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Mother May I
Summary: Jupiter & Tobias trade words, then fists. Jules carrots.
Date: 27.Feb.2009 (MD05)
Related Logs: Occurs just before Black v Black.

CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Gym

This is a rather large room that would accommodate quite a few people. The typical battleship gray color that coats the walls and floor of most of the ship is broken up here by the rubberized flooring that's done in a neutral tan. The other main addition to the flooring are stacks of dark blue mats that are available to be pulled out for a variety of purposes, though one standard is generally left at the back of the room which is considerable in its size and has a big, bright red circle taped onto it for sparring.

Free weights sit along one wall, the racks extending a little further out into the room. On the other side are the typical nautilus-style equipment common to most gyms, their standard weight sets adjustable by a simple change of the metal key in the stacks of iron. There is a fresh pile of folded towels sitting by the hatch, a plastic bin on the other side for the deposit of used towels in need of a wash.

Footfalls thud at regular intervals from one of the treadmills during the warm up workout of a medium height brunette in sweats. Jupiter pulls the towel off the arm of the machinery, mops her brow, and wipes the back of her neck. From the amount of sweat staining her clothing, it can be assumed she's been in here for a while.

Tobias wanders into the Gym with the look of a lost child. Still in his enlisted uniform his eyes gaze over the equipment in the room and grin pulled wide across his face. Letting out a slow whistles as he notes the punching bag he comments, "Frak me.. this is gonna be a great cruise."

Most people might mind their own business. "Low standards." Jupiter continues to run, upping the incline and the speed by a couple of notches. "You must be a marine."

Tobias blinks a second and looks to the woman who speaks as he glances her over, "Well considering I found the punching bag more eye catching than you, may want to rethink that." Stepping more into the gym he continues to glance over the equipment and looks back to the woman and comments, "Yea, I am a Marine. What's wrong with that?"

The stride doesn't waver, though a grin does curve her lips. The brunette reaches for a water bottle, pops the top and takes a long drink without pausing in her run. Once she's swallowed she replies, "I'm an acquired taste, marine. I'm not offended." The grin is audible in her words as she nods, "If you're good enough for the CMC, I'm sure the CMC is good enough for you."

Tobias smirks to the woman as he watches her stride over, "Well obviously you weren't good enough for it or you wouldn't be talking so much smack." Lifting his hand up he points to the treadmill, "So how far did you walk to break that sweat?"

"I scored too high on the dexterity and brain section to run marine boot." Jupiter glances over, the grin not faded even a little. "Almost eight miles. Best hangover cure I know."

Tobias shakes his head, "Take a shot again in the morning then frak yourself sober. Much better than that frakkin running idea." Walking over one of the free weights he lifts it from it's secured rack and nods approvingly before setting it back down and finally looking back to Jupiter.

The stride falters just slightly, and the sweats wearing woman grabs the arm of the treadmill to recover more swiftly from the slight start in stride. She shakes her head a little, puts the water bottle back in the holder, and finally replies, "That's the one I use on liberty."

Tobias chuckles and nods, "You must be a pilot. To frakkin' scared to do it while still on duty." Finally walks towards the treadmills, "So am I right?"

"Have you met the pilots? I just got here and I already know I'm not frakkin' one of them." The snort is derisive. Jupiter glances down to her treadmill, reducing the incline as her workout hits the cool down section. "I'm cursed with unusually good hand eye coordination and directional skills. Guilty."

Tobias shakes his head, "Just got here. Furthest I have gotten is putting my duffle on what looked like an empty bunk." Waving his hand at her he smirks, "Not like I am going to go out of my way to sit on that Flight deck to find any of them."

As the jog slows to a walk, Jupiter takes another swig from her water bottle, then flips her towel across her shoulder. "Redhead. You look like trouble. Any good in a bar fight?"

Tobias blinks a few times as he stares at her and just laughs with a broad grin, "Frak sakes woman. I am a Marine, of course I am good in a bar fight!" Laughing he shakes his head and adds under his breath, "They were right about them lookin good and flying on empty.."

Jupiter reaches up to flick a curl from her eyes, most of her hair pulled back into a tail for running. "Just because you're trained, it doesn't mean you can really throw down." She gives him an appraising look, or maybe she's just visualizing him naked. "You don't look like much."

Tobias reaches up and slowly scratches his chin as he watches her. Looking down to the floor then looking up along her returning the same appraising look. His lips purse a moment as he walks up to her, stands inches from her as his tone drops and his eyes lock with hers. The eyes seem almost cold as he comments, "You have no idea what I am capable of."

The pilot seems to be less than impressed by that return of comment. She gives the marine that blue eyed, level stare, a crooked little smile curling at the corner of her lips. She steps in closer, pulling the distance between them down to something that even a good sucker punch would be hard pressed to operate within. "I assume you can dress yourself, since Mommy wont fit in your duffle."

Tobias stares at Jupiter a moment. His jaw tightens as he lunges forward and yes she is out of the way of a sucker punch. She is not out of the way of… his head. The Headbutt comes in fast and sharp to her own head. Obviously that wasn't the best of comment choices from the pilot.

Jupiter saw that coming, well, she saw something coming. She didn't quite see that coming until it was happening. The pilot manages to turn her head only a little before the cracking of skulls connecting makes a nice dull noise that carries through the room. An elbow from her follows, right at the taller marine's throat. Meanwhile, she takes a step backward, stumbling as blood begins to ooze from a laceration above her eye.

Tobias steps back and notices the elbow coming at him and leans back just enough for it graze past him. Sneering he now has the advantege of his height and her being back in swinging distance. The fist gets drawn back and goes for the glory of making more blood emit from the pilots head.

"Caaaaaaaptaaaaaaain Rabbiiiiitttmeiiiiiiister," a way-too-cheerful voice comes from the hallway outside the gym. At the skull-cracking sound, a blonde head appears, a sweat-suited body following after with a carrot in hand. She blinks at the two fighters, brow furrowing quite intensely.

The punch is sucked up by the pilot's face, cracking her right across the jaw. The tissue is undoubtedly having a field day. The bizarre entrance call registers somewhere in Jupiter's WTFbrain, but her attention is taken by Tobias. Whom she returns a punch to, a bit too slowly. She did mention the hangover earlier. It's taking its toll.

Tobias notices the fist coming and it's glancing blow only causes his body to twist away with almost no damage. Unfortunately for Jupiter his body twisting back into place does add a little more momentum for the incoming arc of a hook punch towards the other side of her head, going straight for the already opened wound above her eye.

"Um. Excuse me." Polite and cute as a button. The aforementioned blonde, Jules, heads over towards the on-going fight. "Oh my gods… she's bleeding! Stop hitting her you meanie!" The carrot is brandished at Tobias.

Pow. Frak! That one puts her right on her ass. More or less right on her ass. Jupiter takes a step back, encounters the edge of the treadmill, and flings right over the frakkin' thing to roll right over the next one. Luckily the move is just controlled enough to keep from damaging anything important. Her palms slap the floor, and she pops back up to her feet, though the gash over her eye is widened. There's now a little distance between them. Jupiter reaches up and wipes her eye angrily with her sleeve. It stings. "Frak."

Tobias fists are balled and raised in a fighters stance. The glare is locked on to Jupiter as he finally hisses out, "Don't ever frakkin' talk about my family. Got it?" Knuckles whiten as he watches her with only a brief glance to Jules in case the fight is going to continue.

Fortunately for Tobias, Jules doesn't look like she has a violent bone in her body. When the fight seems to suddenly come to a halt, or at least a lull, she notes, "My mother always said it wasn't nice to say hurtful things about other people's families." Jupiter is eyed when she says this, the private keeping her voice soft.

"I'll just wait till I'm not hung over," Jupiter replies through clenched teeth, blood flowing freely from her wound. Frak. Trip to medical. Superglue isn't going to cut it this time. She pulls her sweatshirt off, stained with blood dribbles as it is, and tosses it to her duffle. "I'm not finished with you, Momma's boy."

Tobias glares and charges at her, looking like he is going to flat out tackle the woman. Unfortunately distance is in her favor as she sidesteps and lands a quick rabbit punch to his stomach. The air blown out of his lungs he doubles over and inhales in a deep wheezing sound.

"Hey that's not— HEY HEY HEY!" Jules stares after Tobias as he charges Jupiter and comes up behind, making a flying leap for his back so as to tackle him to the ground. Or something like that, "STOP BEATING EACH OTHER UP!"

Whatever else Jupiter was about to do is a little failed considering the swelling above her eye, coupled with the ooze of blood against pale skin. Dammet. She takes a few steps back, putting a little room between them again. "Didn't say anything about his family. Just his Momma."

Tobias between the sucker punch and the flying body tackle Tobias hits the ground with a grunt. Quickly rolling over he scrambles backwards along the floor to get away from Jules as he calls out, "Where the frak did you come from!?!" Seems he got his wind back.

Jules isn't surprised to see her tackle succeed, no one else should other, what with the part-crazed determined look on her face. "Stop letting her goad you, mister. She's obviously just saying stuff about your mom to piss you off and it's working." Then, from her spot on the floor where she gets left after Tobias rolls away, she turns her blue-eyed gaze on Jupiter and asks, with a smile, "How about you shut up now, 'kay?"

"How about you stay out of it, blondie." Jupiter doesn't seem impressed with the small blonde's chatter or tactics. "This is a private conversation." So says the bleeding brunette. She uses her towel to staunch the blood, stance still ready for Tobias if he comes calling again.

Tobias looks between the two and scrambles to his feet as he looks to Jules, "I am just defending her.." the her is ominous as he looks to Jupiter and winces at the wound and comments, "Ice will take swelling down, but you are probably going to need stitches. Sorry?"

"Sheesh." Jules just shakes her head at the two and starts to push herself to her feet, pausing when she spots her carrot, broken in twain during the tackle, on the ground. "Well. Poo." On her feet, she smiles at Tobias and says, "You're a good boy." Jupiter? She's just eyed some more.

"That worked better than the running," Jupiter comments, though the only person in the room likely to get the reference is Tobias. She shakes her head slightly. "I've had worse." She smiles. "And better. Don't get worked up over it, jarhead." Her eyes turn to the blonde again. "Is that a carrot?" Pause. "Did you just say poo?"

Tobias blinks a few times as he looks to Jules, "Good boy?" Shaking his head he looks to Jupiter, "I still like my other way better." Lookingback to Jules he has to ask also, "Why do you have a carrot?"

"It was a carrot, yeah," Jules says, glancing down at the two pieces in her hands. "Bunnies eat carrots, duh." Tobias. Question. Answered. "Don't fight anymore okay? You could get in trouble. Drill Sergeant said that Jarheads who cause fights on starships end up in the Brig…" The way she says Brig is the same way most religious folks would say Hell.

Jupiter looks at Jules for a long moment. And then she looks at Tobias. Her un-damaged brow raises slightly. "I've got an appointment with some ham handed medic." She about-face turns, leaving her shit where it fell, and heads for the hatch.

Tobias looks to Jules and smirks, "Brig can't be any worse that prison on Aerilon.." SHaking his head he looks around adds, "You only go to the brig when you get reported. We don't say anything and everyone stays out."

"If someone asked me, I'd have to tell them. Drill Sergeant said that if you lie, you go to the Brig," Jules says, smiling even as she turns away.

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