CEC Kharon

Colonial Escort Carrier Kharon

Basic Information

Race Colonial
Type Military
Role Colonial Escort Vehicle
Class Peyton
CO Lt. Colonel Praxis Demitros
XO Unoccupied
FTL Propulsion Yes
Crew Capacity Approximately 798 (approx. 635 enlisted, 163 officers)
Weapons 200 dual point-defense Kinetic Energy Weapons, 20 primary dual Kinetic Energy Weapons
Viper Complement 28
Raptor Complement 20
Status Active

Computer Systems

NAVCON 5.0 (Navigation) Yes
Integrated triple redundancy DC (Damage Control) and Fire Control Yes
Hardpoint Gateway (Mainframe) Yes
CNP (Command Navigation Program) No
Networking No


Length 1250 feet (381m)
Width 736 feet (224.3328m)
Height 490 feet (149.352m)


The Kharon was deployed during the First Cylon War, forty years prior to the Holocaust. Through its long years of service, it patrolled along the Arm Line. Immediately prior to the Holocaust, the Kharon was deployed to patrol an area of space known for Tauron piracy.

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