Commander Kato Taji
Ken Watanabe
Ken Watanabe as Kato Taji
Name: Kato Taji
Alias: Blitz
Age: 42
Hair & Eyes: Black hair, dark brown eyes
Faction: Command
Position: Tactical, XO
Colony: Tauron
Play Times: Play Times
Timezone: Time Zone

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Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Kato's stellar service jacket includes ten years of flying vipers, three as the LSO of the Battlestar Prometheus, and five as Hestia's TACCO. He was recently promoted to Commander, and mustered into the ship's Executive Officer slot, replacing a retiree and veteran relic of the first cylon war. Due to his impeccable record and forward-thinking methods, he was offered his own ship to command, but declined in order to remain aboard the Hestia, whose Commanding Officer he has a great deal of respect for. A few weeks before Warday, he was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder whose complications could render him unsuitable for his posting, even with an aggressive drug treatment approach. He chose, voluntarily, to resign his post upon the completion of the Hestia's tour of duty, but the holocaust changed those plans irrevocably.

He has since become convinced that he is the dying leader spoken of in the Pythian prophecies, leading to a air of mistrust and loss of faith amongst command staff, and the crew of the Hestia in general. Regardless, he continues to act as Admiral Mehra's moral compass in these turbulent times.

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