Lieutenant (JG) Neha Kavi
Lieutenant (JG) Neha Kavi
Hannah Simone
Hannah Simone as Neha Kavi
Name: Neha Kavi
Alias: Kavs
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Chocolate Brown Hair & Golden Brown Eyes
Faction: Hestia: Tactical
Position: Lt. (JG) - Communications Officer (CIC) & Aide-de-Camp to the Hestia's XO
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Varies

Biographical Info


People have always fascinated me. Their hopes, their trials, their joys and sorrows, their fears… from bizarro stuff that has happened, down to the humorous, the profound and the sublime, there simply is something divine about a different perspective. It's inspiring. There is even a certain kind of beauty to the most horrible of experiences. Perhaps it lies in a person's ability to rise above it and make something better.

Even before I took-up residence in my mother's womb, I'd been immersed in different cultures. It's in my DNA, you see. My family tree is so far-sweeping and diverse, it's more like a forest. Between siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, I had relatives on all the Colonies, and I loved nothing more than to visit them and listen to their stories, to marvel at the differences and the sameness.

Growing up in a place as intercolonial and cosmopolitan as Caprica City was a true blessing. The countless cultural offerings were vast and varied, and there was an endless ebb and flow of interesting folk coming from and going to interesting places. It was social anthropology at some of its finest. Always, I was so keen to learn about others — their tales as individuals, their roles in the greater whole. It didn't matter whether this knowledge came from books, lectures, or personal conversations. I absorbed whatever I could, however I could.

Ever since I was a child, I was compelled to preserve who someone is, what they've seen, where they've been, and what they want to still do. It came as no surprise that this great love of mine manifested as a career in documentary journalism. My passion to learn about others was augmented by my keen desire to share what I learned.

Eventually, my films and audio anthologies were noticed, and I was given an opportunity to reach even more people when Colonial Public Broadcasting contracted me to produce a show. Primarily a journalistic non-fiction program, This Colonial Life, as it was called, also featured essays, memoirs, field recordings, short fiction, and found footage from all the Colonies. Each week's show loosely centered on a particular theme, usually explored in several acts, that showed the common thread that linked us all.

I'll admit that the critical acclaim felt wonderful. What mattered the most, though, is how deeply it resonated with the audience. The letters we received from our listeners were so moving, coming from all over the Colonies. Such a source of pride. So many stories. So many voices. So many connections. It was humbling and uplifting, at the same time.

Six months after our first episode aired, innumerable of those stories were cut short, those voices silenced, those connections permanently severed. Truly, it was a Holocaust, so much lost. I and a few of my crew were en route to conduct an interview when War Day dawned. By virtue of being aboard the Elpis, we managed to avoid the same fate. How we lasted so long before the Kharon found us is quite the story, in and of itself. Not everyone made it, though, as my camera can woefully attest.

Among those of us who did, though, we were posed with two options: join the ranks of the military or settle in one of few refugee camps. I chose the former, as did the other TCL family members who survived. After all, in order for there to be stories to tell, there needs to be people to tell them. We had skills we could adapt to best serve humanity by serving aboard the ship. Every person we manage to save is another tale that can be told. Besides, I have no doubt that there are plenty of interesting events to chronicle aboard the Kharon.


Neha had at least one immediate or extended family member living on each Colony. Apart from a cousin who was with her aboard the Elpis and now on the Kharon, she has no idea how many, if any, of her relatives may have managed to survive.


  • Degrees in anthropology and media communications form Caprica University.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Civilian: Once upon a time, Neha was a documentary journalist, working in both film and radio. She hosted and produced an acclaimed weekly audio program called This Colonial Life, which has been described as "capturing contemporary culture in fresh and inventive ways that mirror the diversity and eccentricities of its subjects". Listeners and critics have called her likable, engaging, and thought-provoking.

Military: Rescued from the Elpis, Neha now serves as a Communications Officer aboard the Kharon. Highly adept at dealing with the craziness and pressures of media broadcasting, she's trying to adapt to the CIC's flavor of craziness and pressures. One of the few who did not transfer to the Hestia, Kavi remained behind and found herself acting as aide-de-camp to the Kharon's CO. Now that she and Praxis are stationed aboard the Hestia, he promoted her to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and retained her as his aide-de-camp.

Distinguishing Features

Babygirl's got:

  • That silky, soothing 'radio' voice
  • Almond-shaped, golden-brown eyes
  • Sweet caramel skin
  • Warm chocolate hued hair
  • A bright, friendly smile
  • Some badonkadonk
  • Zero liquor tolerance and less than zero chance of teetotalism
  • Keen insights into human nature


  • This Colonial Life is a shameless rip-off of This American Life.
  • Hannah Simone is half-Indian; the other half is comprised of German, Italian & Greek Cypriot ancestry. She's visited over 100 international cities, was born in London and grew-up in Calgary, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus & New Delhi. At 19, she moved back to London. Definitely inspiration for Neha's family and background.


  • Documentary Journalism
  • Anthropology & Cultural Studies
  • Broadcasting Communications
  • Can 'get by' speaking Kashmiri and Thracian; has some knowledge of Mierce
  • Rump shaking
  • Able to eloquently converse with Praxis and guttermouth with the Stick Jockeys and Jarheads
  • Getting hugged by someone who no one will ever believe hugs anyone, ever, let alone that said person initiated it without any prompting (but it totally happened)

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Lt. Colonel Praxis "Knight" Demitros (Kharon CO): It's glaringly obvious to anyone with two braincells to rub together that the man is an exceptional officer. He's stalwart, resilient, and lacking in neither acumen nor bravery, even when burdened with the crushingly heavy responsibility of safeguarding what is believed to be the last remnants of Humanity. Less apparent is how much he truly cares for his charges. In due time, I trust that it'll become increasingly evident. There is so much more to Praxis than the uniform, though, which is something even he forgets. The Knight is so used to donning armor to protect himself, it's kind of rusted in place. I'll pry it off with a crowbar, if I have to, because there is an absolutely wonderful person trapped inside. One who needs to permit himself to be vulnerable, to be emotional, to be human — and I'll do all that I can to ensure that he feels safe enough to allow that, even if only in private. One day, perhaps he'll realize that's why I chose to stay behind on the Kharon. Someone needs to look out for him.
Rear Admiral Sabah Mehra (Hestia CO): From what I've seen, the Rear Admiral is a very poised and courteous woman. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure that it's not normal for a Rear Admiral to shake hands with an Ensign, let alone initiate the gesture. There is something about her that I can't quite put my finger on. Something nebulous but not necessarily ominous. Something unclear. I sense turmoil beneath that placid surface, as well as a sadness, even though I can't say that she really said or did anything to spark these feelings. Intuition tends to see what the eyes do not, though.
Lieutenant Roland Girard (Hestia TACCO): Perhaps it's his eyes, the curve of his mouth, the tone of his voice, how he phrases things, or merely the way he carries himself, but I just know that Lieutenant Girard's personal story is a profound one… and one that will require a lot of time and effort to develop enough trust between us that he'd be willing to tell the tale. I have no doubt it'll be worth it, though.

Timeline of Events

  • PHD 233: After the merger between the CEC Kharon and the BSG Hestia is announced, Neha informs Praxis that she wishes to remain with the Kharon.
  • PHD 239: With the Kharon more or less now a ghost ship, the Ensign and the recently promoted Lt. Colonel have a conversation that shifts the stoic CO's paradigm and alters the nature of their relationship.
  • PHD 242: When Rear Admiral Mehra orders the Kharon's new CO to spend a week aboard the Hestia in order to get more acquainted with the CIC crew and become familiar with how she runs the vessel, Praxis appoints Neha as his aide.
  • PHD 248: The crews of the Hestia and the Kharon participate in a joint memorial service, which Neha films.
  • PHD 299: As his final action as Kharon's CO, Praxis promoted Neha to the rank of LtJG. As his first action as Hestia's XO, he appointed her as his aide-de-camp.


"Go, Goats!" to Praxis
"Hermes' speed!" to the pilots

"There is a certain beauty in even the most horrible of things. Pain is unavoidable. Loss is inevitable. We are powerless when it comes to such things. What we do control is how we live with these truths. Denying what is leads to no less pain and no less loss, so you might as well open your heart. Knowing the inevitable will make your joy all the sweeter, and it will bring you a sense of comfort in your deepest sorrows, because you'll have missed nothing and regret nothing." — Neha makes a serious dent in the Knight's armor

"Zeus' Mighty Wang!"
"By Poseidon's briny beard!"
"Aphrodite's sweet teat!"


  • Getting to know people
  • Stories
  • Diversity
  • Common threads
  • Wacky hijinks
  • Paradigm shifts
  • Tasty food
  • Citrus scents
  • Inspiring and being inspired
  • Being the friendly voice guiding the troops home
  • Bubble baths


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