Portrayed By Autumn Reeser
Fullname London Grace Townsend
Birthday Sept 5th
Position Marksman
Age 24
Height 5'5"
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Hazel
Hair Auburn
Rank Enlisted - Sergeant


London Grace is a preppy, poised young lady in her early twenties with a charming smile and good posture. Loose curls of auburn fall around her face and to her shoulders, with almond shaped, hazel eyes to match. Dark eyebrows form an arch above her mascara-framed eyes. Her skin is clear and smooth and its slightly darker tone suggests a mixed ancestry. Both ears have been pierced twice with small, sapphire studs; once on the lobes, and once on the helixes. She's got a healthy amount of meat on her bones, and she looks as though she finds ample time to keep in-shape and exercise.


Neurotic, obsessive, yet cultured, and maybe just a little bit creepy. Despite being something of a socialite, London is highly looked down upon by some crew members. Yet, she is respected. She is condescending, especially towards other marines of lower ranks, from time to time because of her multitude of insecurities. Her mother's neglectful method of parenting bred the attention-craving behaviour that she tends to exhibit that is borderline histrionic.

She acts perky and chipper and her actions demonstrate her dire need for the spotlight to be on her, even if she needs to be a complete bitch to do so. On some level, she likes even the negative attention. She pretends to act cold to those who show an interest in her, but once they've withstood her snobby attitude for an extended period of time, she clings desperately. London can flip the coin almost instantly to suck up to her superiors. Though two-faced, she is conscious of her duties and very responsible.

Nevertheless, London does have some good qualities. She is a very effective worker, a strong leader, and relentlessly loyal. Her organizational skills, though annoying, prove to be useful on a daily basis. She is far from realistic when it comes to romance, love, and relationships, but has a good head on her shoulders regardless. London is very conscious of her health and well-being; she goes to great measures to make sure that she's in good physical shape, and was a vegetarian before she realized that, during a holocaust, you just can't be that damn picky.


  • Born on Aquaria on September 5, 1986, to fairly influential parents. Her mother was a politician, and her father was a Lieutenant Colonel aboard one of the Fleet ships that made rounds before the holocaust.
  • Grew up living a very privileged life; fancy house, wealthy parents, and exceptional schooling opportunities. Her parents were almost always absent from London's life, however, and they left her in the care of her Aunt while they worked. As London grew older, she began taking piano classes when she was 7. At the request of her mother, she also began dance.
  • During the summers her father would return home for a few months, telling her stories about his adventures in space, and (rather irresponsibly) teaching her how to handle a gun. He also taught her, to some extent, languages like Kashmiri and Thracian.
  • She attended a private school for her teen years, and was just as neglected as she was as a child. Her father spent less and less time at home, and the days she did spend with her mother were full of arguments. London's mother was emotionally cold towards her, with impossibly high expectations.
  • After years of conforming to her mother's wishes, London decided to enroll in Police's College once she got out of high school when she was 17. Infuriated, her mother kicked her out of the house, and London was left to pay for schooling, food, and board independently.
  • After her second year of Police College, she was contacted by her father and offered her training in Camp Clarkson when he heard of her financial issues. He said, "Fuck police work — join the military!"
  • Upon joining, London began marine training. She practiced stealth, survival, and long-distance firing. Her prowess as a marksmen helped her fast-track through the ranks, stopping at Sergeant when she hit the age of 23.
  • When she completed her training, she boarded Hestia on the last transfer from Aquaria.
  • Warday came, and London still isn't quite sure if her mother survived the blasts. Her father, who had also happened to be planet-side, is also still missing. London developed Conversion Disorder while trying to cope with the holocaust and the feeling of despair, though she managed to keep it from interfering with her job.


  • The sound of her own voice.
  • Vegetables
  • Casual clothing
  • Her rank
  • Piano (or any other musical things)
  • Dance


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