The Universe As We Know It


  • The Twelve Colonies - The official listing of all things canon about the Colonies from the Battlestar Wiki.
  • Be sure to check our own colonies page for any player established alterations!


  • Religion in the Twelve Colonies - The Battlestar Wiki page about religion. Conservative explanation.
  • - A generic resource for Greek Mythology (duh!) which is what the Colonial Religion is based on. Not all things listed will be canon and may differ slightly for the theme. Adapt accordingly.


  • Canon Ships - A listing of all ships in the series. The civilian vessels may be apart of your char's history, but please do not RP about them post-Warday as they are with Galactica. (Be sure any info used lines up with our own Stations and Events.)
  • More Links coming.

Helpful Character Resources


Sites for Actor Pix

  • Famous Babes - Snaps of Women. A useful resource for the ladies. NWS due to banner ads.
  • Famous Dudes - Snaps of Guys. A useful resource for male chars. NWS due to banner ads.
  • IMDB - Internet Movie Database. Pictures, bios, movie and actor listings. Everything.
  • Feel free to post your favorite sites to search on.

Misc Links

  • TV Tropes - Detailed listing of character concepts spanning all forms of media. Warning: You will spend hours here.
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