PHD 237: One Way to Find Out
One Way to Find Out
Summary: Legacy and Sparro make an engagement public.
Date: PHD 237 (11 Dec)
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Kharon - Red Berthings

As the Berthings door opens, Thea's voice can be heard, with only the vaguest hint of hysteria in it. "I can't believe," she sputters. "How could you. In front. Enlisted." She can't even find the words. "If you'd given me a ring tonight, it would be around your neck, Kyle Sparro!" She's caught between laughing and crying, clearly. Thea's in her uniform, just shaking her head.

"You said yourself, time is running out for things to happen here." Sparro's voice is a bit defensive. "And YOU were the one to bring up the threeway. The leatherneck caught on it and I joked. What is the problem, Thea?" He follows her in, closing the door behind him. "Are you gonna freak out like this every time some enlisted makes a joke when I happen to be in the room with you?"

Roubani is sitting up on his bunk with Matto, having just said something quietly to him. His arm is around the other's shoulders in what looks like a comforting kind of gesture, his hand gently stroking hair. At the sound of voices his arm loosens, not yanking away but sliding off into a less close fashion. His left cheek is reddened, four trails fading from cheekbone to jaw as if it had recently been raked, and quite hard.

Matto had been laying down against Nadiv, arms wrapped loosely around his waist in the midst of whatever conversation they were having. At the retreat, he retreats a little, himself, slipping down to an elbow and just sort of lounging there nearby. "I won't be," he promises in a soft tone, offering a meagre but heartfelt smile before his attention turns toward the other voices. Eh?

Thea's a little preoccupied at the moment, so she only manages to nod at the other two. "When I'm in uniform, YES," she replies, looking over her shoulder at Sparro. "When I have the Captain's pins on, YES. I said what I did because you bloody well blindsided me and you KNOW it. Between the Colonel, you and the enlisted, I felt like I was in some Gemenese farce! There's appropriate and inappropriate, almost husband mine. THAT was inappropriate." She pauses for a breath though. "Though not as bad as I made it out to…" Pause again. "Nadiv? Are you alright? What happened to your face?"

"I blindsided you?" Sparro says, confused. "I didn't say a word about it until… and then you…" shaking his head, he glances over to wave at Matto and Rou until Thea asks abotu Nadiv's wellbeing. Following her gaze, his eyes widen as he notes the marks. "Wow… I'd hate to see the other guy…"

With Matto distracted and the demonstration going on on the floor, Roubani turns his head enough to rub his thumb across his eye. Residual moisture's wiped on the side of his knee and he clears his throat, lifting his head by the time Legacy looks over. "Nothing, sir." Mental gearshift, processing. "Um. Con…gratulations?"

Matto looks moderately uncomfortable as the arguing pair both decide to ask after the scratch marks, looking up at them briefly again but then looking out to the room again, his usual sort of smile edging its way a little too forcefully onto his features. "Yeah, it's nothing," he agrees with N, "You should see what he did to my back," he adds with a grin so positively cheesy he can't possibly be serious. "So… what happened?" he wonders. 'Cause he wants to know.

Of course Thea's not to be put off. "That looks nasty, Poet," she says quietly. "I have some antibiotic cream in my locker. And…" The woman glances to Sparro. "I overreacted a little. We're still trying to work some of the kinks out. Thank you, Poet. I'm hoping he doesn't live to regret it."

Sparro takes a deep breath, but then smiles and leans against the bunk. "Did she just hope against my survival? Because I'm pretty sure that she did." Glancing over at Matto he grins. "I'd make a funny comment, Madman. Honestly, I would. But she's in uniform." His eyes find hers at that, desperately trying to show that he is only poking a little fun at her.

"It isn't bleeding." Roubani shakes his head politely to the offer, and quietly clears his throat. Focus, outward. "So. Um." A glance at Matto and then back to the two. "Uh. This is good, this is lovely…er, when…did this happen?"

"When did what happen?" Kissy asks again. Boy's so lost.

Thea slips out of her uniform jacket before answering. For some reason, she thinks that's important. Once she's in her tanks, she heads over to Sparro and slides her hand into his comfortably, companionably. "Recently," she tells Roubani, smile a touch wry. "He asked me a couple weeks ago, and I said yes." Her head turns a little and she looks up at the older man. "I think he'll regret asking." Yes, she's teasing. "Kiss? Birdman and I are engaged."

Sparro seems to relax somewhat as her hand enters his, and he looks over at her with a smile. "You know me. Always self sabatoging." This doesn't take him off of Nadiv entirely, though. "It's the old trick. If you want something to be forever… what's the point in waiting." Pulling her in close to him, he then glances over at Nadiv again. "So, just a good time gone bad, then?"

"Oh, well that's fantastic," Roubani's soft voice declares the truth of the matter. "Is there a date for it, then, or is that one of those things yet to be worked out?" His voice is just starting to lighten into the situation, though at Sparro's question he stops and looks at the Lieutenant, uncomfortably. "Excuse me?"

"You…" Kissy starts, eyes moving between the two, "… what?" This… just isn't processing. "I mean. Good…?" he tries his best not to make that sound like a question, but it does, anyhow. "I mean." He doesn't know what he means. Mama Cat marrying one of her Riders? Kissy's brains just broke.

No, Thea's being overly PDA with Sparro, but it's clear that there's something between them. Her fingers tighten in his. "I know, Kiss," she says, looking over at the man. Of course, Sparro gets an elbow to the ribs for some reason. "It…took us both by surprise. I talked it over with the CAG, and made sure of the rules before I broke my own. And the wedding almost happened tonight, but the Colonel needed to leave. Kyle wants to be married when we move to Hestia."

Sparro nods, a bit of a smile on his face. "You can't be too surprised, Kissy. It's practically your fault."

Roubani's eyes stay on Sparro a moment, not pursuing the ignored question. Drawing a soft breath back through his nose, he looks back at Legacy. "There's still a day or two, I suppose." Still rather caught off-guard himself, he gently scratches the back of his head. "Why…before?"

"You're getting married… this weekend?" Kissy asks, voice now just incredulous, eyes narrowing at the pair of them. "And just because I support random acts of cuddlage doesn't mean it's my fault. How long have you guys been dating, anyhow?"

Martin arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Martin has arrived.

Thea's standing near a bunk containing a Poet and a Kissy, leaning against Sparro's side, her hand in his. She's in her tanks and uniform pants, so not 'in uniform.' "I…er. How long HAVE we been dating," she asks Sparro, looking up at him. "We've known each other for about 23 years now. And we never really lost touch during that time. So it wasn't as though we didn't know each other."

Sparro nods. "We've known each other from way back, and…" He considers. "Since Keros, anyway. That one leave when we were both planetside. Though…" No. That much was private. An arm wraps around her, though. "The random cuddling… started something. And I thank you for that, Madman."

The hatch opens, and without any sort of fanfare Martin steps inside. The door softly thuds as it is closed, forcing him to quietly spin the wheel back into place. Immediately sensing people awake, he raises his gaze to the room for a quick headcount as he makes his best effort to be quiet. Offduty and tired looking, he walks quietly towards his bunk.

Question unanswered, Roubani still looks faintly confused. "I still don't quite understand. I mean certainly, a wedding is a good thing, but…why the intense rush to do it right now?" His eyes move away from them right at the last part, spotting some movement coming towards them. Martin does bunk right under him after all, poor guy. His fingers move a little, signaling hello.

Matto looks just kind of betrayed, like his dear friend Random Q. Cuddles has stabbed him in the back after all the good times they had together. He quiets down so that he'll let Birdie answer the questions posed uninterrupted, but he still looks unsettled by all this. Whether it's Legsy's stepping over her long-held rule, whether it's the sudden springing it on him, or whether he's just regressing to the mindset of a kid whose mom is getting married again.

Thea glances over at Martin and smiles a bit, awkwardly. "Evening, Dash." Back to the other two. "As for the rush, well, it's all this man, here. Though what it boils down to is starting our new life aboard Hestia as we mean to go on and presenting a united front." Oddly, her eyes linger on Kissy for a bit. "Neither of us are religious, so hadn't planned on a chapel service."

"Evening…" Martin replies, offering a wave to Roubani as he comes to a stop in front of his bunk. Stretching his arm over his head, he lets out a long sigh and glances inside, looking for the signs of things he may have left behind. "By the way…congratulations you two. I didn't know if it was the right time to say anything when you told me at first, but seriously…congrats."

Sparro nods. "It's me being stupid, but like she said, it's more about where we are going than the time we have left. I…" he shrugs. "I'm superstitious about stuff, you know that. Don't really trust Hestia yet, so I'd rather it happened here before we all ship off. Figure Demitros is the guy for that." He gives Martin a smile as he walks in, but then glances at Kissy. "Primarily its… it's because I love her."

At the last words from Legacy, Roubani's eyes flicker away. Then Martin mentions knowing already and he glances at Kissy with just a small movement of his eyes. Martin knew and Kissy didn't? "Ah…alright." His voice has become just a hint awkward. "Well, I do hope it…goes well. When it goes."

Matto didn't miss that detail, either. Not that he grudges Marty knowing these sorts of things, but… well, yeah, that stung just a little. And now that he's lapsed into a silence, digging himself out of it has become awkward, as he doesn't know exactly what to say, himself, that won't sound either disingenuous or entirely lacking in lustre.

Thea dips her head to Martin, but her attention stays on Matto. "We hadn't told anyone," she tells Kissy quietly. "I slipped when I sat Birdman, Dash and Mouse down for a talk about the new CAG. You and Poet are the first people we've -chosen- to tell. As in, non-accidentally." She watches Kissy, Thea does, begging him to understand.

Sparro nods. "We haven't told a soul except where I'd made poor Thea angry to the point of unreason." His eyes are on Kissy as well. "Still, I suppose we could have done better than just walking in, arguing. Sorry about that."

Given the way it all just came out, through overheard conversation after a professed botched attempt, Roubani doesn't look like he quite believes all that. But his expression's willed back to a faint smile, if for Matto's benefit, and he sets a hand on Kissy's shoulder long enough to give it a gentle squeeze. "Regardless, it's a wonderful thing, hmm? Sometimes everyone has to go with what makes them happy, no matter what."

Matto's brows draw upward at their inner points, "So…" he begins, then, quieting, he shakes his head, giving up whatever thought was in there. "Sure it's… cool. I guess it won't really matter once we go over to Hestia, anyhow, if we're all going under a new SL. I mean, just… in terms of logistics."

Legacy watches Sparro for a moment as he heads to bed, then moves to lean against the foot of the rack, arms crossing over her chest. "No, it really won't matter once we're over there," she says, looking between the two men. "I think that things are going to be a little better from here on out. Yes, we'll have a new CAG, but I've heard she's good."

Roubani seems to notice the paper mess on his bunk from earlier. A folder's open, sheets strewn about as though it had been pushed with some force. He starts gathering up the notebook pages and drawings, squaring them up on his leg. "She seems a bit of a…" He searches for the word. "…stereotype. But I suppose we've had luck in not having so much of that so far. It was bound to change." Papers tucked back into the folder, he picks up a few more. "Anyway, there is just more waiting until we know for certain what is going on. We will make it all work."

"Mhm," Kissy voices vague, thoughtless agreement to any number or all of the things said so far, leaning up to let N get at his papers. "'Scuse me a minute," he says quietly, crawling down out of bed and wandering out to the corridor.

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