Corporal Benjamin Jacobs
Corporal Ben Jacobs
Paterson Joseph
Paterson Joseph as Corporal Benjamin Jacobs
Name: Corporal Benjamin Jacobs
Alias: Doc
Age: 22
Hair & Eyes: Black Hair, Brown Eyes
Faction: CMC
Position: Combat Medic
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Any time I can
Timezone: Korea



Born March 21st in Caprica City on the colony of Caprica, Benjamin Jacobs is the son of Anthony and Barbara Jacobs with one older sister, Sarah. His father was a consultant for a major investment firm, his mother was a nurse. They were known throughout the community for….being average. That's right, they were nothing special when compared to any other Caprican family. Slightly above-average wealth and a penchant for education but nothing further.


During his primary schooling, Benjamin proved to be a rather intelligent and dilligent student, often skipping social functions in order to tend to his studies. This continued into the early years of his secondary schooling…Right up until the death of his mother due to cancer. This seems to have broken his academic spirit completely. For the remaining years, he found himself skipping classes and becoming far more social, even being petty popular amongst the rest of the students. This carried him to his graduation from his secondary schooling.

At the age of 18, with such low grades at the end of his secondary schooling, he found himself unable to afford further education and unable to recieve scholarships or financial aid. With things as such, and having watched too many movies, he turned to the Colonial Marines. He joined for the excitement, adventure and opportunity to accumulate funds to help pay for his schooling. However, when he reached Basic Training, it seemed like a fire was lit inside of him again. Although he did not graduate with high honors or anything like that, it was obvious that he would continue his career further than he ever imagined he would. During AIT, he excelled due to his passion for his studies and attention to detail during training exercises. He graduated with honors from his AIT class.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

However, things within the military are not always fair. Although he dreamed of serving on a Battlestar, roaming through space and getting into the fight and saving lives, but instead found himself serving in a land-based, understaffed station where he was tasked out to help run the Troop Medical Center. This allowed him much practical experience in his trade and some time to further his own medical studies, but it was too quiet for him and he never saw combat. However, he did his duties and he performed admirably. A low-ranking enlisted soldier, not even an NCO, running the medical center basically by himself. This taxing, oppressive task earned him his stripes quickly as his chain of command did everything they could to make sure they kept up appearances by having an NCO running the TMC, thereby promoting Jacobs to Corporal within 18 months of service and it looked like things would continue so well.

During his second year of service, he finally got what he wanted. Transferred to a combat unit aboard the Battlestar Solaria, he came in ready to rock and roll. His reputation preceded him though and he was always kept back, away from the fighting, in order to patch up the survivors and tag those that didn't and that's all. In fact, the only combat he ever saw was a fast, ineffective raid by insurgents on Sagittaron. He spent most of that fight trying to keep the guts of a Squad Leader inside of his body. Then it was back to business as usual for him and his unit. Then the question came…will you sign a new contract, Corporal Jacobs? And he said 'yes', hoping to find himself back with his unit and itching for a fight. However, he found himself assigned to the CEC Kharon and a week later? Warday…

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