PHD 283: Hit By A Girl
Hit by a Girl
Summary: Selene, Rian and Villa cross paths during worship. Selene disapproves of Villa's gun toting in the holy place. Rian admits something to the Sargent and he becomes upset. Trying to smooth things over she chases him out in the corridor, only to get angry and physical herself.
Date: PHD 283: (26/01/10)
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Hexagonal in shape, the chapel is a quiet and tranquil place of worship where crew members come to give prayer and offerings of worship towards their deity of choice. Three tiers of benches ring the room in concentric lines, radiating inward to a slightly raised dais. The dais itself is lit from beneath, thick white opaque panels covering the lighting that's mirrored from above. Small offerings are left in the form of incense cones and small baubles ontop of the podium styled altar which has stylized carved figurines of each of the twelve major dieties. At each point of the hexagonal platform, there's a waist-high metal brazier in which burns a single pillar candle during ceramonies.

The chapel is always a quiet place and today is no different. Only a half dozen crew members are in worship this afternoon, the soft murmur of whispers heard on the scented air. Long legged strides brings a tall dark haired woman into the room, the sound of her boots softened and not the usual 'stomp' that accompanies the private. Heading straight to the dais in the center of the hexagon she pauses, fishing something out of her off-duty cargos.

Selene is one of those crew in worship, today. Kneeling before the altar, she whispers softly, offering a prayer to the lords, while clutching a string of beads in her hands. She used to make offerings, but incense is so rare now. Hopefully the gods understand.

Rian is quick and nimble to take a knee in front of the altar beside the young woman with blond hair. Taking a small metal statue she places it on the dais next to a candle, bowing her head. In ritual she touches her brow and kisses her finger before folding hands before her in prayer. Silent and still she remains for a few moments, prayers kept to herself. Large eyes flitter open and a sidelong glance is offered to Selene. "G'day," is whispered.

Selene is done with her prayer, just looking at the idols when she hears a whisper in her direction. Her eyes shift towards Rian, and she replies, "Oh, hello." A soft smile dimples her cheeks as she speaks. The petite woman then reaches down, unfastening the cargo pocket closest to Rian and putting her prayer beads away.

Selene closes her pocket, replying, "Well, we haven't gone to Condition One yet, so I'd say yes, they've been very kind today." Her voice almost sounds like 'chapel whisper' is her normal speaking tone, quiet and unimposing. "I hope they've been kind to you as well."

Rian leans forward, taking back the small statue of Artemis and putting it back into her pocket. Rising from the ground she speaks to the woman softly, "Very kind. I had a full nights rest," then raising her eyebrows, "and a full belly." A half turn and she looks down her shoulder, pale arm bare as she is in her offduty tanks as dark eyes spy the other marine.

Villa places his gloves into the helmet before it is laid down in a pew. For a few moments, he just stands there, hands clasped together and looking at the altar. The over-the-shoulder gaze from Rian draws out a small smirk before he is looking towards the altar once more. His eyes close, mumbling something to himself. A prayer has begun, it seems.

Selene nods, smiling still and rising to her feet as well. "That's always a pleasant gift," she replies. "Then again, every day is a gift, especially now. So many forget that." She notices Rian's look and peeks in that direction as well, smile dimming. "Back home, that wouldn't have been tolerated. Nobody was allowed to enter a sacred place armed, even during the civil war."

Rian looks back to Selene, one brow rising at her comment. Ah, a Gemmie. "It's the end of the world," she speaks in monotone adding a shrug of her broad shoulders, "a lot of things are allowed to slide." Turning she moves past Villa to the pew, taking a seat next to the discarded helmet. "And your name is?" she asks the young woman, letting the man pray.

Villa seems not disturbed by Selene's words or Rian moving about. The mumbling stops and his eyes slowly open once more. He looks down to the marine sitting besides his helmet as he pats his vest's pockets for something. "Hello, Private Rian," he takes out a small used candle from his pocket before giving a nod to Selene as he moves around her and towards the place where folks have lit candles for a particular diety. Hermes, it is. "Excuse my use of weaponry in here, but I didn't want to miss a chance to offer a prayer after my shift." Yeap, he heard Selene.

"Yeah, I've noticed," Selene observes, dodging around the sergeant and making her way to the pew as well. She works in CIC during combat, she's used to dodging around people. "I'm Selene Daiasu. Nav tech third class. I fly the boat." Well, it's an appropriate introduction.

"Ah neat!" Rian speaks to Selene as she sits. "As he said," she gestures with one hand to Villa, "I'm Private Amaranth Rian." Dark eyes look over to the man dressed in his blacks. "I happen to agree with Selene here Dom, if it's /after/ your shift you could have ditched the heat. Seriously."

Villa takes a knee to give a reverence to the god he lit a candle for. He's not a frequent visitor here, but he seems to know how it works. When he comes back up, he walks back to the pair and smiles a bit flushed, "I should have, but…" a pause, "Something came up and I found myself summoned here." He scratches the side of his head and throws in his intro, "Dominic Villa. CMC medical."

"And… how are you today sarge?" Rian asks, her voice still speaking in hushed tones. Clasping her hands in her lap she gives the Marine a good look over, "you seem unharmed from the last mission." A pause, "that's good." Curt nod, dark bangs moving over her cheeks.

Villa decides it is best to place the rifle where it wont draw unwanted attention. "Doing fine, I guess," says the man, as he unstraps the weapon and slides it under the pew. Out of sight, now. "Unscratched? Yeah. I wasn't ordered there, so, I hanged back." He's talked with a few others that where not so lucky. "You," he asks Rian.

"I was security inside one of the relief Raptors that never ended up boarding." Rian talks, montone and all business. Looking down she picks at her thumbnail idly, "Was a nice flight I suppose."

Villa takes the helmet into his lap and sits right besides Rian. A big smile is given back to her when she tells him what her mission was about, then, he leans in to whisper in that raspy tone of his, "I am happy to see you unhurt too." He pulls back, and winks to her.

Rian feels the warm breath from the whisper against her cheek and she snaps her head to look at him. Dark eyes furrow as he winks. Her spine straightens and shoulders stiffen as she rises from the seat, moving away from Villa. Walking to the dais she says nothing to him, showing him her back as she looks closer to some of the deities present on the alter.

Villa is somewhat startled when she narrows her eyes at him, "Huh…" He is completely lost here. When she abruptly stands up and leaves the pew, he is even more dumbstruck, "Eh… was it something I said?" His voice is raised just a bit, as he blinks at her now. Not knowing what the hell happened just now.

Rian shakes her head, dark bangs bouncing off her pale cheeks. Raising a hand she tucks some dark hair behind her ear, turning away from the dais and back to the marine. "No," she speaks, face inexpressive. Obviously not feeling like she has to explain further.

Villa feels his voice tone is not at a proper level here, so he decides to stand up and face the gal. "Okay, Private," he says soflty to her, "I understand you have personal space issues and I am the first to accept that, but still do my best to work around that to be friendly towards you, but even I won't stand being left in the dark when you react like that." He sighs a bit and shakes his head, leaning down to get the rifle out from under the pew. "Zeus, I didn't think it would be this hard to…" his rifle gets tuck on the pew's leg, and he starts tugging it. His teeth grit further as he pulls on the weapon to get it out.

Another shrug of Rian's slender-yet-built shoulders as she crosses her arms over her chest, head shaking back and forth slightly. "I don't know what you're talking about." Brows are risen and dark eyes wide, her voice more passive then anything. As he turns away she rolls her eyes and takes a few steps towards the pew, "careful sarge," she speaks in a softer tone, touching his shoulder with one palm and reaching down to unhook the trapped strap with her other hand. "Don't want that thing to go off in here, then you'd really be up shit creek."

"Don't know what I am talking about," repeats Villa as he continues to tug away. Only until Rian comes down to help him does the rifle give way. "How about that time in the obs deck, huh? Or the last time I checked on your bump in the berths?" He is too upset right now to thank the Private for her help, and he just stands back up, slinging his weapon over his shoulder, "Answer me this, is these 'barrier thing' just with me or with every other people that wants your friendship?" First time in days anyone has seen the happy marine bent outta shape over a relationship. Why? It's anyones guess.

ide eyes gaze out with surprise from under dark bangs as the marine gets upset. Taking a step back she raises her hands, palms towards him and in an easing voice, "I'm just being myself." Taking a deep breath she shakes her head slightly, "I don't mean to have any 'barrier thing' with you." Brows arch upwards slightly as dark eyes become expressive and sympathetic, "you just make me uncomfortable." She admits. Which is something considering she feels pretty damn comfortable around killer robots and explosive rounds these days.

Oh dear! Somethings are better left not known. When Rian explains her behaviour, Villa just stares back at her. "I…" a beat, "Oh. I…" He scoffs and shakes his head in disbelief. "My mistake then," he returns in the most polite, yet, disheartened tone. His body turns and his trek towards the hatch.

Rian's brow furrows in confusion and hands fall to her sides as she simply watches Dominic. Really confused she asks the air, "what the frak just happened here?" A shake of the head, knowing she can't leave a fellow marine like that she trails after him into the corridor.

An open A-frame design, the hallways as well as the hatches leading off the cooridors are wider at the bottom then the top. Ribbing the passageways are the steel beam supports, each inset with a long flourescent tube providing illumination, while overhead are yellow emergency lights. The bulkhead is a dark grey covered by white conduit paneling, dotted with access panels, O2 scrubbers, and air vents. Each section of hallway is divided neatly by emergency fire doors which will close automatically at any hint of flame or sudden radical fluxuation of pressure.

Villa is still trying to add up how the hades did he messed up just now. A rap over his rifle as he walks down the corridor. Absent to the people moving about here.

Rian comes up behind the man at a half jog, "look, dude. I don't mean to upset…" she steps in pace with him. "Everything's cool. Right?" Dark eyes look to him with question as they walk.

Villa gives a sidelong look to Rian and nods simply, "Sure." He keeps walking moving as best he can towards the central stairwell. "At you request, we be nothing more than a pair of jarheads more in the lot. Objective and insipid." His tone vacant and cold as he speaks.

"Frak, I never requested anything." Rian bites out, frowning now over his behavior. As he keeps walking she finally stops, one hand jutting out to grab his black-cad shoulder and pull him to the side of the corridor with added strength. "I'm trying to talk to you," she leans in closer to him, eyes showing slight anger.

Villa is 'woman-handled' to the side of the corridor. "Hey!" retorts Dom, as his rifle hits the bulkhead. He too frowns in disbelief, "I make you uncomfortable, so, that translates to 'stay the hell away from me' in my book, Private." He grabs the hand that she has over his shoulder and adds, "So, unsless you have a bullet or bruise in your body, I say we have squat to work on here." His tone is stern.

"That's /not/ what it is in my book." Rian speaks through her teeth, keeping her hand on his biceps and actually tightening her grip. "So if this is how you handle honesty and emotion, like a child, then I suppose we are done here."

Villa grinds his teeth," So am a child now, eh?" His grip on her is released and he uses his index to peck on her forehead, snarling, "Un-Com-For-Ta-ble," he smirks sarcastically, "That's not what you say to someone who /cares/ about yo.." Oh shit! He used the 'C' word on her. "I mean… to someone who is… concerned…" He looks at her forrowing. Damn this woman draws ripples over his pond.

Rian is startled to say the least as she is flicked on the forehead, "oh you did not just flick me," she mumbles out with an attitude, eyes flaming angry. As he continues the frown slowly melts away to a surprised face, cares? What? Slowly her fingers unlatch from his arm and she takes a half step back. Unsure eyes stare into his own gaze. Then within a split second the marine pulls back her arm, makes a fist, steps into the punch and aim's for Dominic's nose. Once the blow is given she seems in shock at the whole situation, looking to her fist in pale wonder. Then she turns on the ball of her foot, bumping into a few officers as she runs in the other direction.

Never it be said that Villa can't take a hit like a marine. Rian hits him square in the jaw, and sends him flying towards some crates. He's knocked out cold, and left there until some other crew members help him back to his feet. The excuse he gives them is that he 'ran into the wall'. Some believe it, others…they just speculate about a 'lovers tussle'.

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