PHD 260: Hood Ornament
Hood Ornament
Summary: Eddie scares Harrison in the Simulator Room, which sparks a prank war.
Date: PHD 260 (1/3/2010)
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Simulator Room

The simulators aren't terribly busy this evening, with one of the Mark II birds in use. The speakers are on at the back console, though, allowing Exile's voice to emerge into the quiet space behind the sims. "Hestia, Exile. Incoming unidentified DRADIS contacts. Moving to intercept."

Entertainment has been scarce on the Hestia as of late, which leaves Eddie wandering around the ship and into the duty areas, even when she's clearly on her free time. She moves into the room to check the sign-in board for time slots, not that there isn't an abundance of free machines now. Mooner hears Harrison's tinny voice come out of the back speakers, and a little smirk crests her lips. As she pass the gyroscope, her hand reaches out to give it a twirl, and then she creeps deeper into the room. The jingle of dog tags might alert him to her presence, if he wasn't stuck in the mock cockpit. All of a sudden, she pops up infront of his Mock II and flattens herself on the canopy as if she's just been run over, giving a convincing scream to boot.

"OH SHIT," Harrison yells as a body impacts his canopy, instinctively yanking the stick to the right just as the programmed Raiders come into range and shred the out of control Viper simulation. As the booth shuts down, he sits there shaking for a moment, then rips off his helmet and tosses it aside. "Thanks, Mooner. I'm pretty sure I just shit my pants." Judging by the mixture of lessening fear and rising disgust on his face, it may not even be all that far from the truth.

Eddie laughs. Not only does she laugh, she's doubled over with long howls of amusement the likes that doesn't over take Eddie often. If ever. Her hands brace just above her knees and by the time the simulation ends and he declares the state of his underwear, tears are streaming down her face from laughing so hard. "Oh man. Man, you should have seen your face. Shit. HAHA! Oh oh…phew. Oh!" She can't collect herself as another fit of giggles overtakes her. "Damn."

Harrison lifts the canopy and hoists himself out of the simulator, allowing his boots to impact the deck with a solid thump. He takes a few moments to adjust the aft end of the suit, as it were, before he shakes his head. "Damn is right. I'm gonna have to go to sickbay to be checked out for a frakkin' heart attack." He bends over at that, taking a few deep breaths to steady his nerves.

Eddie makes a haphazard wipe of her cheeks, as her laughter calms down and dies away, though the smile on her face remains wide and toothy. She reaches out to give him a knock to the shoulder, hard enough to rock him if he doesn't step away from the touch. It's quite clear Mooner's used to rough housing with boys, but even that can't explain the scars on her arms. "Aw, c'mon. That was frakkin' funny, you have to admit."

"What goes around comes around," Isaiah grumbles after the impact rocks him, and just slightly before he straightens up. "But yeah… if it had been anyone but ME, I suppose I'd be laughing my ass off too." With that, he gives her his own tap to her shoulder. "Just remember that now I owe you."

Eddie makes a show of slapping at his hand, then steps back into a boxing position, bringing her hands up in tight fists and dancing on the balls of her feet. "Bring it on, Airy Fairy. I enjoy the challenge." She says with a glint in her eye, like she's just found a way to pass the time. Mooner makes a quick few jabs at him, though no real effort is made into actually smaking. "You'll be laughing tomorrow."

Harrison grins at her as she jabs, apparently losing the last of the stick up his butt as he slips out of range of her fists. "Yes, I will, because the look on your face will be absolutely *priceless*." Confident much?

Eddie advances as he retreats, still keeping her hands up close to her face. "You think it's going to be that easy, Exhile?" Her weight shifts from foot to foot, remaining in a perpetual state of animation as if she has too much energy to burn. "Many have tried. All have failed." Of course she's probably exaggerating, but that's part of the fun.

"But I'm not everyone," Exile replies as he lifts an arm to block one of the mock blows, then steps toward her with a playful jab of his own. There may be just a hint of challenge in his eyes, but he's still smiling. "As for expecting it to be easy, though… no. I don't expect that at all."
As their little fistacuffs is still in the friendly banter stage, both physically and verbally, all her shots are pretty easy to parry off. She swats at his blow again, switching to an open hand to do so. Unthreatening. "It's not any fun when it comes for free, or without a challenge." Thwap thwap. "How are your pants?"

"Clean. I'd have gone to wipe my ass otherwise," Isaiah replies with a bright grin this time, catching one of her hands and forcing it aside. "Probably to shower too. I was so in to what I was doing that I had no clue you were here." He lifts his arms into the boxer's block, folded at the elbows and lifted to protect his face. "Whoever uses that sim next is gonna wonder what the pucker in the middle of the cushion is, though."

Eddie's brilliant smile hasn't faded a single watt yet, showing off her straight Caprican dentistry in all its finery. When he protects his face, her hands go for his ribs, but instead of punching or jabbing, she goes for a poke. "And the face print on the canopy. We're going to give Leda flashbacks of when he steamrolled Yuuri."

Harrison chuckles as he's poked, allowing his arms to drop to his sides and taking a few steps back. "Maybe he'll be the one crapping his pants, then." Oh, no. Exile wouldn't mind that in the least.

Eddie steps back when his defenses fall, "Ghosts of pilot's past, coming back to haunt him. You two ever settle that little beef from the night of the wake?" Mooner asks, her smile melting away when the conversation turns away from their brief moment of levity. Her face settles into her usual 'like I give a shit' mask, but she asked so she's obviously curious of the answer.

"He preached at me for a while, and I toned him out." Harrison shrugs as his smile fades a touch. "He's lost three wingmen, he knows how it feels, blah blah blah." He gestures broadly around the room. "S'fine. I'm not going to punch him out or anything."

Eddie makes a swipe at her nose with her thumb, "If ya had called him out in the ring, I'da put money on you. Leda has a glass jaw." She says, as if she might have some experience with Shepherd. Of course, if you believe everything Mooner has to say, she's had experience with damn near everyone on both ships. "By how often he repeats himself, I'm convinced he just likes to hear himself talk."

"Maybe I will the next time there's a dance," Isaiah muses as he leans back against the bulkhead, taking on a thoughtful expression. "My CAP partner kicked the shit out of him at the last, so maybe I'll do the same — just to keep the tradition alive, you know?" He grins outright at that, because damn, that sounds like fun.

Eddie rolls her shoulders up so they knot closer to her ears, her hands thrusting into her pockets. Little by little, Mooner's shutting back down and withdrawing into herself. "I drew Roubani or Roubani drew me. Not really the kind of fight that's going to be good for much then a little slap and tickle. Didn't sate that urge to beat the pulp out of someone, but." She shrugs a bit.

Harrison folds his arms over his chest as he watches her. "You're gonna call me a nosy asshole, and it's probably none of my business, but…" he lifts his chin toward her. "…where'd the storm clouds come from, Mooner? Aside from me having to check my ass for a brown smear, I thought we were having a pretty good time." He's clearly concerned, even if he's not doing such a good job at expressing it.
Eddie isn't really called out about her moods often, most times people just accept that's how things are with Mooner. She's not what you'd call a clear broadcaster of moods, the fact that she was laughing at all was probably a rare glimpse at something genuine from the young pilot. "Nothin'. No where. Moment passed is all, I guess." The toe of her boot scuffs at the deck plating.

"Alright," Exile replies quietly, yielding even thought he's not buying it. "You don't have to hide from me, that's all I'm saying. You laughed at my shitty 'magic' tricks, after all, so I know there's a person underneath … this." He reaches out to brush a gloved thumb against her cheek, if she doesn't move out of range. "Just sayin', that's all."

Eddie's eyes flare, not with anger, but surprise at the touch. Her dark eyes have widened a touch, as if suddenly wary. She doesn't move out of the way of his touch, but her hand is coming up to clamp over his wrist and hold it from retreating. He's larger and likely stronger then her, so if he wants pull away, he certainly could. "That's why you make a shitty magician." She says quietly, reaching up with her free hand to pull a round metal piece from behind his ear in an amateur trick. It's like a coin, but without anything etched on its faces. "You have to believe in obfuscation."

There's a moment where Isaiah eyes the piece of metal, taking on a thoughtful expression. "I'm probably going to keep on being a shitty magician, then," he offers quietly, making no move to pull away from her. "What I lack in deception I could try to make up for in enthusiasm, but then I'd just be an enthusiastic shitty magician."

Eddie palms the piece in a way that indicates she has some clue as to what she's
doing, and she discreetly drops it back into her pocket. Her fingers also loosen and eventually fall away from their hold on his wrist, leaving the air between them slightly electrified. Or at least, Eddie is tense. At his words though, she quirks a bit of a smirk. "I could teach you."

Harrison brushes his thumb against her cheek again as he pulls his hand away, taking a moment to clear his throat before another smile finds his face. "I'd like to learn," he murmurs. "Although, it was a fairly successful trick if you think about it. It made your smile appear, even if it was always the wrong card."

The first time surprised her, the second time might be encroaching on dangerous territory. Mooner's eyes narrow, her frame tenses, and for a think moment things might just go very badly. It passes. "That's getting to be a very annoying habit of yours." A pause. "Making me smile." Eddie says for clarification, so it's not to be mistaken for being said of his touch.

Harrison takes on an innocent expression as his hands fall to his sides. "Sorry. I'll do my best to be a dour bastard from here on out."

Eddie's eyes crinkle with what could be a smile, though she's careful not to let it reach her lips. "But then you'd be boring." She says simply, her gaze flicking from his eyes, to his mouth, and then lower. She takes her sweet time about letting it return to his own, lighter gaze. "I'm looking forward to your retribution."

"I wouldn't," Isaiah replies with all the cheer he can muster, and he even manages sincerity as a side. Apparently he's really looking forward to whatever it is that he's got in mind, because the twinkle in his eyes brightens. "But it's gonna be so much fun that I can't hardly wait."

Eddie looks genuinely surprised, and maybe a little perversely pleased. "You've already thought of your revenge? How delicious." Eddie uses the word 'delicious' like it's not one she picks from her vocabulary often.

Harrison leans forward slightly, lowering his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "The best revenge is one that people know is coming… but can't do anything about it because it just has a little bit of mystery surrounding it." He lifts his eyebrows up and down, as if he's giving her one of the most precious secrets in all the colonies. "I have a good one chosen for you."

Eddie tilts her face towards his, a slow smile pushing her lips wide again. But this time it's a darker thing, a more sinister thing, but there's no mistaking the thrum of excitement behind her voice. "You realize, this means war."

"You fired the first shot," Isaiah replies with his own predatory smile, although good humor twinkles behind it. "That means I have to finish it. You know how it is."

Eddie steps closer to him, with zero regard for personal space. One boot even knocks against his as she turns her head up to look at then underside of his chin if he doesn't look down. Height difference aside, it doesn't seem to deter her one bit. "You can try. But this might be long, drawn out, and messy. Lots of casualties. Sure you're ready for that?" A definite mix of playful and dark intent.

[Intercom] A slightly hurried and definitely harried voice comes over the ship's comms. "Security patrol to the Hangar Bay A. Security team the to Hangar Bay A." There is the sound of gunfire in the background, during the brief transmission. "All other personnel stay clear!"

"War is hell," Isaiah replies quietly as he looks down at her, and he can't help but lean forward just a touch … and then the intercom goes off, and he snaps his head around to face the nearest speaker. "What the frak?" Moment interrupted.

[Intercom] Adriana says, "Medical standing by"

Eddie's breath is warm and slightly sweet, her exhale hitching with his words and held. And then? Yeah. Hell breaks loose in the hangar bay. Nice timing. Eddie steps to the side, mimicking his look to the speaker as if it will suddenly spout out more information to answer the questions that are no doubt rising in both their minds. "That. Was gunfire." She says flatly.

Harrison reaches toward his thigh holster as if he's ready to go down there and mix it up, and to hell with the consequences… but he's not actually flying, so he's not actually carrying a sidearm. Frak. "Yeah, it was," he grumbles quietly. "Sometimes, I wish I was a jarhead for this very reason."

Eddie continues looking at the speaker, her gaze fixated there. "We'd be at Condition One if we were boarded." Eddie says in thought. "So there must be some…dispute." Human, not Cylon. Her eyes shift to Harrison, studying his profile. "Blood is a bitch to wash off your clothes." No, Eddie has no desire to be down there, other then curiosity.

"Yeah," Isaiah agrees as he looks back toward her with a frown. "I hope it gets sorted out before anyone gets hurt. Last thing we need is more of our own going batshit insane and trying to kill us all." A beat. "There is good news, though. If the hangar's a crime scene, you'll get to dodge my revenge for a few days."

Eddie nudges him with her elbow. "Don't give too much away. I want to be surprised." She looks as if she's going to say something more, but has the presence of mind to stop herself. Finally, and rather abruptly, she steps away towards the hatch. "Have a good evening, Exhile. Try to get some sleep if the giddiness of revenge doesn't keep you up."

Harrison watches her go with a little smile on. "Will do. You do the same," he calls after her before he turns back to the simulators. "Where the frak did my helmet go?"

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