BS Hestia Roleplay Logs

These are the stories of the men and women of the Colonial Fleet.
For the general timeline of events after game closing, please see: Post Game Timeline.

Title Date Summary Participants
Uninvited Guests PHD 304 A massive assault is launched on an important enemy target. Event. Every-damn-body.
Midnight at the Chapel PHD 291 Roubani and Samantha discuss dreams and Hermes' mysterious appearance in Sam's bunk. Roubani & Samantha
In The Galley PH289 A conversation in the galley leaves Daliah concerned for Dell's mental health. Daliah & Dell
Smoke on the Water PH289 Dell speaks to Fiver and Mimieux discuss a series of dreams Dell is having. Fiver, Dell, & Mimieux
An Offer You Cant Refuse PH288 Castor approaches Mason with a deal. Mason & Castor
Shades of Vitruvius PH285 While under observation in the s'bay, Kissy and Cass chat Cylons, Architecture, Retirement. Tusculani happens by. Logan, Tusculani, & Matto
Inked PH285 Eddie petitions Vega for a tattoo. Eddie & Vega
The Rabbit Hole PH284 Pilots and others get together to celebrate the life of Abraham Hale with a game of Pyramid. Sen, Matto, Eddie, Kallisto, Iggy, Praxis, Harrison, Kai, Alyssa & Neha
Lost Found Returned PH284 Pilots get a visit from Deck bearing… gifts. Rocco, Iggy, Reverie, Mason, & Matto, Harrison.
Harry Giggles PH283 Off-duty peeps get their drink on; moonshine's one helluva drink. Rian, Cinder, Kai & Salazar
Diversity in Connection PH283 Three chicks walk into the Silver and Black berthings…there's a joke here somewhere. Maybe. Marissa, Reverie & Kallisto
Hit By A Girl PH283 Selene, Rian and Villa cross paths during worship. Selene disapproves of Villa's gun toting in the holy place. Rian admits something to the Sargent and he becomes upset. Trying to smooth things over she chases him out in the corridor, only to get angry and physical herself. Selene, Rian & Villa
Ghosts In The Machine PH281 Marine's ghosts talk. Villa & Epi
Two Marines PH281 Two Marines talk. Barnabas & Daliah
House Arrest PH281 After her release from the brig, Reverie is sent to speak with the CAG about the incident. Kai & Reverie
Arrest Development PH281 The circumstances may be different in each case, but most arrests probably develop like this. Use this scene as a mental template. Follows To the Brig Kai, Komnenos, Panda, Reverie, Rian, & Tombs
To the Brig! PH281 Samantha admits and gives details on her relationship with the cylon, Ajax. Reverie makes an arrest for negligence and dereliction of duty. Teh dramaz!!!!111eleventy Samantha, Reverie, Panda, Rian & Tombs (cameos by Jupiter, Rocco, & Logan)
Baby boy! PH280 Lena gives birth to the first baby aboard the Hestia! Lena, Jacobs, & Jericho
The New Shave PH280 Panda is introduced to a new shave, from a new side of an acquaintance. Ninaza & Panda
A Pilot's Goodbye PH279 The pilots gather to toast Hale off to the Elysian Fields. Eddie, Matto, Kai, Samantha, Legacy, Jupiter, Harrison, Komnenos, Rocco, Roubani, Reverie, & Willem
The Truth Hurts PH279 When Iggy finally comes clean about her relationship with Harrison, Ambrose reaches his breaking point and calls her out on her bs behavior. Ambrose & Iggy
Ulterior Motives PH278 After the events of Insurgency, Cinder and Selene enjoy a quiet moment. Cinder & Selene
Company PH277 Marissa and Callie hang out in the observation lounge. Marissa & Callie
Promises Broken PH277 Things are clarified between Reverie and Dak. Brief cameo by Eddie and Marissa Kairos, Reverie, Marissa, Eddie
Wings PH277 The end of an era. Reverie, Logan, Kai & Timon
One More Day PH276 Just another day in sickbay. One day closer to release. Reverie, Eddie, Dante, Sapho & Adriana
Flight PH276 The CMO summons Timon to his office for a talk. Capriel & Timon
Afraid PH275 Callie and Panda get a chance to talk about their feelings. Callie & Panda
Eddie is Okay PH275 Leda expresses his trust in Eddie while Reverie disagrees. Reverie & Castor
Pedagogy PH274 Timon goes to Sickbay to check up on Thorn. He's delayed. Timon & Reverie
Resilience PH274 The Geek Squad's plan comes closer to fruition. Kairos, Matto, Roubani, & Timon
Heart to Heart PH274 After her surgery removing five bullet wounds, Reverie is visited by her raptor pilot, Dak. A heart to heart ensues, promises are made. Kairos, Reverie
Insurgency - Nuke Patrol PH274 EVENT: Cylon basestar nuke placement with the taxi drivers & backseaters. Ambrose, Kairos, Komnenos, Matto, Reverie, Logan, Salazar, Tombs, Barnabas, Panda, Ashe, Daliah, Cinder, Epi, & Kellin.
Insurgency - Rebellion PH274 EVENT: Cylon basestar recon from the perspective of second squad. Read: Insurgency - Nuke Patrol for the flight & hangar bay first half of this log. Cinder, Salazar, Daliah, & Epi.
Insurgency - Resurrection Chamber PH274 EVENT: Cylon basestar recon, from the perspective of first squad. Tombs, Barnabas, Ashe, Panda, & Kellin
Requiem PH273 Three pilots remember. A vignette. Matto, Roubani, & Timon
Gut Shots PH273 While Dutch fights with Eddie who is post surgery after a wounded abdomen, Roubani and Matto come to deliver one more blow. Harrison becomes an innocent bystander. Eddie, Dutch, Matto, Roubani, & Harrison
Cylons In the Mist - CIC PH273 CIC's perspective on the sudden appearance of an odd basestar. person1, person2, person3.
Cylons In the Mist - Air Wing PH273 The CAP + Alert Viper perspective on the appearance of an odd basestar. person1, person2, person3.
Giving Back PH273 Rian gives back a stolen medallion to her pilot ally. Rian & Matto
World of Traveling Sweatpants PH272 Laundry and non-standard underwear, are the subjects of this meeting. Marissa, & Villa
The Boots of Chronos PH272 The Geek Squad adopts an unconventional problem-solving technique — one that involves the temporary disabling of a smoke detector. Timon, Roubani, Matto, Willem, & Komnenos
Apologies and Ascots PH271 In which fences are mended. Roubani & Timon
Working Lunch PH271 Sort of. Reverie, Roubani, Timon, Logan, Kai, Eddie, Iggy & Harrison
In Search Of PH271 Nobody expects a scene in the Post Office. Timon & Rian

For the CEC Kharon logs pre-Hestia, please see: Kharon Logs.

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