Anton "Thorn" Komnenos
Paul Walker
Paul Walker as Anton Stefanos Komnenos
Name: Anton Stefanos Komnenos
Alias: Thorn
Age: 29
Hair & Eyes: Dirty blond hair, blue-gray eyes
Faction: Navy; Air Wing
Position: ECO; Lieutenant
Colony: Aerelon
Play Times: Evenings, late nights and weekends
Timezone: CST/CDT

Biographical Info


(Anton's complete biography can be found here.)

Notable Family Members

  • Father - Boris Komnenos, Professor of Political Science, Colchis University, Aerelon(Presumed dead)
  • Mother - Alexis Komnenos, Professor of Education, Colchis University, Aerelon(Presumed dead)
  • Uncle - Ivan "Vanya" Komnenos, renowned moonshiner, Tarnock, Aerelon
  • No siblings, spouse, or children.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, Delphi University
  • Master of Arts, Computer Science, Kobol Colleges
  • Diploma, Fleet Officer Candidate School, Tencher Air Base, Caprica
  • Raptor Systems Operation Certification, Tencher Air Base, Caprica - second in class
  • All-Weather Systems Operation Certification, Camp Alfa, Aerelon - seventh in class

Current Assignment

  • Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 77 (Wardogs), Battlestar Hestia

Previous Assignments

  • Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 13 (Wild Cards), Battlestar Solaria - Three years
  • Special Operations Squadron 4 (Ghostriders), Escort Carrier Kharon - One year

Distinguishing Features

  • Is rarely seen off-duty without a cigarette on his lips, and even while on duty will sneak off for a smoke whenever the situation permits.
  • Has a tattoo of a circle of thorns on his upper right arm and a two-headed eagle on his upper left. He may have others, but if he does, no one on Kharon has seen them yet.
  • His harsh Aerelon accent is plainly evident the moment he starts speaking. (See Trivia)
  • He has a scar permanently etched into the left side of his face, running from mid-cheek down to his jawline, obtained during a firefight while he and others were temporarily marooned on Scorpia.


At first impression, Anton comes off to some people as a sarcastic misanthropist who isn't happy unless he's ignoring people or mocking them. That's an exaggeration, if not much of one; he's got all the social acumen typical of the stereotypical computer guru, and he does tend to prefer to spend time alone or with one or two others as opposed to hanging with a group. To dismiss him merely as that, however, would be underestimating the man. Thorn's developed an ironclad work ethic since coming on board the Kharon, and he holds himself to high personal standards when it comes to his work. This can be interpreted as arrogance, however, as he has no qualms about tearing down the work of himself, as well as that of others, that doesn't hold up to his standards.

Thorn's personality can probably be summarized best with two words: pack mentality. He's almost fanatically devoted to his friends, associates, superiors, loved ones, family(if any were still alive, anyway), etc.; he'll stop at nothing to defend, protect, or otherwise assist someone within his circle - especially if the trouble is with someone outside his circle. Conversely; he's very slow to warm up to new people, and he can often display a remarkable lack of empathy or tact when dealing with people outside his normal group. Despite this 'me/us vs. them' approach to life, however, he tries to judge people as fairly as he can, and isn't above apologizing for his social gaffes. As abrasive as he can be, he usually isn't outright rude unless given a reason.


  • His callsign of Thorn is attributed to his sometimes prickly disposition - and his abilities with an ECM console that made him such an annoyance to aggressor pilots in sims and wargames.
  • Prides himself on not being superstitious like many of his pilot comrades.
  • Sometimes will use "his" Raptor as a personal refuge/sanctuary.
  • Prefers dim lighting, and is a 'night owl' compared to some of his comrades-in-arms.
  • Is an adept Triad player - what better way to keep himself in booze and cigarettes?
  • Is NOT, however, a morning person. Don't talk to him until after a cup of tea or four.
  • He cultivates an almost unsophisticated demeanor - tends to speak in short, simple sentences, with lots of profanity - and speaks with a rural Aerelon accent. Very thick, very throaty, lots of chopped off vowels. You know how it goes by now.
  • He has a sarcastic wit, which can(and has) land(ed) him in trouble at times.
  • Thorn is a fervent maltheist; while he once was a believer, several bad experiences with faith and the faithful have led him to question the existence of divinity and divine purpose.
  • Hates — positively HATES — being called a piker, pikey, or any variation thereof. Don't do it.
  • He tends to be highly self critical; if a mission doesn't go completely according to plan, you can bet he won't be happy with himself. If people are wounded or killed in the process, it's even harder to bear — though usually after some rest, he's ready to jump back into the saddle and do it all again.
  • While he's not given to advertising his abilities the way certain others are, Thorn is, like several of his comrades, an adept scavenger. He knows how to find certain things that other people might have trouble finding. Even if he has to 'find' it in a storage closet somewhere. His abilities are generally not for hire, although he did once barter with a deck ganger to get moonshine for Willem's bachelor party.


  • While not as skilled/experienced compared to the full-time pilots on the Kharon, Thorn did receive pilot's certification on the Raptor while serving on the Battlestar Solaria. His qualifications have since expired, but nevertheless he would serve as a competent replacement pilot should there be a need but are in the process of being renewed on orders from Kai and with training from Legacy.
  • Is adept at tinkering with both computer hardware and software, and writes the occasional small program of his own. Dabbled in hacking as a teenager, and designed his own crude firewall system while in graduate school.
  • He's recieved basic skydiving training, and has successfully completed several jumps.

On the Grid

Thorn's Acquaintances, In His Own Yearbook

"He who wants a rose must respect the thorn."

— Persian Proverb


Thorn's Playlist

To be revised, again


In The Cockpit

Recent Thorn Sightings

(Pre-Hestia logs can be found here)

What He Says

  • "Frak me."
  • "Sagittaron may be a backwater planet filled with bloody religious fundamentalists, but that doesn't mean they deserve what the other Colonies have given them over the years. We're supposed t' be more enlightened than that. And people wonder why th' frakkin' Saggies rebelled."
  • "I need a smoke, dammit."
  • "Care t' make things a little more interesting?"
  • "I suppose a spanking and a talking-to is out of the question."
  • "Superstition is a crutch. A rabbit's foot or some such isn't going t' save your arse when a Raider's on your tail."
  • "I defiled a Raptor once."

What Others Say

  • "Mr. Komnenos will go a long way in the Fleet. Provided he doesn't say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get himself shot first." - An unnamed OCS instructor
  • "Komnenos, if we're ever in another war, I sure frakkin' hope you're as much a thorn in the enemy's side as you are in mine." - Captain Alyx Mathis, CO VAQ-13 "Wild Cards"
  • "He's a frakking anarchist, you know. He still keeps that godsdamned Zarek book of his with the rest of his stuff, like he thinks no one will see it, and then he blabs on about oppression and the rights of the people. What about my right not to get blown up by a frakking terrorist? He's as bad as Zarek and the rest of his cronies, you ask me." - Ensign Danel Peladine, VAQ-13 "Wild Cards"
  • "Look. You smoke like it's your destiny. I can respect that. But such heroic lengths will occasionally elicit comment. I'm sure you understand." - Lieutenant (JG) Persephone Tanner, CEC Kharon
  • Cigarettes
  • Cigarettes
  • Did I mention cigarettes?
  • Alcohol to go with said cigarettes
  • Tinkering with computers
  • Triad
  • Reading
  • Placing a friendly wager on the outcome of well, just about anything
  • His fiance, Samantha, and he doesn't give a damn what you think of her, either


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