PHD 234: Hallway Chat
Hallway Chat
Summary: The Ajtai siblings have a chat after a near-collusion. Panda voices his frustrations while his sister tries to lend some support.
Date: PHD 234 (12-09-09)
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There's been a lot of hectic-ness to be found here as of late, the news of the possible merger with the Hestia putting people into a near panic, this being pretty much how Kitty's been feeling, the stress levels at a all-time high, just about which is the reason why she has forgotten to write Panda another note to let him know she will no longer be in the cargo hold. She's currently looking for him, the desire to talk to her brother the motivator behind her search.

Panda is hurrying down the hallway, muttering to himself. "Nice frakkin' work. Tease a widow, Panda. Frakkin' brilliant." He punches a supporting beam, none too softly. "Stupidass. What're you thinking?" His fingers dive into his short hair, jerking back and forth in frustration. "Sure she wants your body…" And here's where it gets loud enough to travel down the hall. "Outta medical curiosity to see how somethin' so dumb can live so damn long!"

Kitty comes around a corner just as Panda starts to really barrel down the corridor, almost getting into a two-Ajtai pile up as a result. "Cripes…huh? Oh! Dorian. I was looking for you." Arms flung out, she leans in to give her brother a hug, smiling. "I'm not in the cargo hold anymore. Got a bunk in the officers' berthing so if you need me, I'll be there." Did she hear her brother? Nope so whatever he said is left uncommented upon.

She doesn't have to hug him: Panda's arms have clamped around her like a mousetrap the moment the woman ran into him. "Heyy, Kitty," the Marine sighs, his crushing squeeze softening upon recognition into something grown from love, not grappling. "Yeah, alright," he breathes, then sniffs once. Looking over her shoulder at his skinned knuckles he murmurs into her ear, "It's good to see you."

The hug softens on Panda's side a second to late as Kitty 'oooophs' breathlessly, that followed by a laugh once he's done forcing the air out of her lungs. "Strong as always. Hmm." He's given a peck on his cheek before leaning back, just enough to look into her brother's face without disengaging from the hug. "What have you been up to," she asks. "Have you been well?"

What she sees are the signs of frustration his sister would know so well. A tension slitting his eyes and pursing his lips, nostrils flaring perpetually like a bunnyrabbit, and the wiggling of his clenched jaw. "Not as busy as I need t'be," Panda sighs at length. "Everybody's actin' like this new ship's some big business. Hunh!" The young man pulls away and turns, gesturing to the hall at large. "What, drunk piss don't stink up the halls just 'cause it's a 'OOH BATTLESTARZ'?"

Kitty frowns and shakes her head, understanding what he's saying even though she might not feel the exact same way he does. "Panda," she begins while touching him on his back once he's facing the other way, hand rubbing between his shoulder blades, "I don't think it's that so much as it's the change. It's being dropped on us rather suddenly and a lot of us are kind of reeling." The back rub ends as her words taper off, Kitty quiet now as she's not sure what to say.

"Don't make two shits difference to me," he protests, pushing back against her hand. "It's still got people doin' stupid shit. Still got halls to patrol, fights to break up, drops to go on…" Panda rubs the back of his head, exposing those bloody knuckles to Kitty's sight. "And a buncha women there's no privacy to get a good proper frak-on with," he sighs.

The sight of those damaged joints gets her to frown and Kitty leans up, kissing them softly without care or though to if the blood is still fresh or not. "You have a girl. Try focusing on her, huh?" There's a hint of a grin in her voice when she says that and then he'll be able to feel it as she is nuzzling her cheek against him. "But yeah, I do see what you're saying. A lot of the same concerns we all have, in one way or another. It's understandable, brother mine."

Her brother tenses his fist up when her lips touch his injured flesh, the blood warm as the tatters of flesh are fresh. It's really not all that bad. "Maybe I got five or six, what's the difference?" Panda groans, his back tensing and then drooping. "What I am supposed to do when I don't got time to frak, much less cuddle or cry or some shit." The young man suddenly jerks his attention over his shoulder. "Not that I cry."

"There will be time, Panda. Very soon. And then you and your girl will have time to be together and she'll be able to comfort you." Panda's surly mood puts a slight damper on her own and Kitty's quick to reach around him to try and grind her knuckle into his sternum which will undoubtedly hurt no matter how lightly she does so, if he can't stop her from doing so in time. "And don't you dare pull that macho crap on me. I'm your frakking sister. You don't need to do that with me."

Panda grunts in as much pain as annoyance, grabbing Kitty's hand before too much abuse can happen. "Fine, fine," he growls, keeping hold of her fist and using it as a pivot point for twisting away. "I can cry," her brother says, facing her now. He pushes his sister's hand down towards the floor to try and throw her off-balance while sticking his tongue out at her. "I just don't need to."

Blushing, Kitty leans over when her hand's caught and then forced down, what Panda was hoping to do achieved. "Godsdamnit," she grunts while trying to yank her hand away. "Okay. You don't need to but remember that it's okay to do so if you need to. And if you need me, I'm here for you, alright?" Mumbling, suddenly, she moves a little, trying to tap his stomach in a gentle headbutt to signal to him to let her go.

Panda lets go of her hand so he can ruffle Kitty's hair, thankfully not with the injured palm. "I know, Kitty," he says softly, her hand released. "Come get some food with me, huh?"

"Food? Sounds good. Am hungry." Not that they really serve 'food' but hey, it's filling and tastes somewhat food-like, right? Kitty loops an arm around her brother's waist and begins to guide him to the mess hall. "So how did you hurt your hand, huh?"

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