PHD 274: Insurgency - Nuke Patrol
Insurgency - Nuke Patrol
Summary: The mission to board the basestar gets a little hairy. The nuke patrol is pinned down while the marines gather intel.
Date: PH274 (17 Jan 2010)
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IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #274
OOC Time: Sun Jan 17, 2010

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The launch permissions and initial gears ups are finished, and that leaves the CAP and the raptors ferrying marines to complete the flight to the basestar. DRADIS remains quiet, even to the midpoint of the flight, with an ETA of approximately two min///utes remaining.

[STC] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Hestia, Strike Lead. Two minutes out, clear DRADIS."

[STC] Roland says, "Surgeon, this is Hestia. Report received. DRADIS is clear here, as normal. Confirmed. Have fun on your outing."

[TAC3] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Flight, Lead. Okay guys, so far, so good. I'll go in first, Kissy you follow me in, Dak you're tail end charlie, but stay close. Pop the hatch as soon as were down and let the Marines get to work."

[Raptor-2201: Kairos] Kairos' Raptor stays steady in formation behind the flight lead. during the approach to the Basestar, the ship appearing to get bigger and bigger in their collective viewscreens as they approach. As the orders come in through the tactical channel, Backfire slows a bit and hangs his Raptor to the rear. Because no one wants to fly behind him.

[TAC3] "Backfire" Kairos says, "Surgeon, Backfire. Wilco."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Surgeon, Madman, I hear you. Falling in. Find us a good parking spot, yah?"

[TAC3] "Backfire" Kairos says, "Did you remember to bring your fake handicap passes?"

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Closer visual inspection of the huge basestar reveals obvious points of entry to space capable vehicles. It would seem they haven't closed up shop since the raiders flooded out yesterday. With open access into the belly of the beast, the pilots have but to take the open door offered to them. The exterior of the ship is a cool bluish green, but the interior seems warmer. There are hints of crimson in the shadows within.

[TAC3] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Hestia, Strike Lead. Looks like they left the door open and the lights on. Heading in now.// Flight, Lead. Follow me in, and don't forget to wipe your feet boys."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Surgeon, Madman, I'm on you."

[TAC3] "Backfire" Kairos says, "Backfire here. I'm following. I've got a bad feeling about this. My mother told me not to stick my head into strange holes."

[TAC3] "Tycho" Reverie says, "Tycho here. Why do I feel like Little Red entering Gramma's house?"

[Wolf-5: Roubani] Roubani's Viper (or well, someone else's Viper, but it has to deal with Roubani today) stays close to the outer patrol as they near the looming bit of stilled enemy. The small flashes from his rolling guncam are almost imperceptible on the left and right of the front of the Viper.

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Backfire, Thorn. Where's your sense of adventure? As long as it isn't shooting us…"

[TAC3] "Backfire" Kairos says, "Thorn. Backfire. Dude, you just jinxed it."

[TAC3] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Hestia, Strike Lead, cameras are rolling but it's.. kind of organic in here. Lots of soft edges. Landing now."

[Raptor-2201: Kairos] Carefully, the Raptor piloted by Backfire in the rear-most position of the formation moves into the maw of the baseship, gently settling down with the rest of the team.

[Raptor-2203: Logan] Surgeon, just like his callsign, comes in and lands smoothly. As soon as he's down, the hatch opens and the CMC detachment starts disembarking. The raptor's engines don't power down but go to idle.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Lead, Madman, reporting on the deck. Opening doors now."

[TAC3] "Backfire" Kairos says, "Lead, Backfire, I can say the same."

[TAC3] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Flight, Lead. Keep the engines warm, if we have to get out of here ina hurry, I'm not taking chances. // Madman, Backfire - roger. Popping hatch."

By the sleek double 'Y' configuration of the Basestar's hull, one might expect an equally streamlined interior. However the landing terminal of this vessel is decidedly more…organic. The bulkhead resembles a cave, dark and ununiform, the surface almost spongey like flesh. Footing underneath is solid but uneven rolling and pitching like a hillside. There's clear exits to the fore and aft, each branching out into different aspects of the ship.

Epi slides out of the Raptor door, weapon at the ready. Whatever reply she had for Ashe is forgotten.

[TAC3] Roland says, "All ships, Hestia. Be advised. We are on standby to receive Raptors in case of emergency. Hestia out."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Lead, Madman, keeping systems greened for launch. Do we all want to deploy our, uh, cargo in the same bay? Or should we try to spread it out?"

Panda punches his release and bolts out the door, hot on Barnabas' heels. His rifle is up, bayonet fixed for some atavistic reason.

Standing in the hatch of his bird, Surgeon looks to Tombs. "Okay Lieutenant, your show. The aircrews will stay with the birds and prep the nukes while you guys do your thing.

[TAC3] "Tycho" Reverie says, "Lead, Tycho. Having all our cargo in the bay probably won't do much to the basestar. Spreading it out might be good."

Coming out of the other Raptor, Tombs is sliding on out, and moving carefully, given the look of the terrain. Eyes flick down to his boots, before glancing back up as his rifle, remains at the ready, and yes Safety decidedly switched off. "Form up.." Called out, before the Captain is spitting a small jet of brown liquid onto the surface of the deck. A faint raise of his brow as he moves a little more further into the room. Nothing like being cautious. "This shit's like walking on a frakkin' womb." Never mind he's never actually walked in, or on someone's womb. As for Logan he's ignored. He's got marines to handle right now.

With the Raptor opened, Reverie's ever so careful with her little present.It's a nuke and she's already looking around scanning the area tofind places to secure it. Gotta be extra careful now.

Cinder hops out of the Raptor, rifle brought up as she steps out and does a quick sweep. That's forgotten briefly as she takes the chance to look down at just what she's stopping on…it's certainly not metal, whatever it is, which is weird given the way these things shine on vid caps. "What the frak…"

Salazar disembarks the Foxbat-4, one of Kharon's remaining raptors moved to join the Hestia's fleet of birds. She hefts her old pack onto her shoulder, then carries her rifle in the other arm, pointed to the … floor. She glances down as the somewhat spongy material gives a little, opens her mouth, closes her mouth, then elaborates on Tombs' orders. "Ladies with the Captain, Women with me." She nods to Cinder, Daliah, and Epi.

It isn't solely the appearance of the basestar that shocks Swift, but rather the analogies he overhears, leading him to make the rather abundantly clear statement of, "How the frak do you know what a womb feels like to walk on?"

Epi glances down and around just long enough to get her bearings before she moves to form up on Salazar. Her lips purse slightly, nose wrinkling a bit. "I'm not going to ask," she murmurs, fingering her weapon almost nervously.

Kellin slides out of the Raptor behind Cinder and Tombs, his Rifle held at a Low ready as he scans the area, moving a bit to one side, fanning out some. A slight grin is given Sal as she directs the Marines.

Bearing a large pack and a rifle, Erasmus disembarks from the Raptor, her expression grim. The terrain's paid no mind outside of the alterness that navigating it necessitates, perhaps in an attempt to not go all grossed out. With assignments given she steps to the side, moving closer to Salazar while shuffling.

Logan looks to the pilots and ECO's "Okay guys. Get the nukes out of the bays and lets get 'em placed. One at each exit from this bay, one against that wall over there. Any one of them would do the job, but three? We'll make Boom proud."

"Swift, I really don't think that's a question you want the answer to," the Lieutenant notes. Sal smirks faintly. Trust Ashe to break the mood. "Shoot the chrome stuff, and … try not to fall in." She glances over at Panda.

Barney's rifle looks forward while the Sarge glances over his own shoulder at the rest of his 'group.' Panda gets a double-glance, with "Cheater." being about all there's time for before he's signalling Ajtai to keep eyes focused direction as they move to form up. His feeling about the floor is summed up with a curt "Slept on worse."

Panda kneels down, holding his SMI-80 one handed while he reaches out to touch the floor. Since it's him, it's possible the womb comments are why he does so. He rises back to his feet in a combat crouch, giving Barnabas a quick nod before resuming watch on his area of responsibility.

Kairos disembarks from the Raptor, glancing back towards Tycho. "You heard the man. Of course I'll help you with the nuke," he says, stepping out onto the ground and making a frowny expression as his boot hits mush. "Ugh, gross…" he grumbles before intaking a deep breath. "Come on, let's make this quick before we get perforated by big metal walking toasters."

With a final console check, Smalls disembarks. "I'll take sentinel, if you want. I'm cool planting unpleasant surprises, too, though."

"Ask your mother, when you die Swift. You'll find it informative." Tombs barks, before he's nodding. "Marek, you and your pack take Fore." So yeah they are splitting up, as apparently there's not that much of a waiting party, just yet for them. Of course that could change. "Boys let's move, aft. Sweep to meet in th' middle. Atjai." and yes he's turning slightly, to motion to the LC. "Get your ass to point, Volker and the rest, lets form up accordingly."

Shaking her head at all the vile, nasty shit spewing forth from the men's mouths, Cinder forms up with Sal even as she shakes her head inside the helmet. AT this time, she slides down her goggles and yanks the straps tight about the back of her helmet.

Thorn sighs. "Frakkin' waste of material." Nevertheless, a moment later he's hefting the nuke out of the Raptor, grunting under the weight as he lugs it towards its designated location.

Matto comes to the fore side of the hatch, not looking about to step out into that mess. Not yet, anyhow. He looks back to Thorn, "Go unlatch the holding area and tap me over comms when you're ready, I'll release the safety so you can ease it down," he tells him. "We'll drag it over together."

Moving smoothly to fall into a nice formation with the rest, his rifle up at his shoulder, Swift smirks a bit. "Captain, we really shouldn't bring mother's into this. Even the Hestia doesn't have the towing capacity to drag yours here." The lame comeback is made so even further as Swift missteps a bit into the goo. "Ah frak. This is the second most disgusting thing I've done this month. Right behind Ajtai's sister."

Salazar nods to Tombs. "Knew you were an ass man, air." She lifts a hand and gestures. "Move out." She hefts her rifle to a more ready position, and takes off toward the fore. "Jarot on me, Brand, you're with the medic. Double time, watch your your peripherals and try not to get shot too much."

Epi dips her head once to Salazar, falling into position next to Kharon's CO.

Logan glances over to Smalls and says; "Go ahead and grab the nuke. I'll stick with the bird." He's looking around, trying to get some idea of the engineering in this place.

Kellin glances over at his counterpart moving off with Sal and calls out "Don't have to much fun blowing up shit Shortstuff" As he speaks he moves into position in his group "This is not much different than the swamps on Sag"

Dorian dips his chin and pads ahead at a light jog, tugging the checkered bandana up over his face. There's very little flesh not covered by something, just fingers and a few strips of skin between cloth and goggles. He stops suddenly where the fore-and-aft juncture meets the hangar and raises a fist for two… three… four… Then the middle finger comes up briefly before he waves them forward.

Cinder gives the other half of the squad a little nod, pushing through them, and readying up to follow Sal.

"Yes, sir." Erasmus motions Cinder closer as she starts to move, making sure to keep pace with the officer while allowing for the other to keep up with her, that done easily thanks to the uneven, mooshy 'ground' they're walking on.

Matto tips his head to the side in a tacit agreement with Thorn at the mention of waste, but… he doesn't like guns and he doesn't like bombs and he -especially- doesn't like nuclear bombs, so the more of them unloaded from the battlestar, in his book, the better he'll sleep.

One of Volker's hands moves to touch under his helmet, fingering the tip of a cigarette conceal behind his ear as a little good luck gesture. After that routine is over and done with, his rifle may as well be glued to his shoulder, falling into place and keeping an eyeball firmly on the mil dot.

Tombs nods. "That's the Signal. Volker, you're next, I'm behind you. Swift and Elmeri, to the rear." And with that he's moving to jog on over, and get this little expedition on the way.

With a nod and an, "On it," Ambrose is off to retrieve the nuke. Not some big, badass Marine, though, it is a somewhat laborous process. Even so, he's the Little Engine That Bloody Well Tries And Eventually Succeeds.

"Guys, I still hope I'm around to see the massive explosion as a result of this," Backfire mentions, heading under the vessel where the nuclear device has been released from the clamps. "Tycho, where the hell are you?" Kairos doesn't want to handle things on his own.

"All right!" Reverie says. She's awfully cheerful considering what's going on. She wrinkles her nose with distaste when she gets off the Raptor. "Groddy." is allshe can say as she looks towards her pilot. "You decide where we're going."

The nukes are heavy, and difficult to move on this 'decking', if it can even be called that. There's a sense of flesh or webbing, almost, when one steps down. Hope the mama spider isn't awake and hungry. Er. Anywho, the space is like a large, mostly darkened cavern with reddish pink walls. There's a definite sense of alien or other to the space. The most disheartening thing is that if there were an attack incoming, the flooring here would be likely to muffle the approach.

Sticking close to his bird, Cass hrrms a bit, looking around looks around. "We're right at the center of the ship - those babies go off, and she'll split right in two, I'm pretty sure. Be on your toes though guys - with this flooring, or whatever the frak it is - we're not likely to get much warning of anyone approching, friend or foe."

Matto waits for Thorn to get in place and releases the clamps, drawing lips together as he does, then finally climbs down and cautiously treads the uneven deck, eyes scouring the hillocks and trying to make some sense of them before he turns to help Thorn ease the thing down. "Shit," he mutters. This is just a little much. "I wonder if we could grab, uh… samples, or something, from those walls. For medical."

"Hey, Surge," Sol asks over the comm, "where d'ya want it? Please say somewhere close 'cuz it's frakkin' heavy." So his breathing indicates.

"Oh hey, it's no problem, Cass. Just listen for metallic….squishing. Yeah, that's it." Over to Tycho, Backfire beckons for her to help him carry the nuclear device. "Dude, Matto. Do it. Just bend over and take a big handful of it." He might be joking, he might not be. "They bugged outta the hangar bay pretty quickly, we might find something they don't." Over to Reverie, he replies, "Tyke, we gotta lug this over to … where am I supposed to take this thing again?"

With Fox-4's nuke detached from its hardpoint, Thorn begins the work of wrestling it into position. It's difficult work, but not beyond the ECO; he doesn't seem to share Kairos' reservations, anyway. As he and Matto are doing the wrestling, his eyes inevitably begin to flick to their surroundings. Unlike the others, he doesn't comment, though there is a slight grimace as he walks across the… whatever it is the floor is made of. "No shit, Surgeon? An' here I thought it was safe t' slack th' frak off." His eyes roll and he gives a slight shake of the head, but then his mind returns to more practical matters. "Let's get it over there, Kiss," he huffs, nodding to a likely looking spot.

Walking over to where Sol is, Cass grabs one end of the nuke; "Against the wall over there. I'll help you get it there, then you can heat it up." He looks over to Backfire he calls; "Far end of the bay. If I'm right, we're gonna use the charges and break her back."

"You sure that's a good idea? What if the cylons have some way to know where missing bodyparts are. I mean this is very organic for something that's supposed to be robotic." Reverie says as she looks towards Matto, squishing something with each and every step. She oomphs at the nuke, helping Dak carry it while she grumbles at Logan. "Great, give us the far position." she says with a shake of her head. "Come on,let's do this." And she starts meandering that way. Squish squish.

"Good thing you came on over," Ambrose tells Logan. "Any much longer and it'd be my back that was broken." With the added help to heft the weight, he starts to carefully maneuver to get the nuke in position.

"Hands are full right now, guy," Kissy points out to Backfire, "Maybe on the way back," he grunts, trying to work his way backward over the contours of the flooring without tripping over anything or losing balance. Balance is important when wrankling nukes with Toes. He takes it slow, choosing caution over haste. "I dunno, Principessa. Maybe the Marines are taking care of the hacking and slashing where they are," he hypothesizes.

Kairos shrugs his shoulders helplessly. "Eh. I'd say the risk is pretty manageable. We can just grab some on the way back or something." Lifting the nuke with his back (oww!) Backfire begins to shuffle over to the far end of the bay as ordered by Logan. "Oh boy. Far end of the bay, they'll ambush us, and we'll be the first to kick the bucket." He's humorously pessimistic. Squish squish, along with his ECO.

Shaking his head and stifling a chuckle, Cass finishes up helping Ambrose get the nuke placed and heads back to the raptor. "Tell you what. I want each raptor crew to grab a sample case out of your stores, and right before we leave, cut out a chunk of this 'floor', seal the case, and put that case in a sealed bag for the Medical and engineering teams back on Hestia."

"You're going to jinx us ya know." Reverie scolds her pilot. Still, she's carrying it to the far end as she continues to look around every now and then. Squish Squish. "You know, we might not need to grab any samples, I'm sure they'll just stick onto our boots and we'll have plenty of samples for medical to study." As they walk, she just stares at the organo-metallic hybridness of whatever the frak they're looking at. "How do you secure this thing? Anyone got some superglue?" Will tools work to secure it somehow? who knows?

"Frak's sake, Ensign," Thorn calls out in Reverie's direction. "It's a bomb, not a permanent resident. Whole thing's going t' be space dust in a little while, anyway." A look to the side; Thorn and Matto are getting close. "Little further…" he huffs.

Setting FAT MAN down, Little Boy, aka Smalls, props his hands against his lower back and stretches, taking a moment to catch his breath. "Sure thing, Surgeon. Let's get this baby fired-up, first." Once he's certain it's secured, he goes into Phase Two.

Logan says, "Thorn's right, Tycho - just get the thing in position - it's not going anywhere."

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Lieutenant, sound off. I need a status report."

Matto's cheeks have flushed a deep red, throat raspy with the exertion of lugging the thing, and he swallows, nostrils flaring, "One sec," he finally grunts over at Thorn, "Let me.. here," he pauses in his progress enough to re-establish his grip (and calm his breathing a little). One moment. Two. Three. He glances the short distance left, "Okay," he tells Thorn, hefting the thing again and keeping going. Slowly.

Meanwhile, Dak Kairos is having no problem towing the nuke with his new ECO partner, squishing along happily. "There's been a whole lot of jinxing going on, Rev," Backfire mutters to her. Having beaten the whole 'this place is gross' thing to death, Lieutenant Kairos just remains quiet, at least until they reach the far end of the bay. Looking over far in the direction of Thorn and Matto, teeth grind over his bottom lip. "I probably shouldn't make fun of him. I might believe in karma."

"Okay, but if the ship suddenly turns and the nukes start slipping and sliding across the floor, I reserve the right to say I told you so." Reverie says matter of factly. Perhaps she caught some of Kairos' pessimism or something like that. Once they reach the far side, she looks towards her pilot so they can gently set the nuke down. "Yes, let's think positive and pray. That's all we can do for now, right?"

[TAC1] Salazar says, "We've got a few bodies in the corridor, and a lot of blood. No metal resistance yet."

Thorn isn't really paying attention to Matto's face, so he's a little startled when the Raptor driver speaks up and Thorn gets a look at his face. From that moment, he's watching Kissy like a hawk as they traverse those last few steps. "Frak it," Anton says finally. "Put 'er down. This is good enough right here." Once the nuke's on the ground, he turns back to Reverie with an annoyed expression on his face. "Do you know how hard this ship would have t' turn for something this heavy t' go 'slipping an' sliding across a smooth metal deck? Let alone this glop?" He snorts, prodding the floorstuff with his boot. "Take y'r head out, rook."

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Roger that, we've got a patrol coming in. Keep me apprised, Over."

"Sliding would largely hinge on the viscosity of the goo. The unevenness of the floor would be more of a hindering factor, probably. Not that I want to be in a position to realize who is actually right." No, Ambrose just wants to finish the job and get the frak outta here. Finishing up, he informs, "Right. The ol' girl is fired-up and waiting to burn the house down. Well, blow it up, anyhow. I'll see about getting that sample." And then it's back to the Raptor to retrieve the needed gear.

Cass is still looking around, trying to understand how the Baseship is put together, at least this part of it, how it functions. Engineers. Figures. "No maintenance gear. No repair facilties. No fueling stations. - but we know this a hangar where the ships come from… " He shakes his head, kneeling to inspect the "floor" more closely.

Air. Wow. At Thorn's suggestion Kissy is glad enough to set the thing down, standing up and letting the air fill his lungs through his nose as he stretches his back, then slowly lets the same breath out his mouth. "Looks close enough to me," he agrees with Thorn, voice a little ragged, still, but at least he doesn't seem to be going into a full attack, for the moment. He turns his head to eye the nearby wall, one hand extending a little bit toward one of the sinewy looking structures, almost touching it before he hesitates, thinking twice. Then, they're touching the floor, and the floor seems to be made of just about the same crap, so… okay, he gives the wall a little grope, tilting his head to the side and down as he sees whether he can find any sort of pulse through the thick material of his suit.

"Guys. Guys. Two words," Backfire calls out to all the nerds, setting the nuke down onto the ground along with Rev. "Inertial. Dampeners. Just sayin'." That, and there's no -up- in space. There's a bbit of a sigh before he looks up at Tycho, "We'll be fine, Reverie. We've got sweet AP rounds in our sidearms. We can't go wrong with that." Suddenly pessimism turns into more humor in order to uplift a spirit. Backfire sure flip flops around. "Can we get this thing armed and ready to go? You know, so we can press a button and incinerate this place."

Thorn mutters something to himself. "You're batting one thousand when it comes t' stating th' obvious there, Surgeon," he calls out with a snort. A look to Kairos. "Sounds like a plan t' me," he says with a nod of agreement. First, though, he ducks back into Fox-4 and returns with a pair of sample cases, into which he cuts a handful of the fleshy floor-stuff. One goes back into the ship… the other into his pocket.

"Give me a decent estimate of the coefficient of fric…" and Reverie stops herself there. Now isn't the time to be sassy, especially when she hears about the inertial dampeners. She just sighs softly and mumbles another soft prayer under her breath instead. "Sorry, I'll just shut up about it now." She takes a deep breath and purses her lips as she nods to her pilots. "That makes me feel a little bit better? Just a teeny tiny bit. But come on, let's head back to the others. Don't feel comfortable being out in the open like this."

The fleshy material that covers the floor and is stretched over the wall is resilient to the touch, like flesh. The material of the flightsuit prevents anything further from being gleaned from the wall tissue.

There's absolutely no audible warning before, deeper in the bay, some somewhere fore, comes the flash of something large and metal making its way into the bay for a patrol. Only Reverie is positioned and looking in the proper direction to note it. At least one Centurion is incoming, but it's unclear if the red 'eye' flashing in its helm has spotted the pilots having a picnic in the bay or not. It steps right past one of the nukes already placed.

Logan looks over to Thorn; "Eh. Thinking outloud. Sue me." He grins though - not letting the other man get to him. "I keep getting reminded of some stuff I saw back at Test.. but I'm not quite remembering the details."

[TAC1] Salazar says, "We've got incoming up our six, cutting us off from the Bay. Unknown number."

"FRAK me." Reverie says as she's looking at the right direction at the right time. "Dak, we need to run, now. Something's coming from that direction." pointing in the way that she's looking. "Guys, we have company. Not sure if it's seen us, though so we might be able to have an element of surprise." With that said, she's already reaching for her pistol.

[Into the Wireless] Logan says, "Tombs, Surgeon. Be advised we have at least one hostile in the landing bay. Will advise when we know more. Out.""

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Surgeon, Deal with it right now, we're cut off from you at the current, we'll hoof it back as soon as we're able. Over"

"Everyone to the birds, right frakking /NOW/ - take that thing down once you're back here. MOVE!" Cass barks as he draws his own weapon.

[Into the Wireless] Logan says, "Copy that. Already on it."

Matto stops his intrigued bit of gropage when Principessa over there starts hollering incoming. He very nearly stops breathing again, then, turning, takes to his boat. Right frakking now, even. One foot after the other, over the lumps, hand at his side, on his sidearm, but not drawing it, yet. Get to Raptor defense point. Then draw weapon.

Being that he's digging around inside the bird to find the cases, Smalls certainly was in no position to see the unwanted arrival. He hears the 411, though. "Uh, I'm actually aboard the bird. Was lookin' for the cases. Still haven't found 'em. Want me to stay put?"

"Well, if they didn't frakking hear us before, they certainly do now," Kairos growls back in the direction of Cass, reaching for his sidearm as Reverie does, keeping close to her as they start to tread back towards the Raptors. "Don't let them tamper with the nukes, you guys. I'd say that's priority."

"Th' frak…" Komnenos mutters as Reverie raises the hue and cry. He turns to see the chromejob advancing on their position; the ECO's eyes widen as he goes for his pistol. Quickly, he switches the weapon over to explosive rounds as he begins backpedaling towards the spot in which the Raptors are parked. "Not going t' surprise anything with you announcing your existence t' all creation…" he sneers under his breath as he levels his pistol.

[TAC1] Salazar says, "Tombs, are you getting whimsical with explosives?"

"Doesn't look like it's seen us. When you're ready open fire and make it count. And frak's sakes you dumbasses, they can't hear us with the helmets on," says Cass.

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Marek, Tombs. Give me…" and sounds of gunfire.."A few frakkin' seconds here.."

"Yeah, well, chromejobs aren't blind, either," Thorn mutters. "It'll see you, y' keep running about like chickens with your heads cut off." Either way, though, it'll be a moot point here in a moment as the Centurion continues to advance. Thorn's still backpedaling, but he and Matto made it further than he'd thought; he's still got some distance between himself and Fox-4. With a muttered curse, he takes aim at the chromejob and prepares to fire. Looks like this just turned into a fighting retreat.

Matto continues on his path, trying to keep his breathing even as shots begin to ring out. Up the ramp, peeling fore, taking a knee and getting in position between the back of the pilot's seat and the fore side of the open hatch, like they taught him in Raptor school. "Thorn, get in and take your cover," he calls to his backseater's helmet, finally withdrawing his firearm and removing the safety, preparing to fire.

Making a dive from where he's crouched behind his bird into the hatch, Cass calls; "Get in the birds guys - we'll fight from there."

Ambrose is already aboard his (well, Logan's) Raptor, taking cover. All the same, he managed to hit the oncoming toaster square in the chest. "Whoa. Sweet! One of you have to tell Iggy it really happened." And then he preps for another shot.

Being on the farthest end sucks as she's running, but slows down so she can look towards the incoming centurion. "Frak, we won't make it in time.." to the Raptors that is. Still she points the pistol at the centurion and tries to shoot. And no, she's not going to retort on the lack of surprise.

Thorn wasn't so lucky; his shot goes wide, missing the Centurion completely. A grim expression on his face, he dashes the rest of the way to his and Kissy's Raptor, stopping only when he gets to the wing. Wordlessly, he turns and fires another shot.

Kairos retreats to his Raptor under the threat of many a round flying towards them, Dak eventually making it back to his Raptor. "Rev, find some cover!" Dak yells to her, jerking his thumb to a sizable piece of raptor. He crouches on one knee and aims carefully, looking to give his ECO a little bit of coverin fire.

Though the centurion hadn't spotted the pilots quite yet, it does seem to clue in pretty quickly when bullets start thudding into the walls just around it, and, in one instance, into its chest. That's a clue by four right there. The metal monstrosity turns, attention zeroing in on the pilots and their backseaters scrambling for the birds. Its arm comes up, the business end of the LMG mounted on its arm brought up with it. A spray of return fire is shortly peppering their cover.

Pew-pew! Reverie actually hit the frakking centurion! Her eyes widen as she squeaks before she continues running. As it returns with autofire, she dives, ducks and rolls over the goopy floor, sliding home on the side opposite of her pilot. "Thanks!" she chirps, before scrambling up to shoot at… nothing.

Never piss off geeks and their posse. The Centurion sprays the raptors, bullets slamming into the hull and leaving quite the impressive dents without penetrating. The high speed, large caliber rounds would amke quite the pattern of dents along the hull. Most of the rounds fall up short, the centurion spraying a pretty decent amount of deck as well. The machine pays with his power source, sparks and clatters to the deck, just as 2 more round the entrance at a run, clearly alerted by gunfire.

Can it be? Is it possible that Smalls got in the killshot? Sure, he had some help, what with how Thorn and Kairos got in good hits and Reverie even managed a decent blow. Still, it was his that took it down. Oh, how he beams. "Okay, guys, seriously, you all gotta tell Iggy I was awesome."

Ping ting ting ting! The bullets richocheting off the craft is enough to disconcert Backfire. His teeth press tightly together as he's slowered by the inaccurate LMG. "One of us has to stay alive to fly this thing out of here, Rev. Keep it in mind. Nice acrobatics, by the way." Dak fires an explosive round at the Centurion, the bullet plowing right into its chest. There's a little bit of pride to be had from finding his mark, but then again Dak isn't one to get overconfident. "I bet you anything he told his friends before he died." Then two more round the entrance. "Stop celebrating. Two more here. Decision time. Do we split the firepower or focus it on one?"

"Go for the left one first - sooner we get one down, less fire we're taking.", Cass calls, taking aim. He gets on the radio to advise the Marines of their situation.

Thorn makes a satisfied noise as his shot takes the Centurion in the neck. The pilots' combined fusillade of fire reduces the Centurion to a smoking wreck, toppling over onto the fleshy ground. The sense of victory doesn't last, though, as two more come to join the party. Nonplussed, Thorn speaks into his radio as he takes aim at the newcomers. "Why you have y'r head so far up her arse, anyway, Smalls?" Thorn asks. "Naught but a first class bitch, that one." He points his pistol at the designated target, pulling the trigger.

"Later, Smalls," Kisseus' voice registers a good deal of tension even over the comms. "Eyes ahead," he tells him. "Fraking shit," he adds, to himself, as more of them come over. Two more. Then four more, no doubt.

[TAC1] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Tombs, Surgeon. Sitrep. Three toaster total in sight. One down. Engaging two and three. Will advise.""

[Into the Wireless] Logan says, "Tombs, Surgeon. Sitrep. Three toaster total in sight. One down. Engaging two and three. Will advise.""

"Hey I learned that from Dorian today." Reverie replies with a happy chirp. She scrambles back up as she aims once more, looking for the other centurions as she scrunches up her nose, focusing and praying to the gods that she'll hit one again.

"She's not a bitch towards me," is Ambrose's answer, while he attempts to line up a shot. Granted, it took months-worth of enduring her anger and assaults to get to that point.

"And Dak, don't you ever talk like that again. We're both going to make it. Is that clear?" Reverie says firmly and resolutely, having processed everything once she catches her breath. She peers up from her cover to make with the pew-pew towards the metalheads.

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Surgeon, Tombs. Sending two Marines back to help out. Keep me posted, Over."

A few centimeters to the right, and Thorn's shot would have blown the Centurion's head off. As it is, though, it's merely a glancing blow, pinging off the chromejob's head armor. "Fraaaak," Anton snarls, hatred flashing in his eyes as he once again takes aim. Rinse and repeat.

Cass takes aim at the toaster and manages to land a shot. He's quiet now, just lining up the next round, trying to get the damnable thigns down ASAP.

"Spoken like a real superior officer, Rev," Dak mentions to his backseater while aiming his pistol. Eyes narrow slightly before his finger squeezes down upon the trigger, hopefully the AP round expelled from the barrel will find the target he had concentrated so hard on hitting.

Matto almost pulls the trigger, then loses it at the last minute, grimacing as he ducks his head a little, getting the barrel against the egde of the frame. Aim. Aiming is the easy part. Pulling the trigger— well, we'll see.

There's a high pitched scream as she shoots. Reverie wasn't fast enough to duck back down right away. And before she does, she gots shot, her eyes widening as she's hit. It's warm and she looks at her chest. She's never been shot before and she immediately crouches down behind the viper, hiding from sight. "Frak, frak, frak." Her voice sounding a little bit panicky. She did get shot afterall.

Wincing as he's clipped in the gut, Cass sees Smalls hit and tries to push him deeper into cover. "Frakking Sonnofa…" He aims at takes another shot.

"No no no no, come on Rev, you're OK." Kairos says, shortly after watching a pair of bullets slam into Reverie. Grinding his teeth together with some form of anger, the pilot jumps out of cover and continues to fire his pistol. "If things keep going this way, boys, we're going to have to call it. As it is, we're gonna need the firepower of even our injured. Tyke, come on, you can do it. Just a scratch, let's go!"

"Ohgods," Kisseus pants to himself, trying to stave off something like panic, breathing growing raspy again. Marines would be so nice right now. But now that he's gotten over the first squeeze of the trigger, he'll at least keep doing that.

Thorn's lip curls as he hears the sounds of pain that accompany Cylon bullets biting into flesh. His fury is starting to get the better of him; like Kairos, he's moving away from his position, sacrificing what minimal cover his position gave him in order to get a better shot at the pesky Centurions.

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Eltee, Tombs. Give me a sitrep?"

The shots he missed can be omitted. Getting his left arm savaged by gunfire isn't something that can be glossed over. When Smalls is hit, there is a sharp cry of pain, the force of the hail of bullets actually propelling him further inside the Raptor. Groaning and panting like someone in a frakton of pain, he drags himself out of the line of fire, as best as he's able. "Fffffffffraaaak."

[TAC1] Salazar says, "Our new friends are down. Moving out to continue the mission. Not major injuries our side."

Another full auto burst pelts into the cluster of Colonials firing on the centurions, themselves taking very little in the way of damage. As bullets rip through flesh and pelt off of the hulls of the raptors, though none of the equipment inside takes damage.

[TAC1] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Tombs, Surgeon. We are taking heavy fire from two toasters. Four injured, one critical. Over."

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Copy that. Eltee, if you have any Aux not wounded, send em back to the Bay, they're taking heavy fire. Over."

"Everyone get IN THE BIRDS! Now! Rev, can you get him aboard?" Cass is on one knee, in his Raptor, trying to get a clean shot off at one of the damned toasters.

"Dak!" Reverie cries out as she scrambles onover, moving from her nice little hiding spot to where her pilot is. She's bleeding,but the adrenaline rush is making the pain go away so she can focus on trying to stop the bleeding. "You motherfrakker, come on, I said we're getting out of here together. All of us. Cass! I need suppression fire if I'm hauling his ass back to the ship!"

As the Centurion goes full auto while Dak is out there risking his neck (literally) for Reverie, the whole thing *ahem* backfires on him when a round goes through his leg. While he's yelling and grabbing that particular appendage, his yelling is cut short as another bullet rips into his neck. The pilot goes down, falling backwards and squishing into the malleable floor. He looks up at the ceiling, everything fuzzy throughout the immense pain.

The centurions pass right by the nukes, perhaps taking the inorganic material as nothing threatening. It seems that there's no stopping them as they approach, closing the distance between the corridor and the raptors. Where the heck are those reinforcements?

[TAC1] "Tycho" Reverie says, "This is Tycho, we need reinforcements! We're getting creamed out here!"

"Tycho, kill that chatter, they're enroute.", barks Surgeon.

The sound of Kairos' yelling draws a quick glance from Komnenos, who winces as the pilot goes down as a blossom of blood appears on his neck. When Reverie cries out for cover, Thorn obliges; he takes a couple more steps out in the open, squeezing off a shot and doing everything short of waving his arms up and down in order to give her time to drag Kairos back to the Raptor.

Matto is doing his best to keep off-channel, though in the confines of his flight suit he's soundly reminding the Marines who brought them there and who can take them home again before the bombs go off. Arm shaking a little, he braces it with his other arm, crouching in cover and trying to lay down a little bit of fire to cover Toes and Rev as they bring people in.

Even over his groans of pain, the surge of adrenaline, and the sound of blood pulsing through and out of his veins, Ambrose hears what's going on outside and manages to process most of it. Rolling partially back into harm's way, he takes aim and lets off another shot, doing his best to offer some coverfire.

Reverie is busting her butt, doing what she can to stop the bleeding. At least now that she's succeeded, she's trying to bring him back to the Raptor only to get hit again in the back as she's turning tail. "Frak!" she yells once more, wincing in pain, but the self-preservation and survival instincts are completely in control as she continues towards the Raptor. "Comeon Dak, we can do this. Get in the Raptor!"

Finally, Thorn's luck runs out; a pair of hammers slam into his torso, and the lanky ECO pales, wheezing in surprise as he looks down to see blood trickling from a pair of gunshot wounds to the chest. He sidesteps, stumbling back towards the Raptor; that steely, hateful glint never fades from his eyes, though, and a couple of flesh wounds aren't enough to keep him from staying in the fight.

That didn't much help. All the same, Sol continues to attempt to give adequate coverfire. "H-" Gasp. "H-" Heave. "Hhhaulasssssss," he croaks into the comm.

Oh, and as she's scrambling back to the Raptor with Kairos in tow, Reverie still takes a look back and shoots one of the centurions once more. She's high on adrenaline right now. Pew pew!

Barely getting missed, Cass hangs in there in the hatch, taking aim again grimfaced. "Where the FRAK are those marines!!?!"

"Shit. Thorn," Kissy calls to Thorn's helmet, crouching on his knees to reach down an arm behind the Raptor wing to help pull him up when he stumbles toward the hatch, other hand still letting shots go at the Centurions.

The shock of being shot is slowly overruled by the relief of being tended to in a first-aid capacity, everything coming back into focus as the unconscious person slowly rouses back to life with the onset of bandages and a good couple slaps in the face. "Oh, good Gods, that was painful…" Backfire grunts before slowly picking himself up while being dragged, limping a bit since his leg was grazed. "Thanks, Tyke…let's stay in the hatch and keep shooting.." With that he clenches his teeth together and fires more AP rounds. If you can give the pilot one thing, he is determined.

On the way back to the Raptor there's more clicks and twangs of bullets hitting the metal. Reverie isn't fast enough and as she's running, finally reaching the ship, she cries out in pain. Bullets graze her head and hit her in the back once more as her eyes widen. She's starting to go into shock. Oh dears.

Well, the cover fire tactic is failing. So, if he's going to fail, Smalls might as well fail trying to take down one of the not really tin cans. "Toast my bagel, frakker," is gritted through his teeth, lifting his good arm to take aim.

Seeing more people hit, Cass yells "FRAK! Get inside, we're gonna have to pull into the ships if they don't get here fast." He keeps firing though, face grim.

Komnenos is hit by another pair of rounds, another in the chest and one in the arm; this time he's not so steady as before, tumbling to the ground with a strangled shout of pain. He lays there still for several seconds, seconds that feel like an eternity; finally, though, he's able to grit his teeth and pull himself back up, retrieving his weapon and shambling back towards the ship. Unfortunately, where he is, he's still going to be out in the open a little while longer. Thorn snarls in pain, trying to steady his hand as he fires off a round to cover his slow retreat.

Out of his peripheral vision, the injured Kairos watches Tycho take a few more rounds in places he'd really not see ejected munitions impact into. "Good Gods, Reverie. I figured someone as little and tiny as you would NOT be a gods damn bullet magnet," he grumbles while dragging Tycho further into the Raptor, grabbing the first aid kit and cracking it opn. "Stay with me, Rev." As things get more and more dire, Dak gets a little more frantic, but his head is enough in the game to try to help her out. "Focus on my face, all right?" The vibration of his larynx really hurts to talk, thanks to the neck wound.

The Centurions stand roughly mid-bay between the raptors and the bay's exits deeper into the ship. Two marines skid around from the aft, one of them falling to a knee with his rifle raised. The other yells, "COVER!!!" At the top of his lungs.

Reverie is a bullet magnet :(. But at least she is in the safety of the Raptor now, bleeding away. She can hear Dak's voice and mumbles something unintelligible under her breath. "DaMrrgle." is what it sounds like and perhaps there was a "FRAK" in there too. She's losing color as she's getting fixed up, but she's still in la-la land for now.

"Frakkin A!" Cass sees the arrival of the Calvary… err CMC and takes aim again. "DIE YOU TINPLATED….."

Matto is shifting up to the balls of his feet again, about to jump down and help Thorn into the Raptor, but at the call from across the way he freezes and curls into the cover spot just behind the pilot's seat. Once the explosion's done, though, he slings himself down out of the hatch and crouches by where Thorn's… on the ground.. again. "Thorn. Thorn, can you hear me? I've got you," he says, trying to figure out how best to lift him without aggravating his wounds.

Smalls missed. The good news is that the newly arrived Marines (and their grenade) didn't. "Thanks!" he manages to call out. Another round then parts from his pistol.

"Motherfrakking frak frakking frak," Dak growls, doing what he can for the downed ECO before tucking her away in the ship and leaving her to lay there. "Don't move, Rev. But stay awake. Can you do that for me, sweet cheeks?" He caresses her helmet for a moment before hanging back out the hatch, raising his pistol and throwing a bullet or two back towards the Cents.

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Eltee. This is the Captain speaking.." a pause probably so Tombs can do something. "We found something. Sitrep?"

"Mrrgle?" mutters Reverie as she's there and kinda not at the same time.

Thorn's not quick enough; grimacing in pain, he's still a few steps from the Raptor's wing when yet another round slams into his torso. He sinks to one knee, and then all the way to the ground, crying out in pain. Then, Kissy's there. Thorn looks up at the other man and reaches out with a bloodstained hand, grabbing at Matto's flightsuit. "Just… pull me th' frak… up…" he snarls, solving Matto's problem for him as he somehow manages to pull himself to his feet. The man's got to be running on pure adrenaline at this point. Blood dripping from his myriad wounds, he stumbles onto the Raptor's wing and into the ship, finally collapsing into his seat with an agonized moan. The already pallid ECO blanches even further as he looks down at the bloody mess that is his chest.

Jenks, the one who yelled for everyone to take cover, hurls a frag grenade in the open space of the bay, taking a calculated risk that the pilots and ECOs have enough sense in them to duck behind cover, to avoid shrapnel. The concussion shouldn't be enough to hurt them with the distance, but it sure as shit would hurt like a bitch if they caught some splash. And Tombs would never let the marines live it down. Especially considering what Volker and Ajtai did earlier.

One of the hulking deathbots takes heavy enough damge from the blast to blow off part of its body. That, compounded with the rounds it takes, send the thing clank-toppling over. The other turns to face the marines, who appear to have the superior firepower.

Colton yells, "HOW DO YOU LIKE US NOW!" Oh, look. A Parts in training. Jenks swaps up to rifle, and both marines take aim on the clanker.

[TAC1] Salazar says, "We're working an intel angle. Our time's ticking down. Will report again in a moment."

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Tick quicker, we found this thing's frakkin heart, or brain..whatever the frak it is. We're going to pull the plug here soon and work our way back…You won't believe this shit…"

[TAC1] Salazar says, "Oh. I think I might."

Seeing the last Toaster go down, Cass sighs in relief, and starts heading over to help treat the injured. "Good work you guys.. all of you." He moves first to Reverie as she's the worst injured, making a radio call enroute.

[TAC1] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Tombs, Surgeon. We're secure here for the moment, thanks to your boys. Nukes are set, we're ready when you are.""

[Into the Wireless] Logan says, "Tombs, Surgeon. We're secure here for the moment, thanks to your boys. Nukes are set, we're ready when you are.""

Matto does pull. Bracing one foot against the ramp he tries to keep pressure over some of the wounds on Thorn's chest to keep him from bleeding more than he already is. Uncomfortable, sure, but he gets Thorn aboard, turning back to try to cover their retreat in the meantime, not having noticed the Centurion redirecting its anger elsewhere. He safeties the weapon, then, though, getting it into its holster and rampaging through back cabinets with shaky fingers until he finds a first aid kit. "Here, Toes, let me see, okay?"

Ambrose didn't get the killshot, this time, but that's okay. He wasn't on the receiving end of one either. Sagging somewhat, he rotate to slump against the bulkhead. The pistol is set down and his good hand reaches over to clasp his shot to shit arm. "Yeah," he groans, "Awesomeness." Which he means. Then, he adds, despite the pain, "Uh… guys… make me sound more badass when telling the tale."

The marines, Jenks and Colton, stay in the entry way to the Bay, though one of them does move over to cover the Fore entrance, to serve as an early warning/defense system should more toasters come clanking.

Dak pulls his helmet off and settles down in the hatchway. "I'm never going to say anything bad about any Marines ever again," he murmurs quietly, grimacing and holding the wound on his neck. Kairos doesn't look so hot, but he's okay. Not like his backseater, though. There's a groan, before he slides the helmet back on, realizing he needs it to communicate. "Guys? I love you. And not in a gay sort of way. I mean, like, you're awesome and I'm glad to- all right, enough of the fuzzy wuzzy bullshit. What now?"

Seeing the blood continue to ooze from his wounds, Thorn's composure begins to slip. The hyperventilating ECO utters a sound that's half snarl, half scream as the adrenaline begins to give way to the pain. "Frak, frak, frak," he whispers, but he's able to restrain himself long enough to allow Matto to go to work with the first aid kit.

Working swiftly Cass manages to get most of Reverie's bleeding stopped at least for now. She'll probaby need surgery for the bullets, but she's alive. "Tycho, wake up girl, and stay with me. C'mon now." He looks to Backfire; "You got her? I need to check on Smalls."

Getting treated once more helps. There's more than a mrrgling sound escaping from her lips before she gasps and starts coughing. At least Reverie's conscious once more as she smiles up towards Logan and Dak. "Love you guys too, in a completely 'nonslut that doesn't makeout with half the ship kinda way.'" she says cheerily but meekly, still bleeding from her brow and her chest.

Matto gets his hands, at least, to stop shaking, as he regards the insides of the kit and remembers his training, cutting away the flight suit to lay bare the cluster of wounds on Thorn's chest, injecting a bit of local anaesthesia to numb the pain right around the wounds, dousing them with antiseptic and packing them with gauze before taping them down and applying airtight patching to the flightsuit where he'd cut it. The arm doesn't look as bad, in the grand scheme, so he just squeezes some antiseptic in there and patches up the suit before tying something to apply pressure around the outside of the suit so it'll bleed less.

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Eltee, Tombs. Get ready to hump it back to the Hangar for take off, when I tell you."

Backfire nods his head. "Yeah Cass, I took care of it. I'll make sure she keeps breathing until we get her to Sickbay." He waves the other LT off before sitting beside Reverie in his own Raptor, looking down at her, putting on a happy face. "I see what you did there, Tycho. Keep making jokes."

[TAC3] "Backfire" Kairos says, "Smalls okay? I saw him get hit pretty bad. Sol, still breathing? You better frakkin' be."

[Into the Wireless] Kairos says, "Smalls okay? I saw him get hit pretty bad. Sol, still breathing? You better frakkin' be."

Nodding to Dak, Cass moves bac to his own bird and has a look at Smalls; "You're gonna need surgery on tht arm, but you'll be alright.", he says after taking a look. Working quickly, He gets some bandaging and immobilizes the guy's arm by strapping it to him as best he can, wincing once or twice from the wound in his own side.

Logan says, "He'll be okay Backfire. He's shot up pretty bad in his left arm, but… he'll heal."

Matto just sort of mutters a play-by-play of what he's doing while he's working on Toes, keeping himself focused.

[TAC1] Salazar says, "You got it, Captain."

"Yeah, well, I can't stand most of y', and only tolerate th' rest of y'," comes Thorn's voice over the radio. It's sounding a little loopy, though; probably the morpha from the first aid kit talking there. Surely he can't be that disagreeable, right? The pain is starting to ebb, at least. Breathing heavily, he remains in his seat as Matto continues to bandage his myriad wounds.

"Watch it, Backfire. Or I might do what I did before again." Reverie warns before she coughs a little,wincingas she does so. Harder and more painful considering there's a hole or two in her chest afterall. She's slumped up against the hatch while she reaches out towards her pilot. "Help me to my seat? Someone's gotta watch the DRADIS when we leave. And are you okay?" she says, her flightsuit still moist from blood and antiseptic.

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Eltee, Bug out now. We're about to leave a load in our date's face."

[TAC1] Tombs says, "Surgeon, Tombs. Get your kids and shit together, we're all humping our asses back. Get ready to fly once we're all loaded up. Over."

On hearing the call from Tombs over Tac-1, Cass calls to the other pilots. "Alright guys, get the injured buckled in, get aboard and heat 'em up. We're out of there the minute the last Marine's aboard, sounds like they're coming in at least warm if not hot."

"That's a negative, Rookie. You're staying where you are," Kairos mentions to Reverie, his head shaking. "I'll take care of the flying, and the CAP will take care of the bad guys. You just lie down and relax there, and the next thing you know, you'll have all sorts of hunky male doctors performing procedures on you." He blinks for a second before shaking his head. "Er. The point is, relax and you'll be okay." A pause until he radios Kom, "Hey Thorn, you still got the goop?"

Matto sucks some air between his teeth in a little tsking sound. "Are you telling me that kiss didn't mean anything to you, Thorn?" he asks the ECO he's working on, obviously joshing, from his tone of voice. Right? "Okay, I think that's about what I can do. Your suit's sealed up. Are you going to be able to keep your eye on the console on the way home?"

[TAC1] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Tombs, Surgeon. On it. The birds are hot and we'll be ready the minute you close the hatches. Haul ass."

[Into the Wireless] Logan says, "Tombs, Surgeon. On it. The birds are hot and we'll be ready the minute you close the hatches. Haul ass."

Smalls sounds like utter crap, but he's not so injured that he can't keep talking. Granted, he'd probably need to be silenced in order to be silent, but not even two Centurions were able to keep his trap shut. "Yeah," he coughs to Dak, "Still around to steal all the oxygen." Another cough and a groan. To Logan, he murmurs, "Thanks, man. You have all your pieces?" With that, he starts to amble towards his station, being extremely careful with his arm. More wincing, groaning, and sharp breaths ensue, as well as quiet cursing.

"Fiiiiine. You'll carry me to sickbay though, right?" Reverie quips, snickering once more before she winces in pain. Gah! Can't have humor with bullets in chest. It hurts! She scrunches up her nose and nods as she leans back and relaxes, not like she has any choice in the matter. The anasthesia is doing it's job and she yawns sleepily. "Wake me up when we're back. I wanna nap."

Thorn manages to muster a thin smile for Matto's benefit. "Thanks, Kiss," he says weakly, his voice strained and throaty. He nods shakily at the pilot's question. "I'll bloody well manage." No pun intended, there. He clicks his helmet radio back over to the general frequency. "Yeah, Backfire, I got it. Leastways we're not goin' home emptyhanded."

Logan nods to Smalls, "I got one, we're set." He looks at the ECO worridly, and makes sure he's strapped in. "We get on the deck back home, you're going straight to sickbay."

Matto crouches, then stands, offering both arms to help Thorn up and to his chair for strapping in. "You got some samples?" he presumes, from the comment. "Hell, the samples are probably slopping down the walls out there, at this point." Curious, he does squint into a side window, seeing what sort of shape the bay walls are in. Are they bleeding?

Since Rev is just gonna lie there and go nap, Kairos nods his head. "Just ah, try to stay awake. It might be better that way, I dunno. It's not like I know anything about medicine." Backfire gets up and heads to the pilot's seat, strapping in and waiting for launch time. And then lunchtime.

"I know. I'll stay awake. Gotta figure out how many cakes I have to bake once we get back. There's at least two." Reverie says firmly and resolutely. She's making one for herself afterall. "And we all better get frakking medals for this mission." she says with a grump while she's still slumped against the hatch.

[TAC1] (from Salazar) Salazar's voice comes over the comms again. The tone is flat. "Typical. En route, Captain." There's a pause, a quieter, "Thank you," And then, before the channel closes, there's the sharp report of a gunshot.

There's a lot of blood, no small amount having dripped to the floor. Just imagine if Epi decided to vomit! The Raptor smells like sanguine copper, tinged with sweat. Naturally pale, Ambrose is even more so due to blood loss. Even so, he grits his teeth and pushes through it. He's a hardcore computer nerd with a job to do. "Someone should warn Mooner that I talk in my sleep," he cracks. Although, really, it's true. "Let Booster know I'll be fine, yeah? If she finds a recorder, I'll even talk into it, so I can keep her awake, even though I'm not there." No, not even injury can keep him quiet for long.

Once she's sure his bird's hot and ready to fly, and that The Babbling One is securely strapped in, Cass moves to stand in the hatch of his bird, watching for the others. He quirks an eyebrow when he hears that gunshot but doesn't say a word. There's time for explanations later.

"Yeah," Thorn grits. "Right before th' toasters showed up." Twitchy hands reach for the console in front of him, bringing up the DRADIS display and the ECM suite. Might as well be ready to get the frak out whenever the rest of the marines decide to show up.

Smalls doesn't hear that gunshot over the Marine channel, not being on it. With his good arm and a few keystrokes, he gets his ECM system into fighting form.

"Lots of frakkin' cakes, Reverie," Dak laughs out, drumming his gloved fingers against the console while he waits for the marines to show up. He can only wonder what has gone on in the rest of the ship. "Oh gods, it really frakking hurts to talk. Let's not talk anymore."

"It hurts to do anything." Reverie quipsas she starts to ease on up ever so slowly. She's still a bloody mess, but she hobbles on over toherseat at the DRADIS, slowly strapping herself into her seat. "That's good. Lots of cakes. Then it was a good day."

Matto makes certain that Thorn's strapped in tight before he heads up front, climbing into the pilot's seat and easing into it, doing a brief check-over of systems and then, of all things, of himself, as if he might have been shot without knowing it. Nope. Flightsuit still intact, and body within. Which is subsequently fastened into place. Time for operation GTFO.

Panda and the boys barreling down the hall make one hell of a racket. They're running like the devil is on their heels. Which, considering what the ship's doing… he just might be.

Blood and thunder. That's a pretty good description of what comes from the aft corridor. Volker is damn near sprinting when the group of Marines appear, the Sarge covered from head to toe in blood, goop and gods-only-know what else in an excellent impression of the final few scenes of Carrie. Not to forget there's a good couple of inches of shiny centurion metal sticking out of his right eyebrow, bobbing up and down with every bootstep.

And coming from the aft side of the ship, the marines are hoofing their asses back to the busses. However, the only one waiting at this point is the Captain. He's pausing mid way to look back towards the fore Corridor, before he's checking his watch. "Alright kids. Frakking get it in gear. We're greatly overstaying our frakkin' welcome!" And yes, that was an order to marines, and any pilots who might be dilly dallying.

Kellin looks around "Where's the other squad?" He's following orders but he keeps looking back the way the others went.

"I like chocolate," Sol tells Reverie over the pilot comm. Even though he can't quite see what's going on, he hears the CO.

Luckily, it would appear that all the pilots have buttoned it in. Backfire's aboard his craft, strapped in tight, with a bleeding Reverie laying on her back on the floor, first aid already performed on her. The hatch is open, and he's just waiting for the rest of his people before they high tail it outta there.

"Get in the Frakkin' boat Lance Coolie." That's the last time that Tombs is repeating himself. As for the other fireteam, he'll be sure they get in, and get on before he does. You can bet your sweet asses on that. And with that one hand is pressing to touch at the band at his nec. A few words exchanged, as he waits for the other kids to high tail it in.

Daliah runs in as fast as she can, her arrival impeded slightly by the weight of her medpack. She doesn't wait, instead hopping into one of the first Raptor's she approaches which happens to be the same one she arrived in. Tending to injured will have to wait till they're the frak off this piece of shit.

Salazar is the last marine out of the corridor leading deeper into the ship, the last of the second fire team to board a raptor. She's about thirty seconds behind the others, and then she's hopping into strap into a seat. "Shittiest service ever, Captain. I say I pick the place next time."

Panda slows enough to raise his rifle as while getting his bearings, trying to make out the figures in the cockpit glass. Ah, good, not shiny. Onhe goes!

[TAC3] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Flight, Lead. Head 'em up and get out of dodge. Be ready to detonate on my command"

[TAC3] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Hestia, Strike Lead. All personnel aboard and accounted for. We are clearing the Baseship now. Request permission to detonate the devices."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Surgeon, Madman, closing hatch and queueing up launch in formation with you."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Strike Lead, Spider. Good to hear your voice. Permission granted, the second all points are clear."

[TAC3] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Spider, Strike Lead. Copy that. Please advise medical to have gurneys standing by. We've got about a dozen injured."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Copy, Strike lead. Medical will be standing by."

[TAC3] "Backfire" Kairos says, "All callsigns, Backfire. We are clear."

[TAC3] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Flight, Surgeon. Detonate on my mark. Three, two, one Detonate!"

[STC] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Hestia, Black Cat, patrol's clear."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Surgeon, Madman, wilco."

[TAC3] "Backfire" Kairos says, "Backfire here. Tycho's pressing the big red button now."

[STC] Tiera says, "Hestia Copies Black Cat, be advised Medical will be standing by in the hanger bay."

The raptors liftoff and make swift egress from the enemy capital ship, which banks away behind them at a sharp angle. From here, the thing seems almost peaceful, if faintly menacing. The source of the shuddering that was felt before they launched becomes clearer now, as the massive 'arms' of the craft live up to their name, and begin to change configuration from a star— into the vee shaped pattern of FTL navigation and atmospheric entry.

As manual overrides for the nuclear salvos are detonated in tandem, the baseship is preternaturally still for a moment. A silver, ghostly shape occupying the dead of space some kilometres out from Hestia in the distance. And then, soundlessly, the enemy ship begins to come apart. Its arms begin breaking away, crumpling, its innards lit up as fire rages through the corridors. Metal shreds and peels away from fleshy innards, like an animal to the slaughter. And then, there's a rumble of kinetic energy as the thing simply comes apart at the seams and.. explodes. The shockwave rips through the fleeing raptors, jarring them heavily.

[TAC3] "Backfire" Kairos says, "Now THAT'S a SPICY MEATBA-whoa!"

[STC] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Hestia, Strike Lead. Request priority clearance for three raptors carrying injured."

[Foxbat-4: Matto] Kisseus can of course foresee a shockwave enough to tip the aft of the boat south-carom a few degrees and code in a little bit of backdrift so that, though the Foxbat feels the force of it, it's as a straight, strong push rather than a jostling rocking before the Foxbat evens out its course again.

[TAC3] Alyssa says, " Strike group, this is Medical. We are awaiting your landing. Can you give us an estimate on the numbers of wounded and the severity of their wounds?"

[Raptor-2201: Kairos] Kairos hits the full throttle and rides the wave much like a surfer would, the ship being jarred slightly and all of the passengers within just shaken a little. There is no damage incurred to the Raptor, and as the shockwave passes and dissipates, there's nothing left to do but celebrate. That was a pretty sweet 'splosion.

[TAC3] "Surgeon" Logan says, "Medical, Strike lead. Approximately one dozen. Several with light gunshot or shapnel. A few with chest wounds, one severely damaged arm."

[STC] "Backfire" Kairos says, "Hestia, this is Backfire. Gimme clearance to land. I got bleeding folk here. That's including myself."

[STC] Roland snaps off over the comms, "Strike Lead, Hestia. You are hereby granted priority clearance for wounded passengers. Repeat. PRIORITY clearance."

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