PHD 268: Marines Go Antiquing
Marines go Antiquing
Summary: Rian and two other marines play a prank in the pilot's head, shortly after the simulator games.
Date: PHD 268 (1/11/10)
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The first section of the head is a hexagonal room lined with toilet stalls, each having a grey privacy door inset with a fixed louver panel of horizontal slats. Cutting up the center of the room is a long flat bench and the floor is covered with a non-skid rubber matting with a hexagonal honey comb shaped tread, both of which can be removed for easy cleaning. Breaking up this section with the back showers is a stainless steel bank of trough-like sinks, separated with a tall mirror between so half face the shower area and half face the toilet section. Like the front portion, the rear area of the Head boasts another set of benches.

"Ya-up," Kisseus tells Moonshine, squirting some soap into a palm and rubbing it against his other palm before beginning to lather up. "It's never much fun, but there you have it." He rubs his hands up over his head, soaping up his hair and bending his neck down to scrub at the base of his skull, wrinkling up his nose and curling up one side of his upper lip to peer out toward Field Trip dubiously for a brief moment mid-scrub. "Pandorian Ajtai, Kitty Ajtai's brother. He's a Marine. She's an ECO over in Bronze Squadron," he adds, since… he might not know that, either.

Roubani is at the sinks, talking to four disembodied voices. The others are showering, while the fully-clothed JG busies himself brushing his teeth. He makes a sound of acknowledgment to Harrison, but doesn't try to talk over the rabies-foam in his mouth. Brushin' away.

"Kitty is the one keeping time with Icarus." Mooner tells Dak, as if that would shed any light on the subject. But if he's going to learn the gossip, he's got to be exposed to all of it. Eddie is sitting in the bottom of a shower stall, still mostly dressed with the water on full blast and her feet propped on the wall. Most of the pilots have left the curtains open, for ease of conversation, while Roubani tends to himself at the sinks.

Harrison closes his curtain, seeing as how he left his clothes over yonder. He's usually at least somewhat chatty, so as the water turns on and he keeps silent, it's a change of pace for him.

"Wait, aren't you the one who stole my good buddy Ambrose away from me?" Kairos asks Matto, water splashing and making a puddle at his feet. "If so, how the hell is /that/ goin' for ya? CAPs making you wanna shoot yourself yet? I'd totally understand if it does, because DAMN. The first time I flew with that guy - I'll never forget it." Backfire can't help but laugh just a little before continuing. "Hm, another paired sibling sorta thing. There's the Black siblings, if I remember correctly, and I think I heard Sketch murmur something about being related to the Kharon head honcho or whatever." Listening to Eddie's input, there's a big nod, even though no one can really see it. "So is she just as antisocial as Icarus?" he attempts to clear up with Mooner, before getting soaped up. "More importantly, anyone know who SHE'S assigned to?"

Roubani spits foam into the sink, lifting a cupped hand of water to his mouth to rinse. "Why is every leftover batch of siblings male and female," he wonders aloud, of nowhere. Or just because Kairos' list prompts the thought. "I haven't heard of a single pair of brothers or sisters running around. Strange joss."

The familiar wirrrr-clank of the hatch rings out and the heavy door sweeps open filling the room with cold air. For a few long moments no one steps into the Head, the door just remains half open and the neon light from the berthing hub shines in. If there were no sounds of rushing water perhaps someone would hear the snickers and whispers outside.

 Three marines burst through the doorway then, heavy boots hitting the comb covered floor with loud thunks. Two younger males and Private Rian crash the party, all three in off duty tanks and sporting dark lines of 'war paint' on their cheeks. Making quick work of their mission they run around the hexagonal room, arms quickly snapping up any unmanned bag or pile of clothing. One young marine carries a paper bag, filled with white flower, he takes handfuls of the stuff and throws it at every piece of wet skin he sees. Making the circle they run like hell for the door, stolen goods in tow.

"Can't say I know her well enough to comment." Mooner says, finally dragging herself to her feet after the water has abused her enough that she won't be falling into bed all sweaty. "Who has an extra towel?" Because forsight is not her strongest virtue and she barely had enough gumption to shed her flightsuit. The question is asked just as she walks out of the stall and into a fistful of flour. "Pah. What the frak!? Shit's in my /eyes/."

"Presumably someone in Bronze Squadron," Kissy gives his opinion, "Maybe Toes, now that he's piloting," he goes on. "Is she still dallying with Icarus?" he muses on the fact a moment, "I'm surprised. It's nice she's settled down some, though, I guess— the— hell?" he wonders at the ruckus outside the showers, stealing closer to the stall door to peer, only to get painted white by some young fellow in warpaint. "Gah," he comments, arms out to sides.

Roubani is, as usual, completely dressed. The flour clings to clothing rather than wet skin, and he waves a hand slowly in the cloud in front of his face. Cough. Ew. "Someone's trying their hand at baking, apparently."

"Ah, all nice and squeaky clean. Finally. No more sweat, no more blood, no more grime, and I can finally smell a bit nicer thanks to-" Puff. Blinkblink. Apparently upon exiting the shower, he too was targeted by the very skillful-seeming flour-throwing hands of the trio of Marines. Backfire rubs his eyes, blinkblinks, and then growls, "Oh /no/ you didn't," before starting up and deciding to take off towards the closest Marine with warpaint, a battlecry being let out as he goes at full clip to one of the retreating personnel, for an attempted tackle to get all his shit back. And maybe a bit of revenge. "Yaaaaarrghh!"

It really doesn't take a lot to tip the scales with Mooner lately, and flour coupled with wet skin turns to paste quite easily. That's enough to get anyone into a bad mood fast. "You mother frakkin' son of a bitch. Come'ere! I'm going to pull your asshole out of your throat." And she's not being cute and playful about it. She's going to break someone's bones.

The ruckus has Exile emerging from his shower on the double, wet, naked, and armed with a shampoo bottle. Before everyone can swoon and say, "Mah HEERO", he takes a fistful of flour to the side of the head, the surprise of which throws him off-balance (and blinds him), and he chucks the bottle at the nearest source of whooping and running feet. This, of course, goes wide, and the plastic bottle clatters off a locker. "…the frak is this shit?"

Roubani coughs again, glancing down at his white fingers and rubbing them together. "Flour," he answers Harrison, drily. Having no desire to go sprinting after anyone himself, he /almost/ looks a bit amused at Kairos' reaction. Until he hears the female voice, which has him tossing down his toothbrush and heading that way. "Eddie. Whoa, stop!"

Matto takes a moment to be stunned before a broad grin spreads over his features and he tips his head back, laughing at the raid, especially as he thinks he recognizes one of the raiders. As Backfire and Exile make some sally toward vengeance, he doesn't think much of it, but something in Moonshine's demeanor seems… less than wholesome, and he ducks out of his shower, "Hey, Moonshine, it's okay, wait," he tries to calm her a little, going to wrap his wet, paste-covered arms around her, not quite a tackle, more of a hug, but something meaning to give her pause in her pursuit.

The two younger marines make it to the hatch and yonder, taking the bag of flower with them. Rian evades the tall pilot by ducking down and sprinting forward, a grin wide across her features showing many of her pearly whites, "oh I think we did!" A black duffle bag in hand she runs past the very pissed off Mooner, jerking away just fast enough so she doesn't get caught. At the hatchway and nearly to freedom she gets a bit cocky, turning on her heel and taking a bow with one sweeping arm. However she tangles her twisted feet, but catching herself before she completely falls. It does slow her down a heartbeat.

"Flour?" Exile mutters as he scrapes at the paste forming on the side of his head, then rubs it between his fingertips. He's just outside an open shower stall, dripping, covered with quickly thickening white paste, and naked. He sighs, and goes trooping off to search for his tossed shampoo. "Well, as long as it's not toasters or a biowarfare drill. If it gets much colder in here, my nuts are gonna be huddling for warmth behind my lungs." Squish, squish, squish he goes.

Eddie 's whole body is rigid with tension when Matto claps his arms around her, and then Roubani is imposing himself in her line of attack. She's not just pissed, she's seething, and her arms strain against Matto as if she might break away to go pummel some Marine pranksters' asses. "You better run, you little shits, and you better leave our frakkin property right outside the Gods damned hatch or I'm going to shove a boot so far up your ass you'll be tasting your own shit until then NEXT CYLON FRAKKING WAR." Mooner, as with most of the pilots, are doused in a fair bit of flour, which is sticking to freshly showered skin (or clothes in Mooner's case) like paste.

The continuing shenanigans with the fleeing Marines, flour everywhere, and people falling down aside, Roubani's focus is still on poor Mooner. He steps between her and the view of the fugitives, even if it might put him in fist range. His hands come up, trying to settle on either side of her face while matto's got her bearhugged. "Eddie." His voice is just a hint more firm. "They aren't even your clothes. Come on, it's just flour, for goodness' sakes. Stop it."
I wouldn't have to ignore my dad's friend request."

Well, Dak may have missed the tackle thanks to Rian's speed over Backfire's, but at the last second he's able to right himself before he slips on the floor and smashes his nose into the head's floor. He hops one one foot to stabilize himself, before staring the Private right in the eye as she takes a bow and falls down flat. "Oh gods," Kairos mentions, breaking into a smile and laughing, even though he's been coated in flour and is totally just mostly naked in front of the whole room, "That's worth having my clothes taken and my body saturated with cooking material." He walks slowly up to the pile on the floor, who is no doubt scrambling to get up and get the frak out, and he just stands there with arms folded over his chest. No sudden moves or anything. "Instant karma!"

Matto clasps his wrist with his opposite hand as Moonshine writhes in his grip, digging in his heels and dripping flour paste behind him as he struggles to keep her from eviscerating anyone, his paste-covered chest only managing to smear more of the goo over Moonshine's back. "It's just a little prank. Everyone's going to get their stuff back, girlie," he tries to assure her.

Pilots generally come in here for one of three or four very specific things: a piss, a smoke, a wank or a shower. Roughly in that order. Seeing as the flight suited CAG is both sweaty from a recent double patrol, and in dire need of a cigarette, he's apparently doubling up tonight. The smoke's already halfway to being lit by the time he breaches the hatch, and the scene he happens upon shortly thereafter requires that he pause and observe for a few moments, in order to truly appreciate it. Or Exile's retreating, and well-floured self. Yes, this is one for the history books. "The shit did I walk in on?" he demands, kicking the hatch closed with his boot just as one of the Marines makes a beeline for it.

A beat or two longer where she keeps a steeled gaze affixed to Roubani, and the fight has gone out of Eddie's frame, her shoulders slumping and arms shrugging to get out of Matto's embrace. "I'm fine. It's cool." She assures, her voice a grumble. Once she's free of the tangle of Matto's arms, she's dragging off her wet tanks, using the sopping material to mop down her face and arms. "Frakkers." She practically spits, but even as the words come out of her mouth, and Marek's asking his question…she laughs. But she doesn't just laugh, she giggles. She doesn't just giggle, she's overcome with a fit like a schoolgirl until the point she's doubled over with the force of it.

Roubani pats Eddie's cheek, giving her subtle wink once she decides to give up the rage. He straightens up, rolling his shoulders, and glances over the left one towards the new entrant to the mess.

Rian scrambles up from the floor, dark eyes looking up into the unknown pilot with blue eyes. A smile still on her face she doesn't seem really bothered by the passionate outburst of Mooner, or was perhaps too busy with her get-away. A whip of her dark hair and a spin around to face the hatch she lunges forward to make a run for it, only to smash into Kai. "Oh I'm fraked," she curses as she falls onto the CAG, dark eyes looking to his and black smears of warpaint still on her cheeks.

Harrison retrieves his bottle of shampoo from under a bench before straightening up to take stock of the carnage. He stands quiet for a moment, then gives Kai a sort of wry glance before he sketches out a salute, never minding the fact that he's decidedly out of uniform. "Good morning, sir. Our esteemed colleagues from the Colonial Marine Corps decided to pay us a visit." Rian's discomfort has him grinning as he slowly starts to sidle away, then turns and saunters for the shower. Hell, everyone's seen it now — may as well flaunt it.

As Captain Marek walks in and Rian smacks right into the CAG, Kairos can't help but laugh just a little bit more. "Oh good Gods, you're not having a great day today." he murmurs, shaking his head before throwing up a salute alongside Harrison for the clearly marked superior officer. Although for Kairos, this is more of a joke than anything else. Because he is not exempt from being A) naked save for a pair of shorts, and B) saturated in flour like everyone else. "What he said," Kairos murmurs, jerking a thumb to Harrison.

Matto gives Moonshine a tender little squeeze by way of an actual hug before he lets her go. He might be the only person in the room with practical experience in front of a crowd while naked and painted strange colors, but the weight of the white stuff is enough to make even him feel a little on the awkward side in front of the Marek. "Just some prankage, sir," he tells the guy with a genial sort of grin, nevertheless, catching a strain of Moonshine's giggles thereafter.

Kai catches the fleeing Private by her arm, body twisting slightly to absorb the impact from her crash landing. He's not a tall man, but he is fairly bulky, certainly as far as pilots go. His cigarette, which he hasn't even had the opportunity to drag from yet, is pinched between his index and middle finger of the other hand. Unless Rian decides to contest his grip on her arm, she's most likely going to be held securely in place until he gets some semblance of the story from the assorted pilots in the room. Not like Marek was born yesterday, of course. He's probably figured it out his own self. "Next time you decide to flour the head," he tells the Private, blue eyes roving back to hers slowly, "warn their pansy asses ahead of time, so they don't get trounced by the CMC and make me look bad." He releases her, gives Harrison and Kairos a little raise of his brows, then turns for the hatch again. Probably best to enjoy his smoke.. elsewhere, in a location not doused in baking goods.

Eddie is in just her bra and shorts, not a typical ensemble she lingers around long. She may be brazen, but there's still a certain modesty she keeps about all her scaring. She seems to realize that, somewhere in her fit of laughter, which finally dies off with Marek's comment. Nothing more sobering then that. "I'm going to go get some clothes." Mooner mutters to those closest to her, and then peels off still be-floured, for the bunks.

And that's that. Roubani watches the scene at the door, barely biting back a yawn by the time he looks back at Matto and Eddie. He seems to agree quite strongly with Eddie's decision to clothe, nodding to that. Something said under his breath to Matto and then he's heading out too, presumably to those same berthings.

"Hmph," is all that Exile says as he ducks back into the shower. Apparently he'll be de-floured in the old-fashioned, hot water and soap kind of way.

As everyone leaves, Kairos looks down to his own body, ponders it for a moment, and then traces something out in the flower with his fingers. One vertical line. Another parallel vertical line. And then a half-ellipse horizontally under those two vertical lines. "Hey guys!" Backfire calls out to the departing and the remaining. "Check it out." A bit 'ol happy face drawn on his abdomen.

Far from seeming abashed by the Marek's reaction, Kissy smiles warmly at the guy as he seems to be taking a lenient path with the miscreants. Attention then caught by Nadiv, he gives the Poet a nod and a smile before he ducks back into the shower to take care of all this flour.
Matto cackles a little at the smiley gut over there, on his way, though.

The laughter fades from Rian as she is held by her upper arm, frowning eyes looking to the mans grip. Twisting her arm she tries to get away or at least get released but it does no good. Brown eyes meet his as he speaks then releases the arm, one hand rising to rub it instinctively. "I'll worn /you/ next time sir," she tells him, brows raising with expression." Looking back to the tousled room she can only laugh long and loud as she runs past the hatch and gives 'er past the berthings to freedom. Almost botched the mission by becoming a POW.

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