PHD 237: No Trouble
No Trouble
Summary: Praxis & Salazar exchange words in the corridor an hour or two after their respective promos.
Date: PH237 (11 Dec 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Hallway, Fore

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #237
OOC Time: Fri Dec 11 21:31:58 2009

The hallways of the CEC Kharon are a nondescript battleship grey, functional and plain. Dull white lighting is inset into each archway and runs along the ceiling in recessed holds, illuminating the steel painted interior, and the occasional oxygen scrubber along the walls. Storage crates, in a matching dark grey scheme, are located here and there along these corridors, containing items of use for various nearby departments.

Salazar exits the officer's quarters wearing the marine duty uniform. She's given up the blacks for the moment, and is headed toward the stairwell. Lookit, shiny new pins.

Praxis steps out from his quarters, closing the hatchway behind him and looking over his shoulder at the door. He briefly thinks about moving out for a moment before he's distracted by Nikos walking down the hallway. He decides to catch up with her, the Lieutenant Colonel (yeah, that's so alien) strolling alongside while he asks, "Ens-Lieutenant. My apologies. Has the Colonel given you any trouble?" he asks seriously.

Salazar shakes her head in the negative, and she is addressed. She pauses in the corridor. She smiles slightly at the correction in rank. "No, sir." She pauses again, then adds, "He seemed… oddly relieved."

"Huh." Praxis says in response, although he doesn't really seem surprised. "Suppose he just wanted a way out from the responsibility, it would appear. I am almost curious as to how he will plead when the charges are brought up against him. Just as well he didn't fight you, that is definitely good." Demitros is about to break away from the newly-minted lieutenant before he pauses. "Oh, one more thing. How has Petty Officer Vicks been doing? I have not seen hide nor hair of him since we let him out of his cage…Honestly, I think that's a good thing."

"I would tend to agree with you on both counts." Salazar's brows rise slightly, "Though I'm a little surprised that half of the deck crew hasn't come squealing out of the Hangar from the color of Vicks' conversation alone." She grins a bit at that. "I suppose they're getting to know each other. Maybe he's even behaving himself." She hms, expression stilling. Maybe not. "As with most things, I believe the Colonel's situation will work itself out with time, sir. Congratulations on your promition. Circumstance notwithstanding, I am happy to serve under your command."

"No news, in this case, is exceedingly good news, Nikos." Reflected in her grin is an inkling of a smile. "As for Mr. Vicks behaving himself…well, I would certainly have to see it to believe it - belay that, I think I wouldn't believe it even if I saw it. Unfortunate for him." A shrug of his shoulders. Arms fold over his chest at the moment she mentions the Colonel, Knight shaking his head. "I am sure it will. Our job is to just keep him stationary until the military legal system deals with him. Wait-and-see." Praxis' visage lightens at the congratulations. "And to you, Lieutenant. The pleasure of your service is all mine. The coming months should prove rather fascinating." There's a brief bow of his head. "Thank you for your time. I was just heading to the lounge if you wish to join me, however I am certain there is much else on your agenda at this point in time." He turns, but his head remains stationary in order to nod out a goodbye. "Lieutenant."

"Thank you for the invitation, sir, but I do have other matters to attend to, not the least of which is briefing the MPs as to their new assignments," Salazar replies. Among them, of course, is a stationary guard outside Cortez's quarters with orders to escort him should he attempt to leave, and detail should he attempt any outside of a very specific set of actions. "Enjoy your evening."

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