Bjorn Steinbach
Bjorn Steinbach as Peter Antoine Levesque
Name: Peter Antoine Levesque
Alias: N/A (for now…)
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair & green eyes
Faction: Colonial Marine Corps
Position: Lance Corporal - Machine Gunner : SAW
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Variable
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info



Peter Antoine Levesque was born a November 23rd, in the Scorpian city of Stony Ridge. His father was a retired Marine SNCO who'd fought in the War and was a decorated veteran. He continued on for his career. His mother fought in the War as well, albeit working on the deck of the Battlestar Athena - she released from the Fleet after the War was over. He has two older sisters, both civilians.

He grew up in a pro-Colonial city in a markedly anti-Colonial region, which itself was a minority group on his planet. Majority within a minority, essentially. His childhood was average.


He was not an excellent student in both primary and secondary school, but passed his courses as he needed to and with decent grades. Much of his practical education came from the limited occasions his father was home, as well as from his local Scouts group.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Military service is where Levesque has done well. He started in the Scorpia Planetary Guard, which was a local defense force, when he was the youngest age possible - 16. This was part time work, which meant that he was free for schooling and later on, another job. Mainly, they did simple training and assistance to lawful authority, in the form of riot control and neighbourhood patrols. After floating to low level construction jobs, he enlisted in the Colonial Marine Corps at 19.

He distinguished himself in basic training (which he was forced to redo, even though he had already done the Planetary Guard version) and was able to volunteer for an advanced infantry training course, which enabled him to choose a posting of his liking. Being a total gloryhound, envious of his instructors who had seen combat, and also desiring to decisively do something for the Colonies, Levesque requested a posting to the “hot” areas of Sagittaron - those which were known to be hubs of local terrorist and guerilla groups and very much anti-Colonial. He was accepted and became a Private First Class and grenadier in the 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment (3/4 Marines, Thundering Third). After a further 6 months of pre-deployment training, his unit was off.

They saw the first batch of heavy combat about a month after rotating in for their 15 month tour. The insurgents captured three large cities on the planet and the countryside around them, and 3/4's area of operation was shifted to encompass one of these cities. For three months, they pacified the area in mainly stand up combat, which was plainly force on force. The insurgents ejected most of the residents of the cities and fought to hold them. Contacts on Levesque's unit were daily, sometimes many times in a day. Much of the fighting was brutal, house to house close quarters. For a small period of time he worked as a mortar operator on a Forward Operating Base, as a 'break' from being a TIC (troop in contact). During one house clearing incident, Levesque's actions saved his detachment and earned him a Silver Cluster.

After the three months, the area was declared cleared and many residents returned - though others didn't. From then on for the rest of his tour, engagements were more guerilla like and sporadic.

Once he returned to Camp Clarkson, Libran from Sagittaron, he was given one month block leave and then transferred to his new assignment aboard the CEC Kharon. This is his first shipboard assignment.

He has served, in the background, on the CEC Kharon in an able and quiet fashion.

Distinguishing Features

Levesque's arms, shoulders and back are covered in tattoos, mainly of the Lords of Kobol and various mythological motifs involving them.


Very religious, but doesn't take the Sacred Scrolls literally and considers the mythology to be exactly what the name suggests - mythic, not historic. He concentrates more on rituals than on prayer.

A very law and order type guy. Pretty conservative in that respect.

Very pro-Colonial (in the federal aspect, rather than the planetary one).


Very able with a variety of weapons, including the 40mm grenade launchers which was his former position, and now with the squad's Light Machine Gun/Squad Automatic Weapon. Is able to use mortars, as well. In excellent physical form (though he smokes). He is qualified basic demolitions. Unusually, as part of his AIT course he was also qualified reconnaissance.

Previous Postings


3/4 Colonial Marine Regiment (Thundering Third) - 4th Division
Camp Clarkson, Libran
Operation April Lightning, Sagittaron & Operation Phoenix Rise, Sagittaron
Two Years, Three Months

  • His job - excessively.
  • Trash talking.
  • Training - both PT and force on force.
  • Talking politics.
  • Good pair of boots.


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