Hadjara Sharifa
Michelle Rodriquez
Michelle Rodriquez as Hadjara Sharifa
Name: Hadjara Sharifa
Alias: Jara
Age: 20
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair and eyes
Faction: Navy; Tactical
Position: ECM; Ensign
Colony: Aquaria
Play Times: (NPC)
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Hadjara Sharifa was born on Aquaria, the second child and only daughter born to Yoseff, an algae farmer, and his wife Joanna, a stay-at-home mother. They lived a life that was pretty much hand-to-mouth, the family's financial status placed at lower-middle class if they were lucky. Even then, they were rich in love, to quote the old cliche, each child doted upon and their parents obviously as into each other as the day they fell in love.

Despite the lack of money, the family flourished with each child excelling in their own way. Unlike her brothers who were academic 'wonders', Hadjara struggled in almost everything school-related, only really doing well in speech and debate which she competed in, placing in several of the tournaments she participated in. Her true forte however was boxing, a talent her parents encouraged and supported monetarily, putting a lot of what expendable cash they had into what was promising to be a career for their girl. They even sent her to Caprica to participate in the inter-colonial Youth Sports Festival where she claimed a silver medal, this at the age of sixteen. She also participated in numerous tournaments, often times finishing above people at least several years older than her. It was anticipated that she'd fight in the women's professional circuit but an unfortunate accident occurred just after her eighteenth birthday; standing on a balcony, she leaned against a rotted railing which gave away, causing her to fall and break her hand in multiple places. There were rumors of the accident being anything but as Jara had commented about how she had considered quitting, causing speculation as to if she did it on purpose to force a 'retirement' or not to fly, but it was never proven and the subject was eventually allowed to drop. Where it was not a career-ender the injury would have required at least a year to rehabilitate from, prompting Hadjara to pursue other avenues. As she sought other professions she took up gardening as a hobby, a skill she soon grew quite adept in. Little in the way of options presented themselves to Hadjara; algae farming held no appeal to her, especially when compared to her competitive background, and her lack of academic 'smarts' prodded her in the direction of the military, a decision she'd come to consider a blessing along with a curse.



Military Background

Joining up was the best thing initially despite all the hardships she had to endure, the early mornings and hard workouts nothing unfamiliar to her, a routine she grew used to thanks to her youth. But as everything continued she realized the discipline was going to be difficult to swallow; not used to being torn down on a constant basis, Hadjara found herself sinking slowly into self-doubt and almost asked to be allowed to drop out but her stubborn and competitive natures would not let her, Jara instead enduring the mental punishment. It made the days seem longer but they eventually passed and Basic was over.

Once the initial process was completed the next step was to decide which route to take from there, that being picking what she'd do. At first it seemed like her options were limited due to her lack of academic prowess but those in charge of finding niches for their newly graduated recruits decided that she showed enough proficiency to be assigned as an ECM. Classes in how to use the electric countermeasures equipment were interspersed with being taught some minor computer and repair skills. Officer status reached and ECM training completed, she was sent to the Kharon, arriving just mere days before War Day.

Distinguishing Features


  • Can often times be found rubbing her right hand as if it aches. This is a result of the break which pains her still, usually when she over does it on writing or other similar activities.
  • Despite her love of living clean, Hadjara occasionally breaks training to enjoy a cigarette.
  • Her hand gestures might come across as odd or strange. For example, she sometimes waves in an up-down motion while her fingers are curled in, much like one might while wearing a boxing glove, instead of the more common side-to-side, open-handed manner.
  • Jara speaks in a thick Aquarian accent and periodically slips into the tradition of using 'brother' and 'sister' when addressing others.


  • Boxing - At one time she was a boxer of some renown and might be familiar to those who followed the sport at its amateur level.
  • Gardening - Has a minor interest in horticulture.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Captain Kai Marek. Met him for the first time and all I can say is that I wish we were in any other situation than the one we currently find ourselves in. To say the man is soft on one's eyes is a gross understatement but I don't know how else to put it without sounding gushy and girlish. I can tell that he's going to be the subject of many off-duty daydreams.
Captain Praxis Demitros. I love how he makes my brain function in an entirely different way from what I am used to. I just wish the XO wasn't so frakking busy as I'd love to sit down and talk about some of the things he's gotten me to think of. Hopefully will get that chance someday.
Lieutenant Castor Leda. I think he's a bit full of himself and not in the self-assured way someone who has earned the right to be can be. I'm talking about the kind of cockiness that is born out of the misconception that they're better than they truly are. Is that typical pilot mentality? Gods, I hope not. As much as I hate the thought, I think I'm going to wind up putting him in his place often, even if only in the boxing ring.
Ensign Marissa Delann. Not sure what her story is but I get the feeling she's a proverbial fish out of water. She gave me the impression that she's not too fond of the CAG but I think that a nest of bees best left alone. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

Timeline of Events

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