PHD 274: Heart To Heart
Heart To Heart
Summary: Kairos visits Reverie and promises to not hurt her again.
Date: PHD 274, after they arrive safely back on the ship
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It's been more than a couple of hours now since she got out of surgery. No one else is around, and Reverie starts to stir while the others are still resting. There's a bandage around her head and the rest of the bandages are covered by her hospital gown. She's seen better days but at least she's waking up now. "Mrrgle, mrrgle."

Kairos, perhaps stupidly, did not seek medical attention. He in fact left the bay prematurely without seeing anyone. Yet, his motivation was strangely pure. It mostly had to do with having less attention on the Raptor pilot and more attention on the ECO. Regardless, the not-so-hot looking Backfire moves into the recovery ward still in his flight suit from hours before, fresh bandages applied to his neck, and crutches propelling his travel. He moves up to Reverie to just see her waking up, Dak pulling a chair and setting himself down into it. "I don't think I'd still be here if it weren't for you, Rev." He reaches out to gently grasp her hand. "You did good out there. First time being shot, I'm real proud of you for taking it like a man. Even though you like being a girl. Best of both worlds, I guess. One can still look pretty while being shot at, right?" A weak little smile. It's weak because every word that emits from his lips hurts him. "How're you feeling? Lots of morpha?"

"I'm always pretty." That's the first response, which is really, quite typical for Reverie. She has been the girly one of thesquad, if not the wing afterall. Reverie lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she squeezes his hand gently. She's still slightly groggy from the drugs, but she's becoming more lucid as she remembers something now. "And I would've done it for anyone, ya know? Told ya I'd be the best godsdamned ECO around. And I'm feeling as well as I can be for a girl who had a bullet taken out of her head. Oh! And get this, my medic made out with my surgeon before they worked on me!"

"Of course you would have." Kairos says, with a smile as her hand squeezes. "Everyone deserves the best," he repeats after what she said earlier. "And you deserve the best care one can possibly have. But the doctors wouldn't let me bring you food." He chews on his lip. "I went digging through your stuff and brought you a book to read when you get bored. I also brought you a prized belonging of mine; Sam the Scuba Diving Dolphin. Don't tell anyone that's mine, okay?" From behind his back he procures these items, how he brought them in with crutches no one will know. The book is placed on her lap, and the stuffie rested in the crook of her neck. Isn't it awesome how RW patients get shit piled on them?"

Squee! As she sees the plushie, Reverie absolutely beams hugging it close and warm as she wraps her arms around it fondly. Since he went through her stuff, he would've seen that she had quite the collection of plushies with animals of an aquatic theme from penguins to turtles. No dolphin though. Then there's the book as well as she mutters a soft, "Thank you." She places the book to her side before raising her brows. "You didn't have to do this. Why?"

Dak shrugs his shoulders at the question. "I think you should spend a little less time worrying about that, and a little more time worrying about resting and regaining your energy so you can return to duty. I'm not going to be as lucky as you, unfortunately. Suppose I'll be going right back out there after a more permanent solution to my injury," Kairos murmurs, placing his hands on his knees while he leans back in the chair. "I want you to be happy. I watched a round go right into you, and the way you took it…I felt so bad."

"Don't get too comfortable with your temporary ECO." Reverie replies as she keeps the dolphin firmly cuddled to her chest. "It happens. People get shot when they get sent on missions like this. No need to feel bad, especially not for me. I don't feel bad for me, so you shouldn't either." she chirps before nodding sagely as she forces a smile to her lips.

"Yeah, I know." Kairos mentions. "Those missions aren't really standard fare. I was expecting the Marines to take care of the whole thing. I'm not a Marine. I can't shoot like a Marine." A sigh. "I wish I took as good a care of you as you did of me." And then, at that point, he breathes deep again and sighs, as if pushing the burden off of his shoulders. "Anything else I can get for you?"

"I'd hope they wouldn't be standard fare." Reverie says firmly and resolutely. "I can barely shoot, I'm glad I was able to hit the thing once." she continues before shaking her head at his comments. "Take care of the ones you love. If there was one thing worth doing, that's what my gramma said to do. So I did it. And I'm good, I think. Unless you wanna punch the medic for me. He copped a feel I think."

"Oh." Kairos mentions, grabbing his crutches and standing up on his good foot, rising up and glancing around for a medic to deck. "Tell me what he looks like," Backfire murmurs as he starts moving to the sickbay doorway, glancing around for him and wondering if he is around here. Everything else that Reverie had said just flew over his head.

Woosh go Reverie's words. She just chuckles and shakes her head. "Why, are you jealous?" her expression quite amused by this as she peers up towards him.

"Shot up or not, that's no way how to treat a girl. I think." Backfire sighs as the medibay is fairly empty at this hour and she doesn't appear to be divulging any more information so he starts treading back to the chair to spend a little bit more time with her. "I think it's pretty obvious I haven't really been spending a lot of time reading up on dealing with women, or whatever."

"No, it was obvious to me last night. I'm affectionate. I like to hug. It makes people feel good and special. And sometimes, I sit on people's laps. Back on Caprica and the fleet academy that wasn't seen as possibly slutty. Sure, it was seen as naive but I genuinely liked everybody. That's the girl I am. Apparently things don't work that way here. People think it means I'm a slutho." she says softly, eyeing him for a few moments before shrugging her shoulders. "But whatever, mea culpa. I won't do it anymore."

"Being affectionate is somewhat alien to me, to tell you the truth," Backfire mentions as he troddles back to his seat, sighing. "I don't want you to feel persecuted because you choose to be more outwardly physical. I didn't want to make you feel as if what you were doing was wrong." He gets a little bit more comfortable. "I'm guarded. I'm slow. I don't do relationships at a fast pace - I need time to collect my thoughts, to think straight. I don't make a beeline to what feels good because I don't want to be burned."

Reverie sagenods. "Being burned does suck." And she definitely has experience in that department! She purses her lips as she listens, nodding to what he says before she raises her brows. Now she's confused. "And you're telling me this because?" The one used to deciphering signals is getting mixed ones and she doesn't know what to do. Oh noes!

Dak nods. "It really does." He's asked why he's telling her this, and Kairos lets out a gentle little sigh. "Because I don't want you to be afraid to be you." That might be one of the reasons, but Backfire is reluctant to really explain himself to her. Hell, being this serious and this in touch with his feelings is a strange feeling. "I don't want you to be angry with me, either. You gotta know that I care."

"I was never afraid to be me when it was just us. The rest of the Hestia knew that's how I am. Since we joined up with the Kharon crew people are taking other people's judgements of me at face value even if they knew deep down I wasn't like that already." she says matter of factly before shrugging her shoulders. "So am I afraid to be me? To be honest, I am now. I poured my heart to the one guy I liked and he told me I was basically a slut." There's no bitterness in her tone, it's just a statement of fact. "I was honest with you, I put myself out there. Why? Cause I know you care. And I'm no longer angry, Dak. These bullets. I can get over. What you told me last night hurt more than any number of bullets."

"I know what I made you feel like. And I don't know how to make up for it," Dak says, starting to feel as if he is overstaying his welcome. He starts to gather up his walking assistance and propping them underneat h his arms. "Maybe you're not angry. But whenever you find something for me to do that might just heal the wound, you let me know." He grips the crutches tightly. "You should get some rest, Tycho."

"Then don't leave." she says with a soft sigh as she motions towards the seat. "Please?" she asks once more. "I don't want to sleep. I'll end up dreaming that Aphrodite and Ares are making out before performing surgery on me." Reverie grumpsa little.

Dak's been up and down more times than he has a roller coaster. He returns back to his chair and settles down, this time stretching in for the long haul. He'd stay there until either he or she fell asleep. "That's kind of inappropriate for a pair of doctors to do, but then again, if making out pre-surgery helps a patient, then it helps a patient," Dak remarks, hugging himself by crossing his arms over his chest, but tucking his hands under his arms.

"Emotions run high when there's people who are hurt and possibly dying in front of you." Reverie says with a warm smile as she reaches out and wriggles her fingers, wanting to entwine her fingers with his. "It helps us put things into perspective too. Makes us realize who and what is important in our lives. They just realized that they were important to each other. Too bad it had to be seeing my mangled body to do the trick, but hey, I helped them indirectly." She giggles at that before wincing once more. Giggling is hard when you had bullets just taken out of you D:

Dak reaches out and allows his fingers to be intertwined with hers again. "Maybe seeing your mangled body really did it for them," comes another mutter, before scootching closer to the bed with his chair and the man rests his chin on the edge of the bed. "Speaking of important things, I find it funny that you just came out of nowhere like that. I mean, I knew you, and saw you around, but poof - one day you're my countermeasures officer. Fastest thing that ever occured in my life."

"What can I say, it was fate." she quips cheekily as she scooches over a little and gently bonks her forehead against his own. She nuzzles her nose against his before leaning back. Last time she kissed him, he got all flaily and angry afterall. "And I didn't come out of nowhere. I think my old pilot was getting annoyed. He said I was too damn perky."

Bonk. Blinkblink. What just happened? There's a little bit of a snicker even after the nose nuzzle, maybe he was asking for it by resting slightly on the bed. "I think you kind of lost some perky juice after being shot a couple of times. That made you a little more tolerable," Dak teases before reaching forward and pushing a strand of hair out of her face.

"Pshaw, I'll be back to full in no time." Reverie quips, smiling brightly. Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red as he pushes a strand from her face and she looks into his eyes, studying his features for a few moments. "You know you like me all chirpy. Don't deny it." she whispers softly.

"Mmm," he intones, before raising a bit of a brow. "Reverie, for God knows how long I've been listening to the ramblings of Sol Ambrose. When you've been placed in a confined space with that particular person for an extended period of time, chirpy is heavenly pleasant in comparison." He snickers. "I don't deny it."

"You forgot to mention that I'm also cuter." she replies, for that is an important difference between the two afterall! Reverie chuckles once more as she squeezes his hand and just lays there content to meet his gaze.

At that point, Karios' second hand comes to clasp over the hands that are already holding, so he's pretty much holding her hand with both of his. He leans over and kisses it, before his head comes to lay down sideways, eyes beginning to close over. "Mmm…" he mentions as he starts to fall asleep. "Cute like a … cute thing…" Zzz.

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