PHD 273: Gut Shots
PHD 273: Gut Shots
Summary: While Dutch fights with Eddie who is post surgery after a wounded abdomen, Roubani and Matto come to deliver one more blow. Harrison becomes an innocent bystander.
Date: PHD 273 (1/16/2010)
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Post-Op Recovery Ward - Deck 12

Drugs don't come cheap, and as such they're not going to keep Eddie knocked out for longer then absolutely necessary to keep her from fighting off doctors. The first indication she might be coming around is a flutter of her eyes behind their lids, a twitch at first that becomes more frantic as she tries to gain hold of her consciousness. There's a sound in her throat, and then a hand raises groggily to try and pull the hose out of her nose.

And there Eddie, would feel the vice like grip of a former marine moving to her hand. Sure the grip's hard, but he is gently moving to lower it back down on her side, away from her stomach. "Don't move." comes the words from the person in blue scrubs leaning over her. "And don't sit up quick." His other hand moving to reach for a pen. "Can you follow my pen? Squeeze my arm, unless you wanna talk.." Lucky or unlucky for Eddie Morales, she's stuck with Ensign Elder as her attending physician/medic at the moment.

Eddie doesn't open her eyes long enough to follow the pen, much less to focus on Dutch. His advice goes in one ear and out the other, and she's trying to grab at the tubes with her 'other' hand now that he's occupied with one and a pen. "Mmall better. You stitched me up 'n I gotta get back out there." She says groggily, trying to fight though the haze that still clings to her mind and weighs her limbs down like lead.

"You had a round from a frakking raider in your gut, with some shrapnel. It wasn't pretty." Dutch offers before he's looking back to her. "Eyes open, just a little. Come on and work with me here Lieutenant." Silence for a bit as he is then going to gently push her back when she is stirring or so it appears. "You're not going anywhere."

Roubani arrives from the Sickbay - Deck 12.
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Matto arrives from the Sickbay - Deck 12.
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Eddie reaches for Dutch's hand, though there's no strength behind her grip. In her mind, she's Superwoman, and he's wrenched to the floor and tossed aside like a rag doll. In actuality, she makes a little grunt of effort, and she's already breathing heavily from the effort. "I hafta.." She intones, her voice still laden with the lingering effects of some powerful drugs. "They're out there. I need to be. My wingman's flyin' solo." She tries to open her eyes as bid, but only blinks them open and back closed a few times.

Roubani hasn't even showered, coming down to Sickbay straight from the hangar. Flightsuited, hand wrapped up tight, he has Matto trailing along through the doors. A pause by the duty nurse to ask about Eddie, then it's in they go.

"No he's not." Dutch says a little firmer there before he's moving to push her back to keep her from moving. Given that her hand is barely holding onto him. "Your wingman is most likely back. We're down to Condition Two." Not one, but shit is definitely still in the frakking air. Silent for a moment, as he turns to check her IV, a bit of a securing of the tube for a second. "Don't jerk around.. Just lie there. You're doing great at that right now. So don't end your track record." He says softly.

Matto does follow along, looking a little bit lost. Not spatially, though he's decidedly tailing Nadiv, just… pensive, eyes a little vacant. He comes to life again somewhat when he spots Eddie in struggles with Dutch over Nadiv's shoulder, the sight taking him aback just slightly. "Hey, Moonshine," he calls gently.

Mooner exhales through her nose, her nostrils flaring around the oxygen line that's shoved up there. "I can't sit here…and do. Nothing!" She growls the last word, making a last ditch effort for dislodging herself from the iron maiden known as Dutch Elder who's keeping her down for the count with due reason. Her hand wraps around the IV tube trailing up to the stand, yanking on it in her flailing to send the apparatus pitching over. In her little fit of barely conscious, she misses the greeting from Matto.

Flailing in Sickbay beds. Roubani remembers those days. His expression, which had from hangar bay to here been mostly devoid of anything readable, lightens just a hint at the sight of Eddie thrashing about. He clears his throat softly as they get near her bed. "Her wingman is decidedly back," his soft-spoken voice announces, quiet but clear. "Eddie, my dearest, are you giving the doctors lip?"

"You're not." And there, there's some of that bark that Elder's known for, as the temper flares and he moves to pin the woman back with his hand, chart dropped to as to catch the apparatus and steady it before it goes anywhere-A grit of his teeth, before he's looking back to her. After the IV is righted and set back he's moving to further move her other hand away from the IV "You have a hole in your gut, so I think you're stuck where you are."

Harrison arrives from the Sickbay - Deck 12.
Harrison has arrived.

Matto gerks and slides past N to try and grab for the IV stand, himself, looking a little awkward as Dutch gets there ahead of him, offering the guy a little half-smile by way of apology as he takes up a post nearby to make sure it doesn't get upset again, hand near the pole. He wants to say something reassuring to Moonshine, but can't, for the life of him, think of anything. 'Everyone's home and fine' is off the list, after all.

Eddie is pinned to the mattress by Dutch's hand, her breath now shallow little gasps from the struggle. Her eyes are only partially open, still holding that glaze from a combination of pain killers and anesthesia. The marine turned sickbay bunny gets a growl for his efforts, but Eddie doesn't have much fight left in her. Her energy is sapped, and when she recognizes Roubani's voice, she goes limp back against the thin mattress and crappy pillow. "Rubix. Rubix, you're okay?" She finally croaks.

Roubani gives Dutch a look of mild apology, as though he could do so for Eddie by proxy. Matto gets a grateful glance for taking care of the IV pole, then he sets his knuckles against Eddie's bed rail, making a soft rapping sound. Twice. "I'm fine. I'm perfectly fine." Which he can't say for everyone in the squad, that particular cloud weighing down his words. "Just relax. I need my wingman back, and that's not going to happen if you don't let yourself heal."

There's a bit of silence from the Ensign as he looks back towards Matto and Roubani, before he's moving back, to give them room. Something that, thankfully the medic is okay with doing. Though eyes are still on Eddie where she lays. He's not about to just leave her here to finish recovery just yet. "Just do as your friends, say Lieutenant. I don't want to have to re do anything so frakking soon of getting it all closed up."

[Intercom] Roland says, "Now hear this! Captain Marek and Lieutenant Tombs to the Ward Room. Captain Marek and Lieutenant Tombs to the Ward Room."

Harrison enters from sickbay proper, freshly washed and back in his duty uniform after the night's events. He makes his way slowly through the recovery ward, pausing near the group around Mooner's bed. Once there, he stands silent, just looking at Poet and Madman as if he's asking how she's doing.

Matto's smile grows a degree or two as the situation seems to become defused, returning Nadiv's grateful one and stepping a little closer, around between the head of the bed and the pole of the IV without tugging on any of the cords, hand moving to a top rail. Field Trip gets his attention, and he nods. She seems fiesty, at least.

That double knock seals the deal on Eddie calming down, and for a moment her eyes slide back shut as if she's drifted back off. Long breaths before Eddie's fluttering them back open, trying to focus on Dutch again. "You swear a lot for a doctor." She says, her throat still lined with gravel before her eyes swivel to take in her visitors, a little tick in her eyebrow as she's surprised to see Harrison here. "Am I laid up here by myself? Shit for luck. So why all the frakking solemn faces? I'm not dead. We should be celebrating. Light me up a smoke."

"He always has," Roubani says of Dutch, lips twitching a little. He exhales softly through his nose. "You're here by yourself, I'm afraid. We…" Silence. He glances at Matto, then back to Eddie. Wow, not enjoying having to do this. "You should know, Eddie…they couldn't find Hale on their SAR."

"Part of the frakking perks." Elder states, no his bedside manner's not the best. However, when asking about the long faces, Dutch is looking back over to the others. He's not saying anything else. Instead. He's gingerly moving to snag up the charts he dropped, before, pulling himself back up. As the news comes across, this is a time in which he coughs and steps back. Yeah he can't do much for that sort of hurt.

Harrison leans over slightly so he can pat Eddie's pillow. "I just thought I'd check on you, but you seem to be in the best hands," he offers quietly before he straightens back up. "Gentlemen." Just like that, he turns on a heel and heads for the doors. He's an odd duck at times.

Matto looks down to the corner of Eddie's pillow, then to Nadiv's face, as if sensing the glance to return it, and he gives him a look of silent support as he delivers the report, finally returning his attention to Moonshine.

Eddie opens her mouth as if to deny what Roubani just said, but more importantly what he implicated. Hale. MIA. More likely KIA. Words don't form though, thoughts can't be expressed. Her jaw just works as if she's trying to say something, anything. And as Harrison pats her pillow, she barely turns her head. Her nostrils flare, picking up a faint smell of cologne Harrison left on the fabric and she's looking back to Roubani. Her eyes well with tears, and instead of letting them fall, she replaces them with anger. "Get. Out." Her teeth grit, "GETOUT!" She screeches, her voice cracking from the dryness of her throat. Mooner lifts her head if only to wrench out the pillow, sending it sailing towards the trio of visitors and Dutch. "Out out, get out…" She tries to cling to that anger, but it's quickly starting to shatter.

Roubani doesn't say anything more, nor does he look at anyone besides Eddie right now. His body's tense, keeping his shoulders straight by force of will at this point, and he doesn't move for a few seconds when the pillow sails at him. His eyes turn down and he leans down to pick up the thing from the floor. Instead of following her angry orders, he sits down slowly in the chair nearby.

Dutch looks as the pillow goes scraping by, however he isn't staying around. He does need to see to other things. Besides his own brand of snark and such would not be welcome here. And so he is moving to snag up the pillow. limping, greatly, before he's passing it back to one of the pilots. And with that Elder hobbles out.

Harrison sighs as he troops on out. Places to go, people to see.

Harrison heads through the exit labeled <O> Out.
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Matto draws back toward the bulkhead as Moonshine lets the pillow fly, lurking there behind her, directly on the opposite end of her line of sight. As Nadiv stands his ground, though, he looks over the corner of the bed and toward him as he sits, brows quirking in a silent question, unsure whether he should stay or go.

There's a dry sob, deep in her chest, Eddie's body convulsing with the power of it. One arm wraps over her wounded midsection, pressing the packing tight to the stitches as if it my burst and her other arm slinging over her eyes. She curls into a slight comma shape on her side, as much as the tubes and monitors allow her. Mooner won't weep, she just won't let herself, but she most certainly is grieving.

Roubani looks up at Matto, knowing the look on the man's face before he even turns his eyes that way. He has no answer though, leaving it to the other man to decide. His hands rest atop the pillow, feet flat on the floor. "It's just us," he murmurs to Eddie, once the space has cleared. "Just us."

The sob from Eddie draws a lump into Kissy's throat, brows lowering and eyes closing a moment as he leans sideways against the wall, over the rails and settles the backs of his knuckles against the portion of Moonshine's pillow just behind her head, tentatively letting his fingers extend and brush the back of her hair, first just faintly, then more fully, if she seems receptive to the gesture. He might be trying to say something, but that lump's gotten awfully uncomfortable, his own eyes moistening in sympathetic reaction.

There's a long pace where Eddie's just still, her breathing evening out as if she might have passed back out when Matto brushes her hair. Finally her hand thunks a grip on the railing and she drags herself over to the side of the bed with a grunt. "I might be sick.." She huffs, but the nausea doesn't come to fruition. "What happened? Do we know what happened? Why did they change me, why did they move me off his wing, I coulda…" Done something. "Frak." Her palm smacks the metal.

Roubani's eyes have some veiled approval of Matto's choice to stay, though it isn't voiced. He pulls his chair a little closer so he can talk more softly, setting the pillow on top of his shrapnelled hand. "He had the best of the best, Eddie. Marek was on his wing, others were covering. It was a bad hit, and…" He shakes his head, glancing down and then back at her. "Everyone did everything we could." We, yes. He was trying to cover Hale as well.

Matto listens, as well, since he wasn't out for it, but his eyes don't quite return to Nadiv's. In his direction, sure, they lift, but their beams are elsewhere as he eases into his new post draped over the bedframe, caressing the back of Moonshine's hair with his fingertips and only jolting back a little when she raises a hand to smack the metal frame he's leaning on, giving it a firmness she perhaps did not anticipate, his other hand coming to cover the one flung in his direction, holding it gently and offering his own for her to squeeze if she needs to hurt something. "You know our wing, Moonshine. You know if there was anything to be done… it was done. They were there for him. He wasn't alone," he whispers.

Eddie closes her eyes again, fighting off pain and tears and gods know what else is swarming around her brain like a hive of angry bees. She rests her forehead against the curve of metal, breathing deeply as the beep of the heart monitor goes all over the place and cant' seem to find a steady rhythm. "It's not real. It's all going to go away. This is just some deep…morpha induced nightmare." Her fingers tighten around Matto, seeking support, not an outlet for anger. Moisture starts to leak out of the corner of her eyes, but the first person to call them tears might get a black eye for their trouble.

"One day at a time, Eddie. That's all we can do." Roubani says, his voice soft. He lets Matto be the comfort-touch for the time being, but his chair stays right close. He sets the pillow back on the gurney next to her, resting his elbows down on it and leaning forward on them.

Matto slides the dip between his thumb and forefinger into the corresponding spot on Moonshine's hand, forearm shifting just a little bit to provide just that little hint of masculine strength for her. One foot shifts to press booted toes against the floor. "We're here, Moonshine. It's real," the affirmation isn't pushily delivered, more coaxing than anything, "Let it happen to you. It hurts… but that's why we're here, to help you through it."

Eddie inhales deeply through the nose again, taking a toke off her fresh oxygen line. She tries to straighten back out, but there's a glaring reminder that she was in that dogfight too, and her stomach resists. "Someone has to tell his wife. You can't let her get a gods damned wireless call."

"I don't know if we can," Roubani replies, not liking having to say that either. Sen's still his ex-boss, even with as long as it's been since he's seen her. "She's still over on the Kharon, and we're on alert. I have faith command isn't going to be so cruel as to just…call her."

"They'll send someone," Kisseus agrees with Nadiv's assessment, "I think… that's typically Captain Marek's job, isn't it?" he goes on, brows still furrowed. He looks up to Nadiv, "But I'm sure if you talk to him… I mean… if you felt like…" he knows Nadiv worked with her, after all, but he's not all too clear as to whether that translated to much of a personal relationship.

Eddie cranes her head to look up at her IV bag. "I think I need more pain medicine for this…" She slumps again, suddenly looking tired and ages beyond her twenty something years. Mooner just accepts what they tell her about Sen, having no power and no position to do anything about it. Her weary eyes settle back on Roubani, only just now realizing his hand is bundled up. "Your…your hand. What happened? Have you had it looked at?" Now /that/ she can control. Or at least pretend to.

"I could ask," Roubani murmurs. "I will." Doubtful that it would go through, but he seems to take the voiced concerns to heart. He glances at his wrapped hand. "Oh, this is alright. A souvenir piece of the cockpit, nothing more." To look at his Viper right now, one would really get a sense of the utter miracle that he's not dead too.

"He's been seen to," Kisseus assures Moonshine, having dutifully made certain of it, himself. "Light duty. Not even an overnight," he notes, some sense of wonder, indeed, to the statement, considering that he basically watched the machine crumble around the pilot on its way into the bay. "But I'm sure if we're quiet we can stay the night, anyhow," he adds in a whisper.

Eddie glances back and forth between Matto and Roubani, two men that have seen her at her best and worse and everywhere in between. Matto says Roubani's been seen too, so she won't reproach him, instead, her eyes slip back shut. "I would marry you both, if it were legal. But somehow, I think command would frown…and I'd never get laid again…" Eddie says quietly, obviously not really needing any more of that pain medication. "And then we'd always be sandwiching Kiss, would would get awkward…" She mumbles, giving over to the urge to slip off to sleep, her body having had enough for one day. "I want to be the little spoon sometimes." A pause. "I can't believe he's gone." And then her breathing evens out, content to know she has those she loves watching over her.

"Light duty, my foot." Roubani mutters. His lips twitch tiredly at Eddie's humour, and though it fades at the end there's a little bit left. On day at a time, indeed. He moves the hand lying on his pillow, taking Eddie's fingers and giving them a gentle squeeze as she starts to drift off. Actions louder than words, and all that.

Matto has seen stranger weddings than that in the heart of liberal-minded Leontinia, himself, but now's not the time for pointing out things like that and frightening Nadiv, even at the hope of getting a smile from Moonshine. It's not a smiling sort of time. Which is a lot for the constantly jovial Raptorbunny to admit. Still, brows rise, and, "Light duty," he repeats in Nadiv's direction, not about to let him buck Doctors' orders. He swallows at Eddie's last sentiment, but just keeps stroking her hair, then down to the back of her neck, fingertips trailing softly there. "It's good— you'll be able to spend more time here with Moonshine until the medicoes give you the green light," he points out in a whisper, trying not to rouse the girl from her impending slumber.

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