PHD 276: One More Day
PHD 276: One More Day
Summary: Just another day in sickbay. One day closer to release.
Date: PHD 276 (1/19/2010)
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Post-Op Recovery Ward

Getting chewed out by the Raptor captain was not fun. Nope it wasn't at all. Reverie relaxes as Legacy and Alyssa have left as she looks at the romance novel the captain gave her. "Might as well." she says as she opens it up and starts reading. There's apparently mention of toothlessness and alcohol so it's probably uberraunchy.

Eddie's better. More fit. Now it's just a matter of time before medical gets around to releasing her. She was in the bathroom getting cleaned up while Reverie got her butt gnawed on by Legacy, so Mooner missed the fun. Emerging now with wet hair, and a new lesson in sponge bathing, Eddie makes slow progress back towards her own bed. A flicked gaze over, and Eddie's spying what Reverie is reading. "I think that book's made it around the wing before. Careful, page one-oh-five and one-oh-six might be stuck together."

"I never thought there were so many euphemism for a man's dick. But now I have learned." Reverie says with her nose wrinkled before she closes it and places it on her side table. She leans back and looks up towards the ceiling for a bit, lost in thought.

Eddie gets to her bed and literally crawls in, dragging the blanket up with her as she melts into the pillow. "You clearly haven't been paying attention in berthings, then. I think my vocabulary got more colorful by tenfold during flight academy." There's a long groan. "Fraaak, whose leg do you have to hump to get released from here?"

Reverie rolls her eyes once more as she shrugs her shoulders and scrunches up her nose. She reaches over and grabs her notebook and starts scribbling something in her notebook. "You're the expert at humping, you tell me?"

"Am I now? Good to know." Eddie rolls onto her back, slinging her arm over her eyes. She can't see those constant eye rolls, being at the wrong angle. More's the pity. "Maybe I can have it printed up on my business cards. Edwina Morales: Expert Humper and Stick Jockey."

"Go for it." Reverie says a bit curtly as she continues scribbling something in her notebook. She purses her lips and wrinkles her nose as she starts writing a bit more.

Eddie gives a long exhale through her nose, "Listen, pretty pretty princess. Did I piss in your cornflakes? Because last time I checked, we're both laid up in here for doing our jobs. I sure as hell didn't put you here. Nor did I kick you on the playground and take away your ball."

"I can speak with whom I want to and I can ignore whom I want to. Guess which category you fall under." Reverie says with a bright smile as she peers towards Eddie before she goes back to look down at her notes and scribbles more.

Eddie gives a snerk of laughter, "Have it your way, sugar britches. Hope that works out for you. When you grow up, let me know." There's a bit of a yawn as she rolls over onto her side to await Dutch and her release papers.

Dante arrives from the Sickbay - Deck 12.
Dante has arrived.

"It works out great actually." Reverie replies. There's still a saccharine smile on her features as she wrinkles her nose and continues scribbling.

Sapho has connected.

Eddie is stretched out on her bed, laying on her side. Mooner's hair is wet from a trip to the loo and crash course on sponge bathing, and now she's just waiting for her discharge papers to come walking through. The atmosphere between her and Reverie's bed doesn't seem very amicable, and thus two of the last laid up air-wing members conversation seems stilted.

The door to the post op operator swings open, Dr. Andrews stepping through… just behind him is a male nurse with a clipboard, "Okay, so the treatment with the hydracorazine and then…" Dante turns about in midstep, facing the nurse and walking backwards. "Right but get the cultures work up too, just in case." Turning about again, he sidesteps to stand in front of the racks of clipboards, grabbing the charts for the two remaining patients, "Also, find out who made the coffee today… have them shot." The ensign pauses as Dante walks away, just standing there in the doorway. "But… you made the coffee, Doctor…"

Oh yay. Another doctor. Reverie's in a mood now and she just looks back down towards her scribblings. She continues to do such a thing while sighing softly. She's gritting her teeth though, that much is sure.
Eddie lifts her head as a doctor comes in, but it's not her attending. Eddie's head flops back down to the pillow, and she settles for following Dante with his eyes. Maybe it's just morbid curiosity as to who he's going to poke next.

Dressed in her duty blues, Lieutenant JG Pournelle comes in, a folder tucked under one arm that is about half an inch thick if anyone cares to look that closely at it. She stops herself just outside the recovery room and waits, once again looking for a particular MD.

Dante glances down the aisle for a moment, flipping open one of the charts and looking at what's inside, a thoughtful look flittering across his lips before he exhales a breath and starts heading down the aisle. As he gets closer to where the two pilots are berthed, he glances between the two. Yeah. He can /feel/ the love in the air.

He's yet to notice the third pilot showing up, attention focused on the patient for the moment. "I'd ask how we're doing but…" he pauses, voice trailing off for a moment. "But I'd rather not have any expletives tossed in my direction this early in my shift… So, that said. I'm Dr. Andrews, I'll be the doc on charge for the next bit, so if you need anything… now'd be the time."

"Oh! You're Dr. Andrews" Reverie says with a bit of emphasis. "Thought you were the one making out before my surgery." she says with a cheery, almost saccharine smile. "You had someone looking for you last night, a fellow Fury." she says with a sage nod.

Eddie turns her face towards Dante a bit, though she doesn't roll over to see him better. "I'm just biding my time, but thanks doc. Sapho. I think it was Sapho that was looking for you." She fills in the blank, then goes back to waiting for her almighty discharge.

Being mentioned causes her to clear her throat but she doesn't move further in, yet, there being more important patients for Doctor Andrews to see to the wellbeing of. "It's nothing emergent," she explains quickly. "I was just wanting to get with you to see about getting me medically cleared to fly." Looking over to where Eddie is, she gives her fellow pilot a smile of gratitude.

Dante's eyebrows lift up a little as Reverie mentions that someone's been searching for him, just chuckling a little when Eddie then goes on to fill in the blanks. Before he can remark on that, Sapho makes her presence known. Shifting a bit to face the pilot, he gives her a little nod, "Give me just a few minutes, Lieutenant, and I'll see what I can do…"

He gives Sapho a bit of a smile and then flips open the second of the two charts he was carrying, although which one of them it would be is rather impossible to tell from their vantage points. "And as for you two…" His voice trails off again, considering his next words. "Well, maybe we can see what we can do about reducing our population here…"

"She looks fine and dandy to me, might I suggest that you discharge her?" Reverie replies trying to be oh so helpful as she keeps her saccharine smile on her features. "Besides, she was asking whose leg she has to hump to get out. Might I suggest you offer one of your legs?" she quips. "She's an expert humper. It says so on her business cards even."

Eddie smirks at Dante and stretches out a bit more. "Don't mind her. She's bitter she gave up her dolphin." There's a little heads up nod to Sapho, "You got all bleedy too?" She asks of the Fury, not really having had a good handle on who all got injured.

"Take all the time you need, Doctor Andrews. I am in no rush." Sapho's been waiting to get cleared for quite a while but she's willing to wait for as long as he needs her to. Reverie's given a strange look for the leg comment but it's eventually given a smile as well as a playful shake of her head, the latter gesture offered while she moves to stand by Eddie. "Old injury from when we were still on the Kharon. Been a bit slow going with the healing but think I'm finally back up to par."

Dante gives a light chuckles at Reverie's oh-so-helpful suggestion, "Well, I think it might take a little less than -that-." he sets one of the charts on an empty bed and then leaves the open one, Eddie's presumably, still in hand. "Lieutenant Morales, if you could roll to your back, let me take a look here, see how those wounds are binding up…"
He does pause before stepping over ot her bed, glancing over at Sapho. "Lt. Pournelle? Go ahead and make yourself comfortable… just… try not to blackmail anyone, okay?" He grins and then turns his attentions back to the patients at hand, turning towards Eddie first.

"Old injury. Ahhh, I see." Reverie sounds a little doubtful but she shrugs her shoulders and just leans back and goes back to scribbling things in her notebook.

Eddie does as she's bid, rolling onto her back. She keeps the blanket over her lap, and tugs up her hospital gown until her bandaged midsection is exposed. "It'll be good to have you back on the line, then, free and clear." Mooner tells Sapho, then holds her breath as she waits for Dante to remove the tape keeping her gauze down.

"Yes, sir." There's a quirk of one corner of Sapho's mouth at that but it'll go unseen as she's already turned around, conversing with Eddie while finding a bed close to the one Reverie occupies to sit. "It'll be nice to be back. I've missed flying. More than I ever thought I would."

"You can always volunteer to do double CAPs?" Reverie offers as she continues looking at her notebook. She hrmms, scrunches her nose and scratches something out before starting to scribble once more.

Setting the clipboard on the side, Dante lets one finger fall upon her abdomen, tracing the stitches of the wounds there, "Hrmmmm…." while he lets the pilots chat amongst themselves for the moment. Thinking for a moment or so, he then steps back. "Alright, why don't you get up a bit, walk up and down the aisle, see how it feels…." He picks up her chart again, scribbling something in that obscure written font that seems to be favored, and readable, solely by doctors.

Eddie sits up with minimal use of her arms to help her. Her stomach still looks like it hurts like a bitch, but she's just gritting and bearing it. "Can walk to the head and back. Piss on my own. Kept down broth and clear liquids today." She's not bragging, she's just giving Dante the run down of her progress. Her legs ease over the side of the bed, and Mooner is back on her feet. She doesn't walk so much as shuffle, but hey. "If I couldn't fly, eventually I'd go mad." Gets tossed Sapho's way.

Reverie resists the urge to say something. So for now she just continues to scribble and jot things down in her notebook.

With her right leg dangling over the edge of the bed, Sapho lets it swing as she smiles, enjoying the banter. "I am sure the Captain will put me on double CAP to make up for the time I've been out of commission. Probably will be required to do some time in the simulators, too." In other words, Sapho's going to be very busy. Eddie is given a frown of sympathy, it being not that long ago that Sapho herself was in a similar situation, the memory of tubes and IVs and other such things a rather fresh and entirely unpleasant memory. "I am just about insane from boredom. Can only read the same books for so long."

Dante frowns a little at Eddie's shuffling, having hoped she'd be able to walk a bit better. "Well, we should probably give it another day to heal up a bit although I'm thinking we'll be able to get you out of here tomorrow then… the wounds are healing nicely though, the patching seeming to have taken well. You'll be sore for awhile longer but should be able to return to duty, maybe a little longer to be returned to flight status…

Adriana arrives from the Sickbay - Deck 12.
Adriana has arrived.

That's enough scribbling. Reverie puts the noetbook away as she nods and smiles brightly towards Sapho, "I'm sure you'll be fine. It's like riding a bike, you'll always remember." she says softly before she looks up to stare at the ceiling. Blink blink.

Turning around, Eddie gives Dante a little frown. "Can't say I wasn't hoping for a better outcome." And with that, Eddie makes her way back over to the bed. "Guess that means me and Miss Mary Sunshine'll just have to make nice for a little bit longer, right?" She eases back up onto her mattress, shuffling blankets around. "What you need, Sapho, is a hobby."

Dante isn't really that surprised that Eddie isn't quite enthusiastically accepting his recommendation. "We'll see how your progress is tomorrow and we'll play it by the ear then." He picks up the charts and glances to Sapho, "And I can look over your flight physical paperwork now and we can work on getting you cleared for flight duty…" Eyebrows raise a little, "But if you'd like to stay here and keep visiting while I look over the paperwork, I can come and get you when we're ready to move on beyond the crossing of the i's and the dotting of the t's."

"Such a thorough man and so good looking, to boot. What would I do without you, Doctor Andrews?" Sapho's not the kind to flirt so openly but she can't help herself, the chance to do so a rare opportunity she would loath to let slip past her fingers. "I'll keep Eddie and Reverie company, sure." Stretching out a bit, she makes herself comfortable. "I am sure I'll fly just as well as I did before, Reverie…and yes, I do have to agree with you on your assessment, Mooner. Just a matter of finding one."

Adriana steps into the Post op ward, carrying a sheaf of papers. She seems to be studying them as she walks down the rows of beds. For once she's not checking charts as she passes. Finally she comes to a stop at Reverie's bed, looking up with smile "Hello Reverie"

Reverie's in the happy little land of temporary catatonia. She blinks for a few moments and doesn't respond for a minute or two. She then blinks as she finds Adriana there. There's a happy little chirp, "Hiya doc!"

Eddie grins openly as Sapho flirts with the doctor. "Hey, yeah. Keep that up. Maybe he'll let me outta here sooner." There's that leg humping Reverie was referring to, and Eddie doesn't even have to be the one to do it. Bonus. "Thanks doc." She tells Dante again, because it's good to be nice to the ones that control your medication, or so Eddie has learned somewhere down the line. "I'm gonna catch some Z's if you don't mind, Saph. More I rest, sooner I get outta here."

Dante chuckles, taking the small packet of paper from Sapo and just winking back at her flirting, not responding to it verbally. As he starts to head away from the gaggle of pirates, passing Adriana on the way, just giving her a small little nod on the way past. And then… yup. Off to do paperwork.

Ahh, the excitement of frontier medicine! Now, starting with Colonial Form 341-24B…..

Okay, being uncharacteristically forward is bad enough but being cheered on by the Peanut Gallery makes it all the worse, driving Sapho onto her feet and into following the doctor into the other area. "Second thought, I probably should make sure Dante…Doctor Andrews doesn't miss any dots or…" Clearing her through, she looks at those here, gives a shaky smile and a slight bob of her head before hurrying to make sure Dante doesn't miss anything.

Adriana laughs softly and picks up Reverie's chart "You keep acting like that and I'll not release you from Medical" Her threat is mild and delivered with a smile as she moves to stand at the side of the bed.

"I have to keep you on your toes. Though you're not as handsome as Dr. Andrews I'm afraid." Yes, she heard the flirting earlier. Reverie lets out a soft chuckle under her breath while idly running her fingers through her hair. "So does that mean I'm getting out?" She looks hopeful.

Eddie snuggles down into the mattress, tugging the blanket high up on her shoulder. Eddie's more then happy to buckle down for sleep if that means she'll get out of her sooner.

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