David Krumholtz
David Krumholtz as Leon T Marr
Name: Leon T Marr
Alias: Leon
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Dark-brown eyes and hair
Faction: Navy: Tactical
Position: Communications
Colony: Picon
Play Times: Unknown Yet
Timezone: +8 GMT

Biographical Info


Leon Theodore Marr was born to Major Charles Marr and Jeanny (Eerste) Marr on August 9, twenty-three years ago on Picon. There, he and his mother lived while his father worked at the Colonial Fleet Headquarters. Leon's childhood was nothing more than average for that of a Military child, in the sense that his father was also married to his work.

Despite coming from a military family of high, middle-class, Leon's parents were the down-to-earth type and so his upbringing certainly reflected that fact. Even having the proper requirements to attend the more prestigious and upper-class educational facilities, Leon was instead sent to study in not-so-high-class institutions. It didn't lower his educational experience though, instead it gave him the opportunity to excel in his studies, and yet at the same time, maintain a much more unspoilt life, making many friends along the way, most of whom came from civilian familes. To Leon's father, this was very important. He wanted his only son to also join the military, and he felt it important that Leon would form strong bonds with the people who he would later protect.

Leon would soon have to leave most of his childhood friends behind. His path would lead him to the Fleet Academy. Even though some of them he would meet again, most had gone to work, or to other Civilian Tertiary Institutions. There, for many years, Leon studied under the high-standards of the Academy. Despite covering an expanse of subjects and various studies, Leon excelled in all things computers and electronics and it was soon found that he would specialise in the various aspects and duties of those working in CICs.

When he graduated from his main studies from the Academy, Leon was strongly recommended by all of his teachers and mentors to enter OCS. Which he did. Fourteen long, arduous, almost sleepless weeks later, Ensign Leon Theodore Marr graduated from OCS. From there he was posted straight onto the Colonial Battlestar Hestia CIC, as a Communications Officer as it was deployed, almost three years ago now.


  • Charles Marr - Father
  • Jeanny Marr - Mother


  • Picon State Primary - Primary School
  • Picon State Secondary - High School
  • Colonial Fleet Academy - Tertiary Studies
  • Officer Candidate School - Officer Training

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • BS HESTIA - CIC - Communications - First and Current posting, since Hestia was deployed on her initial assignment

Distinguishing Features

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On the Grid

Known Associates

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