Lt. Abraham "Rabbit" Hale
Lieutenant Abraham "Rabbit" Hale
Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington as Abraham Hale
Name: Abraham Hale
Alias: Rabbit
Age: 29
Hair & Eyes: Sandy Brown Hair, green eyes
Faction: Navy: Air-Wing
Position: Viper Pilot/Lieutenant
Colony: Leonis
Play Times: Night time is the right time
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Born to a moderate income family in the rural parts of Leonis, Abraham Hale, had a somewhat good life. Sure he had to do his fair share of chores, and take his fair share of licks, but he had an otherwise privledged life. Had his first car (Albeit used) by the right age, and did well in Highschool. Over all he was an average kid, however he had two things he was good at.

Going fast, whether in races on foot, or on the road

And playing pyramid.

Pyramid was his ticket from the Country to Several high named Universities. In the end he went to Virgon University (Home of the Fighting Volunteers) and played three great years on their pyramid team. It was there he earned accolades, a few scholastically, but mainly on the field and had a reputation of being somewhat of a goon, that is an enforcer when it came to his pyramid team. He had injured players before, due to their actions, and so where as he played great, he also played mean.
He was supposed to be up for the Marathon award the next season if his numbers as a defenseman continued, but he did something strange. During his junior year he filed for his graduation and then promptly enrolled into the Colonial Navy, stating his wish to be a pilot. No one really knows why. Some say his sense of competition had grown, or he was looking for a new adventure. Others say he got injured during the summer and would not be able to play the following year. Either way he went through basic on the Colonial Navy's famous Eldris Island in Aquaria, before being shipped off to flight school on Gemenon

Basic was easy as he had been in a steady PT program when he was in College, before coming to OCS. However the flight tests and the new program and regimen pushed him as he did not expect at first.

The first year was difficult, but he soon got a handle on his grades in his classes and improved his maneuvers. However his flying? His flying remained on the top of its game. He moved fast and played dangerous, which would earn him some scorn amongst his classmates. In truth he would have to be broken and remolded into the pilot that he is today. And that came at the hands of his Instructor, Titus "Merlin" Smythe. he saw the potential in Hale and would make sure he didn't hold himself at some form of a maverick, but as a true officer and pilot. One that would represent the uniform greatly. He graduated after four years and was deployed to the 13th Squadron on the BS Triton, doing routine border duty, capturing smugglers and stim runners.

It was there that he would earn his callsign "Rabbit" due to his fast flying and almost erratic patterns when pursued, that often mimic'd a rabbit on the run from a hound and hunter. But he would not be with the Scythia for long, as troubles with Tauron escalated, and a new ship was being recommissioned in order to take over policing duties, the then young Lieutenant JG was promoted to a full Lieutenant and transferred over to 51st Fighter Squadron that was assigned to the CEC Kharon.
Abraham Hale does his duty and he does it well. But sometimes that old Defender side shows up, and he’s been known to be a bit Cruel, if one gets on his bad side


  • Joseph Hale (Father)
  • Ruth Hale (Mother)
  • Amaya Hale (Sister-younger)
  • Gwyn Harris (Wife deceased)
  • Sen Eos (Wife current)


  • Three years at the University of Virgon (BA, Creative Writing)
  • OCS On Eldris Island (Aquaria)
  • Flight School on Gemenon

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • 4 years aboard the BS Triton 13th Fighter Squadron (The Harpies, commonly known as the Unlucky by members of the squadron)

Distinguishing Features

  • Scar across his left eye, where shrapnel was removed. As such his left green eye, is more murky and off coloured due to the damage.
  • Scar on his inner thigh,(surgical) and one small cut where his apendix was removed
  • Hale is always carrying his lighter
  • Green Eye
  • Military Hair cut.
  • Gold band worn about his dogtags


  • Abraham's name means "father of mulitude" Quite ironic as Hale has no children
  • Hale played for the Virgon Volunteers in college and has one Collegiate pyramid championship (has the ring somewhere)
  • The actor portraying Hale, is Australian. As such Hale's rural accent sounds Australian
  • Hale is currently married to Captain Sen Eos-Hale
  • Hale's written one book, and it is currently being passed around the Air Wing. It's a novel on cowboys and revenge.


  • Pyramid (Defense)
  • Flying
  • Drinking Games!
  • Writing!

On the Grid (Logs, Associates, and other info)

The Yakabout (AKA M' yearbook)

Let the Good Times Roll


Timeline of Events


"Strippers? Right tacky mates, right tacky-sure a girl's gots ta pay for college an all that, but pickin up cubits with her velvet goldmine's not my means of entertainment."


Hale's Music

  • Captain Sen Eos
  • Flying
  • a nice drink every now and then.
  • Pyramid.


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Ssh, Don't Tell Sen PH 238 Hale and Kai, share a personal goodbye Kai & Hale.
So Long And Thanks For All The Fish PH 238 The Kharon Pilots have their last briefing. Kharon Air Wing
Raised Hackles PH 228 Komnenos and Hale talk about new developments, and their feelings on the matter Hale & Komnenos


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