Lieutenant JG Isaiah Harrison
Lieutenant JG Isaiah "Exile" Harrison
Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Isaiah Harrison
Name: Isaiah Harrison
Alias: Exile
Age: 26
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair, Hazel eyes
Faction: Navy: Air Wing
Position: Viper Pilot, Red Aces, Lieutenant JG
Colony: Picon
Play Times: Various
Timezone: Mountain

Biographical Info


Growing up on Picon within view of Colonial Fleet Headquarters, there was never a question of where young Isiah's, son of Peter and Socrata, ambitions would lie. His grandfather was a Viper pilot during the first Cylon War — at least until he was killed in the midst of Operation Raptor Talon.

Peter Harrison, left as the only child of a grieving mother at eight, decided to become a diplomat. Surely the Cylons could be reasoned with — surely there was a way to find a way for humanity to coexist with their erstwhile creations. Socrata Harrison, on the other hand, believed that the only permanent solution would be the extermination of the Cylons. One desired peace without war, one desired peace through war, and even though the debates between them were somewhat fierce, they found mutual admiration and eventually love twelve years after the end of the first war.

Isaiah was born two years later in Caprica City, where both of his parents were attending university. As with the birth of any child, both parents mellowed, deciding that the capital city was no place to raise a family. As soon as they were able, they relocated to Picon — it was close enough to the seat of power to keep Peter involved in attempting to keep the peace with the Cylons, but far enough removed from the central hub of the Colonies to raise their son in relative quiet.

Isaiah hung on the stories of his grandfather's exploits in the war, and when he was old enough, he could be found in the museums dedicated to the Colonial Military, staring longingly at the old ships on display. His father disapproved, of course, but he was rarely home due to his duties on Armistice Station. His mother decided to support her son's dream, and she found ways to encourage him to excel so he could follow in his grandfather's footsteps.

Excel he did, pushing himself through his secondary education with flying colors. There was a side effect to this, however; it started to build in the young man a hubris that was not easily missed, nor easily mistaken for overconfidence. He was all-important. He had a great destiny laid out in front of him, and anyone who couldn't see that had a lack of vision. Really, though, he was blinded to his own shortcomings, and it strained the relationships he had with his family and friends.

Military Service

When he decided to join the Colonial Military, it broke the relationship between father and son. Peace was possible, the old man insisted. Humanity just had to be brave enough to put aside their hatred. The son countered that the Cylons had not been heard from in thirty years, and they were obviously just biding their time. Peace was an illusion, and always had been. It would ultimately prove to be the last conversation that the two would ever have.

His training went well. He stood out in basic training and was selected to the OCS, and from there was accepted to flight school. Once there, he proved that he was a gifted pilot, even if he had a disturbing tendency to be mouthy at times. He always managed to keep himself just inside the lines of what was proper, although each successive triumph brought him that much closer to the edge. It wasn't until just after commencement that he made his first — and quite damning, in retrospect — misstep.

It was a late night at a bar near Fleet Headquarters, and quite a few pilots waiting for their first assignments were enjoying a drink or six. Isaiah was among them, feeling his confidence and his liquor to the extreme. He declared to a full bar of his peers that nothing in Colonial Military service was really good enough for him — if Command knew what they were doing, they'd promote him to Admiral and send him to deal with the Cylon menace once and for all. Unfortunately, he questioned the competance (and courage) of Admiral Corman in a room that happened to contain said Admiral, and Harrison found himself stationed on Sagittaron as a result. He was assigned as a Colonial Relations specialist on a planet that distrusted the military, grounded from flight status, ostracized by his peers, and generally given assignments that were on the far edge of nowhere, cataloging livestock or surveying watersheds.

It was his own personal hell. It gave him a much needed dose of reality, and after four long years of redeeming himself by attacking his duties with enthusiasm (not to mention a long apology to Admiral Corman), he was finally going to be assigned to an actual ship. Never mind that it was an escort carrier, at least he wasn't stuck on a rock with a bunch of superstitious Sagittarons.

He arrived on the Kharon just before the end of everything. When Warday came, everything was gone — his family in the first moments of the assault on Picon. Wracked with guilt and unable to accept the reality of his universe's end, he collapsed and was sent to the infirmary's limited psych ward.

It took months, but eventually, he came back to his senses. Somehow, Fate had seen fit to leave him alive. Undoubtedly, it was the gods' way of punishing him for his earlier belief that the Cylons were no longer a threat and that he could singlehandedly defeat them all.

If that was the case, it was extremely effective punishment indeed. With a new sense of resolve, he worked toward recovery and was released from the infirmary shortly thereafter.

There was a war on, after all, and he was a soldier. He would avenge his family.

On the Grid

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  • An avid Pyramid player.
  • Swimming. As a Piconese brat, he was always in the water.
  • Staying off the radar of his superiors


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