Lieutenant JG Jupiter "Fingers" Aphrodite Black
Jupiter "Fingers" Aphrodite Black
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Jupiter Black
Name: Jupiter Black
Alias: Fingers
Age: 26
Hair & Eyes: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: Lieutenant JG
Colony: Picon
Play Times: 8p - 2a
Timezone: Eastern

Biographical Info



Jupiter Aphrodite Black was born on Picon to Dalen and Veronica Black, on a hot August night, twenty six years ago. Just shy of three years later, Martin was born. Jupiter's reign as only child was brief, and she never really got to enjoy it.

Mother: Veronica (Ronnie).
Ronnie is a substitute teacher with an eye for community service. She's big on the giving back, loving each other, and the whole village to raise a child thing. She's a substitute teacher, and she's about as adorable as you imagine. Sometimes, I think I'm adopted.

Father: Dalen (Dale).
Dalen works in a manufacturing plant. I'm not… really sure what it is they manufacture. I never paid that much attention. I'm Dad's little girl, no matter what I do. He refuses to see anything other than the angel I'm not. It works for me. And it paid for my first car. My little bro, Marty, almost swallowed his tongue when he saw it. Aw, kid brothers are life's payback for adolescence.

The transition into big sister held more amusement than necessary. There were many stealing of a and smacking with toys in those early years. A sibling rivalry blossomed early between the Black children, who quickly displayed a penchant for escapism and destruction, with the occasional petty larceny. (Their cousins never forgave them for the birthday heist, age 12 and 10 respectively).

Though both children were known to step outside the bounds of polite behavior, Martin often caught the blame. Jupiter's sweet face and her ready explanations shifted the blame more than her share of times. Though her academic pursuits were average, she was a pretty fast learner in other spheres of life, including, but not limited to, conning people out of things, stealing things, and building an impressive alcohol tolerance at a young age. She also rarely, if ever, got lost. Useful when running from cops. A top notch reaction time, and a few well placed tears, kept her from ever seeing a record. She also dated a cop for a while, as a senior in high school. That worked wonders for the reckless driving incidents.


Brother: Martin (Marty).
I haven't seen that little shit for months. We both pulled leave that overlapped by a couple days for Ronnie's last birthday. I dinged the family car with the mayor's … aide, Marty tripped over Ronnie's birthday cake and landed face first in our family doctor's wife's low cut dress, and I'm pretty sure we set the neighbor's dog on fire. There was practically a parade when we boarded the transport out of town.


When she graduated high school, Jupiter did the only thing she knew to immediately get herself off of Picon. She applied to the Colonial MIlitary. It had an added bonus of pissing off her parents, which only sweetened the pot. Early aptitude tests pointed toward a sharper mind than her academic test scores showed (who goes to class in high school, honestly?). Her reaction time and hand eye coordination got her through to other testing. Eventually it landed her in pilot training, much to the horror of her parents. They were hoping for a nice, safe desk clerk position. Perhaps supply. With pencils and things. Though it was first just an excuse to mock Marty, who was stuck back home on Picon for another year), Jupiter quickly became pretty engrossed in her training.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

I was pretty shitty at driving a car, so it came as a surprise when I was able to handle a viper. I think it has something to do with not having to parallel park.

The progression to Lieutenant LG was right on course, and Martin Black was right behind his big sister. He signed up a year after her, just as soon as he could. No one back home on Picon could decide if it was a good thing both kids were off world, or it it was a bad thing that they had been handed so much firepower. Time progressed, nothing much exploded, and both Black's earned their callsigns and their pins.

About six months before the planned end of her cruise rotation on the Battlestar Orion, Jupiter received inked papers for a transfer to the Escort Carrier Kharon, on special assignment.


I'm not sure who I pissed off, but it must have been someone sleeping with my CAG…

Distinguishing Features

  • Engaging personality.
  • Loudness.
  • Tattoo: A large tattoo of the Furies (Tisiphone, Megaera,and Alecto) across her upper back.
  • She has a habit of wandering around half clothed in the berthings/head.


  • Big sister to LtJG Martin Black.
  • Has an extensive collection of lace thongs.
  • She earned her callsign due to her habit of obsconding with things.
  • Most of her current shipmates do not yet know this.
  • Her affinity for caffeine is legendary. If she hasn't had it, she better get it.
  • Jupes … doesn't really get along with marines.


  • Piloting.
      • … too fast.
      • … whilst talking shit on comms.
      • … and distracting bandits.
      • … with one hand on the stick.
  • Bar brawls.
  • Drinking.
  • Pissing on Marine parades.
  • Five finger discounts.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Lieutenant JG Martin "Dash" Black. Boner is what you'd call all bark and no bite, at least when it comes to me. I wouldn't poke him with a stick unless you got fast reflexes. He's still sore Daddy prefers me to him, and that I got the better car growing up. He's kind of a pain in my ass, but at least he's easy to blame for stuff. Oh, don't frak with him unless you're prepared to frak with me. I mean it. Rabid bitch behavior. No lie.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Sensitivity PH#143 Jupes and Castor talk sibs. Castor.
Couch Buddies PH#141 Ashe, Martin, and Jupiter torture people in the General Lounge. People flee. Ashe, Martin, Komnenos, Ezra, Jules, & Selene.
A Long Time Coming PH#135 Jupes and Barnabas continue their discussion from the laundry. Barnabas.
Laundry Foes PH#133 Barney and Jupiter have a talk in the Laundry. They don't talk like other people. Barnabas & Castor.
Trash PH#130 Trash talk & trash novels. Barnabas.
My Drug Problem PH#122 Fingers wakes up in medical (again) and lights a fuse in short order. Praxis, Barghest, Pike, Kai & Martin.
Sneak Attack Air Wing PH#122 CAP gets a little surprise attack on the edge of an asteroid field. Antioch, Kai, Hale, Willem, Sparro, Timon & Legacy.
Friendly Competition PH#114 A scheduled CAP and training exercise. Seriy, Magnus, Komnenos, Willem, Kai, Blake & Praxis.
Solon II Facility Recon Briefing PH#108 Kai briefs the wing, mission follows. Samantha, Komnenos, Matto, Kai, Legacy, Ferris, Eddie & Willem.
Lost In Translation PH#107 A bra went missing. Justice is served. Epi, Ashe & Dutch.
Ice Water PH#082 Jupes in the head, Ashe walks in, and you know what happens next. Xanthus & Ashe.
Good to Have You Back PH#082 A weird moment in the stairwell post rescue mission. Kai, Komnenos, Komnenos, Eddie & Castor.
Rescue Me Air Wing PH#082 Rescue Op to Scorpia. Xanthus, Antioch, Hale, Mars, Castor, Eddie, Willem, Praxis & Kassia.
A Long Day's Night PH#072 Jupes recovers in sickbay. Camille, Willem, Xanthus, Hale, Xanthus & Matto.
There Is No Bail PH#070 Jupes invades Marine Country. Levesque & Ashe.
Oh By Golly PH#070 Marines invade the Red Berths. Antioch, Ashe, Matto, Kai, Eddie, Levesque, Willem & Dutch.
Tickled PH#069 Dutch interrupts a private mourning ritual. Dutch.
Officer Grooming PH#067 A Captain, two Lieutenants, and an Ensign walk into the Head. Kai, Roubani & Hale.
Holding Up Bulkheads PH#064 Just a vignette in the corridor. Sheridan & Kai.
Injured Not Dead PH#063 Roubs gives Jupes some info. Hale & Thea wander in. Roubani, Hale & Legacy.
Handcuffs and Dirty Laundry PH#062 Jules has a chat with Hale about the wing. Hale.
Fight Night II Return of Fight Night PH#061 Fight Night II. Barghest, Jason, Komnenos, Legacy, Ashe, Kassia, Roubani, Dutch, Mars, Kai & Castor.
Fight Night PH#059 Fight Night. Jupes beats Sam. A lot. Hale, Ashe, Dutch, Samantha, Kai,Eddie, Roubani, Kassia, Willem, Fenix & Peri.
Mixed Messages PH#058 Jupes sends Sam a message and spars with Ashe. Martin, Samantha, Ashe, Dutch & Castor.
What's the Big PH#057 Hale drops some scuttlebutt on Jupes. Samantha, Kai & Hale.
The Size of It PH#057 Post CAP head time + one marine. Ashe & Kai.
Beacon Beacon Briefing PH#057 A series of training event logs. Kai, Kassia, Xanthus, Mars, Jason, Eddie, Willem, Martin, Castor & Timon.
Long Walk PH#056 Jupiter & Ajax talk a few shots then a long walk. Ajax.
Drunken Storage PH#055 Black & Swift exchange words in Storage. Ashe.
Hope Is A Good Thing PH#053 Pilot discussions. Xanthus, Kai, Willem, Castor, Legacy, Matto & Poppy.
Hull Interrupted PH#051 Repairs to Kharon's hull lure some raptors to the party. Kassia, Kai, Hale, Roubani, Samantha, Martin, Willem & Sheridan.
Creeping Familiarity PH#052 Something is strangely familiar between the LtJGs. Yuuri.
Apologetic PH#047 Jupes delivers a formal apology to Ashe. Ashe.
Then It Got Weird PH#045 People meet in the mess and things get weird. Xanthus, Castor, Roubani, Martin, Willem, Jason, Eddie, Kai, Ajax, Samantha, Cygnus, Matto & Poppy.
Sound It Out PH#044 A polite conversation turns heated. Ashe.
Give Me An Order Baby PH#040 Ashe & Jupes cross paths in the Head. Ashe.
P I S S O F F PH#039 Jupes walks in on the tail end of a discussion about her. Things get tense. Drarelle, Steele, Ashe, Kai, Legacy, Kassia, Hale & Vendas.
Recovery PH#036 Various pilots & visitors in medical. Roubani, Legacy, Ajax, Matto, Samantha, Kai, Castor & Cygnus.
Sibling Scuffle PH#038 A disagreements gets physical between the Blacks. Samantha, Ajax & Martin.
Difference of Opinion PH#038 Ashe comes to sickbay, sticks his foot in it, and Jupes says sit down. Roubani, Ashe & Fenix.
Buoy Buoy Bandit PH#037 A briefing, then a mission! Kai, Legacy, Samantha, Roubani & Nine.
Squishy Moments PH#036 Castor visits Jupes in the recovery ward. Castor.
Crash And Burn PH#036 The deck is alive with sound of crashing vipers. Vendas, Castor, Cygnus, Kassia, Samantha, Kai, Roubani, Legacy, Nine, Sheridan & Ajax.
Hot Water PH#035 Two priests and a pilot walk into the Head… Cygnus & Ajax.
Cold Showers PH#033 Tensions rise. Legacy, Matto, Fenris, Ajax, Samantha & Castor.
Oh PH#033 Jupes meets Ajax. Woops, he's a priest. Castor & Ajax.
Insomnia PH#032 Martin & Jupes talk about a lack of sleep. Martin, Kai, Samanta & Roubani.
Bait PH#032 An evening in the Red Berths. Castor, Jupiter, Kai, Roubani, Samantha, Martin & Eddie.
Head PH#011 Kai and his wrist slapping. Tsk. Kai.
Accidents PH#010 Jupes and Yuuri bond in the Game Room. Yuuri.
Boundaries PH#008 Marty finally catches up with Jupes in the game room. Martin, Eddie, Willem & Samantha.
Hot and Steamy MD#053 Back talk, love letters, and bust downs. Kai & Yuuri.
The Name Is Dash MD#037 Dash gets thrown into a bunk then under a bus. Kai, Samantha, Martin, & Eddie.
Black v Black MD#005 The Black siblings have a cheerful family reunion. Martin.
Mother May I MD#005 Jupiter makes her first marine friend. Jules & Tobias.
No Log MD#000 Jupiter boards the Kharon. Everybody sings!


  • "If you're good enough for the CMC, I'm sure the CMC is good enough for you." (to Tobias re: What's wrong with being a marine?)
  • "Don't get squishy. I'm just saying you haven't gotten anyone killed yet." (to Castor re: overcoming his past & surviving.)
  • "I never yack on people. Except the one time at Marty's birthday, but come on. I had the flu and peppermint schnapps."
  • "The toasters changed it for all of us. I'll never get arrested for domestic abuse, you'll never marry a blonde school teacher from Caprica, and our kids will never shove each other off the highest platform of the playground because yours talk funny and mine are cranky little pricks. I guess we have to settle for quick fraks in uncomfortable places, killing our enemies with brutal efficiency, and co-ed showers. … So, not all bad." (to Hale re: the future.)


  • Fast rides.
  • Alcohol.
  • Adrenal rushes.
  • Acquiring stuff.
  • Fights.
  • Danger.


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