Marissa Delann
Park Han Byul
Park Han Byul as Marissa Delann
Name: Marissa Delann
Alias: Mouse; Mimi
Age: 24
Hair & Eyes: Black hair, brown eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: Ensign; Raptor Pilot (trainee)
Colony: Aquaria
Play Times: Play Times
Timezone: Time Zone

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Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Distinguishing Features

  • Dark-haired, dark-eyed, and spunky, with a near-omnipresent smile. Not much gets Mimi down.
  • A striking, though not strong, resemblance to a friend, Major/CMO Arielle Pike. She's been mistaken for the good Doctor's younger sister once or twice (despite the fact that they're not even from the same planet), and once for an alien clone by a Marine who watched too many bad sci-fi movies.
  • TAPW: Mimi owns The Awful Pink Watch, the epitome of tacky timepieces. The only watch in the universe that merits its own unique acronym. It's huge, and though made of metal it's covered with impact resistant rubber compound, and requires winding every day, making it impervious to the EMP of a nuclear blast. And even with that in mind, it was still the only watch left in the looted store on Scorpia where Mimi took shelter one night. She prizes it highly, and keeps it in a pocket when she's on missions, or even simulator runs, just to stay in the habit.
  • Wears her sweats when she's off duty. Mimi HATES the off-duty service togs, which remind her too much of the cons' attire from Clifton's Isle.


  • Marissa is a little sensitive about being raised in a prison, even if she wasn't a con or related to one. She is from /Calypso Archipelago/ in conversation, not from the infamous Clifton's Isle Detention Facility.
  • Mimi's rather self-deprecating about her figure, or near lack thereof. It's another sensitive subject, though she claims not to be bothered by it.
  • An AWFUL pack rat, a habit she picked up on Scorpia. While she's not the skilled scavenger and wheeler-dealer that Castor Leda is, she does end up with a surprising amount of miscellaneous stuff in her duffel and locker. Even she isn't sure what's in there from day to day.
  • Surprising skill as a hairdresser. Just ask Timon. Despite this, she prefers simple hairstyles. Something that takes a minute or two and a rubber band would be her preference.
  • Small and delicate as she looks, she owns a Dragon XIX service-issue hip-howitzer, scavenged during her days on Scorpia.


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