Donal Logue
Donal Logue as Marcon Gabriel Stewart
Name: Marcon Gabriel Stewart
Alias: Marc
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Rusty brown hair, Brown eyes, "big-boned"
Faction: Navy, Enlisted
Position: Support Cook, Specialist
Colony: Aerelon
Play Times: Evening
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


Born to a family of farmers, brewers, moonshiners and restaurant owners on Aerelon, Marcon grew up learning about two things, food and drink. Nearly every aspect of preparation was handled by some family member, and Marc learned a bit of it all, though in truth his true talent was in making a fantastic meal from whatever was available, showing true creative genius when it came to his culinary exploits. Wondering if he really knew everything that was to be known about food, however, he wanted to attend a Culinary school on Caprica, and needed money to go, leading to his enlistment with the Colonial Fleet.


His mother owned a restaurant, his father a farm, his uncles a brewery and Ambrosia still between them. Nearly every aspect of food and drink preparation imaginable was at some point a part of Marcon's growing up experience.


Standard Colonial, Marcon enlisted with the Colonial Fleet to get money for Culinary school, but never got the chance.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Marcon's career to this point has been fairly successful for an enlisted cook, as his near-miraculous ability to make a good meal out of Colonial Fleet Rations made him the favorite of several Fleet Commanders. One hiccup came when he was caught operating a home-made still on one of his postings. It looked like he was facing dishonorable discharge when it came out that he had actually constructed the machine at the instructions of an officer. After recommending that he disobey such orders when given by Viper Pilots, Marcon was transferred to the Kharon to keep him out of trouble until his term ended.

Distinguishing Features

Marcon is fat. Not hugely or grossly so, but but built so that it is clear that he enjoys his meals and even the regimen of the Colonial Fleet couldn't get rid of it entirely. He is also very cheerful and personable, and his loud, contagious laugh often announces his presence before sight of his largess does.



Want a snack? Marcon has a nigh-miraculous talent for coming up with delicious concoctions seemingly out of nowhere.
You want a meal? Marcon is the best cook in the fleet, by his own approximation.
You want a drink? Water's over there, bub. You want something stronger, and the CO's not watching, Marcon could maybe hook that up as well.
You want to GROW food? That's a littler harder, but Marcon didn't spend all that time on Daddy's farm without picking a few things up.

On the Grid

Marcon's Garden Pt. 1- Marcon first shares his plan to build a garden on the Kharon with Nine.

Known Associates


Timeline of Events


"Anyone can feed a ship's crew on processed algae. But only I can make them ENJOY it."
"XO was riding me about my weight again. Can I help it I'm always assigned the ship with the best cook?"
"Lt. or not, if he salts my soup without trying it one more time, I'm gonna take his frakking Viper for a spin and see how he likes people doing HIS job."
"The day some pilot plays a prank on another using MY food is the day the Enlisted get to watch while an officer washes pans for a week so the Air Group doesn't get stale rolls for a month. Uh, sir."


  • Food.
  • Beer.
  • Whisky
  • Food with Beer and Whisky.
  • People.


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