PHD 289: In The Galley
In The Galley
Summary: A routine patrol has Daliah and a rookie meeting up with Dell who talks about a dream he's been having.
Date: PHD 289 (2/2/02)
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Dell is in the galley quietly working in fact he isn't saying anything to anyone as he works on moving one tray of food into a burner to keep it hot. He is in his uniform but he is moving food because this is what support does. They do all the grunt work that is needed by hardly heroic. He then wipes his hands with the apron he is wearing as he stops to look at the chef since he isn't allowed near knives just as much as he is not allowed near guns. He moves methodically and almost robotically as he works. This sort of work is slowly killing him since he is not out there killing cylons but there is a certain look in his eye.

Normally the Marines don't patrol this part of the ship but between wanting to be a bit more thorough today and being curious as to what is being served for the next meal, Corporal Erasmus and her partner, a young private who doesn't look a day over sixteen thanks to his babyface, wander in. "…so there's a point when you learn to shoot first and then investigate," Daliah says to the young man next to her, "…I don't really buy into that though. Must be the medic in me." That gets the private to laugh and shake his head.
Dell stops as marines patrol by and he looks over at the kid with the gun and he simply grunts, kids get guns but he is called crazy and not allowed near them, his eyes roll over to Daliah and he doesn't say a blessed word as he looks at the private and after a moment he finally speaks breaking his code, "Don't listen to her…I've been there and you know what something bad is coming, evil, fire, pain." He says calmly as you please, "Something wicked this way comes."

The private blinks a bit and then looks to Daliah who rolls her eyes and shrugs in response. "Don't listen to him," she semi-echo's the beginning of Dell's own response. "Things aren't that bad…yet." Lifting a lid to a pot, Daliah leans close and squints, trying to figure out just what the hell is being made. "Excuse me, Private Triptolemus, but please don't scare my rookie. He's fragile." That of course gets the Marine she's mentoring to sigh, giving Dell a plead-filled look as if asking him to save him from her.

Dell stops and he looks at Daliah and then to the private, "They think I am crazy but I had a dreams and visions and I know what I saw." He says continues his work, "There will be fire and things will be consumed in that fire." He looks at the private, "The Lords are speaking and while some thing this is PTSD I tell you this much I know what I saw in my dreams." He continues to work and he is utterly calm, "First standing on Charon's ferry and being alive not dead and not knowing how I got there. Then, the fire which was on all things." He looks at the private, "Then, the ferry moving so fast and the heat of the flame almost knocking me out and then comes the screams that want to shatter souls and after that comes the light and then nothing." He continues to work on his food as he begins on the potatoes, "Something bed is coming and I have seen it…perhaps there will be a rebirth but the end of certain things is coming."

Daliah grunts although it's impossible what causes that disgruntled sound - it could be over how Dell seems to be oozing insanity or it could be the guy she's taken under her wing when he tries to get closer to her, bumping against her side when he does. "Oh come on," she implores Dell with a sigh, the lid now returned to its rightful place with a slight *clank*, "you're really losing it, Private." Shaking her head, she starts to move. "Have you spoken to the shrink?"

Dell looks over at Dal and he shakes his head, "The Padre thinks I have PTSD and the shrink thinks my subconscious is talking to me…though I think the Lords are talking to me." He says again as calm as a cucumber, "But what does it really mean? I think something bad is coming and then after that I don't know." He continues to frown as he goes about his work. "I'm not losing it. I know what I've dreamt about and there is something going on." He says as he looks down at his hands as they work. "Also I see the shrink, every day, one of the perks of being taken off squad and put in support which reminds me you see Kowalski tell him to stop missing since he keeps crapping on the floor just so I have to touch his shit. Imagine picking that up once a day and everyday when I am on head duty." He looks at the kid, "And yeah, they really will put you on such duty." He isn't angry at all as much as it is all matter of fact to him.

"Bad things almost always come, Private. It's the wa…damnit. Jones! Get the frak off of me!" Turning, she glares at the rookie, her brow creasing as she regards him. The stern demeanor she exhibits is pretty much made comical thanks to how he towers over her, the slightly-above-average-height medic over-shadowed by him by at least seven or eight inches. The height difference doesn't seem to register to Jones who steps back quickly, cowed. "Sorry…anyhow, as I was saying, Triptolemus, it's how life is. Good and bad happens. Got to get the frak over the bad shit when it does." Sniffing, she looks around, her shoulders brought up into a bit of a shrug.

Dell looks over at Daliah, "No, this is different something bad is coming." He says as he looks over at Jones and he doesn't comment at all since it isn't his room to do so since support equals support. "And I am telling you something bad is going to happen. I've seen it. Call me crazy all you want but something bad is coming this way." He frowns, "And I don't know when or where."

Daliah shrugs. "We'll be ready for it." Knowing the issues that have befallen Dell (rumors do get around, after all) prompts her from going into details, not wanting to make things worse for him. "Stop stressing over it, though. Seriously. You're going to make yourself sicker." Deciding that they've seen what's up in the galley for long enough, the pair of guards start to shuffle they're way back out, Daliah going first while Jones slowly follows after.

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