Kellin Elmeri
Josh Lucas
Josh Lucas as Kellin Elmeri
Name: Kellin Elmeri
Alias: KE
Age: 24
Hair & Eyes: Blonde and Pale Grey
Faction: CMC
Position: EOD/Corporal
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: When I'm on
Timezone: MST

Biographical Info


Born to Adonis and Hali Elmeri on Scorpia about 29 years ago. Adonis was a local civil admistrater for the Planetary government, Hali was a homemaker and taught voice at a local studio part time. Kellin wasn't the top of his class at school nor was he the bottom, he studied hard and made above average grades. After school he went to the studio where his mother taught and took music lessons, which often lead to him getting teased by some of the other boys leading him to get into scuffles with them, he won, most of the time. Once he finished his schooling on Scorpia, his father tried to get him into the Fleet Academy, however his grades just weren't good enough so he decided to join the Marines, while in basic and AIT he found he had a talent for working with demolitions, so focused on becoming a good Marine demolitions expert, finishing shortly before his 19th birthday as a Private.
His first deployment was on the Battlestar Constellation with Charlie Company of the 1/51st Regiment of the 3rd Colonial Marines. He was assigned to the Company's Demolitions platoon during his tour of duty there. While stationed on the Constellation patroling the ARM, Kellin was promoted to PFC, he distinguished himself in several actions against Pirates. Before he was transferred to a Fleet Carrier patrolling around Saggitarius he promoted to Lance Corporal, becoming one of the Company experts on EOD. A about 3 years later he was transferred to another Fleet Carrier promoting to Corporal. Again sent out to the ARM, conducting routine pirate interdiction operations for what seemed a long time, here he gained more experience with explosives, having to blow hatches open in preperation to boarding operations.
Kellin was promoted to Acting Sergeant when his Platoon Sergeant was killed during a raid on a Smuggler base, about a year after he boarded the Carrier. His skill with explosives had earned him recognition beyond just his company. When a replacement Sergeant had been assigned to his Platoon he was reassigned to a Company in the 75th Regiment. The Platoon was assigned to the Battalion EOD team of the 2/12th Marine Regiment. A little over a year ago Kellin was wounded during one battle in a backwater area of Sagittarius where his Company was assaulting a ISA base, his platoon was tasked with setting the demolitions, when they were pulling back after setting the Demolitions they were engaged by an ISA patrol, he was discharged honorably after a stay on a medical ship. He returned home to Scorpia, he was there when the Cylon's attacked the Colonies, trapping him on the surface. He joined the Resistance and has been fighting with them ever since. Leading Cylon hunting teams into the back area of Scorpia. Since the Kharon returned and picked them up he's rejoined the CMC as one of the EOD NCO's.


Adonis & Hali Elmeri - parents(deceased)
Skyy Elmeri- sister(missing)


Public School on Scorpia
CMC EOD school , Camp Clarkson, Libra

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

PVT & LCpl - Charlie Company 1/51st of the 3rd Marines
CPL -HQ EOD 75th Marine Regiment & 3rd of the 2/12th Battalion EOD
Honorable Discharge - Medical
Reinstated to CMC on the Kharon

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  • Killing Cylons
  • Playing his Violin


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