PHD 281: House Arrest
PHD 281: House Arrest
Summary: Kai talks with Reverie to understand why she did what she did.
Date: PH281
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For once, the CAG is not seated behind Sito's old desk, up at the front reviewing patrol footage, or doing paperwork in one of the back rows. He's standing not too far from the hatch, his bulky, blues-clad frame easy to identify in the dimly lit room. Head down, hands jammed in the pockets of his trousers, he's studying the deck not far from his feet. And waiting.

It took a while to file the properwork and there were 'i's that needed to be dotted and 't's that needed to be crossed. Soon, the familiar click clack, click clack of Reverie's cane can be heard as she appears through the hatch. She takes a deep breath and stands at attention, giving the CAG a salute. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

Kai lifts his eyes when he hears the distinct sound of that cane interspersed between footsteps. Not too many people walk around pilot country with one, so he probably has a fairly good guess who it is. Reverie's simply watched for a long while, once she appears in the doorway. Twenty seconds, perhaps thirty, before he returns the salute crisply. The next word that leaves his mouth is half growl, "Talk."

"What would you like to know, sir?" There's a lot of things to talk about. She just needs a place to start from really. There's no disrespect, it's just a question.

There's no visible reaction from the older pilot, if indeed that response wasn't what he wanted to hear. His blue eyes stay on her for a few seconds, then switch to his watch. "You've got five minutes to convince me I didn't just drag your fat out of the fire for nothing. So you either start talking, or I'll be happy to drop your ass back in there until you feel like explaining."

"Lieutenant Passi revealed that she knew of the existence of skin jobs prior to the announcement. In fact she knew of the same one that would eventually murder Captain Sito. From what she told me, she only told her friends and didn't tell the higher ups for fear of being considered insane. I felt that was a dereliction of her duty since that information could have possibly saved the Captain's life had it been known earlier." Reverie says matter of factly. That's the quick thirty second version of it.

The Captain doesn't interrupt while Reverie gives her side of the story. His features are a mask of vague displeasure that might have something to do with the conversation, or the fact that he hasn't had his coffee yet, or the double patrol he had to pull today that's left him saddle sore. "And what made you decide to take matters into your own hands, and order the arrest of an officer not under your command. A superior officer, I might add." He doesn't raise his voice one whit, but there's unmistakeable steel underscoring his words.

"Sir, she continued to tell me that the one who was killed on the deck had the same memories of her former lover. I felt that she was a security risk at that point and a possible sympathizer considering the current status of things. If one skinjob can have the memories of the others, how can we be sure that another skinjob aboard the fleet doesn't possess those memories or use them to their advantage? We don't know what she could have revealed to her lover inadvertently during her time in Scorpia. That is what eventually made me decide to go against protocol, sir. I know it was out of line, sir, and for that I apologize." Reverie says as she bows her head once more.

"You're damned right it was out of line," Spider answers, right on the heels of those last words, without missing a beat. "Look at me when I'm talking to you," is murmured, low-voiced, though the thread of command in his tone is unmistakeable.

Reverie is looking at him. It was a brief bow of her head out of respect, but she doesn't say anything in response even as she looks towards him once more. "Yes sir." Not having anything else to add.

Once eye contact is made again, the Captain speaks quietly, evenly, "You ever pull a stunt like this again, and I'll leave you to rot in there for as long as the Captain feels like having your ass decorate his brig. You will observe proper protocol while on this ship and in my wing. You will not ever again go around me to arrest a fellow officer until such time as the pins on your frakking uniform say 'Captain'. You'll be under arrest in quarters for the next three days, and you will not so much as fart without being accountable to me for it. Am I understood, Ensign?"

"Yes sir." There's a salute once more as she scrunches up her nose and stands at attention.

She's left to stand at attention for a few seconds, again, before Marek acknowledges her salute with one in kind. It, too, is crisp, and there's tension in his bulky frame that's probably best not brought to the fore. "Dismissed, Ensign." His hand is dropped, and he turns away immediately upon having spoken, to return to his desk and the reports that no doubt need filing there.

With that said and done, Reverie quickly turns her heel as she opens the hatch once more. Click clack, click clack the cane goes once more as she heads to the berthings. Unless stopped of course.

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