Cassius Logan
Robert Conrad
Robert Conrad as Cassius (Cass) Logan
Name: Cassius (Cass) Logan
Alias: Surgeon
Age: 32
Hair & Eyes: 6'1", 205, Blue Eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: Raptor Pilot
Colony: Tauron
Play Times: Afternoons and Evenings
Timezone: Pacific

Biographical Info


Cassius Logan was born into a middle class family on Tauron. His father was a
construction supervisor and his mother a primary school teacher. The only
thing remarkable about his childhood was that he was obviously obsessed
with flying. Where most kids would hop from one answer to another to the
question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Cass's answer was
always the same from the first time he could answer the question - "I
wanna fly!"



In his last year of secondary school. Cass applied to the service academy and
was accepted. His career there was rather unremarkable, graduatingin the
middle of the pack, but showing strong aptitude for flying, engineering,
and physics.

Military Service

Upon graduation he was assigned to flight training, and was assigned to a
Raptor squadron on the Atlantis as his initial fleet duty.

Two years into his tour, his CO recommended him for the Test Pilot school on Picon, due
to his exceptional attention to detail, and overall skill as both a pilot
and an engineer.

As it turns out, Cass was a perfect candidate for being a
test pilot. Unlike his prior schooling, he graduated at the top of his
class and was assigned to the Fleet Weapons Test Center as a staff pilot,
primarily flying new Raptor modifications. After a four year stint with
FWTC, Cass was reassigned at his request back to the fleet - part of the
normal rotation process, intended to get his Raptor and weapons expertise
back into the fleet.

Assigned to the Gunslingers aboard the Hestia, Cass has a reputation for being
surprisingly good with any weapons fitted to a raptor and a very precise
pilot. He'd be the first to say that he doesn't have the twitch-reflexs of
a viper driver any longer, but instead has learned to make a ship do
exactly what he wants down to the last micron, earning him the callsign
'Surgeon' for the precision of his flying. For all the skills with a Raptor, Cass
has a tendency to be a cigar smoking, hard drinking, stubborn SOB when not flying.
He's never been in hack for his attitude, but it's been a near thing several times.

Distinguishing Features

Deep Blue Eyes, easy smile.



On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
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Timeline of Events

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  • Good Booze, a Good Cigar, and Good Women(For some value of good).


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