PHD 235: Nikos v. Nikos
Nikos v Nikos
Summary: Iggy & Salazar finally meet up in the gym.
Date: PH235 (09 Dec 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Gym
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #235
OOC Time: Wed Dec 09 19:43:36 2009

This large room is large. The bulkheads are grey, like the rest of the ship, though the rubberized floor is a warm tan. A variety of blue mats, of varying thickness, are available to be pulled out for various purposes, though a huge mat in the back stays out to serve as as a sparring mat. A large red circle is taped down to mark the the boundaries of the ring.

Racks of free weights are bolted to the wall, and a few are bolted to the floor against the wall. Typical Nautilus style weight machines are available for use, as is a long bank of treadmills, a few step machines, and a couple of rowers. A few shelves of fresh folded white towels occupies a wall by the hatch, with a couple of bins below for used dirties. They are emptied often and washed. Thank your laundry personnel!

Castor Leda is in the gym and the heavy bag is taking a beating as punches are thrown one after the other and they aren't being thrown with weight as much as they are being thrown to build up body memory. His form is a bit wide at the moment but he isn't really in a fight so he isn't worrying to much about his form. The rest of the gym seems quiet at the moment beyond the dull thuds that come from the heavy bag.

The visiting pilot, the cat in the henhouse, walks into the gym and drops her duffle near a mat. She's looking around as if one of the other pilots is going to snap at her, and BOY, that would be a bad thing. Iggy looks as though that chip on her shoulder could be used as the foundation piece for a new society.

Waiting is an endurance game. It's an endurance game all members of the Nikos clan are quite familiar with. Salazar walks into the gym about 45 seconds after Iggy does. The S2 is on the prowl.

Castor continues hitting the heavy as a series of breaths come out of him, he is timing them, then again the pilot knows how to throw a punch. However as a new challenger enters into the room Leda looks over at her and he promptly noticing the chip on her shoulder he goes back to hitting the heavy without a word since he has weathered the worst of Jupiter and Eddie has thrown and he isn't biting. Fists continue to hit the heavy bag however as Salazar walks in eyes flicker back over to the pilot since this might get interesting.

Iggy watches Leda for a long moment, eyes narrow as she studies his form. It doesn't appear she's criticising - merely assessing. But her attention doesn't remain on him for long. She turns, as if to begin her own workout, and then. Then it happens. It's like two cats spotting each other over the same can of tuna. No, she doesn't bristle, but it would appear that every cell in Iggy's body has gone on alert.

Salazar crosses the gym, headed directly toward the pilot from the Hestia. Salazar's dark eyes watch the other dusky woman carefully. Her expression does not so much as shift. "Your hair is longer." She speaks only when within about five feet of the other Nikos. The statement is carefully neutral.

Leda almost stops throwing punches, when Salazar speaks since that is an odd thing to say and this causes his punches to become clumbsy for a split second. Whatever is about to happen between the two women Castor is quiet about it since he isn't a hall monitor. He then begins to move back into position and he tightens his stance as he begins to concentrate on the bag in front of him.

The pilot's chin comes up slightly as she studies Salazar, eyes moving over the woman from head to toe. "You've lost the baby fat," she replies, voice low, gravelly. Her love affair with cigarettes is readily apparent. No, she's not moving, but there's a certain way about the set of her shoulders, as if she's expecting -something-.

Salazar's voice carries that same touch of roughness. Stance just on the edge of movement or defense, it's hard to say. It's also hard to guess whether she's on or off duty. She wears a sidearm, cargo pants, and a black tee which shows off most of her sleeve tattoos. "You met Karim."

Leda continues to punch away but the babyfat comment makes him stop again, "Sisters?" He says softly as he exhales while punching and then he just stops and turns to look at the pair for just a second to get a good look at both of their faces as if to look for similarities. Color Castor both amused and afraid at the same time.

Oh, yes. Iggy's watching Salazar the same way someone would watch a striking cobra. She nods, once. "You got more ink." Well, hello Miss Obvious. Of course, it doesn't end there. Without warning, the tiny pilot is flying through the air at the S2. No, it's not a flying hug. She's out for blood. But likely only first blood.

Salazar tips her head slightly at the comment, but she's moving just as soon as Iggy launches herself. The S2 drops back, taking the pilot to the gym floor with her. There's a grunt and a knee comes up, foot planting on the lower arch of the pelvis where thigh meets torso, and Salazar flips Iggy up and over her head before completing the backward roll to come up to her feet. Sal shoves off of the floor, and comes to her feet facing the pilot, her body low. "Still fast."

Castor then says simply, "Yup, sisters." He doesn't intervene as the pair go at it but he does stop to watch what ia going on, Hall Monitor, no - someone who wants to see a fight yes. Still though he watches the S2 and he makes a note not to piss her off, well, anymore than he normally does by doing things like breathing and living in general.

Iggy goes up and over with all the grace of a trained circus performer, rolling to land on her feet, facing Salazar. Oh, there's just a hint of a smile on her face as she watches the other woman. "Still go down hard," she replies, taking a few steps to one side, starting to circle the S2.

The hatch opens to admit Crewman Apprentice Naomi Tethys, one of the newer deckhands. She glances around the gym with interest, trying to determine which piece of equipment she wants to use first. Seeing a sparring bout going on, she steps forward, quiet at first, watching with interest.

"Not sister, Leda." Salazar murmurs this, though her eyes never leave Iggy. "Something far worse." What would be worse than Salazar's sibling? That'll have to come out sometime later, sometime when the S2 isn't watching for the shorter Nikos to spring. "Stop trying to hit me and hit me."

Castor watches Iggy as she circles Sal and he looks over at Tethys and he walks over to Tethys making sure that there is space between them and he says in a low voice, "Don't ask me I'm putting the pieces together?" He then looks back as Salazar as she watches Salazar and Iggy he muses, "Worse, a brother with a sex change and this shamed the family?" He looks over at Tethys, "Nah."

Iggy's eyes narrow slightly and she just smiles a bit. "You always DID play this game," the pilot murmurs. And then she does exactly what Salazar's waiting for - she springs again, this time landing with a right hook. Someone, clearly, doesn't waste much time.

"No chance they're married?" Thethys asks quietly as she approaches the ring. "My mom and Dad used to go at each other like that. Right before seeing to new siblings…"

Salazar leans into the punch rather than trying to dodge or block it, and the full force takes her right in the arm as she turns her body, sending tingles down the limb and a brief numbness that's followed up by a most persistent pain. She grunts, "Thank you," And then returns a solid jab right to the belly, with the full weight and momentum of her body behind it. "Abigail." There must be something they're working out.

Leda looks over at Tethys and he smirks, "If they were married than the CAG is going to be pissed…or pleasently suprised." Eyes fall on Iggy as she comes in with the right hook, note to self, she is a scrapper. As the jab to the belly goes he winces in sympathy, "That is going to leave a mark."

"The… CAG?" Tethys looks a little confused. "Oh, right, the… Commander Air… group, right?" She hoots as the blow to the belly connects. "That'll smart in the morning, take her legs out from under her!"

Oh, yeah. Definitely going to leave a mark. Iggy takes the blow right to the stomach, oofing softly. But, like a true Nikos, she's not giving up just because she got hit. She comes around with a shot aimed at Sal's kidney. "Nice shot," she murmurs, a touch breathlessly. "Sally."

Salazar takes the shot right to the kidney hard enough to prompt a grunt and a grit of her teeth. She rewards the shorter Nikos with an elbow to the ribs, though it lacks the force necessary to do much damage. "I can and will bring back the old days, Puddles."

"Sally?" The name is repeated as if it is the first time that name ever appeared to Castor's ears, oh the things relatives say to each other and the way it brings an amused smile to his face. The pilot turns to look at Tethys, "Yup, the CAG." He then watches as the Kidney hit is given and he winces again, "Ever get hit there, Kidney shots hurt like a motherfraker." He watches Sal as she comes back and he says, "Uh-oh." Were they betting Leda would be worried that he was about to lose money on Sal.

"Someone will be pissing blood after that," Tethys says, moving for a better view. "They both got a lot of anger. Both married the same man, maybe?"

There's a grunt as Salazar's elbow finds her ribs. Odd how neither woman is dodging anything. They're taking the hits and continuing to swing. Iggy's fist comes back, cocked for a shot to Sal's solar plexus. Gotta hit 'em where it hurts, after all. "Sure thing, Salamander," the pilot says with a grin.

Salazar responds with a turn of her body to soak the punch into the already bruised arm. It connects with a solid and meaty thunk of fist to muscle. This time she returns body blow in the form of an elbow to the ribs that's hard enough to pop the two women apart by a few steps. "One more." She crooks a finger, her expression finally shifting to grin right back to the other black haired combatant.

"Married?" He shakes his head, "I doubt it. In fact I'd gu…" And then there is the blow to the solar plexus and Leda acctually stops talking as he watches what is happening to him in disbelief. His mouth stays shut as he watches this fight and he is impressed it has gone on this long.

"Jolly good fight, though. There were lads in the shipyards who'd have spent a weeks wages to see this." Tethys moves again for a better angle. "You could make fortunes on the gambling alone."

"Gettin' old," Iggy tells Salazar, starting to circle again now that they're apart. She's sweating, face red, eyeing Salazar as if she's going to take the other woman down - hard. Without another word, she steps in again, fists flurried as she goes for a combination to the face and…well, no one ever said Iggy played fair. Apparently, all's fair in love, war, and Nikos greetings. Iggy does the unthinkable - she goes for the boob punch.

What in the ever loving—Salazar slams the wrist on the hand headed to her face, which leaves a tiny opening for a body shot. She doesn't like getting popped in the face, but just as she's dropping a shoulder to treat Iggy to an elbow to the mouth, the titpunch lands. "GODSDAMNIT ALLISON!" She doubles over with an immediate boob cradle. That really probably shouldn't have hurt that much. "My frakkin' nipples are pierced." There's a moment of pause, where Salazar clearly takes a moment to consider taking off her cousin's head, but then she just winces, and shoves a hand down her shirt to check on the real estate. "Frak."

Leda looks at Tethys, "Yeah…well this is the thing we fight here sometimes mostly for dances but sometimes stuff like this happens. And since no one is making money these days there is nothing to gamble on." He pauses, "Well, there are things to bet with but not money." Eyes flicker to Iggy as she goes for a boob punch, seriously, a boob punch and when Salazar reacts Leda stands there sort of speechless.

Tethys winces a bit at that, but then seems to consider. "Nipple pierce? Huh. Always thought about doing that." The fight seeming to wind down, she looks around at the equipment. "So, is there a schedule or anything you have to get on to use this stuff, like the gyms back home?"

As Sal yells, Iggy pauses and cocks her head to the side. "Well shit, Sal. Why the hell didn't you tell me? When did you get that done?" She steps forward, fingers curling lightly in the other woman's top as if she, too, is going to assess the damage. "You should know better than to have the rings in when you know a family member is aboard." Is she…yes, she's chiding Salazar. And grinning the whole damned while. "Not like you were using those nipples anyway, so I don't see what the bitching is about. Need ice?"

"You're so lucky that didn't rip." Salazar's normal mode of editing what she says in public seems to have gone by the wayside with the presence of her family. She shakes her head, reaching into her pocket, and drags out a jingling pair of dogtags. She tosses them over. "I'm good. It's just a frakkin' tissue bruise. Everybody but you knows better than to tit punch me." It'll come back eventually. All things in their time.

Leda stops and looks at Tethys, "Enjoy this moment because this moment is a once in a lifetime opportunity." He does look a little disappointed that Sal didn't do so well in the fight but over all no one is dead so this is a win-win. He then moves back over to his heavy bag and he begins throwing blows since there is no more to see.

"What, a fight? Thought this was a military ship." Walking over to one of the machines, she tests it on low weight, then adds a bit more.

Iggy catches the tags out of the air and just watches them for a moment. The only hint that anything's amiss is the fact that her mouth is closed for a bit longer than usual. For a time, she just looks at the tags, then slides them over her head. The chain's a good bit longer than the one her own tags are on, and so the tags get tucked down inside her shirt. Without another word, she steps over to Salazar and wraps her arms around the woman's waist, hugging her tightly, bruised tit and all.

Placement in a Nikos fight is more of a question of rotating top dog. Sal never fought Peri for a reason. Once the cycle starts, it takes an order from somebody Major ranking or higher to get it to stop. Or years apart. But look, they end in hugs. Salazar wraps her arms around Iggy's shoulders and pulls her in tight for the kind of bear hug that could crack ribs if applied to the wrong person. "Bienvenida," the S2 murmurs to her cousin.

Sal glances up finally, and looks to Castor. "There will be another fight night soon. After the memorial services." Which have yet to be announced, but will nonetheless happen. The Corps has a lot of aggression to work out, for sure. As does the rest of the vessel. Losses have been heavy.

Castor keeps hitting the bag and he smiles softly as he gets back into a steady pace, "I get the feeling that wasn't a fight so much as a series of love taps…with one mean one going to the boob." He looks over at Sal as she speaks about the memorial sevices and he frowns for a moment and then hey look at that a shiny new change of subject, "So, if this isn't your sister who is it?" He looks at the Iggy, "Names Castor, I'm a Viper Jock here on the Kharon don't ask about the callsign they are always changing."

Naomi steps away from the machine, apparently pleased. "And I'm Naomi Tethys."

Iggy just holds Sal for a time, murmuring something softly in what sounds like Thracian. Then she steps back, touching the other woman's arm lightly. "Iggy Nikos," she tells Castor with a brief nod. "Booster. Viper jock flying your CAG's wing for the next few days. Stationed on Hestia, one of the Furies." It's a simple statement of fact. Though she does give Sal a briefly questioning look as Castor mentions callsigns. Tethys gets a nod of greeting as well.

"Leda impresses his CAG so much he gets a rotating Call. It's been… what, three in the last four months?" Salazar smirks faintly, having lost track of the whole thing some time between Bubbles and whatever the new one is. "Salazar Nikos," she supplies for Naomi, simply because the two haven't formally met before. "I'd take you for a beer, Igs, but we're down to moonshine and squirreled shots these days."

Castor nods to Tethys and to Iggy, "Well, look at that we are all getting to know each other." He smiles at this and he says, "And how is the Hestia? We'd all like to know a little something since a lot of us are moving over there." He looks over at Sal and he smirks, "Sounds about right, Tinman, Bubbles, and now it's Shepherd." As for the commentary on booze, "And tell me about it I haven't found any really hooch for a while now and trust me I've been looking."

"And no hooch," Tethys says dryly. "Well, wasn't any in Tinos, either. I suppose I'll get by."

Iggy's chin jerks up slightly in acknowledgement of Castor's words, then she glances over to Salazar and quirks a grin. "Good thing, then, that I brought a bottle over in my duffle. I figured you'd need a snootful. It's Caprican brandy, but beggars can't be choosers, eh?" Then her attention moves back to Castor. "Hestia's a good ship, damned good wing. A hell of a lot more space than Kharon."

"Caprican," Salazar mutters with a slight sneer. You'd have to know her to even make much more of it than her derisive tone. "As long as it's brandy and not rum, won't have to fight the CAG for it." She smirks then, and drops her hands to her hips. "This boat is pretty cramped. I'd like to take a jog on the Battlestar. Those are good laps."

Leda nods his head as Iggy speaks, "Well, she would be the second Battlestar that I served." He then says, "You might want to spread the word when you get back that this being like a middle school dance some of our pilots are a bit nervous about going over to the Hestia. Things will work out but some of us are a bit nervous." He looks over at Tethys, "Yeah, I looked around when I was on shore leave and I didn't find anything of use here." He then says, "Well, it also means my inventory might grow again. If you guys have hooch I can get some good trades going again but it is going to take time to set up."

"Ah, a dealer," Tethys says with a smile, looking Castor over. "If my Dad was around… well, you hardly need him to move goods if you're a pilot, I s'pose." She shakes her head. "Er, sorry. Old habits. I just patch up the birds, now."

The younger Nikos' shoulders stiffen a little as it becomes clear what Castor does, besides fly. Another look up to Salazar, both brows upward. "You want your drink now or later," she asks the woman quietly, lips thinning a bit.

Salazar looks at Leda. "You want Iggy," she points to her cousin, "to go back to the Battlestar and tell a bunch of jocks the Kharon's wing has butterflies and sweaty palms." No, that is not a question. Her attention goes briefly to Tethys, but if she makes anything of the aborted reference, she doesn't comment. "Now's always better than later when it comes to booze, kid. You know that." Sal doesn't look older than Iggy, so the gap must be pretty small. Still. Kid.

Leda looks at Tethys, "Deal, no. I find things for people and I've gotten odd requests now and again. I don't deal with anything illegal and I never steal. Not my style." He then looks over at Sal, "Have you seen some of us recently we really are, some of us are on board, and some of us want to start a pissing contest." He waits a beat, "Might be nice for them to know so we can all make nice sooner."

Tethys just chuckles. "Two crews merging, old alpha dogs eying other alpha dogs? It'll be a bloodbath." She glances at Salazar. "Or at least a nipple tweaker."

Iggy just shakes her head and turns away. "I'm not even gonna ask," she tells Salazar. "C'mon and I'll get you liquored up, Sally. Nice meeting you all," she calls over her shoulder to Leda and Tethys.

"I imagine there will be more than a few stays in the Brig. Beautiful thing about a Battlestar is how roomy the accomodations are." Sal glances over at her cousin as the nickname is intoned again. "I see your anger management classes are working out." She turns without a word, and heads for the hatch. One may get the impression the fight could start again, at any moment, in the ship beyond.

Leda just watches the pair and he looks at Tethys, "I think this old boat just got a little more dangerous to live on." He says as he continues to hit the heavy bag, "A lot more dangerous. Which means I'll be stepping a lot more lightly from now on."

Tethys just laughs at that. "A matter of weeks ago I was sitting in a slave camp wondering whether I would be worked to death in the mine, picked apart in the lab, or raped to death by some chum who wanted a last thrill before he went." She shrugs. "Some fisticuffs sound like a lovely way to pass the time."

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