Dr. Jericho Stevens
Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell as Jericho Stevens, M.D.
Name: Jericho Stevens, M.D.
Alias: Jeri
Age: 38
Hair & Eyes: Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes
Faction: Navy: Medical
Position: Lieutenant: Surgeon
Colony: Leonis
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: Central

Biographical Info



Jericho's mother was once a black jack dealer on Caprica. After a $500 cubit tip, she agreed to have drinks with a wealthy (much older) player and the rest was history. A short lived history. Three years and one baby later, the marriage was broken, with Jericho's mother cleaning up in the divorce proceedings. Money in hand, and baby on hip she went back to Leonis, though over the years Jericho still kept in touch with her father for the odd gift or vacation.

When Jericho was fifteen, her mother became ill, making it difficult for Jericho to juggle school and taking care of her mom. At sixteen, her mother passed away and custody passed onto her father. It was an odd relationship, now stuck in a household with a man would could have been her grandfather, and adjusting to a life of him trying to buy her affection. Determined to put that wealth to good use, Jericho made her father pay for the tuition to get her enrolled first into college and then into medical school where she graduated intending to go into general surgery.


Keeping her nose clean and pressed into the books was a boring and trying affair, especially when the lure of money and an 'easy way out' was always within reach and just a trust fund away. It's not to say she wasn't tempted once or thrice, but in the end her hard work paid off and she graduated within the top ten percentile of her class. Her internship and residency years were a blur, working in a busy hospital with non-stop routine procedures and double and triple shifts eating up all facets of her life. Her father assumed once she finished her residency, she'd go into private practice, but Jericho had another idea in mind.

Spurred by her father's general lack of humanity, she wanted to do something greater then stay in a world ruled by insurance companies and board of directors. Once she was free to roam in the medical field, she did just that, joining up with a sort of Doctor's Without Boarders program that traveled to impoverished rural areas and brought medicine, hygiene, and education to third-world cultures.

It's through that system that Jeri ended up in a remote sub-sect of Aerelon. Through her six years of immersing herself in the culture and the people, she's picked up the dialect of Mierce enough to be able to aid the inhabitants of a small village she was assigned to, though she's in no way fluent. Not only was she helping the populous, she got the opportunity to learn from them as well and help her studies in understanding how epidemics such as the flu might be inconsequential where she came from, where down right disastrous in a place where things like antibiotics were less available. She lived in a dirt floor hut, was taught to live off the land, and make due in inhospitable conditions.

Reputation/Mil. Service

It wasn't until two hundred and twenty days ago, that she received a letter saying her father was ill and on his death bed. It was during her travels that the holocaust occurred, and the vessel she was traveling on got picked up by the Hestia. With the Colonies at War with the Cylons, the choice to join up with the military was easy. For the past two hundred days, Jericho has served on the Hestia as a surgeon, for better or for worse. She's rumored to have a patient bedside manner, where everything is more like a ritual than a task.

Distinguishing Features

  • Has a strange faded blue tattoo that follows the line of a long scar that bisects her midsection laterally.


  • Speaks Mierce


  • She slices, she dices, she makes thousands of Julienne Fries!

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
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Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Silent Night PH232 A routine shuttle trip experiences catastrophic failure. Cass, Ezra, Neha, Roland, Adriana, Capriel, Sito, Tombs, Aggie, & Jericho.



  • Reading
  • Simplicity


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