Mireille Enos
Mireille Enos as Althea Dawn Legacy
Name: Althea Dawn Legacy
Alias: Black Cat
Age: 37
Hair & Eyes: Auburn hair, Blue eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: Captain, Raptor Squad Leader
Colony: Gemenon
Play Times: Evenings
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info



Althea Dawn Legacy was born to a military (pilot) father - Jameson - and a theatrical (professor) mother - Star - on Gemenon. Piloting was in her genes - father, grandmother, great-grandfather, and so on down the line. In every generation, there was at least one. For her generation, it was Thea. Her brother and sister, Thad and Andrea, both chose other areas of interest.

Thea's never been married and has one biological daughter, Sabrina. It's a long story, but Thea helped her best friend have a child many years ago, then lost touch with the friend. Just after Warday, a letter was found for Thea - it was from Sabrina, asking Thea to help step into the gap left by the death of her mother. A picture of the almost-sixteen year old was included.



  • Gemenon Public Schools
  • Colonial Naval Academy (B.S. Flight Studies) - Top Ten Percent of Class
  • Advanced Flight Training - Top Five Percent of Class

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Began training in Viper, switched to Raptors after 3 months
  • Earned callsign after a special operation wherein she slid her Raptor through three layers of Viper and Raptor patrols undetected. The Mission CO stated that she flew her bird like a black cat slipping through the night.
  • Archon - Declared missing, presumed dead when her Raptor went down. Returned to base 4 days later.
  • Various other posts until being made Captain of the 4th Special Operations Squadron - The Ghostriders
  • Kharon - 4th SOS transferred to Kharon 2 months prior to the Holocaust

Distinguishing Features

  • Light blue eyes
  • Usually smiling
  • Redhead's temper
  • Two tattoos not readily visible


  • Always carries a gold coin with her. ALWAYS. She will not fly without it.
  • Thea is superstitious. She'll never walk under a ladder. She always tosses salt over her shoulder if a salt shaker has been knocked over.
  • Some say she's got eyes in the back of her head.
  • She is deathly afraid of the dark and always has a light on, even if it's just a faint light.
  • Hides in the tool room when something is bothering her and spends hours cleaning tools.
  • Can frequently be found in the Laundry Room, sitting on the washing machines.
  • At least one tattoo of a black cat - very few know where.
  • Shot in the ass (accidentally, supposedly) by Major Vincent Harmon during a bar fight on Charybdis. She wears the bullet on a chain beneath her dogtags.
  • Walked out of a meeting after flipping off the Lieutenant in charge of said meeting.
  • Has had her heart broken on at least two occasions by Kai - it's likely been more. He's her unrequited love. He let go of the past, she's still trying.
  • Will not date anyone under her command. Period. Will not have any manner of relationship with anyone under her command. Period. Friendship is as far as she'll go, and she has difficulty with that sometimes.
  • Earned the nickname of "Momma Cat."
  • She is not a lady. She may play one on television, but she is not a lady.


  • There are vague rumors that Thea can actually brew her own alcohol. Unsubstantiated thusfar.
  • She's been trained in on-the-fly repair of Raptors and Vipers.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Major Danika "Torch" Vendas. Torch was the best of both worlds. On one hand, she was the consummate professional with a bark that would scare the hell out of most people. On the other, shewas one of my closest friends. She was the one person who understood what many others didn't. And now she's dead. Her life cut short by the bullets she tried to avoid. Torch is with her daughter now. May they both rest in peace, and may Danika find the things she was looking for.
Captain Karim Aiteru "Spider" Marek. Karim is the one who got away. We were together for two wonderful years a decade ago, when we were young hot-shot pilots. I'm the one who screwed it up by walking away. He was my best friend and lover. Now, now he's only my best friend and my greatest regret. I used to call him Ri, but not anymore. Ri is dead. I don't think I know this man who's taken his place. My heart aches, but now is the time to put away childish things.
Lieutenant JG Nadiv "Poet" Roubani. Poet is an amazing young man and pilot. To be honest, he intimidates me from time to time. He's one of those men who has a way of just looking at you and you immediately feel like you've done something wrong, even if you didn't. He's got a keen mind and a strong sense of compassion. If only he weren't so young… I've watched him blossom both as a man and an officer through adversity. It's strange, but he is both my father confessor and my friend. One of the greatest honors I think I've ever had is that he allows me to hold his hand from time to time. No matter what happens, he's always been there to pick the pieces up.
Lieutenant Timon "Ivory" Stathis. You could talk yourself out of an engraved invitation to the land of the gods. I swear upon all that's holy, you talk yourself in circles until I'm ready to beat you over the head with your own words. But you're the one who tells me the hard things I don't want to hear. You are my second in command, my conscience - and my friend.
Lieutenant Kyle "Birdman" Sparro. Birdman has known me since I was old enough to get thrown out of my first bar (at age 15, thankyouverymuch). He picked me up by the scriff of my neck a time or two and taught me all he knew about Raptors. I worry about him - specifically his choice in women. Which isn't surprising - he abhorrs my taste in men. Particularly men I fell in love with. Of course, since he asked me to marry him, I guess I can't say a whole hell of a lot about his taste in women. It's been a rocky road - for both of us. We'll see where it goes.
Lieutenant JG Anton "Thorn" Komnenos. Ah, Thorn. I would have given the world to not hurt you. I think I rather would have taken off one of my own arms. But that's not the path life had planned out, I guess. You're so young and have so much promise. You take life by the throat. There's so much ahead of you…things I can't be part of. Not the way you want me to. I'll be by yourside, guiding you.
Lieutenant JG Kisseus "Madman" Heathrow Matto. There are no words to describe Kissy, really. He and Poppy are two of a kind. Whenever I'm feeling down, I can always count on a smile from him. But yet, I worry about him. I worry quite a bit. I know he's an adult, but he has the wide-eyed innocence of a child. Sometimes, I think, I allow that wide-eyed innocence to fool me. He's a man, and a good friend, when I let him be one. On the odd side, I know that when I'm ready for a child, he'll be standing there with the turkey baster.
Lieutenant JG Poppy "Flower" Tuscalani. Poppyflower is one of mine. There's no other way for me to put it. She's one of my ECOs and going to grow into being a damned fine pilot one day. I fret about her, worry about her, enjoy spending time with her. She and her other half drive me crazy, but they also lighten me up when I get too grounded. My only regret is that she had to see what she did, that she was there to see the colonies burn. She lost a bit of her innocence that day.
Lieutenant JG Jason "Lifer" Thayer. There's not much I can say about Lifer except that he's as solid as they come. I worry about him, though. He's too quiet. I've learned, though, that rushing people is never a good idea. I always said he'd come out of his shell when he was ready, but he never got the chance. Rest in peace, Lifer. I'll miss you.
Lieutenant JG Isaiah "Exile" Harrison. Oddly enough, Field Trip has come to be one of my closest friends. He's someone I can turn to who doesn't seem to judge. Maybe he does and I just don't know it. But he's someone I want to have around for a long time.
Lieutenant Abraham "Rabbit" Hale. There's not a whole lot I can say about Rabbit, except that he's a damned good officer and I wish him all the happiness in the world.
Lieutenant Samantha "Case" Passi. Case is one of those women I really wish I'd known when I was younger. We WOULD have gone out and shut bars down and probably would have gotten in more trouble than we could dig ourselves out of. She's so young, though. I see a lot of myself in her. She's like the little sister I never had.
Lieutenant JG Castor "Tinman" Leda. If Case is the little sister I never had, then Tinleg is the little brother I always wanted. He's a good man, a very good man, who was hurt by circumstance. Yet rather than let it get him down, he rose above it and proved that he was the better man.
Lieutenant Fenris "Mudguts" Valasche. Mudguts and I have a strange, but special bond. We connect over tragedy. Whenever something happens, one of us inevitably finds the other. Ours is a quiet relationship, one I cherish.
Major Arielle Pike. Arielle has pulled more bullets out of me than anyone has a right to. Oddly enough, I have no secrets from her. We're drinking buddies, truth or dare buddies, and truly enjoying a budding friendship. She's a good woman to have on your side.
Petty Officer 2nd Class Blake Donovan. The more I talk with you, the more I want to get to know you better. Every time I think of Scorpia, I think of you and the trees.
Petty Officer, Third Class Tanazje "Nine" Sjetyrnnine. She's so very sweet and so very young, but she's also so very creepy. I'll never forget the night she uncurled herself from inside a dryer in the Laundry Room. About scared the living hells out of me. She's got some fascinating viewpoints and there are days when I really just want to give her a hug and tell her everything will be alright. She created a lovely little spider she shared with me one night. It's hard to believe that she turned out to be a murderer. War does strange things.

Timeline of Events

Mission Day Logs

  • MD10 (3 Mar 2009) - Fresh Start - Vendas meets the Raptor squadron leader, Legacy.
  • MD027 (20 Mar 2009) - Game Theory - Conversation in the game room brings out a big mix of pilots.
  • MD028 (21 Mar 2009) - Shifts in Paradigm - A game room conversation spans booze, fingerpainting, and a clue to a mystery.
  • MD037 (30 Mar 2009) - Gambit - Kai, Legacy, and Roubani discuss the upcoming strike.
  • MD039 (01 Apr 2009) - Odysseus Operation -- Organisational Meeting - Air Wing Command calls a meeting to pool ideas on the upcoming op.
  • MD043 (06 Apr 2009) - Buns of Steel - Pilot chatter in the mess hall. Eddie and her buns get a new callsign.
  • MD046 (09 Apr 2009) - Pie Or Death - The pie draws a crowd out to Briny Bob's on the Charybdis.
  • MD048 (11 Apr 2009) - Trouble! - EVENT Folks from the Kharon get their night of shore leave interrupted by hoodlums. With guns.
  • MD048 (11 Apr 2009) - Aftermath - After the shootout in Poseidon's Revenge, Legacy's butt gets stitched and Roubani and Eddie discuss consequences.
  • MD050 (12 Apr 2009) - Odysseus Strike Brief - EVENT Vendas briefs the pilots and Marines.
  • MD052 (14 Apr 2009) - Ody and the Air Wing - EVENT The Air Wing tangles with the Battlestar Odysseus.
  • MD054 (16 Apr 2009) - Lifer - Quiet night in the Raptor bunks. Jason and Legacy chat about the Fleet, and their respective dedication to it.
  • MD055 (17 Apr 2009) - The Friendly Skies - Yuuri, Legacy, and Cygnus work on a flight simulation together, and afterwards Legacy and Roubani have a quiet chat.
  • MD057 (19 Apr 2009) - Warday -- Kharon Air Wing - EVENT The Air Wing goes out to tackle Cylons for the first time.
  • MD057 (19 Apr 2009) - Colonial Couriers - EVENT A continuation of Warday events. Vendas orders Poppy and Legacy to deliver something to Fleet HQ. Hilarity does not ensue.

Post Holocaust

  • PHD006 (24 Apr 2009) - Staging Point - Yuuri and Roubani bring an espionage project to Legacy and Kai, and leave with a mountain of responsibility on shoulders all around.
  • PHD007 (25 Apr 2009) - A Thing Or Two About Women - A library is a place to learn many things indeed…
  • PHD011 (29 Apr 2009) - Role Models - At the first briefing to talk projects, command tempers explode and Hellicon winds up brigged.
  • PHD015 (03 May 2009) - Coffee, Tea, or Beer - Legacy and Castor take to talk about coping mechanisms which ends in a bit of humor.
  • PHD014 (02 May 2009) - The Trouble With Me - Roubani learns some unexpected trivia about Legacy when she opens up to him.

Thea's Journal


"When Actors speak, they do so with a lover's tongue and a liar's heart."


  • Raptors
  • Vipers
  • Comfortable chairs to curl up in
  • Kai


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