Lieutenant Nailah Abeni
Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai as Nailah
Name: Nailah
Alias: nai
Age: 36
Hair & Eyes: Dark brown hair & hazel eyes
Faction: Navy
Position: Lieutenant/Doctor
Colony: Sagittaron
Play Times: Varied
Timezone: MST

Biographical Info

Family & History

The only daughter of a heart surgeon (father, Dasharath Abeni) and a psychiatrist (mother, Harshini Ramya) each from the home colony of Sagittaron. Both sought sanctuary on the Caprica colony, only returning briefly to their colony due to the impending birth of their child in order for Nailah Mekelle to undergo the ritualistic Adhan (Call of Prayer) and iqamah spoken before their clan as well as the Tahneek (The practice of chewing date and applying a part of the chewed portion to the palate of the child so that it goes down the child's mouth easily, thereby, the sunnah is fulfilled. The veins and the muscles are strengthened. The dental palate, the jaws and the mouth are made active. As a result, it is easy for the child to suck milk from the breast of its mother.) and the Aqeeqah (The hair on the head of the new-born must be shaved on the seventh day. It is mustahib (desirable) to give silver in sadaqah to the poor and needy equal to the weight of his or her hair. Shaving the hair of the head provides the child with strength and opens up the pores of the skin. It is also beneficial to the eye-sight, the hearing and the sense of smell.) Once this familial responsibility was discharged, Dasharath and Harshini never again returned to Sagittaron. The only knowledge of their child's home colony were the stories told, the pictures on the walls and the reverence with which her parents conducted their lives.

As a child, Nailah found herself encouraged, coaxed and prodded to follow in their medical footsteps, steered towards the sciences and medicine from her youth. In her academic endeavors, she did well, and although not a spectacular student she found her niche in surgery during her residency. Angioplasty, transplants, limb replacements; in these she shone. She graduated from The Sanctuary Medical Teaching Hospital, Lysandion. summa cum laude and then earning her second doctorate from Caprica City Health Sciences University, specializing in surgical techniques associated with transplantation.

Her parents were tragically killed in an automobile accident on their way home from a dinner honoring their individual and combined achievements in surgery and transplantation. Nailah, in the car following them when they were hit by an on coming driver was left with nothing but her work and the memories of her parent's love and encouragement. She mourned for many months before realizing her parents would demand she go on and therefore, she did so at a feverish pace until her good friend and former colleague, Mythos Cosica, who now worked at the Colonial Military Hospital in Caprica City, offered her a job. Of course, it came with a codicil of joining the military, but he ascertained it would pull her out of her frenetic lifestyle with which she had consumed herself.

Along the way, she discovered muscles, a well of resistance and the ability to draw from deeper fountains of determination than she ever thought possible. She learned how to use a handgun, took place in a marathon for the Caprica Children's Foundation and began learning the dances of her mother's family, the Kathakali, a story-play and an elaborate dance depicting the victory of truth over falsehood as well as the Mohiniattam, the dance of the enchantress in which she is garbed in the fluid silk and henna of her ancestors.

She worked hard and came out with a rank of Lieutenant. Over time, she made her way without even being aware of it, to the rank of Captain. Her friend Mythos Cosica died of cancer along the way, leaving her without friend or rudder in the boat he'd set her sail in.

Ten months ago, she was called to duty aboard the Colonial Escort Kharon, whom her CMO assured her needed her surgical skills. She looked upon this as another adventure, albeit one without prestige Mythos would have sought for her, believing that every closing door always left an open window. After the Colonial attack, Nailah was caught in the cross fire and had been in a coma until recently. Her strength is regained, however she has moments of deep confusion and flashbacks during her time in silence.


  • The Sanctuary Medical Teaching Hospital, Lysandion. Graduating summa cum laude
  • Lysandion Health Sciences University, M.D., specializing surgical techniques associated with transplantation.
  • Continuing Research, Caprica City Colonial Military Health and Science University, Transplant Division

Medical Publications

  • Key Authors: Vendeer, R, Simmons, Abeni, N, Medical ethics and economics of organ transplantation
  • Key Authors: Welgos B, Pietzak M, Rowska L, Abeni, N, Pregnancy after organ transplantation
  • Key Authors: Menchen, F, Abeni, N, Donor-derived mesenchymal stem cells suppress alloreactivity of kidney transplant patients

Distinguishing Features

  • Silky brown hair, which unbound reaches down to her hips.
  • Large hazel green eyes.


  • Executes the dances of her mother's ancestors, those of the Kathakali, a story-play and an elaborate dance depicting the victory of truth over falsehood and the Mohiniattam, the dance of the enchantress in which she is garbed in the fluid silk and henna of her ancestors.


  • Surgical skills, mostly in the transplantation and angioplasty fields.

On the Grid

Known Associates

  • Hot curry and tandooris
  • A long, hot bath
  • Dancing


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