Lieutenant Kallisto "Sketch" Arturis
Lt. Kallisto Arturis
Natasha Henstridge
Natasha Henstridge as Kallisto Arturis
Name: Kallisto Arturis
Alias: Sketch
Age: 34
Hair & Eyes: Blonde, Blue
Faction: Navy: Air Wing
Position: Lieutenant
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: When logged, typically
Timezone: US Eastern (GMT-5)

Biographical Info


Kallisto Arturis (née Demitros) was born into a wealthy Caprican family. Their money was able to put both daughter and son through the best private schools Caprica had to offer. Achieving high marks came easy for Kallisto, who often occupied her bored and idle time in class doodling and sketching in her notebooks. While she was no slouch in any subject, her passion was in history, which she eagerly gobbled up and learned all she could about. It's no surprise that her brother was much like her: both dreamers, rarely challenged enough in school given the ease with which learning came to them.

She enrolled in Caprica University, where she pursued a degree in history. Post-secondary education consisted of a master's degree in ancient architecture and archaeology, which was something she was able to learn about through tactile contact, and the tangible, physical objects. At the beginning of college, fueled by strong civic duty, she enrolled in the Colonial Fleet Reserve, taking advantage of the travel and prestige provided, figuring it would look good on resumes and what have you.

While in college, she met her future husband, economics student-turned-banker Kyle Arturis. They were married at age 25, while she was in graduate school. Together, they had three children: daughters Marista (9) and Elizabeth (5) and son Allistair (7). All three of them were lost in the Holocaust, being on Caprica when the attack was carried out.

Her Fleet Reserve service saw here meeting all required weekend and extended training service requirements, where she became certified as a Viper pilot. More slowly than her active-duty brethren, she advanced up the ranks of the Fleet to Lieutanant, even at age 34. A competent (if not outright good) pilot, she balanced her time between her civic duty, family, and job teaching history at a Caprican high school. The fact that she never was promoted to Captain like others her age never bothered her, since she was just reserve, and never intended for it to be more. On the Holocaust though, she was on board BS Hestia as part of an extended two-week reserve training mission for actual battlestar flight operations. The rest, they say, is history.


Prior to the Holocaust, Kallisto was happily married to a Caprican banker, Kyle. Together, they had three children: Marista, Elizabeth, and Allistair. Additionally, she has a younger brother who made a career in the military; she has no idea whether he's still alive. At last contact, she heard he was stationed aboard Kharon


  • Caprica University
    • Master's degree in History; specialization in ancient architecture and archaeology.
    • Bachelor's with Honors in History
  • Once possessed all certifications and licenses to teach in Caprican public schools.
  • Trained in gymastics well into her teens, but has since let it fall to the wayside.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Longtime member of the Colonial Fleet Reserve; enrolled for a sense of civic duty, rather than financial perks for college.
  • Has been a Lieutenant in the Air Wing for at least 3 years, owing to Reserve status and not being fast-tracked because of extended maternity leaves from service.
  • Was aboard Hestia for Reserve training exercises when the Holocaust occurred; became permanent station, and was bumped from reserve to active duty.
  • Solid pilot, lacking any major crashes or acts of bravery on her record, another contributing factor to her state of perpetual-Lieutenant-ness.

Distinguishing Features

  • Doesn't use the same vocabulary as her brother.
  • Might be thought of as a bit anti-social.
  • Has a tattoo she's not going to tell you about.


  • Her bunk is filled with sketches of family and friends lost in lieu of photographs.


  • Proficient sketch-artist
  • Teaching
  • History/Archaeology

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Captain Karim "Spider" Marek. Wingmate and Kharon's ex-CAG. Following the death of Whiplash, now Hestia's CAG. Flight chemistry is still developing. Veteran leadership from the carrier, which makes the passing of the the previous CAG slightly less traumatic.
Ensign Marissa "Mouse" Delaan. She certainly has earned her callsign. Very tiny, mousey girl. Pleasant enough. Shamefully, she runs together in the mind a bit with Reverie.
Ensign Reverie "Tycho" Tychoides. Fellow Caprican. Science-y sort that, being a Raptor ECO, reminds me quite a bit of a young version of my younger brother. Shamefully, she runs together in the mind a bit with Marissa.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Participants
The Rabbit Hole PHD284 Pilots and others get together to celebrate the life of Abraham Hale with a game of Pyramid. Sen, Matto, Eddie, Kallisto, Iggy, Praxis, Harrison, Kai, Alyssa, & Neha
Diversity In Connection PHD283 Three chicks walk into the Silver and Black berthings…there's a joke here somewhere. Maybe. Marissa, Reverie, & Kallisto
Tired Pilots PHD270 Kallisto shows why sleepy pilots shouldn't think; Matto…does his own thing; Reverie and Kairos prep for a bus ride; Sizemore wanders in. Kairos, Kallisto, Reverie, Roubani, Matto, & Sizemore
Tag Team PHD268 Simulator games: Eight pilots enter, ONE PILOT LEAVES. Eddie, Castor, Samantha, Roubani, Kallisto, Apostle, Willem, Iggy, & Harrison
Not That Kind of Dirty Business PHD262 There's business that wingmates have to take care of with the passing of the CAG; ironically, the favor is asked in the head. Kai & Kallisto
Come Together PHD248 The crews of the Hestia and the Kharon participate in a joint memorial service Kharon & Hestia personnel
The Reckoning & Part II PHD246 Fight Night! Hestia personnel
Visage PHD230 The Hestia isn't all bad news; at least one of Kharon's officers gets a pleasant surprise. Praxis & Kallisto
What Lies Between Us PHD228 Some Hestia folks ruminate on the things between the crews, most notably glass and space. Vega, Kallisto, Tombs, & Ramses



  • Sketching
  • Reading
  • Babies!
  • History
  • Teaching


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