Nikos Family

All information is current up to the bombs dropping on Day 0.

Biographical Info


Family Synopsis

The Nikos family is huge, devoted, religious, and rowdy. Anyone who has ever gone drinking with a Nikos would never forget it. Growing up in the family is a good time, always challenging, never dull. The familial gatherings are legendary, both in size, disturbance, number of calls to the authorities, and the volume of alcohol consumed. Joint leave is never a pretty picture. One would be hard pressed to find a bar within 50 miles in any direction of their hometown, Blue Earth, that doesn't have a few stories, or property damage, courtesy of the clan.

Blue Earth, Scorpia is named for the many rivers and streams in the area, and the blue-green clay lining their banks. The copper rich soil helped give the town its name, and there is outlying copper mining to this day. The area is well settled, some urban, but most rural land.

Prominent Members

Mugshot The Skinny
Lieutenant Salazar "Sal" Nikos Marek. Ex-marine. Sal is a rebel shoved into the body of a marine. She made an excellent grunt, serving all the way through Sergeant until some sort of medical discharge took her out of the Corps. She went into PT for around a year, then emerged again in the private sector before being scooped up by the CIB. She served as an agent for a few years before the bombings, deep undercover as an arms dealer operating often in the Cassiar Province of Scorpia. She was a member of the Scorpian Resistance after the bombs fell, but re-upped into the CMC when the CEC Kharon came calling. She has since been mustanged to serve as Kharon's S2, and now CMC CO. She is currently married to a pilot, Captain Karim Marek. Age: 28. Station: CEC Kharon.
Lieutenant Nyx Addison "Fender" Nikos. Trouble. Addie is known for a sharp wit, and a sharper tongue. The somewhat gruff Lieutenant (just shy of Captain!) is an accomplished flight instructor, Caprical Four Limb Boxer, and really probably should have been a marine. Her difficulty with land vehicles earned her her callsign, and continues to mystify anyone who has actually seen how sharp she is in the cockpit. Age: 29. Station: Classified.
Lieutenant JG Nemesis "Wicked" Nikos. One of the few pilots in the Nikos family, Nem is known for her deep spiritual beliefs, a mean left hook, and a habit of getting her wingmen killed. She's very much a stable influence on whatever wing she's a part of, but her wingmates have the worst luck. Age: 24. Station: The Siren.
Master Sergeant Peri Nikos. Nobody messes with Peri. He serves aboard the CEC Kharon as one of the senior enlisted aboard. He's a hardass, gruff, but honorable. He's got a yen for stogies, and a well developed sense of squad justice. When he served as a drill sergeant, Peri was a taskmaster. Age: 38. Station: CEC Kharon.
Brother Lysander Aramis Nikos Ex Marine. Lysander almost drowned as a kid, but apparently that did not stop him from joining the ranks of the Colonial Marine Corps. He was an excellent Sharpshooter and served through the ranking of Corporal, in which he did not re up for another four year tour. However instead of going into criminal justice as some siblings and cousins have gone, Lysander chose the religious route. The only thing that surprised the family was his choice of Deity. Lysander (or Lizzie as he is known by others of the clan) is seen as being half in the grave and half out. He drinks and smokes as hard as his kin-however, he's just oddly calm about it. Age:30 Haunt: Scorpia.
Lieutenant JG Abigail (Iggy) "Booster" Nikos. What happens when a Nikos is born with a temper so short that G-4 is preferable? A pilot named Iggy. Abigail was too girly for this Blue Earth-born Nikos. Her family was the one that kept the homefires burning when everyone else came to visit. Sister to Peri, cousin to Salazar. She's a Viper pilot because the Marines said she was too hard-core for them. Age: 27. Station: Hestia.
Master Sergeant Ransom Nikos. Another of the many, many Nikos cousins deployed. Rans ran with Peri when they were kids, up until Rans enlisted, and Peri followed the next year. Only a year apart, Peri was the responsible one, and Rans the crafty one. They had a longstanding contest for barfight starting, and many a family fight was started over this issue. Rans has a rep for being into the women and the drinking when off duty, though he is a professional through and through. Nobody messes with Rans, just like no one messed with Peri. Age: 39. Station: BS Hestia.

Nikomedes Nikos - Sergeant, serving aboard the Battlestar Orion.
Kyros Nikos - Corporal, serving aboard the Battlestar Orion.
Clio "Smalls" Nikos - Ensign (Air Wing), serving aboard the Battlestar Orion.
Robert "Bobber" Nikos - Ensign (Air Wing), serving aboard the Battlestar Orion.

Distinguishing Features



  • Beer Bonging.
  • Survival.
  • Military Protocol.
  • Raising Grunts & Pilots.
  • Rabblerousing.
  • Cavorting.
  • Drinking.
  • Sabotaging.
  • Partying.
  • Protecting & Serving.
  • Shooting Things.
  • Bloating the Ranks of the Colonial Military.
  • Languages: Standard & Thracian.


"Now. If we had a doctor and some whores, this'd be just like home." (Salazar, after divvying up survival duties at Harkin's Lodge, at a Resistance meeting, on a post-bombing Scorpia. PHD 011.)



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