PHD 230: Morning After
Log Title
Summary: Did that really happen? Thorn and Samantha discuss the events of last night as he's getting ready for CAP.
Date: PHD230
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"mmh. mmmmfle frakkin' mmmrf." Thorn doesn't wake easily on a normal day, and even less so after a night in which he killed half of a bottle. After one more rather emphatic "mmrfle" he rolls half-asleep onto his side, trying to pull the pillow over his head with him. Being that there's one pillow in a rack made for one person, it's not likely to end how he'd intended.

Samantha's head gets drug over itself as he pulls out the pillow, and suddenly he's getting a face full of Samantha-Hair as well as the pillow that he's dragging there. She laughs, turning her head to try and tug her hair away and kiss him instead…"No hiding… Besides. That's my pillow…" She's only nominally more awake than he is, but she's trying, and the sudden jerk of the pillow from under her head was more than enough to really open her eyes.

"Mmmr meh fuffle!" comes the indignant reply. Between the kissing and the hair to the face, though, his eyes finally crack open, and Anton looks up at Samantha with bleary indignation. "Five more minutes too much t' ask?" he asks, aggrieved, as he pushes himself up into a seated position. He blinks a few times, yawning as he reaches for a cigarette.

Samantha remains on her back, half nude, quite drowsily comfortable and warm looking. She doesn't have to leave for CAP. -She- can stay asleep and comfortable for another 8 hours, if she wishes. So she just watches him sit up with that drowsy, cranky look on his face and she cannot help but grin…"Guess it depends on what you plan do to in those five minutes." She teases him lightly… then raises her arms to yawn and stretch, her back popping in a few places.. and that new ring catching a glint of light. "…Holy frak. It wasn't a dream.:

"Meh. M' frakkin' head," he mutters a few seconds later, wincing as he goes for his lighter. A rush of smoke later, he clears his throat and blinks his eyes, trying to force himself the rest of the way awake. He looks to her at the dream comment, momentarily confused until he catches a glimpse of the ring. Oh yeah, that was last night. Proposing under the influence… that'll sure be a story to tell the kids. Thorn leans in to give her a peck on the cheek before he starts crawling towards the ladder at the end of the bed. "Still not sure th' thing's fit t' wear," he mutters. "But if y' like it that much, I won't argue."

Samantha smiles a bit more, turning her head at the peck and reaching up to kiss the corner of his mouth briefly. She then lets him go, slowly sitting up herself and tugging on her tanks with a bit of a groan from where they had been balled up at the end of the bed. She admires the ring for a moment. "I do like it… it's got…Character." she teases him with that last part… but the comment of liking it seems genuine. Warm. Dammit, she really is in love!

Anton just rolls his eyes at the character comment. "Now y' sound like my mother," he sighs as he finishes disentangling himself from the rack and bounds down the ladder. For the moment, he's just wearing boxers, but he steps over to the locker, cigarette in hand, and starts pulling out pieces of uniform. The first tank top gets pulled awkwardly over his head, and he runs a hand through sleep-tousled blond hair with a yawn.

Samantha follows him out a heartbeat later, not even bothering with the ladder, she just jumps down. She's used to sleeping on the top bunk, even if her knees aren't thanking her for it. She's in her shorts and tanks now, that's it… she'll have to hunt for a bra later, if she doesn't decide to go back to sleep. She moves to the little coffee maker, quietly putting on a pot for him of the weak, rationed grounds. "…Well, all boys do want to sleep with your mom. You shoulda told me she was so smokin' hot."

"Oh, gods," Thorn utters with a sigh and a shake of the head. The second tanktop is pulled over his head, then he grabs a slightly crumpled flightsuit, pausing only to check that it's his and not hers before he jams the rest of the loose clothing back into the locker and pushes it shut. "Don't y' start. Makes me think of that awful myth about th' king that killed his father and married his mother. Bloody sordid stuff, that." Then, he's back to dressing himself, his cigarette finally placed out of the way on an ashtray on the nearby table.

Samantha holds one of the random coffee mugs under the actual brew spout, so it pours hot water right into the cup, stealing a tea bag instead from the rationed stash. Once the thing is filled she brings it over to him after replacing the pot. She offers the coffee with a quiet smirk, "Come on, drink your medicine. Damn if yer not in a mood this mornin'. You…okay?" Maybe he regretted the proposal? Her smirking smile suddenly falters a bit… more awake now. And worried.

Thorn manages a smile of surprise as she hands him a cup of tea, and he takes a small sip after blowing away the steam. "Fine. Well. other than th' head, of course." He purses his lips. "Always tell myself never t' drink th' night before a CAP, an' I never listen t' myself." His own smile dies away as he notices her faltering expression. "Hey. Nothing's the matter, yeah?"

Samantha studies his eyes for a few moments, nodding quietly. "We…. we were really drunk last night." She admits, feeling it herself, more her whole body aching warmly than anything, but it felt good as much as hurt. Like the soreness that comes after really, really wild sex. Something lovely happened, but your body just wasn't quite up to it. She still watches him a bit closer than before.

"Yeah? And?" Komnenos utters a short, caustic laugh at that. "Like neither of us has ever done that before, what?" His smirk returns a little bit at that, and he starts pulling his flightsuit on. "What are you worried about? I'm th' one what's going on CAP, not you. You get t' go back t' sleep after I leave, y' lucky devil." He looks back down to her as he retrieves his cigarette for a quick drag. "If it's that bad, though, I can stop by sickbay later, see if they've got something I can bring back."

Samantha shakes her head immediately to his question of it being -that- bad, "No, no…I'm fine. I've certainly had worse." She watches him quietly now, sitting down on the edge of that big oak table in the middle of the room. "…You don't regret it, do you? We… we weren't really…Thinking." Sam finally murmurs, not the same sort of blurting out as the did last night which -got- them into this situation, but the words are a bit… abrupt. Still, she has to ask before he goes. She has to know.

Sam's question freezes Thorn in his tracks. From his perch next to the locker, he looks back at her, his eyes meeting hers. There's a long pause before he speaks. "Look, love… I'm going t' say this once. If I'd regretted it, I'd not have made that bloody damn ring days in advance, I'd not have even held on t' the damned thing, an' I'd not have waited t' the right moment t' give it t' you." He tilts his head slightly to the side. "Not that last night was quite th' perfect moment, but then, when does life go as planned, eh?" Thorn walks over to the table where he's sitting, takes her hands and stares into her eyes. "Th' answer is no, I don't bloody well regret it." The finality in his voice is unmistakable. "Though, y' want t' give it back, I understand… whole thing was rather quick, wannit…"

Samantha holds on tightly to that ring across her small pinky finger. She shakes her head almost immediately to him, especially as he asks if she wants to give it back. "No! No. Dammit…you put it on there and I'm not taking it off as long as I live. We… we were drunk, yes. Doesn't make it any less real. You're right. So… it's… good. IT's damned good. You go out and fly your CAP…I'll… I'll be here when you get back. You better keep comin' home safe to me, alright?" She stands again, going to his side so she can properly see him off, a suddenm, strange bit of worry crossing her eyes. Everything matters just a little bit more now…himself included.

"All right, then," Thorn replies with a strong nod. He gives her a look as if to say, 'and you were worried about that?' and then quickly zips his flight suit the rest of the way closed. Then the ECO's leaning in, kissing Samantha lightly on the lips. "An' there'll be no more of that sort of talk," he says with mock sternness. The remainder of his cigarette is quickly powersmoked, and he offers her a jaunty grin as he grinds it out and picks up his notebook. "You kidding? No way I'm planning t' die now, I've got too much t' come back t'."

The kiss is happily returned, even deepened a little, another reminder of all the things he has to come back to. She squeezes her fingertips against his side and then releases him gently. "Alright. Love you. and I'm holding you to that, you know." She winks gently about his not planning to die, trying to ignore the bit of a chill it sends through her spine, and then she lets him head off, blowing a kiss after him before she returns to her bunk..

Well, Thorn's always a bit outwardly blase about the subject of death, sometimes to the chagrin of others. Sam seems reassured enough, though, and he musters one last, small smile for the woman before he's collecting the last of his things and making for the hatch. "I'll see y' when I see you," he calls out, and then he's gone.

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