PHD 235: Into The Glitter
Into The Glitter
Summary: Red Berthing Antics. Naked Antics.
Date: PHD 235
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Berthings are quiet, the post-CAP shuffle having already taken place— the last of last CAP's pilotry lurking back in the showers, facing up into the hot water with hands partially over his face as he breathes in the billowing steam. "Uungh," he declares, muffled, into his hands, finally making himself lean forward to rinse the suds out of his hair, fingers scrubbing them out.

Does Eddie ever work? She has one of those shifts with Hale that's always at an off hour, and so Eddie rises and falls, or sleeps and wakes whenever her body decides it's time. Finishing off her post coma pee, she pads into the shower area, hearing one of them on. "Better have saved me some frakkin' hot water."

Matto tips his chin down and squints at the bubbles running down the drain, grinning broadly as he hears the voice from without. "Plenty in here so far. Better hurry, though," he replies easily, relaxed in the scalding spray. And he doesn't seem to be lying, as much steam as there is back there. He doesn't seem in a great rush to leave, especially with no line.

No line, but Eddie's still ducking into Matto's shower stall once she's figured out it's him. She's still fully clothed, mind you, when she steps into the cramped space. "Hey look, about earlier…" She starts, momentarily distracted by naked Kisseus to continue.
Still in blue from earlier, Roubani follows a short line of pilots into red berthings, the clump breaking up and dispersing to their own bunks. He tosses a few empty folders up onto his mattress and then unbuttons the heavy jacket, shrugging it off.

It's not as though Kissy's not naked often enough. He started out in Red Berthings maintaining some sort of propriety, but as he'd come to get used to the place he'd gone back to some quidity of the nudist habits he'd enjoyed in Black berthings. He turns his shoulder into the spray as Eddie ducks in, "Hey, Moonshine. What's up?" he asks her, voice registering a gentle dash of concern. As usual, he shows no particular shame in being nekkid.

Eddie leans against the far wall of the stall, even as her trouser legs get soaked. At least Moonbeams eyes are back on Matto's face. "Just forget you saw anything, alright? Make an awkward situation less…awkward." Yeah, nevermind their /current/ situation. "The doctor was just trying to…you know. Nevermind." She quirks a smile, leaning forward and tossling his hair. "Missed a spot." That said, she slips out to let Matto finish his bidness.

Roubani has wandered to his locker now in T-shirt and blue trousers, digging out his toothbruth. Compulsive dental care these days. He sticks the toothbrush in his mouth and strides into the head, trying to get the cap off his far oversqueezed toothpaste tube at the same time.

Matto's eyes narrow slightly at the first exhortation, head's axis tipping forward and to one side in a curious look through the pale steam. "Uh… okay," he agrees, with a permissive upturn of one hand, brain working almost visibly to piece things together, "Hey— if the doctor was… making unwanted advances, y'know, you were fully within your rights to kick him one. I shouldn't have chided you for it, yah? But sometimes a footrub… is just a footrub. I know some people don't think so, but… just because you let a man touch your feet doesn't give him a right to anything else. And if he doesn't know that, well, I'll teach him better, okay?" A little… protective? Maybe?

Eddie withdraws enough from Matto's stall as to not interfer with his shower, leaving the curtain open. Standing out in the aisle, she's wearing a smile and damp clothing, now. "Nothing like that, Kiss. He was actually being…sweet. Which just tells me he doesn't have a lick of sense in his dense gods forsaken head." She catches sight of Roubani over by the sink, and gives him a little heads up nod.

Roubani stops fiddling with the toothpaste cap, looking up. Eddie's damp, that's Matto's voice in the shower, and they're talking about…eh? He scratches his head, looking back at Eddie and pointing at the exit with his toothbrush. Silently he mouths, 'Should I go?'

Matto is fairly well rinsed off, by now. As well as his usual post-shower shade of flushed red. He turns off the water and heads up toward the front of the stall, grabbing the towel as he does and flinging it over his head to start drying off the great mop of wet curls up there, wandering out of the shower with head and shoulders and nothing else covered up. "There's nothing wrong with showing a bit of kindness, Moonshine. People -have- been known to do so from time to time," he keeps on talking. "And like I said, a sweet gesture doesn't -have- to lead to anything else. Letting yourself relax and enjoy wouldn't have to mean you've given in or surrendered somehow," he points out, hands working his hair from the opposite side of the towel.

Eddie gives a little shake of her head in the negatory towards Roubani, even hitching her head to invite him into the conversation. Whatever she can say to Kisseus, she sure as hell can say to Nadiv. Eddie's even being good and not noticing which particular body parts jiggle and wiggle while Matto towel dries his hair. Much. "I don't want logic, Matto-man. However sound. I wanted to frak him and get it out of my system not be all…pretty princess pampered." That said, she's making a snatch for his towel if only so she can institute a right of Pilot showers: the towel snap.

Roubani doesn't seem to mind Eddie doing all the staring for him. Someone has to balance the modesty out. Even he does /maybe/ glance over her shoulder. Like once. He chews on the toothbrush idly for a few seconds while this continues around him, then pulls it out again. "I've missed something."

"Some people sort of like to establish some kind of emotional connection to another person before sleeping with them— ack!" Kissy fumbles as his towel's stolen, "Oh! Hey, N— OWW!" he adds, jumping a little when snapped at by the towel, "Give that back—" he adds, reaching for the towel.

Eddie holds the towel up like a flag after she successfully snaps Matto, hoisting it up triumphantly and trying to keep it out of his reach. "I have a hard-on for one of the doctors." She explains to Roubani. "But he has a bad case of morals, so it's just not in the cards. I think he'd rather father me, then frak me. So be it. I was just looking for a way to release some stress after all this Hestia crap."

"Oh." Roubani steps cleanly out of the way of the towel-flicking and flailing. Poor Matto. "A doctor, well. Who wouldn't?" The hand holding the toothbrush makes a mild gesture with it. "At least he sounds very nice. And Kisseus is right, perhaps he wants some kind of connection thing first."

"Hm!" Kissy's attention's been successfully diverted. One grab at the towel; another. But no joy; the Moonshine's too quick for him. Finally he just stands there, dripping, a little smile twisting surreptitiously at the corner of his mouth as he tries to affect a sulk. "Fine— keep it— I'll just drip dry," he announces. "… On your bunk!" aaaaand he's off— bounding into the other room naked as the day he was born and almost as wet.

Eddie continues teasing Matto with the towel, "It all comes back to connections. Which I don't do, but it's a nice fairytale. I'm more apt to spoon with the pair of you." Why? Because it's safe. "I spent one night with Alex. /One/. Where we tried to connect, and by the next morning, he was ready to murder me for my morning breath and I him for the way he snor…wait..what! Hey!" She screeches and ends up bounding after the naked Raptor bunny, but at least she's fully clothed. Wet, but fully clothed.

The hatch to Red Berthings opens a little slowly. No, it's not quite hesitantly, but it's not the way someone who lives here opens the door. A be-uniformed psyche steps in, tugging at her uniform jacket's hem as she goes.

Roubani sighs, in that not-serious way a kindergarten teacher might when the kids get into the glitter. "Please don't behead anybody," he calls after them - granted, it's font - and starts off after them at a much more dignified walking speed.

Matto might not be the quickest on his feet, but when he gets the mischief in him he's capable of all manner of thing one might not expect from him. In this case he's got the spirit of the great big family dog that escaped bathtime and thinks it's great fun to be chased about the house and jump up on the furniture, beelining to Eddie's bunk and just diving on in, landing on the front side of his shoulder and letting his impetus roll him over onto his back with a big wet flop, arms extended upward in victory.
Matto would have ordinarily stopped to say hello to the Gunner, but there was soggy vengeance to wreak.

Eddie slows when Matto reaches his goal, letting out a groan that comes from the belly. Then before she can think on it too much, she sprints off again, streaming past the Shrink and diving in after Matto with a cry of, "You little shit." Eddie's clothes are wet. Matto is wet, and naked. And Roubani is trailing after out of the Head. "Eat noogie."

Aly's just inside the hatch, blinking as a wet, naked Matto goes streaking by followed soon after by Eddie. Clearly the woman is just not used to pilots. Her attention turns to Roubani and she offers, tone dry, "Did I come at a bad time, Lieutenant?"

Roubani is, of course, clothed. And dry. Walking after the two runners like someone keeping an eye on some frolicking puppies off their leashes. He stops at the sound of Mimeux's voice, his hands folding behind his back. "No, sir. Bit of levity."

Matto just keeps rolling about to rub it in (figuratively -and- literally, in this case), the air knocked straight out of him in something that can't help but be toned as a laugh as Moonshine tackles him and tries to get him into a headlock for noogietimes, "Nevar!" he declares, grabbing at her arm to try to get the better of her, though likely far too gently to do any good.

The hatch opens, the hatch bangs shut, and the flight suit-clad Captain who enters casually steps around Aly, and any naked, roughhousing pilots that come between him and his locker. "You trip and break a leg, I'll break the other one," he mutters gruffly, kicking a discarded boot out of his way as he begins spinning the combination on his lock.

Eddie wrestles with Matto in the cave of her bunk as he tries to dry himself off on her bedding. It's a flail of limbs, half of which are naked, and none of which are pretty considering the circumstances. "Sir…*squeak*…yes sir!" Comes Eddie's reply to the warning from Marek, before she disolves in a fit of laughter. "I've never kicked a naked man out of my bunk before, Kisseus…but you're… *grunt*… gonna be a first for everything." Now she's trying to wrangle the naked Raptor pilot out of her bunk with some playful shoves and grunts of effort.

Aly comes to attention as Marek comes in and she offers him a small smile. "Sir," she says, voice quiet. But rather than continue to stand in the doorway like an idiot, she starts into the berthings, heading over towards Martin's bunk.

"Sir," Roubani echos yet again. He's not in the way of anything but moves anyway, glancing at his toothbrush. Still dry. Oh, he forgot to brush his teeth. With a soft sigh, he walks back into the head and turns on the water.

Matto struggles valiantly, even if he's careful never to be too rough. But finally he seems content to break the record, catching onto the edge of the bunk with both hands to fall in a more controlled manner than otherwise, just ending up sitting there on the floor, still nekkid, but, well, a lot more dry than he'd been before. He clears his throat, trying to tame his grin, but failing, for the most part, "Yessir," he tells the Marek, pushing forward to get his feet under him and stand up, mooning the Mooner most purposefully the meanwhile. "Now where'd that towel get to…"

Kai snaps his lock open and rubs his thumb over his cheek a couple of times, as if he's trying to stifle a smile. Keeping half an eye on the hijinks, he uses the relative privacy of being behind his locker door to strip out of his flight suit. A towel, a bar of soap and his toothbrush are all withdrawn, and he tugs a pair of sweatpants on over his skivvies before shoving his feet into boots. "Evening, Lieutenant," he offers politely enough to the psyche, eyes briefly following her as she crosses the room. Apparently deeming her harmless, he closes the door and heads off for the showers.

Eddie sits up on her bunk just in time to get the butt treatment from Matto. "Uh, Gods…my EYES." She exclaims, holding out her hands as if to block the view while she writhes in mock pain. Finally her laughter dies away, remaining as a twinkle in her dark eyes. "Alright, you frakker…I was supposed to be showering." Seems like Roubani, she got distracted from her true reason of why she was in the Head in the first place. "Got room for one more?" She asks Marek as their paths collide, but blissfully once she hits the Head proper, she splits off for her own stall.

Aly just shakes her head slightly and offers a bit of a smile as she kneels on the bunk and reaches back onto the shelf, feeling around for a moment. Yep, she's looking for something, and she's clearly about as comfortable in here as the cat at the dog show, despite the fact she'd been spending time here before the Black Berthings voided into space. It doesn't take her long to find what she's looking for, and then she's headed back toward the door.

Roubani wets the toothbrush and starts scrubbing bubbles onto his teeth, scrub. He's rabidly foaming by the time both Kai and Eddie pass by him in the mirror, and makes a muffled 'aahh huhh' sound at Eddie, before continuing. Scrub, spit, rinse.

"Only if you're volunteering for towel girl duty, Morales," Kai returns, flicking said towel at Eddie's departing self and (probably purposefully) missing. His reflection in the mirror skims past and then vanishes as he ducks into a stall. The shoosh, shoosh of teeth being brushed is joined by the blast of a faucet being turned on full force.

Matto decides he doesn't need his towel after all as Nadiv returns to the head. Moonshine's blankets were evidently pleasantly absorptive. "Hey, Gunner!" he finally calls as the other pilots retreat to the head. He's pulling out some clean clothes from Nadiv's locker, himself. "How's business?" he wonders.

The shower runs for a good ten or fifteen minutes before the pipes groan as the faucet's shut back off. No more chatty than usual, Kai towels himself down quickly, tugs on a fresh set of fatigue trousers and a clean tshirt, and bellies up to the sinks to brush his own teeth. Mimieux's left to her own devices, lamb in the lions' den that she may or may not be.

Aly pauses as she's caught and smiles over at Matto. "Business is business," she tells him with a grin. "Nice to see you in clothes. How're things with you?" Her eyes trail the room for a moment, as if to ensure she IS safe.

Roubani rinses his mouth out again, in no hurry to go back out to the room at large just yet. His dark eyes glance into the mirror as someone approaches one nearby. "Come here often?" He remarks mildly to Kai as he fills his hands with cold water, splashing it neatly on his face.

Matto is not be-clothed, yet, but he's getting there, dragging on underwear and then pulling on tanks, evidently deciding that's enough before he turns to respond, "Things are okay, thanks," with a friendly nod of his head, "So, ah, you and Marty, eh?" he finally asks, a few topics having flashed into his mind and then rejected as something probably best kept for the next time they meet in a professional context.

"I hear the coffee's shit and the accomodations leave something to be desired," Kai mumbles around his toothbrush while he scrubs. "But the naked hijinks are top notch." Roughly half of what he says, if that, is comprehensible. Splat as he spits out foamy toothpaste, rinses, and fetches his stuff. There's a glance at his watch after he straps it on, and a curt nod to Roubani to signify 'good night'. Off he goes.

"Good night," Roubani answers verbally with the same sentiment. Though he hangs at the sink for a little while for no real reason, avoiding looking in the mirror as he turns the water back on to steaming, setting about cleaning the crap out of his fingernails.

Aly's hand is on the edge of the hatch as she looks over at Matto, head canting to the side. "Yeah, Dash and I," she says with a tight little smile. Though - it doesn't seem aimed at poor Matto. A pause. "Are you ok with it?"

"Who, me?" Kissy's brows rise just a little, and he crawls up into bed, realizing he's keeping the Gunner and not wanting to look to be detaining her much longer. He cocks a brow, though, and gives her a subtle query-filled grinning-at, "Do you need me to be?" he asks her back. Answering a question with a question. Straight out of the Gunner's playbook.

Kai doesn't stop to interrupt the conversation between Aly and Matto. There's little privacy on a boat like this, to begin with, so he stows his stuff in his locker and heads for the hatch. The pair get a small nod on his way past.

Yeah, giving privacy. Harder when you're stuck in the head. Roubani keeps the water on and keeps picking at his fingernails until they're clean and then overclean, pulling one hand out of the water to spy the cuticles he bites on every time nobody's watching. Back under water.

She's quiet for a moment, then nods, once. "I'd like you to be," she says, moving out of Kai's way. "You're his best friend." Well, that was easy. "I mean, we can do it without you, but I'd rather you were on board."

"Hey, I like you, Gunner," Kissy tells her, sitting on the edge of the bunk, legs dangling. "You've got a good head on your shoulders. Marty needs someone like that— his own head's… well… firmly lodged up his anus sometimes. He's a great guy, don't get me wrong. Just… stupid, sometimes. Especially when there are girls involved. He literally hopped off of his last attempt at a relationship about two days before he told me you guys were dating. And before that it was another one, and before that… well," Kissy waves a hand, "Anyhow. I worry about him. But I'm trying not to fuss. Just be careful, yah?"

Roubani keeps washing his hands for a while longer, until the combined runs of soap and the hot water start to hurt. He leaves the water running, that being one of those secure I'm-not-eavsdropping signals, and flicks his hands off, glancing up and the lights and then around the head.

Aly tips her head to the side then offers Matto a little smile. "I'm being careful, promise," she says softly. "And I'll take care of him." She doesn't seem to want to get into it too deeply, at least not here. "Thanks, Madman."

Matto wrinkles his nose at the callsign. "Kissy," he corrects her gently, "If the shrink starts calling me a Madman I haven't got a hope left, have I?" he asks, grinning a little as he does. "See you later, Gunner."

The water keeps running.

Aly glances to where Eddie disappeared, just watching for a long moment, expression, well, not sad, just odd. "Thanks Kissy. Get some rest." And then she's gone.

"Yessum," Kissy replies, affecting a backwoods accent distinctly not his own, smiling as he does so and drawing himself the rest of the way into the bunk, getting under the covers, of all things, warming them up and warming himself up underneath them.

The water flow tentatively lessens and then shuts off, a few minutes later. The door to the head cracks open, one brown eye appearing and flickering this way and that before the door's pulled open all the way, and Roubani slithers out and down the row bunkwards. With pruny hands.

Matto curls up into a little ball underneath the blankets, head disappearing underneath the covers as well until he's just a Kissy-sized lump under the covers should anyone peek in.

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