then checks Epi, "You alright Corporal and thanks for saving my ass back there." He continues to rest on the floor for the moment as he gathers his senses. His eyes fall on Matto and a slightly amused twinkle hits his eye though his face doesn't follow as it stays expressionless. "You're ex sounds like a dick, Corporal." Well, Dell it would seem doesn't mince his words.

Matto lowers the weapon and with a shaky thumb puts the safety back on, pausing to lean against the partition of the lane and just gather himself for a moment. Or at least get his hands to stop shaking. He really needs to get this gun allergy diagnosed in sickbay so that he can get out of this ridiculous target prac— tice—— his eyes narrow a little bit as he squints down the lane. What's that there, on the target? A hole? Did he actually -hit- it? He stands there, flabbergasted by the outcome. He usually hits a fat lot of nothing much. Still, it doesn't do much to cheer him, and the only thought that rouses him from his distress is the fact that in five more bullets he'll be free to go. So he makes sure, once again, that nobody's randomly decided to hang out in his lane, checking far longer than anyone should need to before he lifts the gun and 'aims,' if you could call it aiming. Then the safety's off and he's firing again. Everyone duck.

Epi sure as shit has her head down and her body over Dell's protectively. Seems as though someone grew up with the Marine instinct to protect and serve. No, Matto, not service. Shush. She grumbles quietly as the firing stops and is about to let Matto have it when he starts shooting again. "Athena's shaved tits," she mutters, ducking down. "Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to give pilots a gun? And he was. The pilot in question was classy enough to tell him to shove off."

Dell for his part doesn't mind being covered by a lady since he is in no rush to get up as he looks over at Matto, "Sir, put the gun down since you clearly don't know how to shoot." Dell can't tell a lie and this is said in matter of fact honest tones. He then tilts his head up to look at Epi as to check on her since boot camp apparently made some sort of an impression on the marine and checking on your superior officers is one of those things.

Well, that's that. Kisseus puts the safety back on before he ever moves the… gunhole? away from the target. He goes back to handling the thing as if it were about to come alive and bite him, despite the safety being on, despite it having no further ammunition inside, and despite the fact that he's holding it at the appropriate angle for safe transport away from the lane. At least he's got the whole safety measures thing down. Almost obsessively down, which… is a blessing, considering his skill with the damned thing. He checks the passage carefully before proceeding back to the desk, looking as though he'd much rather be handling the item with a pair of tongs. He gets it back to the people who gave it to him, who put it safely out of sight before Kisseus will relax enough to get out of the gear he was given in the safety area by the hatch.

Epi waits until Kissy has turned away from the lane and turned the gun in before she gets up, slowly. "I'll take care of this," she tells Dell quietly, brows pulled together. "Lieutenant," she calls, trying to get the pilot's attention. "Lieutenant, when was the last time you shot?" Her voice is loud enough that he -will- hear her. Girl could make a drill sergeant wince with that voice. Hell, they probably heard her over on Hestia.

Dell sits up as Epi pulls off of him and he looks at the Lieutenant again with an amused twinkle and a passive face as he slowly stands and dusts himself off. He rolls a shoulder as he lets the corporal take the lead and there is no pop as all. As he rolls his other shoulder there is a slight pop. He then leans back slightly while standing as his lower back resets itself. He nods to Epi and as she speaks he says to no one, "Frakking drill seargents."

Matto hasn't even got his earthings in, at this point, so the hollering takes him rather by surprise, back in the safe zone where he's getting the goggles off of his head. He wrinkles his nose at the question, his distaste for the sport obvious enough. "Em… couple of weeks ago," he answers her, honestly enough.

Hands plant on the woman's hips as she looks up at Matto. "When was the last time you shot well enough to HIT something," she amends, though it's a rhetorical question, apparently. "You have two choices, Lieutenant. I can either report to my CO that you tried to kill us tonight, or you can meet me down here once a week for shooting lessons. I'm working with some of the boots, unofficially, and I can work with you just as easy."

Dell's eyes flit over to Epi and they remain there not even looking at Matto as he asks, "Are you always this nice?" Since he is stretching his left arm goes out as far as Dell can make it go and then his right arm goes out as far as he can make it go. He puts his hands together and he puts his arms up above his head as far as he can go and after hitting a certain point his hands break apart and his hands fall to his sides.

Matto sulks. Yeah, that's a full-on sulk. "Oh, be a little fair with me, midget," he begs of her. "I hit the target just now. More than once, even." This seems to be an accomplishment of sorts in his book.

"Which isn't going to save your life the next time we're boarded," she tells Matto quietly, shaking her head. "You hit the target, but badly. You're supposed to hit it every time, with discipline. Not less than half the time with the rest of your shots going wider than a pilot's legs." A sigh follows that and she shakes her head. "You can do better than that, Lieutenant. Much better." Then she glances at Dell. "What was that? Did you just say you enjoyed running laps and cleaning all the boot weapons?"

Dell looks over at Matto and he says, "Dude, doesn't completely suck. I saw him take down a toaster back on Solon II." Dell looks over at Matto with appreciative eyes but his face remains flat since he never smiles these days, "I mean, the Lieutenant did well planetside." He corrects himself and he looks over at Epi as she speaks and he says gruffly, "Sir, no, sir. If I'm not out there killing toasters I am not enjoying life in general." His eyes fall on Epi, "You are nice one minute and threatening the next. Nice."

"Well, no," Kissy admits, "But… by the time there are enough toasters on board to get through you lot, I seriously doubt a courageous last stand by a passel of Ghostriders is going to make a difference one way or the other," he points out. Which is true enough, if a little morbid. Dell's unexpected commendation makes both his brows rise abruptly, and his cheeks flush a subtle rosy color, "Ah— there were a lot of people shooting. I'm sure that toaster took a lot of hits," he defers a little bit, regarding the midget again, as though sizing her up, "I guess I could use a hand getting back some form for the annual. If I survive the next three months I need to qualify for all this shit again," he explains. "I could do every two weeks," he finally makes her an offer. 'Cause… that's how often he has to drag his sorry ass down here anyhow.

Epi simply swoops a brow upward at Kissy, waiting and watching. Two weeks? He said two weeks? She KNOWS she didn't hear him say two weeks when one week was the deal. "Private," she says quietly. "You've not been around career and lifelong Marines long, have you?" There's a hint of amusement in her voice. "My attitude is the reason I'm still alive."

Dell looks over at Kissy, "Two weeks?" The amused look in his eyes continues as his mouth moves into a half frown as he has forgotten where he is and he suddenly remembers as he says, "Dude, sir." Well, that covered the formal and informal speech requirements. Triptolemus looks back at Epi and he shakes his head, "I was a farmer before all this happened." His eyes move over to Matto's target and he looks at all of the shots that hit and then how many never even touched the target. Eyes then flick to Epi's target and over to his own and he nods his head in approvement of the marines in the room.

Oh, she's going to play it that way, is she? Kissy narrows one eye a little, turning his head slightly to the side as he keeps eye contact. "Every two weeks… and I'll stand and deliver for Black Squadron in your amatory contest." Despite his name, Kissy doesn't give out kisses cheap. Not THOSE sorts of kisses, anyhow. But his hatred for all things gun-related is strong.

Epi's quiet for a moment as she looks between the two men. "With all due respect, Lieutenant," she says quietly. "As much as I want to take you up on that offer, I believe in you practicing the skill that could save your life more than getting a kiss for science. You have three months until you have to test out, yes? We'll agree to every two weeks for a month. And if you haven't improved, we go to once a week until you -do-." She drives a hard bargain. "And I get the experiment."

"Sir, I'd take her up on the offer since our job is killing toasters and we might be some place where you can coun on Marines to save your ass." He looks over at Epi as she looks back at him and he doesn't flinch in anyway. Instead, he watches the goings on between Lieutenant and Corporal since Privates don't think.

"Well, who knows? Maybe the Cylons just didn't get enough love in their childhoods," Kissy cocks a cheeky grin, then, shaking his head, "Fine," he sticks out a hand to seal the deal with a shake.

Epi grins, suddenly, then takes Matto's hand and nods. "It's a deal," she says quietly. "And the rookie here can help." Dell gets a sweet, brilliant smile.

Dell looks over at Epi for a moment and when the commanding officer is done speaking he nods his head and he turns to look over ar Matto, "I'll help you learn, sir." He then stands and moves to his gun that has been resting on the table of his section of the firing range and he shouts out, "LANE!" And as soon as the safety is flicked off four shots are fired in quick succession and all of them hit the body of his target peppering a picture of a cylon with bullet holes along the torso and others have hit the head. Out of a clip the entire clip only one shot missed. "LANE CLEAR!" He announces as he looks back over at the pair, "The first trick, sir, is in not being afraid of the gun but respecting it."

Matto turns his attention to the Rookie, flinching at the noise, even from back here in the safe zone. His brows draw a little. "We're going to have to skip straight to the second trick," he lets him know. "Fear is about the best I can do. I don't believe in guns. I don't approve of their use and generally believe that the world would have been much better off if they'd never been invented. Respect is… more or less out of the question. Sorry," he adds.

Dell looks at Matto and he grunts, "With all due respect, sir, a toaster isn't real, it isn't alive and it is waiting to be put out of its misery. A gun is the best tool for putting those sons of bitches down and making sure that they don't get back up. If these is some sort of moral high ground bullshit then don't worry since you can kill as many of them as you want and you can still sleep at night." His words aren't exactly furative nor directed at Matto in general, but the undertones are still there. He looks over at Epi next and as she speaks he doesn't add anything else he just stands there since he is out ranked by everyone in the room.

"I understand that they are useful. I also understand that what is expedient and what is good are not always the same thing," Kisseus leaves it at that, for now, looking back to the littlest Marine. "Um, how's tomorrow for you?" he asks her.

Epi dips her head, once. "Tomorrow it is, then," she tells Matto with a smile. Oh, that poor man. That poor, poooooooor man. "Private, please to not be torturing the pilot. He's a pilot for a reason. He can make a Raptor sing. All we need to do is get him comfortable enough with the gun to be able to hit the target for his quals. I'd like more, but more isn't needed. The object isn't to change him, but to work to his strengths." With a decisive nod, she turns away. "Private, you get weapon duty tonight. I'll take it next time."

Dell looks at Epi and he follows her lead since he isn't a career soldier and she is and he is smart enough to follow with a lead and so he looks over at Matto and he nods his head slowly as he looks back to Epi and he says, "Sir, yes, sir." His tones are gruff here but not at all angry that is just Dell's way. His eyes study Epi since he has a bout a thousand and one questions but he will save those questions for later when brass isn't in the room.

Matto gives Epi a short nod and a glance back to Dell, giving him a quiet smile before he turns and heads out. Escape! He may have to come back tomorrow, but he won't have to come back next week, at least.

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