Lena Marie Bellanca
Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard as Lena Marie Bellanca
Name: Lena Marie Bellanca
Alias: None
Age: 28
Hair & Eyes: Red hair and Green eyes
Faction: Medical
Position: Doctor
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: Central

Biographical Info



Lena Bellanca (Maiden name Cadmus) was born in Caprica city on December 13th twenty eight years ago. Only daughter of (mother)Delta and (father)Erasmus Cadmus she attended the best schools money could afford. Truly blessed, in life she lived the fairy tale of having everything Caprica and her parents deep pocketbooks could afford.

Growing up an only child Lena kept mostly to herself and had a very boring social life. Being fond of all things that grow she started a garden at a very young age and tended it for as long as she lived in her parents home. Attending the best schools she was quick to excel at her studies surpassing most students of her age in just middle school. Parents always insisting on providing their child a well rounded education they made her take singing and piano lessons. Ever obedient and being an over achiever Lena became quite the little performer but as she grew up she played less and less music, devoting most of her time to book study.


After prep school she was accepted into the University of Caprica’s Pre-Med program. There she studied and did well in most of her classes, bragging that she was able to recite all 206 bones in a human body by name. Earning her MD she started her residency on Caprica, working mostly with family medicine. As every resident does a round in the ER she did her time but did not like the pressure of the position, much preferring the revolving doors of a clinic. Always enjoying puzzles and figuring out how things work together as a whole she took a special interest in Orthopedic medicine. Determined to help a less fortunate colony she was planning to move to Aerilon to work in government funded clinics after completing her residency.


In university is where she met Thanos Bellanca, another student studying engineering and fell fast in love. Her life on Caprica with Thanos was a dream. They had a wonderful flat close to the University where together they had an herb garden and he grew her white roses. There they lived happily, completing their studies together and both making plans to move to Aerilon after graduation to start their careers and a family.

Several times during their last few months at school Thanos had been approached by the Military to enlist and aid in their projects to continue the Hydroponics Space developments. Both having a strong dislike for the military they turned down the contract every time. Three months before the bombs went off Lena and Thanos were married in a lavish ceremony in downtown Caprica City.

The day before the world ends and Lena wakes up with the sunshine in her beautiful bedroom in her peaceful flat on Caprica with her husband. Having planned on a trip to Gemenon to visit friends she is taken to the shuttle port by Thanos. Late for her passenger liner, The Elpis, she is quick to say goodbye. Something she has always regretted.

While sliding back in her easy chair in first class waiting for the flight to arrive at their destination all hell breaks loose and the history becomes fuzzy.

After the chaos of the initial Holocaust subsided she remained stowed aboard the Elpis, eventually transferring to the Kharon. Upon the Elpis she worked as hard as she could to help those that needed medical attention, though with limited supplies and simply being human she could not save them all. The demand for medical staff was high and Lena began teaching others aboard the passenger liner first aid and the basics of emergency medicine.

Once aboard the Kharon she enlisted. Quiet and withdrawn since she has been aboard she is always trying to remain in the background, away from the action. Some even call her a coward for running away from the sound of bullets.

A few weeks aboard the Elpis and she realized she was not just sick with grief and despair, she was with child. Doing her best throughout all the transfers to keep under the radar and hide her condition it is now 8 months and she isn’t fooling anyone anymore.

Distinguishing Features

  • 9 months pregnant.
  • Kind eyes.
  • Bum chin and dimples.


Plays the Piano
Likes plants


Orthopedic Medicine

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Wolfram Fulk. Light heated fellow. I enjoy his company.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Soon PH#268 Talked with Wolfram about the baby, dreams, hope, faith and the kitchen sink. Lena, Fiver.




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