Martin "Dash" Tyler Black
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal as Martin Black
Name: Martin Black
Alias: Dash
Age: 24
Hair & Eyes: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: Lieutenant JG
Colony: Picon
Play Times: 8p - 2a
Timezone: US Arizona (no DST)

Biographical Info

Martin Tyler Black was born just a hair under 24 years ago on Picon to Dalen and Veronica black. Veronica made her living as a substitute teacher and frequent community service volunteer. She was a sweet woman, a bit of a pacifist and often spoke with her friends regarding political and social issues. The peaceful protest type.

Dalen Black worked in a manufacturing plant. He's the overtime union sort that always believed that hard work provided for his family so that they could have a safe and happy home. Then again, he always gave the better things to the OLDER sister, Jupiter, but we'll get to that in a moment. Yes, I've stopped writing this in third person. The end. Dad doted on Jupiter and I was a mama's boy. That about sums this up.

Jupiter, my sister, is a bitch. I love her, but she is a bitch. She got the car first, she got a radio in her room first, and when mom wasn't looking she was smacking and stealing everything of mine. Only Dad never really bought my side of the story. It's a terrible thing that Peanut (my name for her) was smart enough to figure this out. HOWEVER, when she was feeling the need to not be a hag, she was the best. We'd terrorize our cousins and set of fireworks in peoples' mailboxes. We got away with it most of the time. The rest of the time I was always getting grounded and punished for it. What did Jupiter do? She let me take the fall. Like I said…she's a bitch.

Anyway, I was actually pretty good in school. I was good with literature and art class. The teachers always told me I was so creative, which always worked in my favor. I took a note from my sister and sucked up a little to them so I'd get out of trouble. It never worked. Since Jupiter was having so much drama with her thievery and drinking, I tried to take the good-kid route. So the toll rang differently for a little while. I got in with my friends and she did her own thing. Then, one day, she up and joined the Navy. My parents (PACIFIST) were PISSED! All of that hard work being the better kid went right down the drain. They ignored me and it was Jupiter this and Jupiter that. We'd get updates about how good of a pilot she was going to be, and my parents kept telling me that I was going to have to do better. So when my dad started prepping me for college and a life at the plant…I joined up too.

So she had a few years on me, rumor has it she's been transfered to the Kharon as a Lieutenant, and after busting my ass for two years I've gone up to Lieutenant Junior Grade. I'm gaining on her. So I put in a transfer request and made friends with the right people. I have no clue why this happened but they actually approved it. The stage is set and in a military arena I can totally show her up. After all…I'm the better pilot of the two of us, and she's getting old.

History (as of PHD 133)

Arriving just a few short weeks before the Cylon Holocaust, Martin arrogantly made his presence known to his sister as soon as possible. The main focus of his competition in this world, he immediately set himself out on a mission to best her on a professional level. It was during this short time period that he and Lt Samantha "Case" Passi were pushed in each others' direction for a romantic interlude by Ensign Eddie "Mooner" Morales. Quite literally, it was suggested that they 'hook up' and in a moment of sudden bravado, they stumbled into his bunk.

However, what was suddenly a daredevil hook-up evolved into an on-again, off-again relationship that would last until nearly one hundred and thirty days after the Cylon Holocaust. At first there was the cringing plaintiff cries of 'I don't do that sort of thing', but shortly thereafter came additional incidents that began to track them as an established couple. Shortly after leave on a resupply station, the Holocaust came, and things began to twist into confusion.

While attempting and failing to speak to his sister about the loss of their parents, Martin became entwined in Samantha's religious woes. Unable to reach through his sister's emotional defenses, he caught Samantha throwing away her idol to Artemis and thoughtfully dragged it from the trash to stow in his locker. Turning all of his denied energy from comforting his sister in Sam's direction, he focused on being a solid force in her life through the turmoil. This led to a sudden identity as the class clown of the squadron. Deciding that the best way to keep people's hearts alive was to give them something to enjoy, he attempted the route of being the infectious jester. From slap-fights in the squadron berthings to infiltrating a boxing 'fight night' with Lieutenant JG Kisseus "Madman" Matto as a professional wrestler spectacle, he simply refused to grow up.

Aside from Matto, his main partner in crime in these antics was Ensign Eddie "Mooner" Morales. The connection between himself and Eddie began to lift eyebrows as curiosity began to form questions about whether their antics were flirting or not. During one particularly scandalous series of play-fighting between Eddie and Martin forty-one days after the Holocaust, Sam had decided enough was enough. Martin had Eddie in a headlock and was attempting to play the 'Uncle' game, when Eddie decided to 'de-pants' Martin to the room to get him to stop. Tangled in his fallen trousers, the two fell into a heap on the floor. Eddie made an off-color "full mast" comment that prompted Sam to grab Eddie and crack her across the face with a right cross. After a scurrying of people to break up the fight, the dust cleared, and Sam ended the relationship.

In the following weeks, Martin became quite silent. Focusing on the never ending series of battles, injuries to both himself and his sister and the sudden news of the suicide of Sam's new boyfriend, Ajax, he quickly became swamped with dueling responsibilities. Still unable to connect with his sister for food, conversation, or bonding, he buried his head in his work and began focusing on his role in the war. Racking up kills as a pilot, the following two months included rumors of romantic entanglements with Eddie and a staggering series of losses in a battle over Scorpia…

In what was believed to be a well prepared assault on designated positions on the planet, Dash was held from the front lines to provide defense to the Kharon alongside his sister. While a large number of Vipers and Raptors containing marines assaulted the surface, reports began to chime in about losses and crashes while the Kharon became locked in a deadly firefight. In a life or death dogfight to protect their home, the defensive Vipers were ordered to return to base and leave behind the attacking party. Among these losses were Dash's CAG, Captain Karim A. "Spider" Marek, and Samantha. To make matters worse, Jupiter was wounded badly in the fighting, resulting in her Viper crashing painfully on its return to base. The hits just kept on coming. The lack of pilots resulted in a grueling several days of double-CAP shifts and zombie-napping while the department heads began to plan a rescue effort. Morale was at an all time low, and the bodies and willpower of the Kharon's pilots were pushed to their maximum limits. It was then that Martin was punched directly in the face by the reality of the war, bringing up emotions that he'd been holding in for so long. More people were dying…and he couldn't ignore it any longer.

The mission to retrieve the stranded was a success, resulting in additional survivors from the surface of Scorpia to return to the Kharon. While not all of the losses were replaced, Samantha did manage to return to their home. It was after she was released from sickbay that the two decided to speak about themselves, their relationship, and their wishes in life. After a long discussion, the two decided to rejoin and commit to each other more fully. Despite the return of his relationship, however, Martin's spirits didn't raise too high. Additional missions led to more warfare and injury. Explosives were located in Castor's locker. The Marine S-2 officer opened fire in the Kharon's recovery ward, slaying Major Danika "Torch" Vendas in the process. Morale was falling to pieces and the Kharon's crew began to buckle under the stress, prompting Dash to become obsessed with his work. Eddie was nursing injuries from an unseen assailant and Jupiter was suddenly mourning the loss of her wingman, Merlin. Martin started to become reclusive, focusing on keeping a watch-like guard over the Red Squadron berthings to protect his fellow pilots.

The weeks began to pass in Martin's world. On an off-schedule with Samantha, the two began to drift apart socially. When rumors of Samantha having more than friendly CAP comm-chatter with Lieutenant JG Anton "Thorn" Komnenos began to float in his direction, Martin decided to confront his girlfriend. The resulting argument between the two revealed that on one evening the two had fallen asleep in each others' arms, prompting Martin to end the relationship. The same night, he confronted Thorn in a Game Room full of military staff and instigated a fight that landed him in the brig. While he claimed adamantly that it was over mutual respect between men and fellow pilots, the majority of witnesses believed it was over Samantha.

His head swimming from the perils of the war, his private life, and his dwindling conduct, Martin begins to focus on bringing his life back under control…


  • Lt Jupiter "Fingers" Black - Currently stationed on the CEC Kharon. Status: Active.
  • Dalen Black, Father. Status: Unknown, believed to have died on Picon in the Holocaust.
  • Veronica Black, Mother. Status: Unknown, believed to have died on Picon in the Holocaust.


  • High School Graduate
  • College Graduate through Picon Naval Academy.
  • Completed all necessary flight school and OCS training. Graduated in the top 20 percentile of his class
  • Elective studies yielded a nutrition and culinary degree. Yes…Martin is a licensed chef and dietary consultant to the Navy.


Distinguishing Features

  • A cartoonish tattoo depicting a well beloved video game character that's the Colonial equivalent of Pac-Man on his upper left arm. (Image to come)
  • A scar on the back of his head from when Jupiter pushed him out of a tree and he got it banged on the brick planter.
  • A small scar on his right eyebrow from the time that Jupiter hit him in the face with a pipe…on accident?


  • Little brother to Lt Jupiter "Fingers" Black.
  • The actor-likenesses who were chosen to "portray" Jupiter and Martin black are real-life siblings.


  • Viper Piloting and Gunnery.
  • Auto Driving.
  • Brawling, Firearms.
  • Accomplished chef, good with wine lists.
  • Triad.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events

  • MD05: Martin arrives at the Kharon for his new assignment.

Recent Logs With Martin

"He who wants a rose must respect the thorn."

Persian Proverb

“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago”

— Friedrich Nietzsche



On Black Family Religion:
"Well…I was presented at the temple when I was born. My father was a devoted to Poseidon and I was washed in the sea as well." Martin replies. "Spirituality wasn't the cornerstone of our household. I remember bits and pieces from when I was younger but I think Jupiter and I just started growing up so fast. I don't know. It's been so long and my mother hadn't spoken to me about it in years…" Martin trails off, digging deep into some emotional family memories as he continues to gaze forward. "She had a little shrine and would light incense, but I barely remember the inside of a temple back home on Picon. I've never really thought about it all until now." He turns his head to gaze at Roubani. "Maybe that's what happened with them too? Just got caught in the chaos, never slowed down? Always a job to do."

Martin's Music (Themed to character's thoughts, emotions, and experiences)


  • His sister, even though sometimes she likes to abuse him when he's trying to be sentimental.
  • Brown Ale, Scotch, and Whiskey.
  • Triad, Cigars, and talking trash around the game table.
  • Women, particularly ones with pretty, long hair and a daring streak.
  • Horror novels, slap boxing, and fast cars.
  • The color black, hot showers, and that tuna casserole from the mess hall.
  • Military Tactics in the sense of "Great Commander X used Y tactic to defeat enemy general Z. He finds that fascinating.


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